How To Say I Love You


How To Say I Love You Chapter 3

Entertainment Circle

She had told him that he was coming to the company to take a look… And he truly was taking a look. Just a few minutes after Xiao Jiashu sat down, his mother sent him out, and a secretary took him around to tour every floor. While he was walking along the corridor, many people craned their necks to look at him, all of them lamenting inside  that their old chief had once again discovered another newcomer with maximum potential. With those looks, that temperament, his popularity would skyrocket with just one light push.

Xiao Jiashu was after all, a member of the Xiao Family and had attended in many big social occasions in the past. This small amount of attention was nothing to him. He continued along without a side glance. Meanwhile, Xue Miao took out a box of cigarettes and asked, “Want one?”

Xiu Changyu readily accepted a cigarette. While he smoked, he exclaimed, “I thought you quit a long time ago.”

“An unhappy person can’t quit smoking.” Xue Miao lowered her eyes slightly to prevent the fumes from going into her eyes. She held a cigarette holder between her slender fingers, her bearing graceful but revealing a sense of melancholy. Her days had been unhappy. She could hide that fact from other people, but couldn’t hide it from Xiu Changyu. Thus, she calmly confessed. Besides, there was nothing that they couldn’t say to each other. After a moment of silence, she continued, “Just then, I told you to help arrange a position for Xiao Shu. Don’t take those words seriously. I don’t want him to become a nine to five office worker.”

“You mean you're?” Xiu Changyu realised something, and couldn’t help but feel stunned.

“That’s right. I want him to act.” Xue Miao slowly released a mouth of smoke, her tender and luscious lips shrouded within the fog. “Help me casually arrange a position for him first, have him stay with the cast and crew for a period of time. When he's become familiar with the process, then help him find a suitable character to play.”

“Don’t you think you’re deciding too much on your own? Aren’t you going to ask Xiao if he’s willing or not? He’s the young master of the Xiao Clan, yet you’re letting him enter the entertainment circle. Won’t his father and grandfather in a fit of anger strip him of inheritance rights? You’re endured for so many years, is it really worth it?” Xiu Changyu earnestly dissuaded.

However, his well-meaning advice was not gratefully received. In front of Xiu Changyu, Xue Miao was a completely different person, intense like fire, mighty with no equal: this was her original self. “For myself, I can endure, but for the sake of my son, I cannot endure any longer. Do you know how hard he worked, and how outstanding he is? But in the end those so-called close-relatives are all forcing him to conceal his own radiance, and become a mediocre piece of rubbish drifting along waiting for death. For the past few months, he locked himself inside his room every day playing games, not eating, not sleeping, not bathing. A person who loves to shamelessly flaunt his looks as much as him, had actually turned himself into less than a ghost. Seeing him like that, it hurt as if someone had dug out my heart! In your people’s eyes, he is indeed wealthy, without even working, he has enough money to waste for his entire lifetime, but who actually knows what he truly wants?”

“How do you know that he wants to act? An actor isn’t something you can just become. You should understand clearer than me how difficult it is.” Xiu Changyu urged again.

“I gave birth to him, how could I not know? Do you still remember? When he was three, your company was preparing to invest and film a child fantasy drama and wanted to find a suitable child actor. I read out the script to him like a bedtime story. He was instantly able to imitate the plot, one moment acting out a grandpa tortoise leaning against a crutch to walk. Even if you hadn’t read the script you would still be able to feel as if he was truly carrying a heavy big tortoise shell on his back. The next moment, acting out a little dragon boy, hugging me bawling, crying out, Mummy, mummy, don’t die, the emotions abundant and genuine. He practically became whatever he was acting. He was born to act. If a servant hadn’t disclosed my plans of taking him to the audition to the Old Master, the child who later rose to fame due to that drama would definitely have been my son instead. I sent you a video at that time. Even you were praising him, saying that he had inherited my genes. He also said to me, “Mummy, acting is very interesting. When I grow up I’m going to become a big star just like you!” When Xue Miao said those words, her face finally showed a look of joy, but it quickly fell again. “But the Old Master looks down on me, and in turn looks down on Xiao Shu. As soon as he heard Xiao Shu say those words, he beat Xiao Shu up with his cane. Mercilessly scolding him, saying that he’s good-for-nothing. As time passed, Xiao Shu became more and more taciturn. He stopped imitating little animals, little old men, little old ladies….. And stopped watching TV. After he grew up, even he forgot his original self. That’s how they forcibly killed a child's innocence, and now they even want to cut off his future.”

