Gate of Revelation


Gate of Revelation Chapter 426-427

GOR Chapter 426 I Like It!

Before them all stood a… … little object.

It was only 40 centimetres tall with dual-track chassis. It had a very square-shaped body with prominent edges and two mechanical arms stretched out from either side of its body. The design for its head was more simplistic, appearing almost no different to a split pair of binoculars…

Add the yellow paint on the surface of its body…

Chen Xiaolian was unable to stop himself from exhaling before casting an odd look at Roddy. "This is your surprise?"

Roddy snickered without replying.

Chen Xiaolian stared with wide opened eyes. "You… the surprise you mentioned is… is… "



Roddy's surprise was none other than the robot known as Wall-e from the animated movie!

A glance revealed that it was a DIY product and it had a 70 to 80 per cent similarity to the real thing.

When the tall and muscular Lun Tai stood beside it, he became like a giant standing beside a baby.

Chen Xiaolian understood that although Roddy would sometimes act like an idiot, he was not someone who would mess around in a huge way. Chen Xiaolian said patiently, "Since this is a surprise, tell us about it."

Roddy revealed an 'I am amazing' look on his face and spread both his arms. In a tone commonly used by the host of a wrestling match, he spoke up loudly, "Ladies and gentlemen, I now introduce to you… …"


Big Miss Qiao had no interest in his nonsense. She reached out and slapped him on his head. "Be serious!"

"Fine!" Roddy clutched his head and smiled wryly. "I had modified this based on the mining androids from the mine. This is our humanoid multi-purpose combat robot! Mm, based on its outer appearance, you all must surely think it resembles Wall-e. Truth is, I had named it… Adam."


"Yep. Isn't the name of the heroine in Wall-e known as Eve? Since we cannot name this robot Wall-e due to copyright issues with this novel, we'll call it Adam…"

"Hey! That line will be deleted during publishment! [1]"

"All right, all right!" Roddy ran his fingers through his hair. "Adam! Our multi-purpose combat robot!"

Chen Xiaolian's eyes lit up. "Tell us, what abilities does it have?"

"Ha ha!" Roddy walked over with a prideful expression, crouched down beside Adam and patted its body. "It has the AI system of the mining android. I had made some adjustments so it is pretty much fully automated. Of course, you should not try to have it brew coffee or make fried rice for you. It is not that 'smart'. However, it has basic mechanical and combat functions. It also has enemy identification system in it.

"Additionally, it has the energy reactor created by the mine's control system. Material wise… … Xiaolian, don't hit me when I say it… … I… used some Star Sand."

Chen Xiaolian face palmed… … I knew it!

"Don't show that kind of face! It is definitely not for naught! With its powerful energy reactor, not enhancing it was practically a crime! Listen to me; I had designed it so it you can outfit it with other combat equipment. Moreover, even without combat related equipment installed, it can still be used for excavation, mining and carrying heavy loads. It is capable of basic mechanical actions. After enhancing it with Star Sand, its material strength becomes much stronger. Its power and load capacity is simply astonishing!"

Chen Xiaolian continued looking at Roddy.

Roddy took a deep breath. "Its maximum load capacity is 1,080 tonnes! At present, the biggest haul truck is the Caterpillar 797 with a maximum load capacity of only 300 tonnes! This little fellow is a match for three combined! I will have you know this; a Caterpillar 797 is 7.5 metres tall! But this little fellow is only 40 centimetres, not even half a metre!

"Do you know? The weight of a Boeing airplane is only around 300 tonnes. That means this little fellow can lift three Boeing airplanes in total!

"Additionally, even at maximum capacity, it can still reach a maximum speed of 60 kilometres per hour. That is the equivalent of the maximum speed in the city!

"When you reduce its load, it will be able to reach a maximum speed of 160 kilometres per hour. Also, did you notice the tracks? It can be used in all weather and terrains! It has a maximum climbing angle of 60 degrees and can ford through water!"

After saying that, Roddy smiled and said, "Do you want to see it?"

He suddenly clapped his hands and spoke softly, "Adam, start!"

