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General Above I am Below Chapter 16

General Above I am Below Chapter Sixteen “The Concubine Crisis”

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The divorce news is such a big matter, no matter how much of a bastard Xia Yu Jin was, he must immediately inform his mother.

An Taifei clutched her chest, shedding happy tears, and even constantly saying 'good'. Fortunately, later on, she won't have to wake up early in the morning to receive her daughter-in-law's greetings, won't have to consider which servant girl will be made into concubine, or worry about her son being beaten up. Because since the general reorganized the military affairs and openly killed, she would have nightmares of her son being dragged and beheaded by his wife daily……

Xia Yu Jin finished the report and then he delightedly went out to buy wine and food for the wife.

Yang shi, from afar, saw his cheerful expression for the first time in several days. Her intuition told her that it was not good. She immediately called her personal maid, Yun Xiang, and let her inquire about the news. Yun Xiang is clever and lovely. She is the sweetheart to Gu Tou, Junwang's personal attendant, and she is the one he wishes to marry. In order to please her, he immediately told her about the divorce matters and repeatedly said that this is a secret that can not be disclosed to outsiders.

Yun Xiang promised, then she reports back about the whole thing to Yang shi. After hearing everything, Yang shi was shocked.

The Yang family was from a declining Imperial merchant. Her father was forced to spend over twenty years studying and with great difficulty, he finally passed the examination. After that, he paid money for the position as a small official. But other than money, he really has no ability. As a result, he is often looked down by his peers and always obstructed in work. The current An Wang is physically handicapped and unable to take an official post. The Emperor made an exception and let him supervise the Imperial merchant business. Although he has no power, it is still a lucrative job. This is considered to make up for the previous An Wang, who died early from being overworked. When Yang family heard that Xia Yu Jin was accepting concubines to ward off illness[1], since she was the not favored concubine daughter, they married her off in exchange for several years of riches.

She stayed in the small courtyard and lived without receiving love. She has to carefully ask for food under the lady masters. Being scorned by others, her youth slowly passed in vain and was fading away as time goes by. In this lifetime, she is only looking forward to next life's reincarnation.

This was exactly her destiny.

Originally she had accepted her fate, but then she met with the general.

The general is busy with military affairs while Junwang can not be bothered. Nanping Junwang's courtyard is single-handedly controlled by her and majority of the inner residence dealings must go through her first. A few months have passed, all of the affairs are considered to be well organized. The general is very satisfied and found out that she came from a merchant family. Since she has talent in business and is considered smart and quick-witted, the general goes as far as letting her manage the general's dowry property shops and gave her a generous amount of interest. She even allowed her to take charge of the house after the renovation of Nanping Junwang's residence is completed.

Her status in the residence has changed, she is now the subject of fawning from stewards and servants. Even some of the lower official furen are polite in front of her, for fear of committing offense behind the general.

The concubine can take charge of the house without seducing the master and not be branded with a disgraceful name in society. How fortunate and what kind of glory is this?

The lady master was not jealous of the concubines, she even pampered and gave them support. Where can you find another place like this?

If the general divorced Junwang, then a new lady master comes, what will she do?

Her fortune was bad enough to be forced as a concubine and born with a lowly status in life.

Even if the new lady master is benevolent, not jealous, and can give her benefits, it is still absolutely can not equal half to the general!

After tasting the honey, how can one return to eating bitter herbs?

After giving hope, how can one fall back into muddy despair?

Yang shi's jaw tightened, and she crumpled the embroidered handkerchief feeling agitated. She hurriedly sent people to call over Mei Niang and Xuan-er to discuss the countermeasure.

Mei Niang listened to the bad news and her tears fell like rain. General does not like to dress up, but she loves to see beauties adorn themselves. Therefore, she wore the white jade bracelet on her arms, a butterfly flower pearl hairpin on the side of her hair, with sapphire gold stud earrings on her ears, and a gilded girdle waist ornament with turquoise gems. All of those are products from a rare craftsman from the West, which was given by the general. The general's dowry, including the beautiful silk and precious fur, was also given to them to make clothes. They just love to casually show off. A few days ago was the birthday of Guan Yin[2] and the womenfolk all went to offer incense at the temple. That day, she dressed so remarkably making those women's jealous eyes simply want to poke a few holes in her body. If the new lady master is difficult and hates her beautiful appearance, under such ruthless hand, then what can she do?

