Genius Demon Empress


Genius Demon Empress Chapter 4

A gathering of clouds bashfully hid the moon.

The night winds softly whisked short silver hair into the air, revealing a man with a broad forehead, fine manners, and exquisite facial features. Wang Quan's attentive violet pupils were like a pair of fires behind violet tinted glass or twinkling stars in the middle of the night that accompanied the water’s radiance to enhance each other’s beauty.

Suddenly, a cyan colored star flew across the sky. In an instant, all the other stars in the sky dimmed by a degree.

As the cyan star appeared, the dantian within Yue Jing Hua's body gave birth to threadlike fissures, cracking much like an egg. It seemed like something was struggling to break free from within the dantian.

The cracks gradually grew and the cyan light in the heavens shone brightly, unexpectedly causing the full moon's reflection to be dimmer in comparison.

"!!" Before the strange man could take a single step, the profound qi of the woman in the middle of the river stabilized. Soon after, the profound qi continuously ascended.

At this moment, Yue Jing Hua's body was in a constant state of complaint. It was like going on a roller coaster. Her internal organs pressed against the inside of her body, and her profound qi attacked her from both sides.

The profound qi that had been blocked in the body for many years, unexpectedly was pulled up a hundred meters into the sky.

From the recesses of the dantian came an evil spirit's voice: "Who are you?" The voice held a slightly cautious and pleasantly surprised tone. The voice had yet to finish, when a powerful profound force gushed out from within the wide and open dantian.

That profound force surged forward and mixed into Yue Jing Hua's muscles and bones, combining into one. The dominating black smoke was attacked from the inside and outside, and retreated again and again in defeat.

Third rank, fourth rank…just like torrents of water breaking out and rushing down a mountain, the existing turbulent profound qi, allowed Yue Jing Hua to become a traveling roller coaster. Countless fluctuations made "Yue Jing Hua's" close to exploding foundation become less fierce.

She clenched her teeth until they coldly creaked. The worst part about it was the profound qi fusing together at the dantian and rushing out. Yue Jing Hua became light headed, as if the conflicts with the profound qi in her body were constantly getting stronger.

She was barely conscious as she suffered from the backlash. Her consciousness gradually blurred. Yue Jing Hua was unable to control her body. Her body, little by little, sunk into the water. The water poured into her mouth and nose.

On top of the river, the violet eyed man slightly narrowed his eyes.

Right now, no matter who watched that female warrior going through her cultivation, they all would say she must have practiced some sort of secret and taboo method. Trying to force through the barrier and hesitating at the most urgent moment will cause a person to be lost in their heart's devil.

Strands of ice-blue and red light swirled as profound qi coagulated in the man's hand. That profound qi pulsated like a ball of water and fire.

At this moment, his hand became slightly sluggish as he sensed a slight movement. He actually wanted to go so far as to use his life profound qi to heal that stranger.

Dazed stares were shared between them. Various things were born.

"Scram”, that female warrior who was caught in her heart's devil curled her hands into fists. She suddenly gathered power and leaped out.

The calm river's surface exploded, with water spraying like broken jade drops as the female warrior's twinkling eyes opened. Her eyes were like the dark night's brightest and most unparalleled stars.

Some steel needles were held in between her delicate and white fingers. A matchless and beautiful smile revealed itself between her cheeks. She swiftly threw the needles towards his second and third lumbar vertebra.

"Impossible, that is the Ming Men acupoint…" Nevertheless, the violet eyed man hastily dodged in shock and landed on the surface of the water, without causing a single ripple.

Just now, that hand touched the woman's clean and smooth body. The ice-cold face looked on over the violet eyed man's body with astonishment; his profound qi was pouring out.

The snapped needle didn't even come close to him. It simply vibrated until it shattered.

The bright water rippled, as the mercenary woman already sat down and crossed her legs at the shore.

Her entire body was exposed. Snow like breasts and a slender waist boldly faced towards the water as she sat. She seemed like a river goddess with a pair of black jade eyes not showing even a shred of emotion.

Her eyes were empty. She had only just gotten past a critical juncture. She still needed to completely understand her condition. Her recent movements were proof of her improved reflexes.

Even though the other party can see her quite clearly at the moment, the violet eyed man gave a small cough and urgently moved back a few steps with rosy cheeks.

Sleeves fluttered and the white rhinoceros armor quietly fell off his body. Slowly, he placed it over the body of the emotionally detached woman who threw his mind into disorder.

The horizon gradually brightened. At this moment, Yue Jing Hua was sitting crossed legged on the river bank like a stone statue.

In a blink of an eye, steel needles entered her body and disintegrated like glass. Bright lights flashed through her head. Her consciousness and body separated and entered a brand new world.

Her consciousness passed through many layers of dense fog. It descended into a place without a sky above or a ground below. It was just an endless and hollow space all around her.

She was no longer at the Hundred Beasts Mountain's endless mountain range, but rather, a single flat and vast place which could be compared to the mystical borders of a star-filled firmament.

Looking around, the only thing visible was a book bundled in starlight — the Rare Calligraphy Sacred Canon.