The robot's drooped head suddenly rose up and its binocular like eyes shook.

"Pull the plane beside you and drag it forward for 20 metres. Go, my baby!"

The robot's tracks began moving. Its eyes swept through its surroundings before rushing forward until it was beside the landing gear of the Tidal Fighter. Next, it extended its mechanical arm and casually…

Lifted the Tidal Fighter up with one arm!

Adam's tracks then moved and it effortlessly carried the Tidal Fighter that weighed over a hundred tonnes a distance of 20 metres! After gently putting it down, it moved around in a circle before moving back to Roddy's position. Stopping beside Roddy's feet, it then raised its arm and waved it.

"Good boy!" Roddy laughed out.

The eyes of Chen Xiaolian and the others nearly popped out!

"It has a turbine engine and anti-recoil device. If needed, we can install various types of weaponry on it. Cannons or missiles, anything can be installed on it! With its anti-recoil device, we do not need to worry about the recoil from using cannons or missiles. It will be able to become a humanoid weapon in the field of battle! It can also serve as a scout.

"Its body is already very small as it is. Nevertheless, it can further contract its 40 centimetre-wide body by one third. If the enemy is hiding in something like an air-raid shelter, it can invade the shelter through the ventilation hole… right, it can also camouflage itself."

Roddy then said, "Adam, enter chameleon camouflage mode!"

Adam promptly raised its head and its body quickly whirled about once. Next, the surface of its body swiftly turned transparent!

While it was still somewhat possible for them to see it, it was clear that it would practically be invisible from afar!

"Optical camouflage. It reflects the light using its body to create this camouflage effect." There was a prideful look on Roddy's face, one with the words 'Hurry up and praise me!" written all over it.

There was a very satisfied look on Chen Xiaolian's face.

This robot was indeed very good. Although it had used up some Star Sand, it was worth it.

Truth be told, it could be considered a miniature mech. There was simply insufficient Star Sand for Roddy's Mech. Thus, using it for a miniature mech was better than nothing.

"Honestly, it still has some flaws. One such example is its aerial operations. Since I was tinkering with it in the mine, I did not have enough materials to modify it. Now that I am back, I plan on staying inside this equipment warehouse for a few days to install a flying equipment on it to allow it flight capabilities. Once I accomplish that, it will truly become an all-weather, all terrain, multi-purpose combat robot!"

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. "Not bad. I believe we will still encounter a number of instance dungeons where firearms are allowed. This will help boost our battle power there."

"It is controlled through voice commands. I will spend the next few days inputting your voices into its recognition system. In the future, everyone will be able to command it."

Qiao Qiao, who had remained silent all this time, finally spoke up. "Me too?"

"Of course!"

"Good, I will teach it to fry rice."

"… … …"

In the woods.

Nicole panted as she glared at Tian Lie.

Although Tian Lie was not panting, his face had turned pale.

There were scars all over Tian Lie's face and body. His left arm hung limply; obviously, his arm's bone had been broken.

The sword in Nicole's hand had become twisted and she kept it back into her storage equipment.

This Floating Angel looked at Tian Lie and clenched her teeth. "Do we continue?"

Tian Lie grunted.

The intensity of the short fight between the two of them just now had been subconsciously controlled… … if these two masters had gone all out, the entire residential complex may well be flattened as a result.

Additionally, the two of them were not at their prime.

Tian Lie was in such a state.

The same was true for Nicole as well… … her most powerful Floater was presently with Roddy.

"So… … a draw?" Nicole raised her eyebrows.

"If we continue, we will end up terrifying the normal people." Tian Lie shook his head. "I feel much better now. So, let us call it a draw. You should feel lucky, girl!"

Nicole gave a harrumph. "What a rude fellow. Are you always this rude to girls?"

Tian Lie raised his head to look at the sky. "I never fight women. But today is an exception."

Hearing that, Nicole's heart skipped a beat. She felt something familiar and she subconsciously turned to gaze at Tian Lie… … to gaze at his thin and frail stature.

She harrumphed. "All right! Since this is a draw, I will come again some other day!"

