Flash Marriage


Flash Marriage Chapter 40.1

When I brought my dad home, Jiang Li's eyes almost popped out….. It is rare to see a frightened Jiang Li, so I have to enjoy this.

Jiang Li after inviting my dad into the house, when my dad was not paying attention, pushed me into my bedroom. I was curious, turned around and took a good look, and a certain old lady was lying on my bed.

I went over and draped myself on her, smiling and said: "Mom, how come you came?"  

My mom because of me being frightened before, waved her hand, annihilating the whole army1. She turned over angrily and pressed me onto the bed, bitterly saying: "I passed by here and came over to see you guys, did not think that you would not let me play happily."

  • 全军覆没: literal translation is 'whole army annihilated'

I lay on the bed and let her ravaged, grinning and said: "Mom, you go to the living room, see who came."

My mom let go of me, suspiciously going out of the bedroom. After a while, from the living room came the sound of my mom's howling: "Heavens ah, Guan Xiao Yan that pig finally resuscitated……."

Geez, you listen, who would curse their own daughter like this.


I am busy in the kitchen, Jiang Li helping me with different tasks, washing the vegetables and carrying the dishes. Saying that there is a person on my call, this feeling is pretty good ah.

I decided to personally cook today, let the two old people try to their daughter's skill. Although a certain old lady is not willing, but taking into account that my mood today is a bit special, she tolerated.

I hummed a ditty, putting a dish into the pot, very rhythmic. Jiang Li was look on the sideline, suddenly asking: "You this pig, how did you resuscitate?"

I gave him a sideways look, today this lady is in a good mood, and is not going to argue with him. So I replied: "It is just like being struck by lightning, suddenly finding that my previous ideas were vexatious, realizing that I was a bit paranoid before…… Also ah, I suddenly found that the words that you said were quite reasonable. Jiang Li ah, tell me the truth, did you study psychology in college."

Jiang Li shook his head: "I studied networking in college. I have a friend who studied psychology, and is now a psychiatrist. You probably seen him before, probably does not have an impression."

Me: "Nonsense, how could I have seen him. What is he called?"

Jiang Li: "He came to our wedding, called Han Xiao. You probably haven’t heard of that name."

I searched my memories: "I remember, Han Xiao…… but he is very shy ah, and seems difficult communication with people, how could he be a psychiatrist?"

Jiang Li is confused: "How, you know him?"

I stared at him: "Last time when you were drunk, he was the one to send you back."

Jiang Li having heard that he had been drunk, he face face had some grievances, but very soon he hook up his mouth again and smiled, the expression very strange.

But once I thought about him getting drunk, also found it strange: "How did you get drunk that day? Han Xiao obviously didn’t seem to have any problem, how are you the only one drunk?"

Jiang Li: "We made a bet, the person who is the first to get married, will have to drink, drinking as much as he can."

It's that simple? I rolled my eyes, sighed: "You bunch of old bachelors!"


Dinner was pretty content, although my dad and I are still a bit cautious, after all he is still my dad, it will get better in the future. Moreover, with my mom that live treasure, the atmosphere will not be cold.

After dinner, my dad offered to send my mom back, so Jiang Li and I send the two old people out the door, watching them drive away, until they disappear.

Jiang Li looked in the direction that they disappeared in, suddenly saying to me: "Guan Xiao Yan, today should be your most relaxed day in these ten plus years right?"

My eyes turned red, not saying anything. But my heart had admitted, it indeed is. Actually love will always be more happy than hate.

Jiang Li gently patted my head: "Go back, it's cool outside."