Ghost: "Catch the Ghost"


Ghost: "Catch the Ghost" Chapter 12

Wang Xu asked with full of surprise: "Hey, is there a kind of devils that know how to ride a bicycle under the sun?"

Mister Mao replied: "What I've just said is only in theory. Perhaps you are the first one in the ghost hunting world who has the ability of 'spirit' possession'."

"What? This ability has never existed before?"

Mister Mao finished his ice cream, then lit up a cigarette before saying, "Let me explain you the theory of the ability to do 'spirit possession', then you will understand. First, for example, if you were a ghost, and because you already died, your soul and body would lose the connection between them. When your soul possesses the body of some people who are spiritually feeble, old or dying … folklores call  it 'spirit possession'. However, possessing living people is a different story. Because your soul and body are still united, your soul somehow has a specific shape of a mold. For example, you have a square mold, as long as you are still alive, your soul can be only square-shaped. Meanwhile, other people may have different mold shapes with yours. Thus, your soul definitely cannot enter others body, even if it is a person with a feeble will. Do you understand so far?"

Wang Xu nodded. Mister Mao continued, "Living people cannot make their souls leave their bodies. This phenomenon only happens when someone is dying or through some correlative ceremonies. Once your soul leaves your body, as long as the body is not completely dead, the soul still has its specific shape and cannot enter other's body. Until this connection is lost, your soul officially becomes 'invisible'. Moreover, only devils with deep animosity can enter others' body. Not everyone has this ability."

"If you say so, I am the first one who is alive and still able to possess other's body. I did not expect I am that cool. Wowww haha!"

Wang Xu was very happy like flowers were blossoming in his heart. He did not know why his mind had the imagination of him entering Shang LingXue's body, followed by other cunning things.

"It's not really true to say so. Most Devil Kings in legends had this ability. Take Hades as an example. He even possessed the ability of 'Walk In'. Anyway, I've never witnessed it with my own eyes so I cannot be certain." Mister Mao threw a bucket of cold water (Chinese slang: wake up someone from his daydream) on him at the right time.

Wang Xu replied discontentedly, "I see you've read too many Mangas. Isn't it true that we believe in Buddhism and Taoism? We should not believe in things which happen only in Greek myths."

"Ah, that's right. Did you copy the paper of a person named Qi Bing?" Mister Mao suddenly changed the topic.

"Yes, this guy is extraordinary. He wrapped his paper up in only one hour. Perhaps I would rely on him again in the afternoon." Said Wang Xu.

"Hmm, if the second Young Master of the Qi family has a hand in this, your mission is actually very easy."

Mister Mao bowed his head as if he was thinking about something.

"The second Young Master of the Qi family? Do you know him?"

"Ah, I have met him several times. Talking about his background, he's started the career ten years earlier than me. When I was just a beginner, he's been already famous."

After listening, Wang Xu was in shock. "That Qi Bing looks no way more than twenty years old, yet he's started his career ten years earlier than Mister Mao. Could he even catch ghosts inside his mother's belly?"


Understanding his suspicions, Mister Mao explained, "I understand what you are thinking. It is true that the second Young Master of the Qi family began this career when he was three years old, which was sixteen years ago. This person is indeed a genius in Qi family's, which appears each one hundred years. Since he was young, he's always tried his best to have a position in Ten Courts of Hell. If comparing to a homebodies ideal like yours, it is like chalk and cheese."

Wang Xu got irritated, "Huh, what the hell is like chalk and cheese? Don't you see yourself right now? Yet, you are still mocking me."

"Oh, are you talking about me? In fact, six years ago, I was originally a student who graduated from Medical University with an excellent grade certificate. After only one year since I have started my career, I have got the title 'Mister Mao'. At that time, I did not expect other people in the ghost hunting world seeing me as a new genius."

Wang Xu continued scanning Mister Mao with immensely scornful eyes, "Your appearance should fail many people's expectations."

Mister Mao ignored Wang Xu's comments as he probably wanted to hide something. He continued, "The second Young Master of the Qi family is outstanding, his title is 'Silver Fangs'. When he was ten years old, he had a chance to receive the title 'Tao Mu' of the city T. However, as he did not see himself qualified enough, he refused the proposition. His capacity and mercy were absolutely not inferior to that of this humble guy, I mean myself. If he came to the Soaring Wings Institution today, you and I would have a good movie to watch."

