Harem of the Dora Prince


Harem of the Dora Prince Volume 1 Chapter 1

Harem of the Dora Dora Prince chapter 1: The dragon-riding Dora Prince

Rusanas continent accounts for thirty-percent of the world and consists of five countries. The five countries are neatly divided into North, South, East and West, with one remaining country in the center. This world has the culture of great diversity, with a long history and original development. Fencing, Science, Magic, Cryptid──the powers that symbolize each of the four surrounding country stand strong, but, even so, they cannot match the central country that possesses the most power, Dibair. Although surrounded by other countries, Dibair increased its power by taking in the different cultures from the other four......and, as the result, is currently ruling the continent of Rusanas. They mediated with other four countries and have been contributing to a peaceful foundation......whenever they are faced with a serious crisis, under certain circumstances, they will discuss that matter together.

“Huuuh? This is the reason why Prince Craft is a good-for-nothing?" Shop owner

Inside the castle town of Dibair’s imperial capital, Ragwardo. On the street of the market area, bustling with a great number of merchants, I was having a conversation with the storekeeper of a fruit shop.

"It’s seriously bad! As for the story that I’ve heard, the prince seems to be absorbed in traveling throughout the continent. That's unmistakably the Dora prince! You, don't you know about that?" Shop owner

“......Unfortunately, I am not interested in those kinds of story. Leaving that aside, how much for that Kiupuru?" Craft

Listening to the story was giving me a headache, so I stopped talking and reached for a fruit that was on sale. However, my hand was stopped by the store owner.

"It’s fine, just listen until the end! Otherwise, I won’t sell you anything!" Shop owner

"What a stingy store owner. Your shop will go bankrupt if you keep choosing  customers like that." Craft

I drew my hand back and took a flask out from the inner pocket of my overcoat. Inside this flask was bittersweet Raguniano spring water from the village where I had stayed at before. Although it wasn’t as good as the Kiupuru, it was sour and delicious.

“Hmm? Onii-san, is that a gun that you’re hiding under your coat?” Shop owner

“Ah, this? It’s not that rare of an object these days, is it?" Craft

The store owner stared at me with a surprised face when I took out the flask instead of the gun.

"You, are you from Baretoria? Your hair is red instead of blonde, though.” Shop owner

“Hey hey, if I have a gun then I’m an old-fashioned person from Baretoria by default? What kinda stereotype is that??" Craft

The western country, Baretoria is the country where machine technologies, such as steam engines, guns, and so forth, are developed. It's clear that the common feature of Baretoria people is blond hair, whether you are clumsy or a shining beauty. Therefore, there were only a few humans from another country with a different hair color that were currently here.

"For a long time, I did business in various places, and, wherever I went, the people from Isamura are black-haired, while Bunna people are tanned. Kurinós people are demi-humans. And, if you aren't blond, you are from Dibair.” Shop owner

The storekeeper replied and tapped my shoulder with a laugh. I didn’t not feel bad because of his cheerful character.

“No, I'm sorry elder brother. However, carrying such a large sword around……is it for your upcoming trip?” Shop owner

"It’s often said that a strong man doesn't choose his weapon, but, according to me, I am more accustomed to this weapon, making it the best." Craft

I was carrying the Red Emperor sword, and on my waist was the Blue Demon gun. These two, specifically, are my favorite partners.

“Wahahahahaa! Welp, you got me there. Good, take one of this Kiupuru!” Shop owner

“Is that okay? Do you still want to talk?” Craft

“Rumors have that the prince also uses a combo of sword and gun like you. It's out of consideration for this strange accident." Shop owner

I caught the fruit that the store owner threw towards me with one hand and took a bite. ‘Heee, it is delicious.’ The ratio of the sweet and sour was almost perfect, and it was beyond good.

“Thank you. By the way, have you seen the Dora Prince before?” Craft

“Craft-san? Noo, that person rarely appears.” Shop owner

“I thought you would say that. Well, it is more convenient that way......” Craft

“Ha? What do you mean, brother?” Shop owner

The store owner didn’t understand my words, he tilted his head in confusion, and it made me laugh. I then placed my forefinger on my mouth.

“I thank you for giving me such a good Kiupuru, in exchange, I will show you something good.” Craft

I equipped the goggles that is hanging around my neck and throw the Kiupuru which I had in my hand into the air.

"If Ossan said that, Prince Craft has two weapons, the red emperor sword, and the blue demon gun. However, can you be certain that he has no other weapons?" Craft

The moment I finished talking, the Kiupuru I threw into the air disappeared. That big eater, he appeared faster than calling a person......did he wait for a long time?

“Br-Brother? Wh, wha, what is that large thing?” Shop owner

The street stall was covered by a large entity, gradually making it darker, as if it was night time, and giving the store owner´s face a flustered look. Everyone who passed by were in awe and couldn’t find the words to describe when they looked up at the sky. ‘No, that is no sky. That's──’

“This is an Admol dragon. It is my......Prince Craft´s contracted mythical beast.” Craft

The large dragon, who was blocking the sunlight, roared loudly. Every time the dragon flapped his purple wings, which are harder than steel, he made a strong wind that shook the market’s flag, creating a dust cloud. Although it was me who called him here, he wasn't really a troublesome fellow.

“Why did it come! The height is increasing!” Shop owner

After I jumped once on a street lamp, and twice on a street stall, I jumped onto the back of that large dragon.

“See you - Ossan! Let's meet again soon.” Craft

I left store owner dumbstruck and unable to stand up due to fear, then I landed on Kaitos’ back who spread his wings and took flight. The flying speed was rapidly increasing as we gradually climbed the ladder to heaven without breathing. We cut through the wind and roamed the sky; the reaction of the people in the market was very interesting.

“Kuku, hey Kaitos? Aren't their faces fascinating?” Craft

“......Craft, you have crappy tastes as always. This is why weird rumors such as this tend to spread” Kaitos

Seeing me laugh, Kaitos scolded me with his deep and heavy voice; the reverberation of his tone could shake the earth. This guy had scolded me many times up until now.

