Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss


Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss Chapter 1391

[Translator Note from Cloud: Please note. Gory descriptions in this chapter.] 

Chapter 1391: "Robbery (2)"

Qiao Chu's eyes bulged with incredulity as he stared in disbelief.

"They couldn't be thinking of….. robbing us would they?"

Hua Yao calmly stared at the group of men and said: "I think you are right."

"Har?" Qiao Chu was stunned. Towards the situation before their eyes, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He looked on with sympathy at the group of men whom a bigger part of them were skinny from hunger and stared at the rough "weapons" they held in their hands.

A faint smile hung at the corners of Jun Wu Yao's lips as he looked at the cold faced Jun Wu Xie. Such a trifling matter was beneath his attention.

"Hey! Do you hear me! ? If the bunch of you do not obediently give yourselves up, we are not going to play nice!" When the well built man did not get a reply, anger rose in his heart. What exasperated him further was when the bunch of handsome looking youths heard his words, they did not show the slightest bit of fear, but their faces had instead unacceptably creased up with incredulity.

"I'll say, old uncle. Stop this farce now will you? Those skinny arms and legs of you bunch are no longer up to torment. I'll advise that you give it up now while you can." Fei Yan said as his lips curled in derision, not in the least interested in moving against a bunch of weak refugees. The entire bunch of them would not be enough to take him on with just one arm.

"Damn you!" Ridiculed by Fei Yan, the well built man turned to rage from the humiliation. He swung the machete in his hand and brought it down to slash at Fei Yan's head!

But his body had just moved barely two steps forward when a dark purple shadow suddenly leapt towards him!

"Argh! !"

A mournful cry immediately sounded!

A strange looking man of monstrous size, his entire body bulging impossibly with muscles pounced upon that man. In the blink of an eye, a hand with sharp fingernails then tore open the well built man's abdomen being everyone's eyes!

"AHHHH! The monster is eating him up! The monster is eating him up!" The well built man's companions had upon witnessing that scene, immediately run away in all directions howling loudly, running for their lives like they've lost their mind.

But the Heavens did not give them a chance to escape that day as several other massive figures jumped out from around the corners, leaping onto the mindlessly escaping refugees quick as lightning.

In an instant, blood sprayed in all directions!

The terrified refugees did not even last one second against the monsters, before their abdomen got torn apart. The monstrous men with their massive bodies then dug out their internal organs from the gaping wounds and crudely started eating them. The refugees were still breathing as they saw with their own eyes their innards being dug out from their stomachs to be chewed up and swallowed by the monsters!

The blood and gory scene before their eyes had happened in an instant and the eyes of Jun Wu Xie and her companions immediately turned sharp.

"These are the Poison Men?" Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed as she looked at the Poison Men who possessed extraordinary strength and speed.

"Seems like it." Hua Yao had only seen the Poison Men once back in the courtyard within the Condor Country's Imperial Capital. Those Poison Men had been either soaked within large vats or locked up with chains. This was the first time the companions were seeing the Poison Men move.

"These Poison Men must have remained here and not left after they attacked this town but hid themselves to seek for more prey. Tsk! What a bunch of cunning beasts!" Fan Zhuo said coldly.

Jun Wu Xie's mouth then curled up with a sneer and her body turned into purple ray of light, disappearing from the spot she had been standing in instantly!

Squatting upon the ground and eating at the internal organs of the refugees, the Poison Men suddenly sensed danger approaching and one of them lifted his head up quickly, his eyes that had turned greyish white suddenly reflecting a highly graceful and elegant figure within them!

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