"You can wait outside the residential complex. But as long as I am here, you can forget about going in unless you defeat me." After saying that, Tian Lie turned around and left.

"What advantages will you get from stopping me?"

Tian Lie turned his head around and revealed a grin. "I like it!"

He then walked out of the forest. After leaving Nicole's line of sight, the scars on his face and body quickly healed up!

He was a very cunning fellow. When he was fighting against Nicole, he had not revealed his ability to transform into liquid metal.

Likewise, Nicole had also been holding back.

After Qiao Qiao's return, the ruins of the resort on the island were transformed.

Qiao Qiao the second-generation plutocrat had stepped forward. After going out for a few days, she managed to accomplish something. Using Qiao Yifeng's company, she found the company that owned the incomplete resort. She then offered them money to buy up this project!

The company happily welcomed her offer. They took her money and happily sold it to her.

Thus, Chen Xiaolian and his guild now had a base that truly belonged to them!

The entire island now belonged to them.

Next, Qiao Qiao and Chen Xiaolian went out for a few days to buy some construction materials. Using the Storage Watch, they were able to transport those materials back to the base. When that happened, Roddy's plan to modify Adam was temporarily interrupted!

Adam was truly astonishing!

After Roddy inputted a construction program into it, Adam turned into a super crazy construction worker!

Super load capacity, understanding of the building blueprint, computing, construction capacity, powerful working capacity, inexhaustible…

Adam's tracks rotated quickly as it sped around through the ruins of the resort…

In but three days, it had used up a great deal of the construction materials that Chen Xiaolian brought back. The incomplete main building of the resort was now fully completed!

Three days. This small robot with both the width and height of merely 40 centimetres had completed a three-storey resort building in three days!

"We can't just keep hiding inside the base. We'll need to live outside." Chen Xiaolian explained. "Although staying in the base is safe, we will be cut off from the outside world. We will not be able to communicate with each other and the instance dungeon selection process will be cut off as well. We must only use the base when necessary. Under normal conditions, we should stay on the island instead."

After expanding their territory to cover the entire little island, they had to put security as part of their formal agenda.

The island was surrounded by water, giving them a natural form of isolation from the outside world. However, should someone attempt to spy on them, they would be able to do so from all angles. Thus, it was necessary to set up some defences.

There were many security devices available in the Exchange System. Some could even be found from among the supplies they had obtained from Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild.

When their humanoid discount card, Xia Xiaolei went through the list of security devices available in the Exchange System, the guild entered a round of discussion.

Roddy and Bei Tai, one was a mechanical and technological fanatic while the other was a military fanatic. They both agreed on a certain device from the Exchange System.

Tesla Fury!

Yes, it was something that resembled … … … the Tesla Coil from Red Alert!

When the two of them found out about the device, they became flushed with excitement.

However, Chen Xiaolian had firmly rejected it!

"Don't joke around! Do you want to kill people? This is a device that could even blow up a tank! We are in a lake! What if there are civilians fishing around here? When they accidentally get too close, they will be roasted! If that happens, how do you intend to settle it?"

After he said that, the two military fanatics hung their heads in defeat.

In the end, Chen Xiaolian took the middle way.

Surveillance probes were placed at several points around the island, places with the best vantage points. They also put up signs in conspicuous locations to inform others that this was a private property, where outsiders were prohibited.

They built a fence around the central area on the island, the area around the resort.

Some defensive devices with a certain degree of lethality would be installed inside the fence surrounding the resort…

"An automatic 360 degrees auto cannon?"

"Scram!" Chen Xiaolian kicked Roddy away. "If a thief comes, he will turn into honeycomb."

"I suggest we use two sets," said Qiao Qiao. "The first set of defensive system will use tranquilizing shots. Thus, we will not face exposure if some normal people stumble here. We can then install the second set of defensive system inside the main building. This one should have a certain level of lethality. We should probably not opt for guns or cannons. The resulting sound from those will cause problems. We should probably use something that causes electrical shock."

"I agree!" The one with the calm nature, Lun Tai expressed his support for the idea.

Thus, the agenda was settled.

