How to Fall in Love with the Villain


How to Fall in Love with the Villain Chapter 4

Tiger Tribe IV
Jiang Yu almost choked on Ya Qi’s happy gaze.
His anger ceased.
He stared at him without a word.
He turned Ya Qi around and looked at the self-satisfied Ya An. In a blood-chilling voice, he said, "Ya An, what do think you’re doing?" 
Ya An indifferent curled his lip. "What? it’s not like you haven’t done this kind of thing before, or that you don't know about it. Why are you pretending to be such a goody two shoes?"
Jiang Yu suppressed the fiery anger in his heart. The original body may have done this kind of thing, but I can’t continue with this. "What I've done before is not your business, I've already apologized to Ya Qi. What you've done before is none of my business, but now Ya Qi is my friend, and if you dare to bully him again, don't expect me to be polite about it” Jiang Yu patted Ya Qi arm to comfort him.Just now, because of Ya An words, Ya Qi remembered Ah Yu’s cruelty in the past, and his mood had sunk a little. Naturally, Jiang Yu noticed.
Although it wasn’t his fault, a hint of guilt remained in his heart.
"What are you going to do to me?" Ya An suddenly smiled, flaunting the herbs in his hand. He indifferently said, "I'll do whatever I want, and how are you going to stop me? Moreover, Ya Qi is such a cowardly waste, how can you think he's worthy of being your friend? Don't you feel your own social status dropping? Although, I think the two of us would get along very well.”
Ya An showed a hint of goodwill toward Jiang Yu.
"Ah Yu!" Ya Qi suddenly grasped Jiang Yu's small hand, his whole body very tense. He was, indeed, as Ya An said, very cowardly.
None of the people in the tribe liked him. Would Ah Yu really ignore him as well? Jiang Yu patted his hand, his face like stone. "Why do you think Ya Qi is a waste? Is it because all you know is how to bully people? If so, I can tell the tribe doctor about your skills. Since you are so good at it, you should make the tribe doctor hand you the position sooner."
Ya An face changed drastically. His expression became very tense. "What are you going to do?"
Following his words, he added calmly, "It doesn’t matter even if you tattle to the tribe doctor because I am all the most gifted of everyone here!"
Jiang Yu smiled coldly. "Are you sure?"
Ya An unconsciously clenched his hand, slightly crushing the herbs in his hand. A drop of green liquid stained his fingers. "Didn’t you just want herbs?" Ya An bit his teeth, a ruthlessness beyond his years flashing in his eyes. "Let me tell you, even if I have to destroy these herbs, I won't even give you a leaf!”
Ya An tried his best to restrain the uneasiness in his heart. He mercilessly threw his herbs on the ground and then stomped on them violently until they turned to mush and mixed together with the dirt.
Jiang Yu looked at him coldly and did not speak.
The other little chimeras around them felt something off in the atmosphere and tacitly agreed to keep silent. No one dared to speak.
It is true that Ya An is very popular, but Ah Yu is a precious female. Even Ya An, who will become the future tribe doctor, can’t be compared to Ah Yu.
If these two were to clash, they’d be better off staying silent.
Just then, the tribe doctor arrived. "Ah Yu, can it be that you are interested in medicine?" The tribe doctor, seeing Jiang Yu present, couldn’t help teasing him.
"Uncle Ya Suo, medicine is so complicated that I definitely will not be able to understand it." Jiang Yu made a face of mock disgust.
The family doctor laughed. "Well, well, I knew that you little slacker wouldn’t let me teach you. I’m so hurt. I actually wanted to pass the tribe doctor's position to you in the past."
Hearing this, Ya An's face instantly became ashen. The tribe doctor didn’t notice and continued to talk. "Unfortunately, you couch potatoes don’t have an iota of interest in learning. But since you are here already, don't even think of running. Listen for a while like a good kid."
Jiang Yu nodded adorably.
"How did you do with the task I assigned you?" This time the tribe doctor addressed the group of small chimeras.
The little chimeras handed the herbs in their hands to the doctor and then stole a glance at Ya An.
Ya An's face was extremely unsightly. When the doctor looked at him, he stiffly explained, "I collected the herbs, and on the way back I suddenly met a snake beast. It frightened me so much that I threw the herbs away and ran back here."
The doctor thoughtfully looked at him until Ya An couldn’t bear the strain. Without saying anything, he slowly moved on. "And what about you?"
The physician looked at the empty-handed Ya Qi.
Ya Qi flushed with shame and stammered, "I, I didn't collect ..."
After hearing this the doctor raised his eyebrow and looked at the strange sludge on the ground. "In that case, both of your tasks have not been completed, so next time the amount you collect will be doubled. If you don't complete your task next time, you can stop learning medicine.”
On hearing this, the two children went white with fear.