Xue Miao vigorously put out her cigarette. With red eyes, she said, “Changyu, I'm not forcefully making decisions on my own, nor am I meddling unreasonably, I am simply seeking a way out for my own son. Look at him, he is destined to shine, not become a family reject. They want to cripple him, then I must save him!”

“It’s natural for people to have all sorts of dreams when they’re a kid, but how many have actually achieved those dreams after growing up? Miaomiao, I understand how you feel, but you need to give Xiao Shu the right to choose.” If another person had asked him for this favour, Xiu Changyu would have long agreed. Wasn’t this just promoting a newcomer? With Xiao Shu’s assets, there was nothing easier. But if he agreed, it could cause a riff in Miaomiao and Xiao Shu’s relationship and that was something he could not allow to happen. If Xiao Shu enters the entertainment circle and ends up being disowned, won’t he hate Miaomiao to death? That sort of heartless act is definitely something that Old Master Xiao is capable of!

“I know what you’re concerned about. Don’t worry. I gave birth to Xiao Shu, I understand the way he thinks better than anyone. No one and nothing can undermine our love for each other.” Staking all in one throw, Xue Miao gently said, “How about this, you help find a suitable character for him, let him have a try. If he really doesn’t have those cells in him, and isn’t interested in acting, then I’ll think of another way.”

Xiu Changyu deliberated for a moment, and then nodded, “Fine.”

“Then please look after Xiao Shu for me.” Xue Miao let out a long breath.

“He’s your son, which means he’s also my…… nephew. Of course I’ll take good care of him.” Xiu Changyu thought for a moment, “How about I get him to be Ji Mian’s assistant for a short while. Then when I find the suitable role, I’ll get him to try it out.”

“Ji Mian?” Xue Miao was not a stranger to this grand slam[1] film emperor. He had a gentle character, was accommodating, good-natured and friendly, hence, she agreed. “Okay, working under Ji Mian is just the place that can help broaden his horizons. I heard that Ji Mian's intending to retire from acting?”

“You wouldn’t really call it retiring. He just won’t be accepting that many acting roles anymore. You should know, he’s also a major stockholder of Crown World. He also has a lot of external investment ventures, all large business money earners. My temple is a little small, there’s isn’t enough to offer an esteemed Buddha. If not for the fact that I helped rescue him back to China that year, he wouldn’t have stayed at Crown World for so many years. He is a faithful and loyal person with a strong sense of camaraderie and understands the importance of repaying kindness and gratitude. You have nothing to worry leaving Xiao Shu in his hands.” Xiu Changyu brought out his phone. “Should I tell him to come up to have a talk with you?”

“No need. Let Xiao Shu take care of these relationships himself. I can help pave the road for him, and even help him choose the road, but I won’t hold him by the hand and teach him how to walk.” Xue Miao put away the metal cigarette box, put on her sunglasses, waved her hand and left. Xiu Changyu sent her off at the underground parking lot, and only after her car had driven off to the distance, did he finally return to his office.

Xiao Jiashu had gone around the company once. When he heard that his mother had just abandoned him and left, he was a bit unhappy. He walked into the elevator with a stony face. Upon discovering that the elevator already had people inside, he reflexively shot a glance in their direction, and then indifferently moved away his gaze. Inside, however, he was secretly cursing, “Shit! There’s actually someone who’s better looking than me!”