"It's noisy, you glutton. Do you want to sleep without eating dinner?"  Craft

“Guu......that would be a problem. My reasons to live are still increasing." Kaitos

"I guess you're still growing and getting larger. Well, umm, I think I prefer the smaller you more, you were certainly cuter." Craft

When I pat the horns on his head, Kaitos happily rolled his eyes. Is this dragon just friendly, or is he just spoiled rotten......?

“Alright, take this way to the castle. If you want, you can just smash through the wall into the throne room.” Craft [Editor’s Note: Yup. I approve.]

Once my father, who was the current king, died, it would make me happy, but I wouldn’t prefer if troublesome things kept popping up. It's better not to cause any trouble.

“Craft, does this have something to do with the conversation you had? That you should return to Dibair?" Kaitos

“No. I think that I should just go ahead and directly negotiate with them, before they send in a mountain of trouble." Craft

I kept traveling happily while assassins were sent to kill me every single day. Although I had faith that I wouldn't be defeated, it would be great if they didn’t send a lot of them at the same time.

“However......you must prepare yourself to succeed the throne soon.” Kaitos

“Ah, is it already that time? To be honest, I really don’t wanna do that when he dies.”

"I can respect that......muu, we’re arriving soon.” Craft

Kaitos descended from the clouds and covered the whole town of Ragwardo with his shadow. Standing out in the scenery and soaring high was the castle of Dorura which was built with dragon bones and silver ore. It’s the place where he grew up, his home.

“Where do you want to get off, Craft? I won't break the wall, though.” Kaitos

"Okay, that balcony looks good. The throne should be nearby.” Craft

The soldiers on guard duty, who saw Kaitos decreasing his speed and approaching the castle, ran up and came near. And in addition to that, their reactions didn't seem normal for some reason.

“Pr, Prince! Prince Craft has finally returrnnneed!” Soldier 1

“Uooooo! Princeeee! Craft-samaaa! UoaaaAAAA!!” Soldier 2


The guard soldiers cheered and expressed their joy with their whole body while shedding tears. Why are they so happy about my return? And I don’t like those fools who are constantly taking pictures with a Vision-Copying stone.

“Hey hey! We aren't a show!" Craft

I drew my demon gun from the holster on my waist and decided to aim for the Vision-Copying stones in the hands of the soldiers.

“I hate being photographed. The number is 12......I know that it’s bad, but I will have to destroy them.” Craft

The following moment, when I pulled the trigger, a reddish brown bullet was shot out from the barrel, followed by a slow launching sound. The demon gun, which uses the magical power of its owner and turning it into a bullet, could be used easily, giving me the power to freely adjust it to my liking.

“Hoi, Hoi Hoi, Hoooiii!” Soldier 3

The magic bullet soared in a straight line, in order to penetrate its target. Although the soldiers moved their bodies naturally to avoid the bullets, even if they are locked on──my magic bullets wouldn’t miss their targets. The bullets destroyed all 12 Vision-Copying stones that the soldier had.

“I saw Kaitos and Simultaneous Bullet Control!" Soldier 4

“All bullets hit its mark. Splendid, Craft. I always fall in love with your skill whenever I see it.” Soldier 5

“When he is serious, it won’t be this weak. Leaving that aside, Kaitos is slowly becoming smaller. Only a fool would let him in when he’s in in his large form” Soldier 6

I returned the gun to the holster on my waist, jumped off Kaitos´ back and landed on the balcony. Having seen me nodding as a signal, Kaitos wrapped himself in a glaring light and transformed. To rest his body after a battle, he would return to his original form. His huge appearance with sharp claws and fangs changed to a small one; he moved by flapping his wings. Now, he looked more like a lizard with wings rather than a dragon.

“Either way, now you look like a child. Why is it that you can transform?” Craft

“Admol dragons can morph, depending on the situation. This is probably their way to adapt to their environment." Kaitos

I asked while removing my goggles, and Kaitos answered with a sweet voice like that of a young girl. Even if I’d heard his cute voice many times until now, I nearly burst out laughing.

“......Well, is that so? And you may sit on my shoulder." Craft

“Sorry Craft. I like this place very much." Kaitos

Kaitos lowered his feet on my shoulder while flapping. The sharp claws on Kaitos´s feet disappeared and were now soft and strangely ticklish.

“Now, let's go to the throne......Hey! You stalkers!” Craft

The soldiers who had gathered and was looking stealthily at us from behind the wall before averting their eyes. Since when did the guards of this castle become cowardly during this one year when I wasn't here......so pathetic.

"Don't be lazy and quickly return to your positions! Go!” Craft

The group of soldiers fled and scattered like spider hatchlings in the forest of Ishida.. I had only seen them once, but they were seriously disgusting.

"Aren’t you glad to see that, bizarre object lover?..... They're just like Explosive Spiders." Craft

"Their feet are crispy and very delicious. Craft, I also hope you would try them once.” Kaitos

"Isn't there neurotoxin in the feet of those explosive spiders? The taste isn't the problem here." Craft

"What do you mean? That poison is the best spice!" Kaitos

This lizard must always have the last word. When I confirmed my determination in secret, suddenly, a clear voice was heard from behind me.

“Oya? Would you like Explosive Spiders for dinner?" Zenan

"This voice......Zenan? It's been a while.” Craft

Appearing from the shadow of a pillar was Zenan, the chief maid of Dorura castle.

“Oh, it's been a while. Prince Craft Serima Dibair” Zenan

“Craft is fine. Stop being so formal, call me like before.” Craft

Zenan would normally be discreet as a worker in the castle, but it was different when there was only me and her. In the past, this beauty named Zenan with brown eyes and jade long hair was a playmate of mine, and she was also like a big sister to me.

