How To Break Into Male God's Computer


How To Break Into Male God's Computer Chapter 1

“Save me! I have transmigrated into Male God’s computer, what should I do! Currently online and waiting!”

The reply that followed were laughter emoticons and lol texts.

“Then did you manage to see Male God’s treasured porn collection? How is his taste?Heavy or bland?”

The reply was “Tsk, tsk, tsk, I indeed have. His taste….. I’m not really sure either, hmm, it seems like he likes big chest. This is not the point! What should I do right now?”

“You can face your Male God every single day, isn’t that perfect? Furthermore, he will use his two hands to press and touch your body continuously ohhh~.”

“But there is no actual feeling. Hey, that’s not the point, you guys stop ha ha ha-ing, and quickly give me a reliable solution!”

But the following reply only consisted of ridicule and jokes related to the original post, everybody was full of amusement, all kinds of taunts instantly filled the screen, new posts such as: “Help! I transmigrated into my Male Gods underpants, what do I do! Waiting online! “, ” Help! I transmigrated into my Male Gods toilet, what do I do! Currently waiting online! ” and the likes.

Because of this topic, everyone continued spamming the entire night without stop.

Whereas in a certain dormitory, the door gave a light click.

The originally bright computer screen strangely automatically shut down.

Yan Lin quietly entered the bedroom, took off his coat, as his fingers gently fell on the button of his white shirt, as if activated by the wind, the computer suddenly gave a light hum and trembled slightly. Yan Lin naturally did not notice the slight change of his computer, with his head lowered, as if he thought of something, turned, and with big strides walked into the bathroom.

The electricity flow inside the computer fluctuated a bit.

When Yan Lin reopened the computer, he had already bathed, with a towel which covered his key parts. As he sat in front of the computer and began to concentrate on typing, weirdly, he felt that today the computer seems to run a bit slower than usual …(TN: He should be grateful that the computer is running at all and haven’t already crashed -_-)

Computer: Damn it, somebody save me! I want to drown in Male God’s V-shaped abs … dang it! I’m about to short-circuit … cannot … I can not short circuit ah … … I will have to be sent to repair if I short circuit, even if I die I must hold on!

That being said, in this sort of situation, running a bit slower than normal is already considered very good.

Yan Lin probably used the computer to write codes for about half an hour. He is a person who does things with discipline, very complicated things in his perspective are but simple things overlain together. He conducts his life through a certain schedule. He raised his head and looked at the computer’s lower right corner displayed time, and the corner of his mouth slightly raised upwards.

Afterwards, he turned off his coding program and opened a folder in the hidden in the depths of the computer that just had a simple “Mine” name.

And then … he casually opened an AVI.

And then after that…

Computer watched as Male God watched “those” video with that kind of faint smile is truly… truly … God knows it wants to crash on the spot! “The raw version used a slang but …”those” is good enough right? For those who don’t know… don’t ask, it will only spoil your image of Male God”

But … it does not dare.

With its understanding of Male God –

The result of such action will be that it will be directly sent to the school’s repair shop by Male God, and after being made half dead by the repair shop uncle, it will be carried home again by Male God. It can not guarantee it won’t be tossed into the trash the next time it crashes when Male God wants to watch a love movie. With it understanding of Male God, it is extraordinary likely.

Forget it, just endure and all things would pass… Rather, regardless of the weird things its monitor is portraying, the expression on Male God’s face is still very tempting. (TN: *Smacks myself in the face* Wow, just…


Why is it so short? Male gods haven’t even got up to go to the bathroom yet…

Her brain was in a jeopardy.

In any case, Male God happily finished his movie for the day. He lovingly caressed his computer, the warmth of his palm made the computer feel like it’s electricity current got disrupted. He then gently closed the computer.

At last the indicator light turned off.

He calmly went to bed.

Li Chenan was shaken awake by someone.

She heard a person by her ear noisily calling her to get up: “Li Chenan … Li Chenan …”

She sat straight up in bed, and then turned around with a loss look and said: “Eh?”

“LI Chenan! Don’t you know we’re about to be late for our first day of military training?”

Li Chenan originally wanted to domineeringly roar back: “Your family’s computer needs military training!” But her brain quickly reacted and found that wasn’t quite right. She carefully examined herself, then she carefully examined the surrounding people. Before she not had the time to speak, she was tossed a green military service: “Stop sitting around in a stupor and hurry and wear your clothes.”

Li Chenan was still confused even after she had been dragged to military training field. She muddleheadedly stood in the girl team section, still pondering in the end whether her career as a computer last night was a dream or not.

What happened last night … was like this. Li Chenan is an ordinary university’s freshman girl that cannot be any more ordinary. The night after she just entered the university, she had that strange dream after falling asleep.

Then she transmigrated into Male God’s computer.

