Gantung epilogue

Dr Sandra entered her office a bit later than usual. Her husband suddenly had a toothache. He's only an adult in name - but was afraid of the dentist.

Without even being able to sit down, he phone rang.


"Hey, Sandra. It's Fara.

"Hey! How's the new job?"

"Good, good. Thanks, by the way. If not for you becoming my referee, I'm not sure whether I'd get this job."

"Stop talking nonsense. Your qualification is more than enough."

It was silent at the other end of the line. Sandra knew why she called. But Sandra let her take her time. Well, it's not something simple.

"How is he?" finally the question came out for Sandra.

"He's okay. In fact, mu next appointment is with him," said Sandra.

"Is he really okay?"

Sandra sighed. "He can function. That's what's important, right?"

"You… never believed what I told you, right?"

"Look, Fara. You and me, we have different beliefs. Don't let it come between our friendship, okay?"

The caller was silent. Silence doesn't necessarily meant approval.

"Fara, if you don't agree with mu diagnosis, you I can refer him to another psychiatrist."

"No! I mean… I have faith in you. I'm sure he's doing well."

"You sure you don't want to meet him anymore? He talks about you all the time, you know?"

"Yeah? Which one?"

Sandra didn't answer but instead smiled bitterly to herself.

"Okay, Sandra. I don't want to bother you while you're working. I'll talk to you later, okay? Bye."


A Sandra hung up, her personal assistant knocked the door. "Ready for your 2 o'clock, doc?"

"Sure, send him in," said Sandra while opening the file of her patient.

The man aged around 30 entered Sandra's office and sat in front of her. He was still handsome and stylish, the man smiled to Sandra while taking off his Police rand shades and put it in his black shirt's pocket.

"So, how are we doing today, Mr Khalil Abdullah?"

"I told you we should've moved earlier! Moving in the afternoon is too hot," complained KJ from the back  seat.

The driving Khalil looked at Gibbs. Gibbs made a face.

"You're noisy! Ray's car has an air-cond. What are you being so noisy for?"

"Yeah. It's a road trip. We're definitely going to stop for food, swimming in the river, and other stuff. Where's the air-cond then?"

"How stupid can you be? It'd already be evening when we stop. No more scorching sun. If he move in the morning, only then we would have to bear the heat."

Khalil smiled listening to Gibbs and KJ quarrelling.

"No matter. My point is that we shouldn't have wasted our time meeting with that Dr Sandra," KJ commented.

"Heh. You only know how to talk about people behind their backs. Try saying that in front of her. You'd just stay there, frozen," replied Gibbs.

"When a man becomes wordless in front of a woman, it means that he's in love," Khalil interjected.

KJ suddenly quietened.

"What? Seriously? KJ?"

Gibbs turned behind and looked at KJ with a teasing smile.

"Get lost! No way! Trust the propaganda of that film scriptwriter!"

"Didn't you tell me that Dr Sandra looked hot last week?" Khalil deliberately injected more.

"I only said she's hot. That doesn't mean anything! Besides, she's already married!"

"Oh, so if she's not, then you'd have a try?" Gibbs didn't give a chance.

"Heh! If I really like her, why would I care whether she's someone's wife or not? I'm not like you, Gibbs - you girlfriends becomes some else's wife and you stopped bothering her. What gentleman?" KJ inadvertently returned the favour back to Gibbs.

Gibbs simply smiled, not answering. Khalil knew Gibbs was secretly mad. Damn monkey. Be a bit sensible.

KJ leanied forward between Gibbs and Khalil. "Eh? Did it hit the spot? Don't be like that. We're on a road trip now, don't be emo. Alolololo," said KJ while flicking Gibbs' chin.

"Fuck you!" Gibbs slapped KJ's hand away while laughing.

Khalil smiled. A reason they're on this road trip was to cure Gibbs' broken heart. It's only been a week after hearing about Fara's wedding ceremony.

"Which river are we going to?" asked KJ back at his seat.

"Lata Kinjang," answered Khalil.

"Okay. Wake me up when we're there."

"He's being an ass now. Sleeping until all the way there," sounded Gibbs.

"Then what should I do? It's not like I can drive!"

"Accompany Ray or something!"

"Aaaah. You do it. Even Ray would like it better if you're the one doing it… right, Ray, right?"

Khalil just smiled.

That feeling returned to him, slipping inside his chest - the feeling of having a thick blanket during a cold rainy day. A comfortable feeling without needing any explanation.

And Khalil kept on driving.

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