"Then, I shall address you as Craft-sama, who had left the castle and made Zenan feel lonely every night, for one whole year.” Zenan

“It’s been a while! By the way, you are not the same as before right?!”  Craft

“That’s harsh. However, nothing has changed and Zenan´s bust is still in growing age.” Zenan

“Is it really......? No, it wasn't so flat. I´m happy that you haven’t changed much, though.” Craft

"Thank you very much. Now then, His Majesty, the mustache old man, and the bald minister are waiting, so this way, please." Zenan

The chopboard maid took the lead when Kaitos and I entered the castle. It appeared that she ignored me and my irresponsibility; I assumed that it was fine.

“Craft-sama, you seem to have grown considerably in this one year......*slurp*” Zenan

“Well, while I traveled, I also trained, and I was happy because I got to see a lot of unusual things."  Craft

"Thank you very much for protecting Craft-sama, Kaitos." Zenan

“Umu. That journey was very helpful, for both of us." Kaitos

"That's for the best. Although, I would like to hear the story in details......it's  a shame.” Zenan

"Oh, have we already arrived? It is really close to that balcony.” Craft


I noticed a big door made from Garedonma crystal in front of me. Oh dear. I like this gorgeous ornament......I'm satiated whenever I see it.

“Well then, Craft-sama. There is still other work for this lovely maid, Zenan, to carry out, so please excuse me." Zenan

“Oh, work hard. I’ll talk to you later.” Craft

When I put my hand on the door, the lovely, but expressionless, Zenan showed her curtsies and left through the hallway. I was also aware that she was looking at my face intently......well, that’s fine.

“......Then, I should go, too.” Craft

I used all my strength to open the graceful door and a creepy melody was produced when I made my dramatic entrance. I really dislike the noise of the opening and shutting of that door.

“Father, should I say “I’m home” obediently at times like this?" Craft

On the walls, hung images of the previous kings, and in the center was the throne where the present king sat. Of course, my father was the current king──Zefirio Surima Dibair; he sat on the throne and gazed down at me arrogantly because I came home.

“Craft, you have left the castle for a long time......you’ve finally returned.” King Zefirio

His voice was filled with greater dignity than me. Having white hair, a long mustache and the same red eyes as me, this was the twelfth king of Dibair Zefirio. He was the strongest successive and a great king who this country is proud of.

“In this one year, I came to every country, and I spent all my free time how I wanted......” Craft


He opens both his eyes widely and stood up, as if he had a big shiver. Kaitos on my shoulder curled up into a ball......I didn't need to worry, though. Even if my father had a grand title and a dignified appearance, in my eyes──

"I was so worried about yoooouu!! I thought that you’ve diiee!! King Zefirio [ED: Yeah, nigga’s sulking like a girl LOL]!”  

Therefore I showed my love to my uselessly useless father.

“Uwah, it came out. Shut up, noisy old man!” Craft

“WHAT!? No-Noisy?! I'm your papa! I´m your true father who gave birth to you!” King Zefirio

“My mother gave birth to me. Well, mother died to a chronic illness long ago, though.” Craft

“Je-Jeneriaaa! Uoo, why did she die before me......” King Zefirio 

Being too sweet and overprotective, his miserable true speech and behavior came out. Usually, when he worked as a king, my father was worthy of my respect.

“Haa......Magwato. Before my father reaches his limit, can I talk with you?" Craft

“Hoohoohoo, are you already fine with a parent child meeting after a long time?” Magwato

Minister Magwato, who was observing from the side, smiled and stepped forward. The old man had a bald head and always wore a green hat to hide it......so pathetic.

“Craft, don't ignore your fatheerr! Speak to me moorrreee!” King Zefirio

“I guess it is okay, so what do you want? The reason of my return to the castle.” Craft

Ignoring my father who has resorted to screaming, I spoke to Magwato. Magwato was well accustomed to this and the conversation was continued without worrying about my father in particular.

“Hohoho, you can never have too much knowledge after all. So are we talking about “that”......or are we talking about the “other one”?” Magwato

This cunning old man often talked about what he wanted with sarcasm. He hired capable mercenaries to bring me back; a whole group of them at that.

“Hmm. The war at Marterwo valley has continued on for three days and three nights......Craft.” Kaitos

“That's right, Kaitos. I fought desperately, while you were only looking from the sky." Craft

“I told Craft not to fight. Had he called for my assistance, I would be happy to help anytime" Kaitos

“You fool. If you fought in the Marterwo valley, it would turn into a desert in one night.” Craft

Kaitos is strong, but he can't adjust his strength properly. Especially, if he’s trying to protect me, there would be no distinction between friends and foes.

“HooHooHoo, the knight leader was impressed. The people’s loyalty toward Craft-sama, who is a strong prince, was deepened even further;at the same time, it became a good training for the soldiers as well. Goodness, you're popular.” Magwato

“If it’s about the soldiers then, yeah, I can certainly feel my popularity expressed through their weirdly passionate gazes." Craft

Although there were things that I wanted to make a Tsukkomi against, it was out of questions. It was pretty unpleasant that they had used the country’s powers to bring me back.

“And? Who suggested such a boring thing?" Craft

“Don't make a big deal! I'm dead serious about it!” King Zefirio

“What? I thought so, father.” Craft

First, soldiers came after me, then there were assassins and mercenaries......they came all for the same reason.

“My marriage......what’s the meaning of it?” Craft

When they suddenly said please return home for marriage, I was puzzled. Even if I said I didn’t like it, they tried to bring me back by force, and even more pursuers showed up one after another; I crushed all of them, though.

“Constantly marriage, marriage......do you remember your foolishness?” King Zefirio

When it finally became difficult, even when I immediately declined, I noticed their reason.

“Speaking clearly, I don't want to get married. Too troublesome.” Craft

“What do you say, you ungrateful son! It's your job to get married, succeed the throne and let me hold my cute grandchild! I want to buy a toy for my grandchiillddd!” King Zefirio

“Throne? I think the country will end if I become the King.” Craft


Sense of responsibility: Zero. Motivation: Zero. I´m a human who does what he’s interested in.