Xuan-er is also stupefied, she was speechless for a long time. Her older brother is a low-grade small officer in the military. Because of his honest character, he offended his superior, so he was oppressed from his promotion. When she mentioned this, the general immediately reviewed this matter. After she verified this error, she immediately reprimanded her brother's superior, and later her brother was transferred to another position and promoted two grades. Her family was very happy with this news. In addition, the general agreed that after the division of the house, she would allow her to regularly visit her family home. Her little brother is three years-old this year, he is clever, witty, and adorable like a snowball. Whenever she comes to visit, he would call her sweetly as Jie Jie(older sister), just how much she loves him. If the new lady master is the kind that follows the rules and does not let her visit home, then what can she do?

Everyone is extremely aware of the crisis.

General is gone…

Their beautiful lives all turn into an illusion.

How can they let such a thing happen before their eyes?!

Three women joined together, forming an alliance for the battle, and they make a pledge:

“No matter what tricks must be used, we cannot let Junwang divorce the general!”

Ye Zhao is sitting happily in the garden sharpening her sword while waiting for the wine and meat. Suddenly she catches a sight of three beautiful women aggressively coming over.

Yang shi is holding a bowl of sobering soup, Mei Niang with a plate of almond cake, and Xuan-er carrying a large basket of tangerines. They gather around her, their eyes looking so gentle, and the smile of each person is so sweet, making her shiver and her hair stand up.

Ye Zhao put down the sword, she suspiciously looked around her and asked seriously: “What are you doing?”

The beauties each responded: “We heard last night general was drunk, so we come here to serve -“

Yesterday, Junwang, after drinking he even fell into the river, isn’t he drunker than her?

Ye Zhao scratch her head, feeling more confused.

Mei Niang and Xuan-er keep giving a meaningful glance at Yang shi. Yang shi held the silver spoon, blowing the hot soup and gently brought it to Ye Zhao's mouth, while softly saying: “Last night Junwang was not clear headed, we were afraid that general must be angry. But he is not often like that, those courtesan women will be forgotten in a day, they are worthless. General, you must not take it to heart. He is not as bad as others, his temperament is very good, when a lower person makes a mistake, at most he will scold them with few sentences and very rarely severely punishes. He did make some mischief outside and also plays with some people, but he never squandered money to the point of bankruptcy, so it does not count as something terrible. He was physically weak in childhood and was kept inside of Taifei's courtyard for ten years to recuperate. She was afraid he will have bad luck and wants to preserve his lifeblood, so they took me into the house, the fact is I did not receive his favor. Afterward, his health got better and was bursting with juvenile nature, he just wants to have a little fun. The newly married couple needs time to acclimate to each other and soon life will be smooth and steady…… “

Mei Niang followed on: “Junwang is really a good person and also not a stupid person. The Imperial clan's younger descendants will take a Tongfang before their marriage, so Taifei chose me and Xuan-er to serve him. But he is still indifferent, although he comes to visit, he never gives special favor to anyone. I wasn't clear at that time and asked him why. Junwang said the northern side is in disorder, how many dead bodies come out from a household, there is such as Marquis families and also from big official families. The innocent lady master breaks out and people with aspiration even set up a trap. Some of whom he has met, all of them are intelligent beautiful women, all fall into a pitiful end, simply by chasing love from others and attract people's resentment. He also said in the future he would have to be married. If his wife is gentle and generous, but he dotes on us, it will hurt the wife. If his wife is not gentle and generous, then it's his life that will be in harm. He has seen many bastard-like people, so he understands the many evil tricks of the inner residence. It simply can not be prevented, so it would be better to just be indifferent and keep the safety and peace of life …… “

Finally, it's Xuan-er's turn to talk, only she can not think of any other praises. Everyone is staring at her, she tried so hard to open her mouth a few times, finally, she acted childishly and said: "Junwang is still very good looking, so general must not be angry at him okay? Must have mutual respect in marriage…… “

They make a great effort to praise Xia Yu Jin up to the heavens.

Ye Zhao was listening and she almost burst out laughing. It took her great effort not to smile, she said: “He is the one that is angry.”

Yang shi: “It’s okay! As long as a man likes you, what’s the point of being petty? I will teach you how to be gentle and virtuous! Surely, Junwang will cool down! “

Mei Niang: “I will teach you how to please Taifei. “

Xuan er: "I……I will give you encouragement!”

Ye Zhao looked at the three wolf and tiger-like women, even a brave person like her can not help from shuddering a little.

When Qiu Hua requested to meet, it was as if she’s found an amnesty, and she immediately took advantage to escape.


[1] 冲喜 chōngxǐ – it’s a belief that by arranging a wedding for a young man who was dangerously ill, in the hope that the joyous occasion would ward off imminent death.

[2] 观音 Guanyin –  East Asian Bodhisattva, commonly known as the ‘Goddess Of Mercy”. Her birthday is celebrated on the 19th day of the 2nd lunar month.


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