How to Become a Demon King


How to Become a Demon King prologue


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A man was waving his pickaxe below land, a place where sunlight never shines

His appearance was shabby

Age is considerably older his spine bent, and face covered in wrinkles

His gray robe was completely covered in dust, making him look even more shabby

The only light in this place was due to the lantern on his waist, which was barely illuminating his surroundings

His whole body is covered in sweat as he swings the pickaxe with almost no strength in his arms

The breathing was completely rough, indicating his exhaustion at the moment

Even though he looked like he could die at any given moment, a strong light was glinting inside him eyes

As if he was possessed by something, he desperately striked the pickaxe on the same spot again and again and again

And finally…..

The wall he was picking finally crumbles and revealed it

As the man looked at it, his eyes went wide


His movements became even faster trying to break through completely

As the cracks increased, it eventually became large enough for a man to pass through it

Seeing his efforts paid off, the man threw the pickaxe away and danced while laughing

"Hahahahahah! I did it! I finally found it! This smell is proof that I found it!"

Then he searched for something through his clothes, and finally pulled out a necklace

It was the only adornment worn by the shabby beggar

A glass bottle was connected to the necklace

As he pressed him bottles into the hole made by him, the air swirled around it and slowly concentrated into the bottle

Along with it an amber liquid came into the bottle

"High concentration magic crystals that have never been seen before…….wonderful, I’ve did it!"

After the bottle filled up he placed it on the ground and began casting a spell

The spell casting lasted a whole hour before it was finished

As the spell was reaching its ending, the man's slow and weak voice grew cheerful and powerful

At the spells end the man was covered in a strong white light

"I can feel my power overflowing…..this is the power of a young body!"

As the light went out, a young man stood there

The old man whose face was covered with wrinkles and had a bent waist was no where to be found

In his place stood the young man with a neat and sharp featured face

His body overflowing with force, and skin smooth as silk

The only common feature between the two of them was the strong twinkling light in their eyes

"Ah, now one more…."

While saying that he let the bottle refill

Once it the part he used up was refilled, he wielded his arm and mana began overflowing through his fingertips

Then he began casting an even longer spell

The hollow cave which had no light started changing as the man wielded his fingers

The appearance slowly changed from the stagnant room and began turning into bricked walls

Placing his finger near his mouth, he bit on it and began writing a magic spell with his fingers on the newly made floor

As he wrote the smell began growing even more complicated

The spell was even longer than the one he used for rejuvenation

Sweat started dripping from his forehead, and his face distorted due to the pain

The air trembles and the flame inside the lantern was blown out

The space which was calm until now, began sounding like a thunder rippling through the sky

In the darkness, a form slowly took place and started forming

The shadow even in the darkness could be seen having a clear outline

A voice like a bell sounded out as the form was materialized

"……..was it you who called me?"

What appeared was a fascinating beauty wrapped in minimal clothes

Her long glossy hair stretched to cover the pearl white skin

Her slender arms and feet looked too weak, but had a definite strength in them


To the woman's question the man nodded and answered

"Well, as a token of my thanks I’ll show you an exquisite dream. Erase the magic array that's below me won’t you? as it is right now, you can’t even kiss me"

With a voice that sounded pure and weak the woman appealed, to which the man smiled

"I can’t do that, if I erase the magic array below you, you'll be able to act freely without any restrictions. I’m sure that you will immediately take my soul and return with it"

As the man finished speaking, her expression completely changed

The appearance of a young and pure girl, turned into that of an experience prostitute

"So magicians who can prepare such arrays and posses strong mana still exist"

While speaking she sits in the air, like a chair was there

Regardless of whether it was consciously or not, her behavior is sensual and glossy

"So what do you want? Suck the sperm out of a few foolish men? Or maybe show your enemy an eternal nightmare? You might as well enjoy the best night of your life with me"

"UM.. I want you to make a dungeon"


In retrospect to the mans words the devil fell down from the invisible chair

"Don’t fall in love with suffering. Even if you spread your legs to show me your underwear it won’t be enough to tempt me"

"Did I hear wrongly?"

"NO, you didn't"

The man answers while spreading his arms and looking at the ceiling

"A deep, wide, and evil dungeon like never before. Filled with countless traps, monsters, and treasure waiting to be claimed. I want you to make me a dungeon that never existed before, and one that won’t ever be able to recreated"

The woman began shaking her head while slightly feeling irritated

It seemed like she had a terrible headache

"Hey! Are you an idiot! You called me hear to make a dungeon! Even a damm golem could do it!!!"

"Of course, things like digging holes, and other tasks will be left to the lower ranked fools. As the dungeon grows bigger there will be many who threaten my existence. Also a countless more things are present for which I need your help"

"……I understand. But what’s in it for me?"

Looking at the demon the man raises 3 fingers

"There are 3. First of all, humans betray each other when under stress and greed, your lower class demons can use them as hosts, which you need to. Second as you need strong magical powers to work on a large scale you can suck the humans out of sperm and emotions to be used as you please. And finally.."

The devil watched as the man looked at her body

"Having a sexy devil like you by my side is so much better, that why I chose you"

The devil looked for a while and then laughed lightly

"…….. I see, good! I’ll help you"

"Then sign this contract with me"

The man takes out a paper and shows it to the devil

Even though the place was covered in darkness she could read everything clearly

"Even though there are a lot of stipulating terms it's fine"

"Ok then succubus, According to the contract become my strength in the name of?”

The name has a serious meaning to both devils and magicians

If you are strong enough you can curse someone with just their name

The contract is similarly a high level one, after swearing by their name a devil can’t break the contract

"I swear by the name, Rirushana that I’ll lend you my strength"

"Similarly I swear by the name Owl Satan!"

Along with the oaths the contract shines brightly enveloped in flames and burns out in an instant

The contract is engraved in the soul of the two

It is now an existence which cannot be changed or removed

"From now on I’ll call you Riru"

"Yes, yes… Let's make a great dungeon Owl!"

As Owl reached his hand over the magical array and pulls her

Thus, the days of the two making a dungeon began

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