“What do you say! When you are a man who was overflowed by his mother´s affection, then I know that you are full of consideration in your heart! If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have wanted to make my son succeed the throne!"  King Zefirio

OiOiOi, am I overflowing with consideration? Indeed, a formidable joke. Because of my over-doting parents, I was so embarrassed that my eyes would pass through a peep-hole.

“Craft, you will marry a good wife as soon as possible......a married couple of King and Queen has to hold each other’s hands and become the role models of this world. Not only the world, but also Dibair ──" King Zefirio

“Ah, yes yes. King of Dibair, King of the world. Because you made me learn about all of this since childhood, I understand all of it." Craft

I grew up receiving special education, both to the mind and the body. To defend the world’s peace, I understood that I needed to put in great effort and rule as a wonderful king. Therefore, before that happened......I wanted to spend my remaining days happily.

“Therefore, you are to get married first......then, as soon as possible, make a grandchild, Craft!” King Zefirio

“Tsk......apart from succeeding the throne, marriage will be unpleasant if there is no interesting partner." Craft

After all doesn't marriage seem tremendously tedious? It's already unpleasant to become king, yet I can’t do it without marrying, too.

“Then I expect a grandchild from Leona. Well, when I don't wait for at least ten years, it'll be impossible" King Zefirio

Father´s other child──is my younger half sister called Leona. Leona was born from my father´s concubine Erian-san and she is my very lovely and proud younger sister who has just become ten years old.

“Unpleasant! Leona won't become a bride for no one! Because she is so earth-shattering lovely” Craft

“......Magwato. If my father is killed here, do I become king automatically?" Craft

“Yes, thats natural. This old man also wishes for it to happen if possible" Magwato

“Shit. You escaped death narrowly stupid father......” Craft

I return my hand that I stretched out to Dantes behind my back and threw up a big sigh. (TL: Dantes is the name of his gun)

“Haa…...even if I were to say that I want to marry, there is no woman with whom I would get along well at all. If I were to get married at all, I'd like it to be with someone who is like a friend and with whom you just can’t seem to be bored." Craft

“Uumu. Although you're my son, you're aiming too high" King Zefirio

“It would be inevitable, so there isn't a woman nearby that I could marry. Naa, Kaitos?” Craft (TL: Chapter 2 will have a surprising fact about Kaitos)

Seeking agreement from Kaitos located on my shoulder, I turned around and saw him opening his mouth largely......

“......GajiGajiGaji” Kaitos

“Oーi? Is everything fine with your head?” Craft

“”Huh, you moron. This is a preachment" Kaitos

This pseudo-lizard, aren't his feelings too unstable? I don't know what he's angry about at all.

“Well, it’s good. Anyway, a partner wouldn't be found so easily." Craft

If there is even one person who could come to like me seriously, marriage shouldn't seem too bad......no, after all, the partner who I would like to get married to──

“Hoohooho, Craft-sama. On the other hand, didn't you forget the important bride candidate?” Magwato

“What, Magwato? Are you per good mind?" Craft

Magwato stroked his short beard and spoke awfully with full confidence. An unpleasant feeling welled up bubbly from his actions and attitude, but it's difficult to tell him to stop now.

“That is, naturally, Craft-sama also knows Efrika´s decision well......” Magwato

“Not good. I will never get married to that person." Craft

I didn't let Magwato finish his words. Marriage with that woman? OiOi, Although I might be really serious about it, she is the last means I would choose.

“Craft, my deceased younger brother´s child is an orphan now──so, with which part of Efrika are you dissatisfied?” King Zefirio

“Everything excluding her face.” Craft

"Efrika-sama is good-looking for certain and her figure is also excellent. Moreover, both her grace and intelligence aren't in any way inferior. Don’t you think that she has the exact abilities of a queen?" Magwato

Was my answer unexpected, because father seemed to be unconvinced and looked towards me. That guy still appears to be hypocritical as well.

"It's unrelated. Anyway, unless a respectable partner is found, I don't want to get married" Craft

“Nevertheless Craft-sama. As his Majesty said a short while ago, you should get married and settle down already......" Magwato

“It’s fine, not like that matters. Although there is a time limit for succeeding the throne, but there shouldn't be a time limit for deciding about my own marriage, right?" Craft

The throne of Dibair is succeeded by the direct prince on his twentieth birthday, and that’s how it was from generation to generation. Because I am 17 years old now, it will naturally be necessary for me to succeed the throne in three years time. However, I have no choice other than to succeed the throne......while the marriage is a completely different story.

“......Craft-sama. Do you remember the case from one year ago, and why you ran away from the castle?” Magwato

"I ran away from the castle......what was the cause?” Craft

Magwato´s words were heard and I recalled the past. Well, perhaps on that day, there was something with some national princesses and marriage proposals......?

“It was the marriage meeting with the princess of Isamura.” Magwato

“Oh? Oo, I remember! Well there was also such a story!” Craft

“So, Craft. The other party has come from far away to show their face......” King Zefirio

“Craft-sama has neglected that and went on a year-long journey. And thanks to that my old bones had a hard time here" Magwato

Magwato and my father blamed me in an amazed voice. No, but I'm not that bad.

“Concealing it until that day was even worse. What does the guy who ran away have to say now to the marriage meeting?” Magwato

"Running away, even when it was agreed upon beforehand, that's just like you, Craft" King Zefirio

"What did you expect? Who wanted the marriage meeting anyhow?” Craft

“Therefore it was hidden! You dare to talk like this! Mostly you......” King Zefirio

“I have already given up, Zefirio-san. It's because Craft is in a rebellious age” Kaitos

Kaitos calmed down my father with his panting. Even my father withdraws when this lizard says to retreat, and he seemed to have swallowed his following words.

"You tell 'em, he is more than a child in a rebellious age. Then, by such a thing" Craft

“Wait, Craft! My talk has not ended yet!" King Zefirio

"You positively think about the throne. And because of that, I tolerate you, stupid father” Craft

I waved my hand with Kaitos on my shoulder, before turning around to leave those two old man behind.

