Forlorn Madness


Forlorn Madness Chapter 4

Here’s Chapter 4

Noir’s POV

I peered at the venetian blinds that I slightly lowered down.  The sun is setting.

The king sun that is deadly to vampires like me is no longer here.

I opened the blinds thoroughly to gazed at the wonderful view of the skyscrapers.

“—Have you waited for me for so long?” My younger sister asked as she sat in front me. Even before,  she really loves dolls. But not even in my imagination that she will also make herself look like one.

“Not really Patricia—”

She cough. “—I want everyone to call me Shall.”

I smile. I also remember a person who do not like to hear his real name. It’s Hio.

“Shall…What is it that do you want to tell me?”


She slammed the table. “Your relationship with the Prince, IS IT REAL?”

So that tidbit already arrived to her. I’m really impressed.

“Yes.” I answered.

How does I and the Prince’s relationship really works: We’re just like best friends that tell each others feelings. Aside from that, nothing more.

We are not even doing anything immoral in the eyes of other people.

And most of all I have no intention of doing anything that I think is not right for us.

“—Do you know what you’re doing?!” she hysterically asked.



Shall really has a high-blood pressure. The description ‘ Small but Terrible’ really suited her.

In the world of vampires like us, if you have a unique talent, you can become a noble per the vampire’s council’s jurisdiction.

I was granted a right to become a Baron; the third lowest rank.

While Shall belongs in the rank of Knights, the lowest rank in the elitists vampires.

Knights have no special talents but they are proficient when it comes to fighting. They’re the protectors of the nobles.

And Shall is one of the two who has the highest rank when it comes to the Knights.  She was given the name ‘Galatea’ as the princess’s sole knight.

As of now, the princess is the highest amongst the nobility.

It’s been a long time that there’s no king and queen among us. But if the newly appointed prince is crowned, he can be the king. It depends if he can do the condition set aside by the council.

It’s also been a long time that there’s no prince; and the clan of the last prince were annihilated,  except for his child from a human.

The child is a Damphir or a half vampire and half human. What’s worst is, the child’s human side is dominating.

But his reinstatement of his title was only decided just then by the vampire’s council.

At the present, he still do not know about it and he will only know all of this when it’s the day of his coronation, that will be held on his 18th birthday.

“By the way, can I ask you Shall…Are you the one who’s responsible with the killings of the women?”

“Yes I am. The princess is interested on the prince that is why the command given to me is that no women shall come near him.”

My forehead creased. “Your interference with the prince’s personal life is not right—even more, your way of doing things is too violent—”

“—-I know.” She said.

I really doesn’t recognized Shall anymore. She’s so loyal to her employer.

“—But now,  it may not be repeated again. From now on, I will closely guard the prince.”

I was surprised at what she said. “And why?”

“The Paladin, he will be the princess’s new knight, while I am appointed to become the prince’s knight.”

The Paladin…I know him. He’s the former Duke who’s right to his title was suddenly taken away one day; in no apparent reason. From what I know, he and the princess should have gotten married back then.

“That is why you should kick out Nue in your band. I will become the new vocalist. In that way, I can guard the prince without his knowledge.”

I stared at my sister.  She’s really taking her duty severely.

Very well, Nue is my chosen knight. But he is not skilled in fighting and he is also a coward. Maybe it’s time to send him on the training ground.

“All right I agree with your plan.”

Hio’s POV

“WHAT? NUE IS LEAVING THE PHILIPPINES?!” I don’t think I heard that right. Our scaredy-cat vocalist will migrate in Europe?!

Our last song just ended and here we are, clustered in the dressing room. Noir, is doing something with his laptop. Kape, is drinking coffee. Nue, is using his cellphone. Me, I’m sorting all the things my fans has given to me. I’m just pocketing them all earlier.

“—Yes dude. I’m really leaving. Actually, my flight is tomorrow.”

I grab both of Nue’s shoulders and vigorously shake him. “—YOU’LL LEAVE EQUINOX?!”

I suddenly felt an intense power surge.

Yeah! Is that means—

“Then who will replace Nue?! ME?!”

GOSH! I can feel it, this is the break that I want!

Kape grimaced at that.

“Bro’ Heyo,  I know dat’ you’re handsome, but unfortunately, YOUR VOICE IS NOT!”

The three imps laughed.

