Good Morning, Miss Undercover


Good Morning, Miss Undercover Chapter 9

An unknown fire ignited in me, so I turned around and gave him a cold glare with my eyes wide opened.

“What do you want to say?”

Kang ZiXian took a step closer to me with his hands in his pockets, he lowered down his head to face my provocation (glare) head-on.
Looking like an arrogant peacock, it caused people to feel disgusted.

“I am really curious, the one you wanted to save tonight is one of your boyfriends?”

Facing a seemingly handsome but in fact a harsh face, the words spat out from the thin lips were none other than slander and malicious speculation, I really wanted to rebuke in disdain but forcibly held it back.

Even when I was angered to the point my body trembled like an autumn leaf, I did not flare out.
But I took a step forward and tiptoed, a pair of cold hands encircled his neck.
I asked with my eyebrow slightly raised, “What about it? Are you interested to become one of them?”

The result for doing the opposite action (not flaring up) was causing his thin lips to tighten.
His eyes were slightly squinted, releasing dangerous signals.

Subconsciously aware that I have crossed the line, I thought to let go of him but he broke away from my restless hand before I managed to do so.
He seriously replied, “Sorry, not interested.”

I was relieved.
Shrugging, I turned around and took a few steps away before looking at him with a smile and a wink.

“That’s why I won’t harm you.”

Still standing on the same place, he looked at me with an unknown look.
It got me anxious, I stood beside his car and waved towards him, “Hurry ah, my little boyfriend will become a man’s boyfriend if we are late.”

Sitting in his car, I noticed that he has opened the heating system.
The warm air blew on my skin, it makes people felt satisfied and comfortable, like being immersed in the mountain hot springs.
The only regrettable thing was the man beside me is still icy cold.

I looked anxiously at the ‘red lanterns and green wines’ 1 outside, couldn’t help but asked him, “How much more longer to reach there?”

“One hour, the club is at the hillside.”

He replied without emotion.

A slew of commonly used curse words sounded in my mind, I felt a faint headache and a bit uncomfortable.
Annoyed, I rubbed the swelling pain at my temple. Thinking that staying together with this block of ice for an one hour was just like attending English classes during high school, very hard to endure.

Kang ZiXian doesn’t seemed to have any interest to chat with me, and I too was disgusted to talk to him initially.
But then I gave it a thought, this man and Deng Rong seemed to have quite a close friendship.
I should take this time to try probing a bit, maybe there will be some accidental discovery.

Clearing my throat, I said, “That, it seems quite boring now. Let’s talk about something.”

He concentrated on his driving without saying anything, obviously ‘giving me nails to eat’ 2.
I was furious from inside of my heart.
Unable to contain the burst of emotions I laughed with a nauseating ‘hee hee’ and asked, “I say, you …. are you Deng Rong’s boyfriend?”


A sharp turn and my head collided solidly with the window, it was so painful that I am seeing stars.

Kang ZiXian slowly stopped the car.
Rubbing my forehead, I stared at him, amazed.
Can’t believe he actually has such a fierce reaction.
Could it be that I guessed correctly that he was also a ‘gay bro’ 3.
I told myself that as the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.

Kang ZiXian gathered his thick, black brows together and stared at me sideways.
The dim overheard light of the car shone on the prominent bridge of his nose, revealing an aesthetic perception of a sculpture.
Just that his domineering aura still gives off reminders to people that he is a man that cannot be overlooked.

His expression told me that he was very concerned about what I said just now, so I decided not to let him feel better.
Understood clearly what I wanted in my heart, I began to take the initiative to attack.

“Actually you don’t have to be so agitated, I am not discriminating against your type of people.”

“Of course, AIDS is more discriminating against you all. I heard the infection rate is quite high. En, you must pay more attention and buy more of those ‘something something’ 4 to use ah.”

“Naturally, it’s always better to moderate it a bit.”

Kang ZiXian didn’t speak, his eyes unusually bright.
After glaring at me for a while, he gnashed his teeth and said, “Three days. I only known you for three days but the idea to strangle you has ran past my mind for almost three hundred times. Fang LiangLiang, remember this.”

“Can’t I even crack a joke? No sense of humor at all.”

Curling up my lips, I sat properly in my seat.
At this moment, a lighting like the whip of a God slashed through the night sky.
A depressed rumble of thunder followed right behind.
The rain was getting heavy and heavier, the pitter-patter sound was endless.

In order to reverse the awkward atmosphere, I pretended to rub my arms with both hands and took a worried look at the vast night light mumbling, “It’s really cold ah.”

It was actually me making excuse to ‘go down from the stage’ 5.

The next second, there were movements from Kang ZiXian side.
Turned out that he took off his suit and while I was in a stunned condition, he threw it over my back.
Afterwards, he silently started the car again.

His sudden act of kindness make me not sure whether to laugh or cry, I hesitatingly gave him a glance and saw that he was unhappy.
I couldn’t bear to brush away his good intentions, plus I do need quite a thick coat now.