"Would a person who runs after two rabbits get even one rabbit? Then!” Kaitos

While opening the annoying door, I already am tired of that creepy sound and left that king behind.

In such a case, I heard what Magwato spoke about with my father in a low voice──

“.....He is a troublesome fellow. After all, besides the fact that he heard the story, there is no escape for him” King Zefirio

"Please be relieved, Your Majesty. All affairs and arrangements have been completed" Magwato

This isn't the first time of an odd plot by my father. Then Kaitos perched on my shoulder whispered with a sulky voice.

“Craft, don't you really want to get married?" Kaitos

“What? Do you also want to get me married?” Craft

“No, I´m against marriage. But under such conditions, it isn't a approved case” Kaitos


It isn't approved, huh. Saying so, he restlessly pokes my cheek......

“Are you hungry? Then it's already time for lunch. It can't be helped, let's go to the courtyard” Craft

“......GajiGajiGaji” Kaitos

“Because I won’t be saying anything anymore, let's hurry. You hungry dragon” Craft

I jumped down from the extending passage of the 4th floor to the passage of the 1st floor, with my head becoming wet from Kaitos´s saliva. I brushed the dust which curled up from the landing off with my hand and aimed for the courtyard in the center of the castle.

“Having come to the courtyard, do you plan on meeting that child?” Kaitos

“Yes. After one year, it would be pleasant to know how much she has grown” Craft

When I was in the castle──I usually had my lunch in the courtyard, whenever the weather was great. And my important younger sister, who has a great smile, would spend time together with me there.

“Leona would be so marvellous that I get paralyzed" Craft

I suppressed the smile that nearly surfaced and opened the door leading to the courtyard. The courtyard was enclosed by multicolored flowers collected from every country......and only this seemed like a different world at all.

“Oh, Craft! Whenever I see it, these flowers seem so delicious!" Kaitos

"Don't frolic, Kaitos. You will end up eating the flowers anyways” Craft

I looked around the vicinity to achieve my purpose, finding peace from the smell of the drifting flowers. She is probably at that bench──

“Eh? Craft-niisama......?” Leona

Ouch. Her silhouette stiffened up and her face was filled with astonishment......that´s so cute.

“Yo, Leona, it's been a year” Craft

Sitting down on a bench and laying her sandwich aside was a girl with blue eyes and hair. Her lovely figure with her grown hair bound by a red ribbon made me think that she was a doll made by a great craftsman. Her modesty white skin shows her untouched purity which includes her childish face. It could even be said that she was the incarnation of a goddess, born to embody the word beauty.

“Waaa, it really is Craft-niisama!” Leona

Leona uttered a cry of delight, before jumping onto my chest. Her hands moved to my waist and she embraced me closely, and although it was like usual, it was a little shameful.  

“Leona, you became pretty. Although I went around all Rusanas, there is almost no beauty more beautiful than you" Craft

“Auu, pl, please stop elder brother. I turn red......” Leona

"Your naivety still hasn't changed. Your elder brother's partner, will have a hard time in the future” Craft


Whenever Leona is seen, she becomes so embarrassed that she turns red and hides her face behind her hands. If Leona was my lover, then I´d certainly fall in love with her everywhere on this entire continent.

“I, I......I´m fine as long as elder brother is here......” Leona

“OiOiOi! Did you hear Kaitos! This, it is this! I have the world's best younger sister!” Craft

“You idiot. I'm amazed at how easily your mood improves with just a bit of closeness!" Kaitos

Kaitos left my shoulder and flapped his wings, flying in the air. He flew straight towards Leona who hugged him softly with her arms.

“It's been a long time, Leona” Kaitos

“It's been a long time, Kaitos-chan! Thank you for protecting my elder brother during the journey!" Leona

“Yes. If I weren't there, then Craft would have died miserably on the road” Kaitos

Why are you saying such a selfish thing. On the other hand, shouldn’t I make some food?

"Ah, is that so. Kaitos-chan, is your stomach empty?” Leona

"I'm always hungry. Why concealing it, I'm still growing" Kaitos

"Waa, thank goodness. It's to the extent that you couldn't finish eating......yes” Leona

Leona took the sandwich from the top of the bench into her hand and carried it to Kaitos´s mouth.

"Mumblingly. Hohou, do you have explosive spider eggs?” Kaitos

“Yess. I asked Zenan to prepare them” Leona

"Hey, wait a moment. Although the words couldn’t be heard and I’m being ignored now, was it just my imagination?” Craft

Has Leona also expressed something hateful in words? Because there was such a thing──

"At first I was surprised, but it is unexpectedly delicious when you become accustomed to it" Leona

“Le, Leona! Throw up! Spit it out right now!” Craft

“Calm down Craft. It’s not like there’s poison" Kaitos

"That’s not the problem! I'm well aware of Leona´s weak constitution!” Craft

Leona, with her weak body, has hardly had her wish fulfilled about going out of the castle, and most of the day she spent in her room. What should I say to such a  weak younger sister!

“My, my apologies. I yearned to know about elder brother's journey......so by all means I felt like trying it out" Leona

“Ah, noo! I´m not angry with you! Hey, smile! Naa!” Craft


Leona was about to cry so I comforted her. Shit, that wasn't my intention!

“No, I’m not crying. Because I'm strong in front of elder brother" Leona

What a brave younger sister! Even if I say the world is wide, there wouldn’t be such a cute younger sister again!

"However it's an unexpected meeting, Leona. Because we went to Ishidia forest about one month before" Craft

“Aa......umm, this......” Leona


Hearing Kaitos words, Leona rubbed her eyes and restlessly fiddled with the ribbon on her head.  

"Even if you feel like longing for our travel and trying it out......from whom on earth did you hear this story?" Craft

“Uuu, to, to tell you the truth......suuuwaaa! Puuuu, huaa!” Leona

Leona separated her fingers from the ribbon and breathed deeply as she made up her mind. Ah, I would like to be the atmosphere that was wrapped around Leona. While I was hoping so, I felt that the surrounding temperature has fallen unexpectedly. What is this feeling in my chest......that's impossible?

