Forbidden Love

Other name: Qing Nan Le; 情难了

Genre: Comedy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Xuanhuan

Date released: Unknown
Views: 4743

Author: Tang Yin; 唐茵

Status: Ongoing


Luo Bing Liang accidentally blinds a man who looks like a pervert. Coincidently the man is the reason why she is visiting the Luo Yang Province. Why must the man who knows what she looks like naked be the man she has to repay? Luo Bing Liang disguises as a maid and enters the Dong Fang Manor. But her good intentions are mistaken as an enemy spying on the head of the Dong Fang Household. Dong Fang Ling slowly eats Luo Bing Liang’s heart… but he has a betrothed who is another woman. She knows their love is forbidden… what is the right choice to make?

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