Godfather Chapter 1

Godfather Chapter 1: Xian Ren Tiao

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The prison doors shut ruthlessly .

‘Hū……’ I sucked in a long breath, feeling the icy chill in the air. My heart roared, “Out! I, Lao Zi, have finally come out!”

My name is Lu Yan. When I was 15, Hei Zi killed someone. I volunteered to take Hei Zi’s place and bear this case. That night, Kong Ci cried for a whole night, saying that she would hate me for her whole life…

After being separated for 5 years, I can finally see sunlight again. I still remembered the time when I was in jail, the Boss rubbed my head and said, “Xiao Ba ah, when you are out, Boss won’t be by your side. You must remember, everything can be endured. You have been imprisoned for 5 years, whatever that had happened outside, you won’t know. So, you must not trust anyone!”

[TLN: Xiao Ba = 小八]

‘Then Kong Ci and Hei Zi?’

When he heard these two people’s name, the Boss only laughed but did not say anything.

I had always viewed Hei Zi as my life brother and Kong Ci as my life woman. But, no matter how I thought of them, I did not think that they would actually…

To tell the truth, the moment I came out of prison, my heart felt a lot more comfortable. I still remembered 5 years ago when I was about to enter prison, Hei Zi told me that they would welcome me back with a huge celebration.

Later I heard that they became amazing people in Bin Hai. Currently, they had already left to other cities to grow so ever since 3 years ago, Hei Zi and Kong Ci never came back to see me.

But, I still remembered their promise, to welcome me back with a huge celebration!

However, I had waited for a very long time at the avenue in front of the prison gate, none of them came…

“Let’s wait for a little while longer. They will come, certainly will come!” I tightly clenched my fists as I thought in my heart…

However, I had waited till it was evening, yet still, nobody had come.

Occasionally, a few of the passer-bys would give their remarks. “Hài, you see him, after being released from prison, he still doesn’t want to be quick and leave. It can’t be that he’s reluctant to go?!”

“Hey, don’t make irresponsible remarks. I guess he is waiting for someone to come pick him up!”

“Hāhā, this is too ridiculous. I reckon he was fooled and was stood up!”

“Being fooled…stood up?”

The corner of my mouth rose as I smiled indifferently. Hei Zi and Kong Ci would not do this !


When midnight hit, I finally left, dragging dragging my exhausted body.

Before I was released from the prison, Boss had taken out 800 yuans from who knew where and had given it to me. At that time I did not want them, saying that my brother, Hei Zi, is currently a big shot in Bin Hai and is very rich!

Even till now, I was still under the impression that Hei Zi had just forgotten about our appointed time. This was because my release from prison was set 3 years ago. In the past, whatever he did was only so-so, perhaps this time was also the same…

I went to an average hotel and rented a room. It cost me 150 yuans.

After taking a quick bath, I lied on the bed thinking about the free and easy days we spent 5 years ago!


It had been 5 years already, Lao Zi today can finally say goodbye to m*sturbation.

I casually picked up a card from the bed and dialed a random phone number that was on it.

“Wéi~Mister, may I know what kind of service do you need?” a coquettish voice sounded out.

“I want your full service!”

I’m too lazy to talk too much and directly told her my location before hanging up…


I triggered the lighter.


I breathed in a mouthful of smoke as I laid comfortably on the bed and murmured, “Third Brother, your girl had always boasted about how capable and awesome you are, hei! I, Lao Zi, will be the first to taste a woman, hāhā!”

In prison, I have seven Big Brothers, cough cough……to tell the truth, these past 5 years inside the prison, if it wasn’t for them acting as my parents, protecting and taking care of me, I might even be killed by those group of murderers.

“Dīng dōng!”

At this time, the doorbell rang…..

My little brother was instantly in high spirits as he stood erected. It was as if he was saluting to the beauty that was standing outside the door!

“Hey! Later, I will let you, little fellow, properly salute, but you are not to shame me!”

I removed the bath towel and chuckled as I walked towards the door.

5 years already, darn it. These past 5 years, Lao Zi did not come in contact with a woman. My heart nearly popped out as the me at this time really wanted to immediately rush up to the door and push the girl down on the bed!

Don’t ask why I took the 800 yuans and already wanted to finish it at one go!

This was because I believed that tomorrow, I would be able to find my group of brothers and they would take me to stand at the peak of the world!