Yue Jing Hua considered the Rare Calligraphy Sacred Canon that disappeared without a trace a while ago had now miraculously appeared in the middle of her sea of consciousness.

Though there was no wind, the Sacred Canon stirred, as if there was an invisible hand automatically moving it and opening to the first page.

The Rare Calligraphy Sacred Canon first volume: Nine Transformations of Fortune's Merit.

Fortune was the greatest in Heaven and Earth. Gain the Nine Transformations of Fortune's Merit and you will gain great fortune.

Within her consciousness, the first volume was revealed. The first of the Nine Transformations of Fortune's Merit was the Strength of Good Fortune. The script on the Sacred Canon appeared as if it had been engraved with a knife, and the profound words clearly appeared in her mind.

The profound qi freely flowed through her arteries and veins. After completing the Nine Heavenly Circuits, a wisp of golden energy emerged from Yue Jing Hua's Mud Pellet Palace. It slowly flowed and took the form of the strength of good fortune.

Beside the river, a gentle golden light spilled from Yue Jing Hua's body.

The hideous right side of her face glowed with golden light, comparable to the first strands of light emerging at daybreak, then gradually grew dimmer.

Her body emitted golden light for a long while. All the branches and leaves of the spirit trees within a one li radius swayed and emitted the fragrance of petrichor, as if being quenched after a long drought.

Yue Jing hua was immersed in practising the first layer of the Nine Transformations of Fortune's Merit and was totally oblivious to anything happening outside. Her strength of good fortune seeped out and nourished the surrounding spirit trees.

The golden strength of good fortune warmed her dantian. Like sunlight, it drove out the loitering black evil spirit's qi.

"Who are you? You’re not Yue Jing Hua." Within her consciousness, that evil spirit's voice became more distinct. That person was already sure that "Yue Jing Hua" really wasn’t the original Yue Jing Hua.

In the middle of that heavenly sea of consciousness, all the knowledge from the crossed over spirits truly merged together for the first time.

"Who I am isn't important. You only need to know that from today onwards, I am Yue Jing Hua. Regardless if you are human, ghost, god, or demon, don’t think about making the slightest movement in my body. Furthermore, give up all the profound qi you took from the previous "me," and anything else I haven't mentioned." Yue Jing Hua sneered and opened her bright and starlike eyes.

The evil spirit howled in laughter. "Crazily enough, I had a similar temper in my prime."

In the middle of the heavenly consciousness, floated cyan colored dandelion parasols. The soft parasols gathered together into a human shaped being.

Under the starlight, long cyan colored hair fell uninhibited towards the floor. Near the corner of his peach blossom phoenix eyes, was a tear shaped mole.

He had sharp, thin lips and skin pale as if it hasn’t seen the sunlight in years. It was slightly morbid. Wearing a knee-length designed shaman robe, Qing Pu was by no means inferior compared with the disfigured "Yue Jing Hua."

Both male and female, were both almost excessively beautiful. This person was surely the evil spirit.

This was the one haunting "Yue Jing Hua's" body. His voice was bewitching and sinister. In the end, he is even a little bit more attractive than a woman, as an exceptionally beautiful man.

"This humble one is Qing Pu, the last Shaman Summoner on the Azure Dragon Continent, commonly known as a summoning master. Yue Jing Hua, do you have any wish I can grant? Let’s make a bargain. It is a transaction that can allow you, who curse at the Azure Dragon Continent to become an exceptional and strong person." Qing Pu was close. His pair of peach blossom eyes appeared very frivolous. The provoking golden eyes seemed like one look could suck in your very soul.

The fascinating tempting words could not distract from the pair of eyes that could pierce through a person's heart. We should ask, in the Great Azure Continent, who could possibly throw out the olive branch Qing Pu was offering?

There was a remote and tranquil look in those phoenix eyes, as if the black pupils were a winter's pool. The black pupils glanced over the beautiful woman but quickly regain tranquility.

"I refuse." Without even considering it, Yue Jing Hua rejected the offer. She had the Rare Calligraphy Sacred Canon in hand. The profound qi within her body had recovered. What's more, the Rare Calligraphy heavenly sea of consciousness was her domain.

Within her domain, the other person can only indiscreetly criticize her, unless her head was kicked by a donkey and received brain damage.

Qing Pu's straight and tall body staggered. A demonic smile filled with anger appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"You don’t want to be an exceptional expert? You don’t want to abandon and clean your shameful reputation? You don’t want to win against that person?" Qing Pu repeatedly asked.

"I'm not 'Yue Jing Hua', I don’t know about her situation this past year, and what type of deals you have made. This body came from my parents. The profound qi world in this body is precious and incomparable. For what reason should I let another person order me around? Without you, I can still aspire for the world's summit. I could in the past, and I can now." A firm conviction was shown on Yue Jing Hua's forehead. This confidence allowed her to be like a sharpened sword, with a sharp light creating a magnificent display.

In Heaven and Earth, it seemed like there was only her. Everything else seemed to disappear.