With Adam the mighty construction worker, they managed to complete their plan to set up the fences and surveillance probes in but a few days!

Chen Xiaolian was unable to stop himself from sighing. "With this fellow around, even if we are to enter the real estate business, we'll be able to make a fortune in just a few years…"

After a week or so, the entire resort looked very different.

The outer walls and several rooms of the main building had been renovated.

Adam's mechanical arm could transform into a drill, soldering iron, etc. As long as it was given a blueprint and the necessary materials, all they needed to do after that was sit down and enjoy the sun.

1 Yes, they are breaking the 4th wall.

[TL: If anyone finds any plotholes… … … keep calm and blame magic!]

GOR Chapter 427 New Instance Dungeon

Chen Xiaolian stepped out of the training room.

He had simulated the deserted island's underground palace instance dungeon once more and went in for three days.

After coming out, he saw that everyone had come together and were waiting at the central resting area.

Even Roddy, who had shut himself inside the equipment warehouse to tinker away with the mechanical equipment, had come out.

"Did something happen?" Chen Xiaolian saw the serious looks on everyone's faces. Xia Xiaolei though, looked eager.

Lun Tai snickered and took a step forward. "It seems our vacation may be over."

"Oh?" Chen Xiaolian was immediately able to understand what he meant.

Soon, Lun Tai sent forward a system prompt to Chen Xiaolian through the guild channel.

Chen Xiaolian glanced through the contents and his eyes lit up. "Instance dungeon notification?"

Lun Tai looked around and saw that everyone was looking at Chen Xiaolian.

He then spoke up slowly, "This morning, when we were on the island outside the base, we received this system prompt. Thus… … everyone has been awaiting your decision."

Chen Xiaolian was silent. He walked to the side and found a chair to seat himself. Xia Xiaolei and Roddy quickly bounded over enthusiastically, one of them serving a cup while the other pouring water into the cup.

Chen Xiaolian turned to look at them. "Eh? You two? Ah, could it be you two wish to participate in this instance dungeon?"

There was a slightly aggrieved look on Xia Xiaolei's face. "Guild Leader, I have been left behind so many times, I almost feel like I don't exist at all."

Roddy smiled and said, "I have configured the equipment that we obtained. Now, we finally have the chance to test them out."

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and looked at everyone. "What do you all think?"

Qiao Qiao did not say anything, but Chen Xiaolian understood what her expression meant: I will follow your decision.

Lun Tai contemplated in silence for a moment before speaking out in a very cautious manner, "Although this base allows us to avoid instance dungeons… … Xiaolian, I feel that staying in a safe place will not help in developing the guild and our members' strength. I have checked the system prompt. The difficulty level for this instance dungeon is not too high, so we can consider participating in it to train our guild."

After saying that, he paused for a moment before continuing, "If this instance dungeon's level of difficulty is high, I would never advocate going in. Since we have the capital, there is no need to take such a risk. However, I feel that this instance dungeon fits the criteria needed to train ourselves."

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head.

He too, had seen the system prompt. This instance dungeon's level was… [B] class.

After making some calculations, it seemed as though this instance dungeon was the least difficult one among all those that their guild had faced thus far.

But the thing that tempted Chen Xiaolian the most was this sentence in the system prompt.

[This instance dungeon does not restrict the usage of modern firearms.]

After reaching that line of thought, Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. "How long before this instance dungeon opens?"

"We received this system prompt in the morning. It stated that we should arrive at the instance dungeon area by 48 hours. We still have 40 hours to go, plenty of time. After deducting the time taken for the trip, I believe we still have time to prepare our equipment."

Naturally, the one who answered him was Lun Tai. At present, everyone in the guild had come to regard Lun Tai as the second in command after Chen Xiaolian. In other words, he was the Deputy Guild Leader. Lun Tai was a veteran who was calm most of the time. He was also very loyal and the oldest among them. Thus, everyone was willing to take him as the Deputy Guild Leader and obeyed his orders whenever Chen Xiaolian was not around.

"All right. I agree with everyone's views. I believe we do need to train ourselves." Chen Xiaolian considered it. "However… … there is a need to leave someone to look after our home."