What are these 800 yuans even worth?

Hence, I opened the door…

“Girl, I miss you dearly!”

The instant that last word came out of my mouth, my whole body froze.

Suddenly, my heart was like it was cut by a knife, the previously beautiful feeling in my heart instantly vanished!

This familiar face, looking at her standing before me, my hands began to tremble!

She…my little sister, Lu Yao!

My little sister…my little sister, why is my little sister doing this sort of work?

Hei Zi! What are you f*cking doing!

“What’s wrong, Mister? Come ah~”

Lu Yao did not recognize me as I had yet to shave my beard and fix my appearance…

At this moment, my eyes turned red. At that time, Hei Zi had promised me that he would take care of my family and would not allow them to suffer under any sort of bullying. But now?!


My hands weakened and the cigarette that was in between my two fingers fell to the ground. My whole body went numb.


Lu Yao was slightly able to recognize me.

With my now red eyes, I walked up, “Yao Yao, sorry…so sorry. It is brother’s fault, brother did not take good care of you!”

Once my words came out, tears like running water flowed down Yao Yao’s eyes, representing the 5 years of suffering she had experienced!

These 5 years, I had always thought that she was living very well. These 5 years, I thought that Hei Zia and Kong Ci had kindly helped me do everything in my place!

But now…


Yao Yao called out once before breaking into tears as she ran up to me and hugged me.

“Brother, you didn’t know, that time after you went to jail, Hei Zi and Sister Kong Ci, they……”

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I staggered back.

I still could not believe what Yao Yao had said and only assumed that she was just feeling slightly agitated. Hence I patted her glossy back while consoling in a soft voice, “Yao Yao, don’t be afraid, I, your brother, is back. As long as I’m around, nobody would dare to bully you…”

“Brother, I missed you. They wouldn't let me find you, I…”

Her tears had already drenched my shirt as she crazily vented her 5 years of grievances.

As children with neither a father or a mother, we could only rely on each other and we tended to see the other as a part of ourselves. All along, I was Yao Yao’s biggest backer, but after I was imprisoned, she lost the backer she had!

Without Hei Zi's help, I really could not imagine how Yao Yao spent her 5 years!

“Come, Yao Yao, tell me what had happened these past 5 years.”

I reached out my hands to her fair face and wiped away her tears.

After a while, Yao Yao finally managed to calm down and was now sitting on the bed. She started narrating her past which caused me to have the feeling of shock and heartache!

“Brother, after you were imprisoned, Hei Zi and Ma Gou together unified Gao Di Jie. Kong Ci had always followed Hei Zi. Afterwards, their forces kept on growing until 3 years ago when they defeated Bin Hai’s largest triad. Since then, I had never seen Hei Zi…”

I frowned. Yao Yao had yet to mention anything related to how Hei Zi had treated her these past 5 years.

“Yao Yao, at that time, Hei Zi promised me that he would take good care of you.”

When she heard what I had said, “Ha ha…”

Yao Yao couldn’t help but laughed,”Brother, you are too foolish, Hei Zi…Hei Zi, he completely did not care about me. Do you know? It was him that brought me to this line of work!”


The moment I heard those words, all the cells in my body started boiling with rage!

“Brother, you don’t know. Later I found out that you going into prison was all according to the plan set up by Hei Zi and Kong Ci, that bit*h! I later went to appeal to court many times but Hei Zi had a much bigger influence and power. I could not make an appeal!”

My hands trembled madly.

“Yao Yao, this…what you said isn’t true right?”

I don’t believe it, I don’t believe Hei Zi would treat me like this!

For him, I had given up on a lot of things yet this is how he treats me?

Tears once again flowed down Yao Yao’s eyes, “Brother, the both of us were fooled by them……”

At this very moment!


The room’s door was suddenly kicked open. A young man that was wearing a black waistcoat was standing outside the door. He pointed at me and shouted, “Smelly brat, how dare you rent a room in the hotel with my girlfriend! You’re courting death!”

I immediately raised my head and looked at that young man. In my mind, 3 words flashed by, “Xian Ren Tiao?”

[TLN: Xian Ren Tiao, 仙人跳 = This scam involves using a girl to seduce the victim, then act as the ‘victim’ when her ‘boyfriend’ arrives to ‘save’ her]