It was difficult to refuse such kindness so I open-mindedly put on his coat.

The rain outside poured even heavier, there were only a few cars on the road, infusing the spring night with a bit of emptiness and desolation.

I sat quietly, looking out at the darkness outside the window and thought of Fu Chen’s black eyes.
The love filled in that pair of eyes stabbed my eyes.
Previously he belonged only to me and yet I was determined to throw him away.

My nose was a bit sour, I became more and more quiet as I watched the night scenery outside the window.

When I was feeling a bit drowsy, Kang ZiXian abruptly opened his mouth.

“We are college mates, and known each other for many years.”


Half drowsy, I keep my own sadness contained and opened my ears, waiting to listen to what he will say next.

“From my understanding of him, your … boyfriend..”

He bit the word ‘boyfriend’ quite heavily.

“… is very safe. Martin is a gentleman, even though he gave off the misconception that he wasn’t.”

I was skeptical.

“Since you are so confident, then why promised to bring me there? It seems that your heart is still not convinced.”

“Naturally, I should refuse you.”

Slanting his head to give me a glance with profound meaning with a hint of slight.

“Fortunately, Miss Fang’s good story tonight make the trip worthwhile. I would like to say thank you.”


My resentment almost bubbled out and I was forced to swallow it down, causing my ‘internals’ 6 to shift positions.

I have a headache originally, but because of an agitation from this man surnamed Kang, my head became painfully woozy.
And the thunder keep thundering in the sky, rumbling, rumbling.
Not a moment of peace.

Even though I usually don’t stop working all day, but after a day of fatigue today, I have decided to relax my high-strung nerves first.
I still have to reserve energy for later to rescue DongZi out from Deng Rong’s dragon teeth.
I must sort out my priorities, this man surnamed Kang was not worthy for me to go against him or give him lip service.

Powerlessly, I closed my eyes and laid limply in my seat.

“I know what you think about me, correct, I am the mistress, the other woman, a vixen. I have ‘my legs in many boats’ 7.”

“I did everything a bad woman should do, not a single one left undone. I am the front line fighter in the bad woman category.”

Squinting my eyes powerlessly, I suddenly felt that what I have just said was not outrageous at all.
Towards Fu Chen, towards WeiYi, I owed them my blessing 8.
Even towards DongZi, I also didn’t treat him any better.
Knowing that Deng Rong has evil thoughts towards him , I still asked DongZi to continue going to work to tail Deng Rong.

If there are any bloody drama coming out tonight, I really can’t escape the blame.

It was just a passing thought but no thanks to Kang ZiXian, I rejected myself, I rejected everything.
Dejected, I pushed myself up.

He contemplated a smile, saying, “I see you are like a submarine.”

Staring blankly at him, Heavens ah, what kind of IQ does this man have?
Why would some people have both beauty and terrifying IQ, doesn’t that means common folk like me don’t have to live anymore?

I have nothing to hide.
Not looking at him, I embarrassedly said, “Say whatever you want. It’s my fault to provoke you last time when I was drunk. Don’t worry, I still have some conscience. In the future, if you go left, I’ll go right. Don’t expect to laugh at me again.”

Somehow, I clung to the side of the window with small finger brushing against the window screen, the posture was like a 18-years old little girl throwing tantrum.
Cannot win the argument so will lie down on the floor and make unreasonable racket.
Speaking of which, I’m pretty good at doing this.

“One turning left … One turning right ….”

Kang ZiXian was considering something, suddenly I heard him laughing heartily.
Then, seemingly in a very good mood he said, “But in case we are going around a round shape flowerbed…”

I was completely defeated by him.
I jumped up and fiercely cried out, “Then tear apart the flowerbed! No no, blow it up, blow it apart!!!”

Seeing me flying into a rage, he turned his head and laughed enigmatically.
That moment when his smile bloomed, I thought I saw every each of the bright and brilliance light from the night scenery converged on his face.

Is this beautiful man actually Jin ChengWu () living in the outside world ah?

The me who was a ‘bad woman’ couldn’t help but swallowed down some saliva.



  1. 灯红酒绿 : Meaning, debauched and corrupt environment
  2. 吃钉子 : Meaning, a rejection
  3. The author wrote gay哥 so I translated it as gay bro XD
  4. Implying condom XD
  5. 给自己找台下 : It means closing/escaping a topic. Chinese imagine the action of talking/doing something was done on a stage. So if you finished talking or doing something but not given a chance to go down from the stage, it will be very awkward and embarrassing. That’s why sometimes Chinese said we must give some face for people to go down the stage.
  6. 心肝脾肺 : Technically means heart, liver, spleen and lung but Chinese just use it to mean internal organs.
  7. It’s a reference to 一脚踏两船 – One leg in two boats/ Two-timing. Technically means she have a lot of relationships.
  8. 我都有欠厚道 : Blessing might be the wrong word for this but I don’t know what’s better and make sense so feel free to check the chinese word yourself.