Flash Marriage


Flash Marriage Chapter 38

It wasn't easy to finally make it to the end of the week for a nice break, until someone decided to ask me out. To make matters worse, it is the person that makes me vomit blood each time, Xue Yun Feng.

I couldn't quite figure it out, why would this young master ever ask for me? First of all, I'm not his friend, nor his girlfriend, and I'm his boyfriend's wife……My identity should make him feel awkward, right?

Of course, I doubt that this is all because of my charismatic character……I know my limitations.

So I asked him confusingly, "Why me?"

He answered with detail and yet vague, "Because I need your help."

Then I got even more confused. But after being stared for five minutes with this shota's watery eyes, my inner maternal instinct kicked in. Thus, I grit my teeth and accepted his plea.

The small one is simply too happy that he embraced me while lauding, "I knew you would help me! Hahahaha…."

I fought to push him off, in not such a bad mood I told him, "Let me beg this little brother, please behave yourself."

Xue Yun Feng let go of me, with disgust on his face and sized me, he stared at my chest and mocked, "Such an unpleasant scene!"

Me: "……"

I became speechless, went into my bag and fished out a handkerchief to wipe my sweat. Currently, my feelings are confusing. It is a very beautiful yet hurtful moment. Within these many years, not one person has ever sized my chest…..but when that person came, he said my chest is……

While I was dazed by his words, Jiang Li drove his coquettish BMW and parked in front of the company's entrance. I felt a bit awkward, so instead of waiting for Jiang Li to get out of his car, I ran towards him.

It is at this time when suddenly, Xue Yun Feng screams out from my back. I turn to see his scrunched up brows and angry eyes. "If you ever dare try to snatch my Jiang Li, I will….." While saying so, he motions his hand across his neck in a threatening manner.

My heart trembled, I gave a dry laugh. "I won't, I won't……" How can I, Guan Xiao Yan, be pathetic enough to fight for a man with another man? If that's the case then I might as well just quit……

I got into Jiang Li's car, leaned against the window looking at the Xue Yun Feng not far away. My heart starting to brew some sort of distaste.

Jiang Li interrupts my thoughts, "Are you familiar with him?"

"Not really." I shake my head while carefully asking, "Jiang Li, you…do you actually like Xue Yun Feng?"

Jiang Li seemingly suspicious replies, "Why are you asking this? Don't tell me you have something for him."

HIs tone towards me were filled with seriousness. Which means that he cares about "whether I have intentions towards Xue Yun Feng or not." Then, this matter means that he still cares about him right? So I answered with a smiled, "Nah nah, I wouldn't dare……I just felt a bit weird, how come I have never seen you guys on a date?"

Jiang Li lifts his brows, apparently dissatisfied. "If he and I were to have a date, why would I let you see?"

I laughed coquettishly, "You're right. But, why haven't you been spending the night outside……." These words should be enough to reveal the secret.

Jiang Li presses his lips, swept his eyes towards me and said, "Fine, then I guess tonight you will be sleeping alone."

Detecting the seriousness of situation, I hurriedly went to fix it. "Forcing a melon to grow faster doesn't make it sweet. I suggest the two of you to cultivate your feelings slowly ah….haha…"

Thus, Jiang Li withdrew his sinister smile and drew off.

That's when I remembered the disgusted look Xue Yun Feng had on his face when he looked at my chest, does all gays hate women's chests? With my curiosity, I peeked at Jiang Li and said, "Umm, Jiang Li ah. Let me ask you……say…umm…my……um…my chest, does it bother you to look at?"

Jiang Li's eye assessed me quickly, and said as if nothing happened, "Doesn't bother, can be ignored."

Me: "……."

I once again, fished out a handkerchief to wipe….my tears.


The sunlight on Saturdays are bright as usual. I got off the taxi and saw Xue Yun Feng standing around the entrance of the market. This kid, no matter what time and place, likes to dress up meticulously, with his lazy and yet exquisite look, a child’s temperament is quite obvious. He also has this sense of genderless beauty, different from a woman’s feminine and a man's masculine, his beauty is like sweet spring, refreshing and pleasant. Xue Yun Feng stood in the front with boredom, he managed to attract all the bystanders regardless of gender. I couldn't help but sign, it is quite reasonable that Jiang Li fell for him.

I laughed happily while running to him. After greeting Xue Yun Feng, we both went into the market. While walking, I threw him a question. "What do you want to buy?"

Xue Yun Feng: "A present."

Christmas and New Year is almost coming. It is no wonder that this fellow trying to buy presents. But, why the heck did he try to drag me in it?

Xue Yun Feng saw through my doubt and replied, "I need to buy Jiang Li a present. So of course I have to bring you."

I scratched my head while smiling. "Oh I see, then what do you plan to give him?"