Given Meteor Rock Guild's present comprehensive assessment, they were allowed to send in up to 10 members for this [B] class instance dungeon… … they can send in everyone.

Naturally, that was not Chen Xiaolian's intention.

"We must have someone stay behind in this island base. The things here are not complete. Additionally, we also want to make sure there are no spies. Thus, we need to leave someone behind." Chen Xiaolian glanced at the others.

Clearly, no one was willing to stay behind - perhaps the timid Qimu Xi was willing. However, Chen Xiaolian felt that someone like her was the most in need of going for training.

"I'll say this first, but I'm not staying behind! I have been left behind so many times I am pretty much suffocating to death!" Xia Xiaolei spoke up.

"This instance dungeon allows the use of firearms. It is a natural fit for my Mechanical Heart skill. Additionally, I cannot be absent when we use our new equipment," said Roddy.

Chen Xiaolian sighed.

"If so…" He turned to look at Bei Tai.

Bei Tai revealed a bitter smile of understanding. "Guild Leader… …"

Chen Xiaolian said patiently, "Soo Soo is still a little child. Although she is also an Awakened, it is not right to leave her to look after the base. Roddy's skill is of the mechanical type. Since we are going to test out our new equipment, we will need him. As for Xiaolei… … he does indeed require training. Mm, the same is true for Qimu Xi. Qiao Qiao also faces the same issue, the lack of experience. She had been forced to stay in Zero City for too long. Thus… … you'll have to bite the bullet this time, Bei Tai."

Bei Tai sighed. "… … all right… … I'll stay."

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. "Then, I will be assigning the tasks. Lun Tai, Roddy, you two are responsible for the arrangement of the equipment. Xia Xiaolei, you are responsible for preparing our medical supplies. Qiao Qiao, Qimu Xi, you two are responsible for preparing our daily supplies. Mm, this time, Bei Tai will be staying behind. Everyone, get ready, we will be leaving in 12 hours…"

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian turned to Roddy. "This time… … we'll be bringing out the Tidal Fighter! Roddy, you'll be the pilot."

"No problem, leave it to me!" Roddy laughed out.

The entrance to the residential complex…

In the security booth, Tian Lie, who was holding onto a meal box, saw Nicole walking in.

Tian Lie raised his head. There was no one else inside the security booth. He lowered his head, used a pair of chopsticks to clip a chicken drumstick and quickly said, "Give me a few minutes. When I'm done with this drumstick, we'll go to the forest and fight."

Nicole suddenly revealed a smile.

She looked at Tian Lie and said, "I am not here to fight you today."

"Mm?" Tian Lie was momentarily surprised.

"Da Gang, I have been coming here every day and we have been fighting each other. Haven't you had enough?" Nicole grunted. "You know all too well that we have our own reservations when fighting. Neither of us can go all out and we will always end up with a draw. Continuing our fight is pointless."

"So, what do you want?" Tian Lie retorted with a grunt.

Nicole took a deep breath and faced Tian Lie with a serious expression. "Don't think I am unaware… … truth is, Chen Xiaolian and the others had left you behind."

"… … …" Tian Lie did not say anything.

"I have not gone anywhere far from here for the past few days and just sticking around. Thus, I am certain that Chen Xiaolian and his guild had not returned for a long time - I am not an idiot. How can I not figure out what is going on?"

"Speak your mind then!" Tian Lie shook his head.

"This is Chen Xiaolian's home. Yet, they had not returned for so many days… … naturally, they would not have gone on a vacation. Clearly, they had abandoned this place and had found another base. As for you… … you can no longer follow them. Simply put, they had left you behind. In that regard, you are no different compared to me."

Tian Lie finally laughed out.

"You admit it?" Nicole was somewhat surprised.

"Why not?" Tian Lie looked at Nicole. "I was left behind by them… … because to them, I am just an ordinary human. They are all part of an Awakened guild. Surely you understand what that means. As the intensity of their fight grows, they will be unable to live among the ordinary. They must have found a secret base for themselves. Thus, I am no longer capable of following them."