"Elder brother knows that person well too......” Leona

“Huhuu. It's me, Craft-niisama” Efrika

It has been clarified, when I heard that beautiful piano-like voice that followed Leona´s words. I know this voice and the owner of this voice. That person! That woman! The woman I dislike the most in this world──

“E, Efrika! Why are you at such a place?" Craft

"It's been awhile, Craft-niisama. I wanted to meet you for a long time now!” Efrika

Efrika let her red long hair flutter and she seductively pushed out her body.

“Uowaaaa! Ya, Yawaraa......” Craft

The blood in my body boiled gushingly. The sweet fragrance of Efrika is different from perfume and the feeling of her abundant chest is that of an ordinary human──all of that is enough to leave my heart throbbing.

“Kuuu! Le, Let me go! Crap!" Craft

I resolved the embrace with Efrika with full force to get some freedom. Efrika´s mouth lifted up at the corners and she laughed at my behavior.

“Aha, why are you so shy. You're somewhat embarrassed" Efrika

“I'm not embarrassed! And who is your elder brother, my only younger sister is Leona!" Craft

“No, Craft-niisan. We are cousins who were born at the same time, at the same day. Moreover we have the same red hair......huhuu, are you hiding your embarrassment?” Efrika


Crap! My heart isn’t ready yet to encounter her here──

“*Giggling*, Efrika-anesama´s relationship with Nii-sama is as good as usual” Leona

“Eh, Leona. As for Craft-niisan and I, we are loving each other more than twins. No, we two are drowning in the sea of affection which is even deeper than love......Aaahh!” Efrika


Efrika´s dress that was made by a Baretorian craftsman fluttered and I got ill from their speech. What love, it's impossible to generate something like that between me and her.

“Lo, Love! As one would expect from Efrika-anesama! That's an adult woman!” Leona

“Wait, wait Leona! You shouldn't long for something like this! The current you......!" Craft

"Leona, the noon bell will ring soon. Wouldn’t it be the time for you to return to your room and take your medicine?" Efrika

This woman interrupted my words and gave a lot of care by applying her hand on Leona´s shoulder. However, Kaitos who was still held by Leona turns his tusks as a threat to Efrika. Good job! Bite her! I permit it!

“Kaitos, don't stare so much. The thing you want was prepared with much trouble” Efrika

“Hun. To purchase me, you're one hundred years too early, Efrika!” Kaitos

“Is it so? It can't be helped, then you won't dip into the Bippa, Aremajiwaros parasite. I don't get this with a thoughtless thing, but it's a hundred year old one......” Efrika

“Naa, if it's the case, then Bippa, Aremajiwaros is a small shell animal! Moreover its 100 years old......?” Craft


Gugyurururu. Of course, this wasn't the sound of Leona´s belly, but of this gluttonous lizard!

“Originally, a natural product from Bunna. They're a rare item bottled individual in this natural world" Efrika

“*Gulp*. Cr, Craft......I, I till the end, are yo, your friend” Kaitos

"Because I understand that it's painful from your watery eyes, receive it without reservation. Don't worry about me” Craft

If I don't do that, then Leona´s chest and arm will become wet from his drivel and tears.

“Sorry Craft, but I still love you Craft” Kaitos

“Ehehe, Kaitos-chan is the same as me!” Leona

Leona hugged Kaitos very closely. Hey, Kaitos, switch places with me.  

“The medicine is at the usual desk. Bippa-Aremajiwaros is also included in the lower drawer" Efrika

“Yes! Then Craft-niisama, let’s talk again later!" Leona

“Yes. Because you certainly need to go to your room now, I ask you to look after that big eater lizard till then" Craft

After Leona nodded to my words, she left the courtyard after rewounding the stola around her shoulders. Now, only I and this woman remain in this place──only Efrika.

“......There are a lot of things that I want to say. Prepare yourself, Efrika” Craft

“Nmou, mean elder brother. We two are finally alone......” Efrika

A passionate sigh and a flushed face. Trying to tempt me, Efrika came to snuggle on me, but I parried by reversing that arm.

“Ah, does Nii-sama like some intensity? Then, that's also fine for me" Efrika

"The story of explosive spiders a little while ago. You, did you tell Leona about my travels?" Craft

“Huhuhuu, did I do that?” Efrika

“Very well, doing such a selfish thing. I’m not sure where you have gotten that information, but speaking with my little sister about it without seeing it is very low of you" Craft

Because it was a fact this time, it's still good, but if Leona were to believe the groundless rumor that I'm a lazy prince......I might die.

“You're impolite. Do you think I talk about Nii-san by hearsay? I love my Nii-san like this!” Efrika

“Haa? Then, will you even say that you saw my travels?" Craft

“Yes. While Nii-san gets up, I saw most of it with these eyes" Efrika

Efrika declared so with full confidence. This fellow, has she finally become insane?

“Aaa! Please don't make such a face, elder brother! Evidence will be shown now!" Efrika

I have a bad feeling about this, and wriggled my body when Efrika took out her short cane from the sheath on her waist. The handle is made of wood of a scarce cryptomeria yak and a big fist-like crystal is attached to the tip.

"What does this do? You show me some recovery magic specialed by this cane to the extent that I'm surprised" Craft

“Huhuu, look well Nii-san. Inside the crystal” Efrika

I peeped into the crystal as she urged. Then, the small figure of Zenan was reflected on the inside and she seemed to be drying the laundry. When I watched carefully, it seemed to be a wet futon....

“Those vision-copying stones playback animated pictures......right? It really is a relay picture!" Craft

“It is so! When the owner of this Eromieru cane knows the name, age and birthday of a certain person, then that person can be reflected anytime! Therefore, I know everything about Nii-san´s travel......” Efrika

I listened to Efrika´s explanation, which finished quickly, and I pulled Dantes out from my back.