Not learning from the doctor means completely forfeiting the right to compete for the position of tribe doctor. Ya Qi does not care about the position; he never dared to hope he could achieve it. But he is really fond of learning medicine. To him, not being to learn is the biggest punishment.
"I’ll try my best!" The two little chimeras shouted.
The doctor nodded and began to explain the uses of the herbs he had brought over. After a long time, the doctor waved his hand, signaling that his students could leave. The excitable little chimeras could not help but cheer aloud and then skip away.
"Ah Yu," Ya Qi's face was full of happiness and bashfulness. "Thank
you for speaking up for me!"
Jiang Yu looked at him expressionlessly, "How do you feel?"
"Very happy!"
Jiang Yu stayed silent.
After a while, Ya Qi, blushing, his voice as small as a mosquito's, whispered, "I'm also really relieved ..."
Jiang Yu eyes finally showed a hint of a smile. He looked at Ya Qi’s shy face and felt there really was no hope for Ya Qi. He asked, "If Ya An steals your herbs next time, what will you do?"
Ya Qi paled. Jiang Yu added, "If he robs you again, you won’t be able to study medicine with the tribe doctor."
He knew Ya Qi's fondness for medicine.
And next time he is not planning to help Ya Qi. Ya Qi's character is too weak. Even when he is wronged he will only silently swallow it down, so he has always been bullied by Ya An and Ah Yu.
This is a great opportunity to turn Ya Qi's weak character around.
When what he holds closest to his heart is threatened, Ya Qi will probably stand up for himself. Sure enough, Ya Qi was silent for a long while, and then took a fierce deep breath. "I will not let him take it away!"
Jiang Yu nodded in his mind and continued, "What will you do if he robs you?"
By this time even Ya Qi’s neck was flushed. He is obviously somewhat anxious, but he can't think of anything, so he simply stammered, "Then, then I’ll steal it back!"
Jiang Yu was a little amused but did not say anything. The fact that Ya Qi thinks of resisting is already praiseworthy.
In the future, he believes that Ya Qi will certainly grow to a point where people will not bully him.
Moreover, since Ya Qi is so fond of medicine, why shouldn’t he be a tribe doctor?
How can Ya An, who is so annoying, compare with his Ya Qi?
Jiang Yu silently filed the thought away, planning to complete his task and at the same time look out for the future career of his good friend.
Ya Qi left to review the information on the herbs the tribe doctor had taught them about.
Jiang Yu did not go home but continued his previous goal — to go and check out Mu's home.
Although it was not welcome news, Jiang Yu had given up on completing the task quickly.
After all, the task is really difficult. It’s better to feel out the situation first and then plan carefully. Know yourself and know the enemy, and you can win every battle, right*?
(* the saying in Chinese is 知己知彼百战不殆 — zhī jǐ zhī bǐ bǎi zhàn bù dài)
Jiang Yu arrived at Mu's doorstep just in time to see a very shocking scene.
A boa constrictor as thick as an adult’s arm was wrapped around Mu's neck, slowly tightening around his body.
Because he couldn’t breathe, Mu's face began to turn purple. He was struggling desperately.
But as Mu struggled, the boa tightened more and more. Mu's eyes began to turn white, and it was clear he was losing the strength to struggle.
He finally fell to the ground.
He looked like he was about to suffocate to death. Jiang Yu was furious, but before he could shout out, the boa had already loosened itself. It slithered a few meters away from the fallen Mu and then changed into a six or seven-year-old child with an uncomfortably malicious aura.
"He’s so fragile!" The little Orc scornfully said, looking at the unconscious Mu.
He finished speaking without noticing Jiang Yu and walked toward a nearby house. Jiang Yu’s heart contorted.
That chimera who nearly killed Mu is Mu's younger brother Qiao, or more accurately, Mu’s stepbrother, who is not related by blood to Mu.
And Qiao's dad, Aspen, is Mu's father's second partner.
When Bo met Qiao’s father, his partner Ah Qi had not yet died.
Moreover, it can be said that Aspen and Qiao were rescued by Ah Qi. At that time, Aspen had fainted in the woods while pregnant with Qiao and Ah Qi found him while looking for medicinal herbs. He called people over to take Aspen into the village.
When he was rescued, he was tight-lipped about why he had been in the forest, and because of the tribe’s respect of females, they simply collectively built a room for Aspen.
Ah Qi was a kind-hearted person, and would often keep Aspen company at his house and bring him necessities and food.
Slowly, Ah Qi and Aspen became good friends.
Both of them were pregnant and often shared some of the supplies and food that their pregnancy demanded.
Unfortunately, when Mu was three months old, Ah Qi died because of his weak body. At that time, Aspen had not yet given birth.
In the next month, Bo and Aspen became mates.
Qiao was born.
Jiang Yu thought of the description on the wall in the spirit world, and his face suddenly became unsightly.  
Ah Qi's death was not an accident.