Full-time Anomaly

Other name: 全职怪才

Genre: Action, Adventure, Harem, Romance

Date released: 2017
Views: 21458

Author: 吃李子上火

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Xing Tian Works

Yan Tian’s an orphan. As a child, he received rigorous training, eventually arriving at an unknown city. Here, a brand-new way of life shall unfold for him…… Translator-improved Synopsis: Yan Tian, a man of skills beyond reproach. After suffering harrowing experiences while growing up abroad, he’d finally returned to his country of origin: China. With instructions from his master not to return, Yan Tian has to figure out what to do, but first he needs to get a job! A twist of fate bestows upon him a chance… a chance to go beyond a world that he believed he had already completely scoured. Although born an orphan, his sense of humor and the many passing beauties make his journey worthwhile.
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