Genius Sword Immortal


Genius Sword Immortal Chapter 229

Chapter 229 -> Goes all out with him

Five minutes.

As long as Ye Feng had five minutes in his hand, he could easily return to the iceberg sinking place.

Now his fake body could sense that in the vicinity of the iceberg sinking place, not only there was Long Mo'ran but a swarm of NSA members were also there. Besides, he could also clearly feel the presence of Long Wan'er around.

Unfortunately, Long Wan'er didn't seem to be afraid of them because by now, she had also sensed the presence of Ye Feng’s fake body around and thought that it was actually Ye Feng…

The whole iceberg was torn apart and had turned into several big ice cubes constantly sinking in the seabed. While on the other side, holding his breath, Long Mo'ran was constantly searching high and low for something among those ice pieces. Obviously he wanted to take hold of that thousand years thick mysterious ice.

At this moment, Ye Feng’s fake body was inside a hole of an ice cube.

“Ye Feng, Ye Feng!”

Long Wan'er quickly hovered in the sea; she had already sensed Ye Feng's fake body hiding in an ice hole with the help of the Soul Search Technique, so cautiously advanced towards the middle of that ice hole.

When she had projected a Star Arrow before in the seabed, at that time this mysterious ice had assumed an awe-inspiring pose and re-condensed an iceberg peak out of the sea surface. This sudden phenomenon had simultaneously given birth to a strong sea current which raised her and sent her flying far away, making her lose her consciousness for some time.

But when she woke up and discovered that this new iceberg happened to be already in a blaze and was about to sink any moment, she immediately ran away from there.

At this point, she swam a little towards the ice hole where Ye Feng's fake body was and soon found him hiding inside. This gave a warm feeling to her heart and she hastily swam towards him.

“Ye Feng!”

She shouted out joyously.

But unfortunately, Ye Feng’s fake body could only move and sense but he had no ability to speak a single word. Even it was very difficult for him to do other movements; it was similar to a puppet in general.

She didn't know anything about this Immortal Technique - Yin God Fake Body Technique because it was not a commonly used Immortal Technique and Ye Feng hadn't told her either.

When she looked at “Ye Feng” and felt a very sluggish appearance, she couldn't help but frown, what happened to him after all? Moreover, the iceberg had already submerged in the sea; he should have been obviously be a bit faster to find his master and return, but the scene was totally different; why was he hiding here?

Before long, she finally determined that “Ye Feng” was looking really foolish.

Indeed silly!

He was occasionally making some movements, although it seemed like he was probably making some gestures, but actually she couldn't understand anything. The most crucial thing was there was a very sluggish expression across his face and his both eyes were also completely expressionless. This explained that how helpless a person could become under the spell of Yin God Fake Body Technique. Although Ye Feng wanted to make a few hand gestures to give her a hint, all were nothing but just a few clumsy expressions…

“How can he be like this?”

She was now anxious and almost wanted to cry out loud. If Ye Feng had really become this silly, then what should be done?

She did not care about how much formidable and flamboyant Ye Feng was because at this point of time, if he had become like this and that also in such a situation when his identity had already been exposed outside, then that meant it was a more crisis-ridden situation for them! Even if he was in such a state, she couldn't cast him away, instead under this critical situation, she could only depend on Ye Wentian as she alone couldn't protect him…

“Who is it? I must go all out with him!”

Suddenly a cold look flashed through her beautiful eyes.

Within the scope of her Soul Search Technique, a bunch of NSA people popped up swimming and searching all over, but apart from them, there was also the presence of a person – Long Mo'ran!

Long Mo'ran's chest seemed to have just been penetrated by a sword, was it him? Could it be that Ye Feng once again went all out with him and in the end was hit and consequently turned like this?

She almost determined her own guess all at once!

Consequently, she started blazing with fury and hastily moved towards the direction where Long Mo'ran was, all prepared to hide in one side and then make a sneak attack!

At this time, Long Mo'ran, relying on the memory of the iceberg outline, was continuously looking around in the seabed for ten minutes and then, finally arrived in the vicinity of the ice piece which was in the middle of the original ice platform.

The thousand years old mysterious ice was still stuck in the ice layer and that also in a perfect shape!

Furthermore, in the vicinity, several corpses of the disciples of God Fist Gate were also there in the bottom of the sea. After being terribly exploded by the cruise missiles, their appearances had terrifically changed to such an extent that it was too horrible to endure them because they were actually beyond recognition. But unfortunately the old fellow, Xu Xiaoyu had escaped.