“Release your hold from the cane, Efrika. For Leona´s sake I don't want to cut your arm off" Craft

“Hee, Craft-niisan is so gentle. But when this gets broken, wouldn’t it be a serious thing?" Efrika

“Waa, I don't want to break your cane, so don't say nonsense” Craft

"It isn't nonsense. This Eromier cane is uncommon and also has the effect of magic strengthening, which can be used to treat the continental inheritance named Leona. In other words, its a designated national treasure” Efrika

“What......? It’s trivial if its a national treasure, but can it really treat Leona?" Craft

Leona’s unpleasant complexion had improved before I went out to travel. OiOi, does that mean that the ability of this cane achieved it?

“Leona is like a younger sister for me and, who knows, I might become her real sister-in-law. I'd like to do my best for her treatment. Huhuu, when my elder brother also wants that?” Efrika

“Guu......why are you Leona´s doctor! Isn't another healer good enough here!” Craft

“I´m the best here even if it's decided by me. Rusanas number one healer is mmeee” Efrika

I don't want to admit that obediently, but Efrika´s words are right. This woman is also called the number one healer of this continent and is referred to as Dibair´s holy woman. It isn't an incitement or a joke......there is no one that could surpass her and would be more serious in healing.

“When Leona was diagnosed before that she will only live five more years, you were the one who helped her recover. I'm thankful for that and would like to request that now, too. However, guuu!” Craft

"Please don't be so pinched. Elder brother's disliking face is not good in my opinion” Efrika

Then stop sticking onto me. Everything would be fine if you did that.

“......Your cane isn't broken, but sneak shots aren’t permitted. I´m talking with Leona about this” Craft

“ Haa......you know what, it's also reasonable that elder brother doesn't know about it" Efrika

Efrika hit her hand against her forehead and spinned words mixed with a sigh.

“After elder brother went on a journey Leona became like another person and was depressed. And because Leona was worried about elder brother´s safety......she begged me every day” Efrika

“Le, Leona? Me......?” Craft

Saying so, nothing was answered back here. It's my responsibility, that Leona felt lonely in the year I was away.

“Yes. I wanted to see Leona´s lively face. That child, when she heard stories about her elder brother, she was really happy" Efrika

Efrika laughed happily, when she recalled the spectacle from that time. Leona´s love for me is transmitted by her smile.

“......Tsk, sorry. It's because I didn't know that there were such circumstances" Craft

“Ahaa, don't worry about it. Speaking with elder brother as usual gives me pleasure and delight! However, elder brother's usual angry face is also good......uhuu, huhuhuhuhuu” Efrika

Ah, my eyes are attracted to this woman. Her rough breathing is really disgusting. If I keep on associating with this person, then I will lose my soul in this place. I guess, I need to escape quickly.

“My story ends above. If there is nothing else, then I will go” Craft

“Wait Nii-san. Even if you returned after a year, the fact......will you attend the marriage meeting?” Efrika


Efrika pulled at me who tried to return to the castle at a quick pace. What, why is she mentioning this troublesome topic.

“Don't you, the peeping demon, know? For the moment, I don’t have the mind to marry someone” Craft

“Yes, I understand. But elder brother, I can't say more so shortly" Efrika

“......You always talk in such a roundabout manner. Say it directly" Craft

My impatience was growing stronger to Efrika´s important talk. I feel a bit sympathize, so I let Efrika continue.

“I have no intention getting you upset. Because I didn't want to surprise elder brother......my apologies” Efrika

“I don't need your care. Fine, please speak about the main subject" Craft

“Yes Yes, Nii-san. Then I will say it clearly” Efrika

I don't know what’s there to be hesitating about, but whatever kind of remark will be distinctive now, it's a marvellous reason──

“Next month, Bremfai magic and science academy will have Craft-niisan´s bride training subject” Efrika

“.....................Ha?” Craft

"And the person chosen from it will get married to elder brother" Efrika

“Wait, Wait Wait Wait!! What on earth is this story! I don't know anything at all!" Craft

Bremfai magic and science academy is Dibair´s......no, it's the largest school on this continent. It is said that not only magic, but also king’s studies and economics can be studied there. And that place is only permitted for people in power──that's Bremfai magic and science academy. Was such a venerable school really included in the bride training?

“Therefore, I tried to explain it indirectly” Efrika

She seemed sulky, so I said nothing. That's impossible, was the study to bring my bride up really established?

“Huhuu, your complexion has changed. How is it? Are you happy?" Efrika

“What happy, I'm very angry about Magwato and my father's actions” Craft

Was it a result of the talk between kings, when I went on my journey?

“Hiding it sneakily, you have a complete good character......” Efrika


Although I have severely endured it up until now, I lost my patience here.....it reached the limit.

“Shitty father......I’ll beat you up today” Craft

A torrent of magic was welling up from deep inside of my body. I swung my large sword to the back and a thundercloud was hanging over the sky, because thunder was my magic attribute. The growling thunder soon roared and it's golden lightning dyed the world dark──

“Tsk! Calm down your magic, Nii-san! If you fight with uncle here, it will also be dangerous for Leona!" Efrika

“Le, ona………..ah it's bad. Somehow, she is quarrelsome recently" Craft

I inhaled and controlled my breathing greatly. Regrettable, I nearly lost something more important than my life.

“This matter wasn´t proposed by uncle, but instead came out from the other party. Even if uncle was beaten here, it's difficult to make this matter void" Efrika

“......Other party? The other party, is it a party participating in the upbringing subject?" Craft

Efrika nodded as an answer to my question. Her eyes seemed to blame me somehow.

“It is so. The beginning of this story are the marriage proposals brought by each country. And in addition to that, Isamura, Baretoria, Bunna and Kurinos made them simultaneously” Efrika

“Haaa? Four at the same time......when?” Craft

“Only Nii-san´s marriage has value. Character, ability......and power” Efrika

I don't want to admit it personally, but Efrika´s complaint is roughly correct. Isamura, Barretoria, Bunna and Kurinos surely want to build a strong relation with Dibair. That can be achieved quickly by marriage with me.