It was really rare for Little Young Master Xiao to encounter a person more handsome than him. He felt even more uncomfortable inside, and nudged himself a little further away. He shoved both hands into his jean pockets, and leaned against the wall; he looked quite arrogant and contemptuous. The man he had stubbed also cast him a glance, and then nodded and smiled. He was over 190cm, taller than the 183cm Young Master Xiao by half a head. Dark unfathomable[2] eyes, long defined eyebrows extending to his temples[3], high and straight nose. His temperament was even more outstanding; a tall, straight and powerful body wrapped by an expensive and elegant black suit, giving people an oppressive feeling. A young man stood at his side; his looks were average, his build was also average, but his eyes were especially bright, and had a crafty look to them.

There were only three people in the elevator so there was a lot of space but Xiao Jiashu still felt extremely cramped. His unhappiness was clearly written all over his face. The young man glanced at him and then sent a message to the man beside him. “Which family’s spoilt rich kid is this? Look at those black bags and that sickly body, I bet he spends all day playing around with girls and has serious kidney problems!” Only a young master of a rich and powerful family would dare to use this sort of attitude towards Ji Mian.

Ji Mian glanced at his phone, and did not reply. After the elevator door opened, he moved back a few steps and extended his hand to make a ‘You first” gesture. He had grown up in England since he was a child, being a gentleman was practically ingrained in his bones.

Xiao Jiashu finally felt at ease. He gave a small nod and walked out of the elevator. Not only was this person handsome, he also had a very elegant demeanour.

Seeing the three walk into his office one after the other, Xiu Changyu looked a bit surprised. “You guys met? Perfect, let me introduce. Xiao Shu, this is Ji Mian. From today onwards, you will be his assistant. He is the eldest brother[4] of Crown World, and this country’s one and only grand slam film emperor. You can learn a lot from him. This is his manager Fang Kun. He is a second to none gold medal manager, with abundant resources. Ji Mian, Fang Kun, this is Xiao Jiashu. He’s a son of a close friend. He’s been studying overseas for the past few years, and just recently came back. I'll be troubling you to look after him for me."

Oh? He’s actually my boss? Xiao Jiashu’s face was a bit stiff. He swept a glance at the other person at lightning speed and nodded. He didn’t care in the least whether his job position was high or low, as long as he had work to do. After he's accumulated enough experience, and has a deeper understanding of the entertainment industry, he’ll slowly climb up. He had never been an overly ambitious person, and furthermore, wasn't a rich kid who couldn’t handle the slightest bit of hardship.

Ji Mian smiled and nodded. “Don’t worry, Xiu-Ge, I'll definitely take good care of Jiashu.” He then extended at hand to the young man, and gently said, “If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to find me. If I don’t have time, go look for Xiao Fang[5], don’t worry about disturbing us.

“Thank you. Please look out for me in the future, Ji-ge, Kun-ge[6].” Xiao Jiashu promptly shook his hand. His face looked really aloof but inside he was secretly gasping in admiration: So he’s a grand slam film emperor, no wonder he had such a strong presence! Xiao Jiashu had been abroad for a long time and was never one to watch mainland films or dramas, so he naturally didn’t recognise Ji Mian.

After they finished greeting each other, they went out for a meal. Seeing Xiu Changyu take Xiao Jiashu away afterwards with an earnest attitude like he was taking around his own child, Ji Mian’s manager, Fang Kun, said with suspicion, “Who is this person? He wouldn’t be Xiu Changyu’s illegitimate child, could he?”

[1] Not too sure what it means to be a "Grand Slam" actor but I'm guessing it must mean that he's won lots of awards and is recognised internationally.

[2] 眼眸深邃 Abstruse/profound/deep eyes - eyes that are difficult to read

[3] Probably something like this:

eyebrow.jpg eyebrow2.jpg

[4] Not literally the "eldest brother", but the most senior

[5] Xiao Fang - Little Fang - Nickname for Fang Kun

[6] Ji-ge, Kun-ge - Refering to Ji Mian and Fang Kun - gē means elder brother - is a suffix used for an older male friend or relative