After saying that, Tian Lie used his pair of chopsticks to point at Nicole. "But that does not mean I will just sit and watch while you spy on them."


"Unlike you; I have no intention of doing anything to Chen Xiaolian and the others. Let us be honest, if I did have any malicious intentions, I would have countless opportunities to harm them back when I was living with them. You on the other hand, I do not even know where you are from. Thus, I will not allow you to move about freely."

Nicole was silent for a full minute - only after Tian Lie had finished the chicken drumstick did Nicole open her mouth. "What if I tell you I have no malicious intentions?"

"?" Tian Lie's eyes lit up.

"I can use a contract to prove it. Using the magical contract of the system to prove it," Nicole said coolly. "Truth be told, I am trying to get close to them because… … personal matters. There are some personal matters that I want to confirm."

Tian Lie threw the chicken drumstick into the trashcan and turned around. "Tell me why you are here."

"This morning, I received the system prompt for an instance dungeon," said Nicole with a smile.

Tian Lie remained silent. However, the corners of his eyes twitched slightly.

Nicole noticed the subtle change and she smiled triumphantly. "Ah! It seems I was right to come! Da Gang, you did not receive the prompt for the instance dungeon, right?"

"… … …"

"The selection of participants for instance dungeons works by randomly selecting some Awakened ones who are in the same area. Clearly, the system had selected me while leaving you out. If I am not mistaken, Chen Xiaolian and his guild should be somewhere in this area as well. Thus, there is a high chance that they were selected as well.

"In other words… … Da Gang, when I go participate in this instance dungeon, I might encounter Chen Xiaolian and his members."

"Get to the point. I hate beating around the bush, especially when a female is doing it." Tian Lie pursed his lips to the side.

Nicole looked straight into Tian Lie's eyes and said, "A cooperation!"


"A cooperation!" Nicole nodded her head. "Since we hold no ill will toward them, there is no need for us to fight each other. You want to get close to them, but you do not know the contents of this time's instance dungeon… … I can tell you about it and bring you with me into the instance dungeon. Then… … after we enter the instance dungeon, we'll cooperate."

"A temporary team?" Tian Lie smiled.

"Correct. Consider it a temporary team," said Nicole with a very serious tone. "We will get the opportunity to get closer and observe Chen Xiaolian's team. Maybe we can change our appearances to make contact… … I will try to find the answers I am looking for while you go do whatever it is you want to do. How about it?"

After a moment of silence, Tian Lie suddenly moved over and extended his hand.

Nicole hesitated for a bit before reaching out with her hand. Then, the two of them shook hands.

"So tell me, where is this instance dungeon at?"

"A [B] class instance dungeon that does not restrict firearms. It is probably a modern technological type. At present, it is not possible to tell if any futuristic technologies are involved. However, considering the fact that it is a [B] class, some extraordinary level of technology is unlikely to appear. As for its location… …"

Nicole frowned. "Jerusalem."

When Tian Lie heard that, he froze for a moment. Then, he laughed out while pointing at Nicole. "Ha ha ha ha! I know why you would find me for a cooperation! Now I believe that you hold no ill will against them! You ran all the way here because you are worried that they might be in danger. You want to ask for my help in protecting Chen Xiaolian and his team. Ha ha ha ha ha ha…."

Nicole sighed. "It seems you know quite a bit as well."

"Of course." Tian Lie sneered. "A [B] class instance dungeon is not that difficult. But… … … Jerusalem… … that is a dangerous place! In the Awakened circle, no one would be willing to provoke those fellows. How unexpected, the location for this instance dungeon that the system had arranged is those fellows' territory? This is very interesting!"

Nicole sighed again. "This is what I am worried about… the number of people who knows about this is limited. When Chen Xiaolian and his guild see that this instance dungeon is only a [B] class, they might end up underestimating it."

Tian Lie's eyes lit up. "You are right! Those fellows are all rookies. Ah, that Lun Tai and Bei Tai have some experience, but they are still weaklings. There is no way they would know of those fellows residing in the holy city. The number of Awakened ones who know of them are far and few…"

The thrill and glee on Tian Lie's face gradually increased…