“When a wife of the next king of Dibair is chosen, the empress's origin country will be in a better position than the remaining three powers. Therefore, wasn’t it only natural that each country made a marriage proposal?" Efrika

“Even if it's so, I should probably decline? Actually, I have already canceled the marriage meeting with Isamura once” Craft
“The case is different this time. In Dibair´s standpoint declining all marriage proposals will only backfire. There is a strange rumour circulating about elder brother......" Efrika

“Ah, I see. So that means, if this was handled poorly, they won't be able to establish an alliance” Craft


Even in the case of Dibair, which is the number one power of this continent, there is no chance of success if it goes against the four other countries at the same time. Nonetheless, it's impossible that the other four countries are on bad terms and team up together.

“When it'll be so, elder brother has to get married by all means. But it's also visible that elder brother doesn't react to ordinary partners. Then......” Efrika
“Are the prospective brides who gather from each country trained in the bride training subject?" Craft
“That's the case. When the person who survived among the other gathered candidates is chosen, wouldn't another country make a complaint? It's bad when the defeated candidate is cowardly" Efrika
“I understand the logic, but the talk itself is reckless. So, do they want to marry me?" Craft

If I'm the object, that's still good, but political marriage is the aim.

“Aaa, please don't have a sad face, Nii-san! Alright, this me will protect Nii-san!” Efrika
“Hmm? You......protect me?” Craft

I made a doubtful look at that catching phrase, but Efrika continued by adding something more.

“Yes! I´m not an enemy of elder brother with impure motives! Huhuu, it's proven that I´m the best suited for the bride training subject and at the end I will be together with Nii-san──" Efrika
“Hey Hey, wait Efrika. How did it become a story in which you participate?” Craft
“...............Kyanya?” Efrika
“I won't be deceived by your lovely voice. Apart from the representatives from other countries that made a marriage proposal, is it necessary for you, as a person from Dibair, to participate in this bride upbringing study?" Craft
“A, u......but as an emergency, I'm the one……” Efrika

Efrika broke into cold sweat to my query and looked down, while speaking. I understand her feelings very well, but I have no intention to change my mind.

“I praise your persistence in trying to aim for me under this confusion, but it’s only sweet talk to me" Craft

Since the past she tried to do something with me, although all her means were fruitless efforts. That's why it has also ended in a magnificent failure this time.

“This time I heard your important talk. So don't joke around......” Craft
“......I don't joke around here. I'm always serious in front of elder brother” Efrika

I tried to walk away, before Efrika´s mutter could detain me. However, until now she hasn't had such a firm and strong voice.

“I know elder brother dislikes me. But......still I like elder brother! I love you the most in this world and I want for our minds and bodies to become one! We will be together for a long time!” Efrika

Efrika talked about her sincere attitude and stared straight at me.

“Therefore, I bet at this chance......this is a bet between Nii-san and me” Efrika
“Bet? You and I......?” Craft
“Nii-san doesn't want to marry me. However, I don't think that there is another party for Nii-san better than me" Efrika

Our hair, eyes and faces are akin to those of twins──but our feelings are contrary. That's the state of me and Efrika up till now.

“No matter how elder brother seems to be, no one will say anything! I have no intention to change you! The only reason there is for me is that I want to be together with elder brother until the end" Efrika
“Waa, what is that? How can you have absolute confidence that I will choose you?” Craft
“It's chosen. No, you will choose accurately. And it will be proven that only I am suitable as Nii-san’s partner!” Efrika

It was a strong look. Her eyes who believed that she will win, without doubt and any feeling that would result in just a little anxiety. I usually think Efrika is a big weak point of me......

“Good, I'm looking forward to it. Whether I choose you or not......you can take part in this competition” Craft

I unbearably dislike it as she enjoys it to the fullest whenever I'm abused.

“Eh......then, can I participate in the bride training subject......?” Efrika
“Do as you like. But, now that's done, be serious” Craft
“Huhuu, I believed Nii-san would say that. Aaa! How many people can't calm down from the pulse of love that began to move, as two people are permanently intersected in transmigration of souls with each other......” Efrika
“......You, every one of your words has a theatrical tone” Craft


With the bride upbringing subject, there are many cases that I need to think about and if I delight her, everything will be fine.

“Ahaa, I certainly will obtain elder brother! Those kinds of things and these kinds of things......!” Efrika

Thus, the bet between Efrika and me started. Efrika thrusts the other prospective brides aside, but whether I can fall in love or not......I seem to be have the advantage but unfortunately I don't like winning clear bet.

“Hey Efrika. Please let me present one condition for the current state" Craft
“Eh, a condition? I don't mind particularly, but why so suddenly?" Efrika

Although I said that I’ll decide on my wife myself, doing the reforming and upbringing myself awoke my interest. Every woman made by others is decidedly disagreeable. I know my tastes the best. Therefore, I should be the one to make the choices.

“I’ll be the teacher of the bride training subject, so the bride candidates will be brought up to my taste......how is it? I’ll teach directly so that all the members will be brought up to my taste" Craft
“Eh? Nii-san as our......teacher?” Efrika
“I can bring up the marriage partner however I like and you can get information out of me as much as you would like. Wouldn't it be a bad condition for you?" Craft

Now that it was brought up, there is no escape even if Efrika were to become cruel. I will raise her by with the best of my abilities and make sure whether I fall in love. Good......only a little thinking is already interesting.

“......I have no objections. But isn’t that really bad? Even for the bride candidates......" Efrika
“Hey Hey, suddenly guiding them? Knowing my character, you should be able to understand" Craft

No matter how troublesome it is, even if it is painful, we are not in a relationship, even though the future road is full of troubles.

“Can’t you enjoy this serious matter?” Craft

Just after I answered so, the bell in Eureragan cathedral rang timely. The bell informing the town that it’s already noon had a sound more magnificent than usual and affected as a blessing for the bet between Efrika and me.