Mother f*cker! This is the FIRST TIME that Kape bashed me.

“—Even you Noir?” sure just laugh…I’m not getting angry! PROMISE!

“I’m sorry Hio, but I already found Nue’s replacement. Soon, the replacement will be here. I’ll introduce you all to that person.”


You guys really are… I just went back in removing things on my pocket. When I laid them down on the table, I stared at it one by one.

Shabu. Ecstasy. Shabu. Valium. Mariquana. Condom. After morning pill. Shabu—


What’s this?! FREE SAMPLES for ADDICTS?! I know that I’m on a rock band but I’m not a DRUG ADDICT!!!

My bad mood had no one to turn to so I wrapped all of it on a paper and burned it with a lighter.

“—-HOLY SHIT, FIRRrEEe!” shouted Kape as he saw the fire on the table. He really over reacts. Look at Noir and Nue they’re just chilling.

Kape poured the coffee that he’s been drinking on the table and the fire was snuff out.

The door abruptly opened. F*cker didn’t even knock!

A small woman entered and—HOLY SHIT! She looks familiar!

I can’t be wrong about it, she’s the woman I saw one night at the squatter’s area!

It’s obvious that it’s her because of her style of dressing. She’s wearing a black dress with full of laces. Her hair is curled and it has some kind of ornaments. She’s also wearing a net-stocking. Aren’t she feeling hot?

She acts like she’s the boss. She just directly walked and sat beside me because that’s where the vacant seat is.

She looks even smaller closely. She didn’t even reach my shoulder.

She faced me.

“Good evening. My name is–”

“Patricia Antigone Rosseau  is her name. She’s my younger sister.” Noir abruptly cut off.

Patricia cough. “—You all shall call me SHALL, clear?” the command in her tone is larger compare to request.

I stared at her. Her beauty is different compared to all the ladies I met. She’s really rockin’ the whole ‘doll’ look.

Her eyelashes is thick—most likely a false eyelashes. I pulled them but it didn’t even peeled.

“Bro’ what are you doing to Shall?”

I ignored Kape. I pinched both of the doll’s cheeks. Then I poked her small lips with my finger—


“OUCHH!” She bit my finger! She didn’t even let go!

I immediately stood up and tried to pry my finger which she’s biting.

“—Kurr…If you’re not a woman, I’ll seriously hit youu!”

She bit my finger even deeper.

Shit ouch!

Noir placed himself between us. “Shall, take it easy…you might be forgetting who he is—”

Right! That’s it Noir! Tell that shorty sister of yours!

At last the doll let go of my finger.

“—-I’m not afraid of him hm.” She retorted.

Look at this shorty. Just because she’s pretty. Most likely she has undergone the surgeon’s knife!

This is the first time that my mood became bad just because of a chix.

“—-Hey you plastic surgery shorty, why will you be scared of me I don’t even look like an evil spirit? I’m HANDSOME aren’t I?!”

Looks like she’s taken to heart what I said because she’s really mad now. “WHAT DID YOU SAY?! Me—-SHORTY?!”

“Oh that’s enough! You shouldn’t fight because from now on, we’re on the same band.” Noir cut off again.

Shall’s POV

That idiot of a prince is so arrogant in personal. Just thinking of him made my blood boil! He thinks he’s so handsome when he’s just a fool.

Calling me a SHORTY?! What right did he have?!

Didn’t he know that I was named GALATEA?!

Is the high council is REALLY on their right mind when they made him the prince?

I’m happy being the princess’s knight, why am I appointed to him!

How will I serve a prince who has no manners and full of antipathy?

I really want to beat him!

After all he has no breeding! He’s born rich and even grew up with the nuns. Then he just live in the squatters area, suddenly even his attitude became a trash!


Very well, I’ll be the boss of him! He’ll see!

“—Like as plan, I will be the lead singer of the band. Because of that, I’ll change the band name and the genre—”

“Weh for real?” cut off the idiot. One more time that he interrupt, I will elbow him.

“Because I’m a gothic lolita…Our band’s genre should also be gothic.”

Well no one’s complaining. I continued. “And the new name I have chosen for the band is ‘Forlorn Madness’.”

Forlorn Madness… Insanity in solitude.

That’s perfect for the prince full of arrogance. Because that is what he will feel around me. He should get ready.