A totally ordinary transmigrating experience… ordinary your head! Your family transmigrate into a computer! What kind of miraculous set up is this!

And her image of Male God thoroughly collapsed OK! He have a cold personality and was undoubtedly a flower on a high mountain that no one can pick.  Yet I had to figure out he was secretly obsessed with the gossips of big chest actress! Why!

How can I keep my little pure adoration of my Male God! Screw it OK?!?! Male God is soon about to be degrade into a pervert like this!

In short, ignoring Li Chenan’s crazy roar in her heart, her view of the world at this moment is simply about to collapse. She did not pay attention to anything around, just foolishly standing there, subconsciously following the action of the people in front of her. But then she suddenly heard a bunch of frenzy whispering.

“Hey, that’s Yan Lin. It’s Yan Lin!”

“My god, he is so handsome! OMG OMG!”

Once Li Chen heard Yan Lin’s name, she instinctively raised her head, and by chance she met his eyes.

He had on the same uniform that they were wearing, but he had a kind of indescribable bearing, drastically different from ordinary people.

He was expressionless as he glanced at them. Li Chenan felt that his eye were like a calm well.

Just by appearance alone, I am already not Male God’s match. He is simply a deity ah!

Ah … only if she did not transmigrate into his computer, then his image in the heart of Li Chen an will certainly not have collapse.

Yan Lin’s name is very well known as even the girl freshman who have just joined the school are familiar and adore this name. He is the prefects of the third year students, two grades higher than they are right now.

In the end, Yan Lin’s cold temperament made him very popular among the girls.

As for Li Chenan, this is the very reason why she regarded Yan Lin as a Male God, …though it is also because she was a little obsessed with his good looks.

Li Chenan looked at the senior in front of her that is like an ancient well which does not have a single ripple. Examining his natural hair illuminated by the sunlight and seeing his bright eyes, she suddenly recalling his expression while typing on his keyboard last night after he took off his shirt in front of her.

Yan Lin originally have a perfect body, not being able to find a single flaw even after examining him closely.

In fact his body is …


Li Chenan’s face turned slightly red, secretly bowed her head as she tells herself: “Damn it, it was just a “spring dream”. No matter how you look at him, Yan Lin is not that kind of person ah!”

Fine, lets just regard it as a dream. It is hard to even convince herself that transmigrating into a computer is reality.

But wait, why would Yan Lin appear on the military training field? What is this sort of situation?

Li Chenan looked around and only after she noticed that Han Wei Wei was beside her did she calmed down.

Han Wei Wei is the current terms Gossip Queen, an expert at gathering information, her message is very informative and quite accurate. And sure enough, Han Wei Wei soon started to explain: “In order to save money, the school decided that they will pick some of the juniors as instructors to help us with military training, but for Yan Lin to appear is really unexpected ah …

“Is Yan Lin that idle?”(Tn: Nope, hes just trying to pick up his wifey)

“Right right, everyone is perplexed, how can Yan Lin be so idle.”

There were whispers everywhere, but a burst of exclamation soon happened again, and this time he was still the reason, Yan Lin was walking toward them.

Girls are still were still exclaiming when Yan Lin stood in front of their group, quietly examining the girls appearance of jumping for joy, he suddenly open his mouth and said:

“Run five laps around the drill ground.”(TN:I recently had to do that, just in the drizzling rain >.<)

Eh? What?

The girls who have courage immediately asked: “W… why?”

“Because from here on out I am now your instructor.”

The girls can not resisted and cheered once again, but they heard his voice sound once again: “I think you guys are too noisy.”


While running, Li Chenan looked at Yan Lin who was standing under the shade of a tree, there was a big distance between them resulting in her not being able to clearly see his expression. She frowned slightly while grumbling about today’s hot weather, at the same time complaining:

“Why doesn’t he run with us? One lap is four hundred and fifty meter while two laps is close to a thousand. Does he think that we are all long distance runners? What if someone suddenly get a heatstroke? The way he treats his junior sisters will earn him heavenly retribution…”

Han Wei Wei who was beside her was panting as she explains:

“Yan Lin is the kind who won’t treats girls any different then others, its because of this that we all regard him as a Male God… To be a boyfriend, you have to be tyrannical.(TN:Preach girl, preach! Our innocent, uh… dense MC needs your knowledge)

“Is that so?”


When Li Chenan got to the starting point of her third lap, she was really near to collapsing. After looked behind her, she was still better off. There was a whole batch who already gave up. Having the girls run under this type of weather is simply inhumane.

However, Yan Lin still stood at his spot, she took a peek at him when she ran past him, he was expressionless, as if he should let everyone finish their laps.

Li Chenan felt like ten thousand horses just ran over her heart…

Sure enough, for the likes of Male God, you can only look from afar! Too get near him is simply a disaster!