Back then Long Mo'ran was in a hurry, therefore the only thing he remembered was that Ye Feng had jumped into the sea holding the ice piece of the East China Sea's ice fairy and then, had disappeared. And now, though he was trying to find him for so long but was unable to find any trace of him; most probably he wouldn't have died.

This made Long Mo'ran more eager to obtain the mysterious ice.

As long as the mysterious ice fell into his hands and he absorbed its spiritual energy, he could make a breakthrough to the sixty years in one fell swoop! At that time, this qualitative leap coupled with his extraordinary talent would certainly raise his fighting strength to a higher level.

Moreover, the role of this mysterious ice seemed to be much more than this?

At that time, whatever extraordinary technique Ye Feng had, he couldn't escape from his palm! Seeing the mysterious ice in front of his eyes currently, his heart was suddenly delighted. He quickly looked around and found that the NSA people hadn't yet searched such a deep place.

“You are mine!”

Without further ado, he promptly advanced towards the mysterious ice as he wanted to quickly grab it and put it in his bag.

However, right at this moment, a dark blue arrow was suddenly shot from a nearby ice piece. That arrow, splitting open the current of water, rapidly advanced towards Long Mo'ran aiming his forehead!


Long Mo'ran almost instantly reacted and immediately retracted his hand upon seeing that arrow, at the same time he pedaled his feet on the thick ice piece and the whole person hurriedly retreated a few steps. This way, he luckily escaped such a dangerous arrow!

As for this dark blue arrow, he was already very much familiar with it! How could he ever forget it? After all one of his arms had been cut off by a similar sort of arrow and after that, it had been actually thrown away into the sea by Ye Wentian.  Now as per his estimation, it would have certainly been swallowed down by a shark!

He seemed to be quite unfortunate if compared with Li Feng because Li Feng's treatment started right away and his severed arm could also be connected to his body, while he had no such luck. As per his estimation, he could never obtain his severed arm ever throughout his life…

Therefore, the mere sight of this arrow filled him with abhorrence! And now he even more abhorred Long Wan'er since she was the one who shot these arrows!

After having dodged the blue arrow, he didn't waste a single second and instantaneously aimed his foot towards the big ice piece which had currently become the hideout of Long Wan'er. Simultaneously he released his inner qi out of his body from quite a distance and the next moment, two deep footprints trod on the ice piece.


The ice piece was directly hit to fly by his one formidable move - Dragon Tail!

At this moment, Long Wan'er was hiding behind this ice piece and hadn't the least bit expected that Long Mo'ran would actually move into action like this. She although immediately moved aside, but was too late as numerous fragments of ice pieces collided with her body.

Originally she had planned that in case Long Mo'ran took a turn towards her, then she would rely on her flexibility in water to contend with him, but now it seemed that she had miscalculated all along.

His tyrannical inner qi instantly penetrated the ice piece and invaded her body, in addition to this; that heavy piece of ice also pounded her forcefully and sent her flying in the sea. Because of which, she was heavily injured and also spat a mouthful of fresh blood. This attack also made her totally unable to act!

After all, it was rightly said that 'old ginger is hotter than young ginger'. Considering the fighting experience, naturally Long Wan'er couldn't stand any chance against him.

(Note : Old ginger is hotter than young ginger means experience matters.)

“My good daughter, you have cut off my arm, do you have any guilt feeling for this?”

Long Mo'ran bitterly said that wearing a dense expression on his face, while still rapidly swimming towards her.

“You killed my mother; do you have any guilt feeling for this?”

Enduring the severe pain, she strenuously asked back. Although she saw him swimming speedily towards her, she didn't have the slightest strength to escape and now, she was in an even more difficult condition to resist him.

“Well, that smelly bitch. Daughter, I still regret that why I didn't tear her to shreds!”

While mentioning his former wife, his complexion turned even more malevolent while his eyes fiercely stared at Long Wan'er as he heavily kicked towards her one after another.

Her beautiful pupil immediately shrank, could it be that she was about to die here? Well, it wasn't true…

Right at this moment, suddenly several blue bullets were shot towards Long Mo'ran back to back quite accurately. These bullets, splitting open the deep current of water, simultaneously drawing a blue ray road all the way, dashed towards him carrying a terrific speed which even surmounted the speed of sound.

Real Ye Feng had finally arrived at the spot. He immediately grabbed the blue ray gun and started firing at Long Mo'ran just like a machine gun!

Simultaneously, he displayed Dragon Claw Hand and grasped her from far away, then steadily pulled her back to his side.