Xue Yun Feng raged at me. "If I know what to give him, why would I call you?"

Oh…he is right. It seems that his beauty has muddled my head, I must have been too entranced.

Xue Yun Feng then thought for a moment before explaining. "I need to give him a birthday present, not a christmas present."

Shocked, I asked, "Jiang Li's birthday is coming up? When?""

"You don't know?" The eyes of Xue Yun Feng seemingly to glow brighter with each minute. "His birthdate is on December 25 ah. You actually don't know! It seems like he really doesn't care for you at all, nice!"

I wipe my sweat, Jiang Li not caring for me, is it a thing worth celebrating for?

I clear my thought and surprisingly a thought popped up. "Jiang Li's birthday is actually on the same day as Jesus! No wonder he is abnormal."

"Wrong!" Xue Yun Feng rolled his eyes at me, corrected me and said, "It should be Jesus' birthday is on the same day as Jiang Jesus who have the same birthday as Jiang Li. Understand?"

Um, does this make a difference?


Although it is weekend, but there aren't a lot of people in the market, the reason is quite simple  —— the things are are expensive.

I followed Xue Yun Feng, looking at the columns of tags suddenly feeling the cold air surrounding me. I came to realize, in our socialist society, this is how the lives of the exploiting class regress.

While I was filled with justice and anger, Xue Yun Feng suddenly turned his head and said to me, "Do you know what Jiang Li likes?"

I shrugged, "Are you kidding me? I don't even know when his birthday is and you think I will know his likes and dislikes? All I know is that he doesn't like spicy food. Others, I'm clueless about!"

Xue Yun Feng frowned, "Then there was no point of coming out with you?"

I nod my head, "Exactly."

Xue Yun Feng stares at me pitifully. "Then what should I do?"

My goodness, ignoring me when I have no use, and using beauty trap once I am needed. Pretend to be miserable, this shota is surely despicable! But, but……I buy this crap, every time I see his poor face, I feel like my heart being is pinched……

So I petted him on the shoulder, said in a earnest way, "Then, why don't we just ask him in person?"

The shota tilts his head, "Ask him yourself."

I'm confused and unsatisfied, "Why? It is you who wanted to buy something for him….."

He stomps his feet. "I'm shy……" With that being said, he stared at me once again with those eyes.

I took out my phone with my trembling hand. Fine, I ask. I will ask.

"Yeah, what is it?" Jiang Li's voice not annoyed but sounding out nice.

I made out a soft laugh and in my gentlest tone asked, "Handsome guy, what do you like?"

Jiang Li on the other end clutched his phone in a tight grip. "Guan Xiao Yan, did you call the wrong person?"

I sweat. Surely, he doesn't have a sense of humor. I can only abandon my first approach and straightforwardly ask, "Jiang Li ah, your birthday is coming up, what do you want?"

"A present?" Jiang Li's voice appearing to have a bit of a joyful tune to it. This shows that his mood is not too bad. It seems like I chose the right time to ask.

On the other side, Jiang Li comments. "Guan Xiao Yan, you finally have done something good."

I felt baffled, does he know that I'm with Xue Yun Feng? What does it mean that I have done some good. Is he trying to say that I dare to date his boyfriend? Then, he is threatening me? I had a shiver, then said with caution, "Umm……I will explain to you later. Quick, what do you want?"

Jiang Li jokingly says, "I want you. Will you give me?"

I couldn't stand still and almost fell onto the ground. Thank god that Xue Yun Feng held onto me.

My goodness, I knew it. Jiang Li this guy, if he wanted to be vulgar, then he would be on the top of doing so. Jiang Li disappoints me, I'm threatened by his boyfriend's stare to pick a present for him, and he tortures my fragile nerves in a calm manner, how despicable!

I stood again balancing myself. While solemnly focusing on my words. "Say it, what do you want!"

Jiang Li is finally shocked by my momentum (At least that's what I thought), so he answered lazily, "Up to you, I will be happy with anything. Even if I do want something, you don't seem to be able to offer."

Jiang Li's words made me confirm that he knows I'm with Xue Yun Feng buying gifts for him. Furthermore, he knows that Xue Yu Feng is the one buying the gift, not me……Jiang Li you are amazing, what kind of connection do you have with Zhuge Liang?

(T/A): Zhuge Liang is known to be a very famous strategist and is a regent in the state of Shu Han during Three Kingdoms period. Pst…he is kinda handsome. 😄

I hang up the phone, Xue Yun Feng looked at me full of hope. Nervously he asked, "Did he say what he wanted?"

I comforted him by patting him on the shoulder. "Don’t worry, he said he’ll like whatever you gift him."

Xue Yun Feng's eyes lit up. "Really?"

I nodded, suddenly realizing that this is a sad world, really. Why do I have to be the messenger of their love words……