"Let's be entertained by a good movie as you said. Anyway, money has been spent, I have to enjoy university student's life."

Wang Xu straightened his shoulders and stood up while speaking, "You have to drive me to the Soaring Wings Institution this afternoon. I don't want to ride bicycle around under the sun."

The next test started at 2:00 pm. When he arrived, he looked not much different from a shriveled tree trunk.

More than four hundred students in the morning now roughly halved. Many of them knew they were not qualified for the afternoon's session just after they re-entered the school in the afternoon. They couldn't do anything but go back bitterly.

As the exam room was changed, Wang Xu did not see Shang LingXue or professor Zhang anymore. Luckily, he was still in the same room with Qi Bing, and even sat in front of him. Thus, if he could not get the maximum scores, his scores would not be much different from the highest one.

During the lunch break, Wang Xu had tried to possess many different people. However, the results were a complete failure. He'd tried to do it on either a beggar on the street, a drunkard, or a guy who looked like professor Zhang … The problem was that except those people had noticed his sharp and deceitful eyes, nothing had happened. By that time, Wang Xu had realized only when his state and spirit were at the ultimate, plus the luck, he would be possibly successful. This kept bothering him a lot.

This time, Qi Bing was even more exceptional. He needed only forty minutes to submit his paper, so did Wang Xu, who closely followed Qi Bing to submit his paper as well. Wang Xu did not know what the invigilator would say when he saw the correct and exactly identical of their two papers.

After both of them left the exam room, Qi Bing who was walking ahead suddenly stopped, turning around and asked Wang Xu, "Are you Devil Ravine Man?"

Wang Xu got bewildered; then he remembered that people in the ghost hunting world used nickname to address each other. He replied, "Yes, that's right. Do I have to call you Silver Fangs?"

Qi Bing pushed his glasses up on his nose, his face did not display any expression. "We should address each other by our real names at school to avoid any unwanted misunderstanding. Now, let's find a place to talk first."

Wang Xu shrugged implying his agreement. Both of them went to a coffee shop inside the campus. Wang Xu almost fled out as he saw the extortionate prices on the menu. Wang Xu only sat down when Qi Bing said 'my treat' with an emotionless face.

"Are you Mister Mao's disciple?" Qi Bing started the conversation.

"I am not. I am only an employee in his detective office. I don't know him. Really!"

Wang Xu's countenance showed misery and resentment to prove he was not lying.

Qi Bing felt weird. 'Nobody knows about the fact that although the Devil Ravine Man has just started his career, he's already slaughtered one hundred ghosts. It's said that Mister Mao had to beg King WuGuan to settle this incident. And yet, now, he dares to say he does not know Mister Mao.'


Despite the suspicion inside, Qi Bing's face was still as it was frozen. He asked, "How much do you understand about this time's mission?"

"Ah, it's simple. Twenty years ago, there was a couple who were madly in love, who had some conflicts in their relationship. Later, it had led to the death of one of them while the other was still alive. Now, they came up and threatened people for unknown reasons."

Wang Xu replied by repeating the only description that Mister Mao had told him.

After listening, Qi Bing was extremely horrified.

"This little cocksucker really has the backbone. In this school, there are at least six or seven spots, which are full of heavy vengeful aura. Before investigating carefully, I myself did not dare to conclude anything. Not to mention three months ago, there were five male students died here at the same time, one of them was a famous ghost hunter. There are certainly many mysteries in this case. Yet, that little airhead talks about it with an arrogant tone considering ghosts just like a piece of paper. Either he is too much overconfident or he does not know how death looks like."

"Ah, this is my cell phone number. Let's exchange information so if we have a chance, it may help our jobs better. This exam should not be a problem. We will become schoolmates later." Qi Bing knew Wang Xu had copied his paper, yet he still said a classic sentence of heroism. The implication was, 'I know that you've copied my paper, so I intentionally let you see it.'


Both of them exchanged some more information before leaving the coffee shop. As Qi Bing's face was always as emotionless as a playing card, Wang Xu did not notice anything strange. It was because Mister Mao had been worried that Wang Xu did not want to go to school for the mission, he hadn't told Wang Xu everything in detail. This actually pushed Wang Xu into many sorrows in the future.