First Marriage Then Love


First Marriage Then Love Chapter 74

074. The Osmanthus Fish of 6 years ago

The next day was Monday, so Su Yi Cheng went ahead and drove An Ran to work. An Ran has her head turned to look out the window, and doesn’t speak. The mood was somewhat heavy.

The car slowly stops in front of Jing Cheng building. Turning the engine off, An Ran undoes her seat belt. She turns her head to look at Su Yi Cheng and says thanks. She then carries her bag and was about to open the door to leave.

“An Ran.” Su Yi Cheng grabs her hand before she could open the door.

An Ran turns her head, looks at him puzzled, and asks, “What?”

Su YI Cheng doesn’t say anything, just smiles. Then he pulls on her, leans his head forward and plants a kiss on her forehead. He then lets go of her, the corner of mouth carries a faint smile. He helps her fix her collar, then quietly says, “Go up. Remember to wait for me tonight?”

An Ran nods, her face carried a slight flush as a result of his kiss. She looks at him, and couldn’t help but remind him, “Drive carefully.”

Su Yi Cheng smiles, nods and replies, “Alright.”

Perhaps she was still a bit shy and embarrassed, An Ran couldn’t face him. She quickly turns around and gets off the car, then she quickly walks over to the building. Midway, she didn’t forget to turn around and look, and sees that he was still there watching her. She waves her hand, then turns around to go in.

In the car, Su Yi Cheng couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head. He waited until her figure disappeared behind the door, then starts the car and leaves.

By the time An Ran had reached the office she felt that the atmosphere today was strange. The people in the office seemed to be talking about something, as once she stepped into the office, they quickly put on an act and left.

An Ran doesn’t ask, and just goes straight into her office.

During lunch apparently she had too much soup, because the entire afternoon she was constantly running to the washroom.

When An Ran went in, not even a minute later, two of her female colleagues also came into the washroom. They were fixing up their makeup--no--to be accurate, they were gossiping.

“Have you seen the corner of Xiao xiao’s eyes, it looks like it caught a big line.” One person says.

The other person replies, “Who hasn’t seen it. Did she think wearing sunglasses could cover it up. It clearly exposes what she wanted to hide. Who in the office doesn’t know the relationship between her and Huang De Xing. She was caught red-handed, having a scrape at the corner of her eye is considered good luck. She has a few cases in her hands, yet everyday she dresses up like a witch.”

“Hey, some have to rely on their face and bedroom skills to survive in this harsh environment. You’re jealous, you’re so jealous that you also bought some revealing clothes. Everyday you drew like a siren, then when Director came you quickly tossed some winks at him so you don’t have to design, and become our company’s other beauty designer.”

“Fuck off, I’d rather design for the rest of my life than to serve that old man.”

Outside, the two giggle for a while, wash their hands, then prepared to leave, yet when they were about to go out they were suddenly startled, only to see Xiao xiao wearing dark glasses that concealed more than half her face, her hair was still wavy and graceful, her tight outfit showed off her impressive figure.

“Ar-architect Xiao.” The pair who were laughing just now immediately become stupid. They didn’t know when Xiao xiao had come in, and how much she had heard.

Xiao xiao steps forward, that dark glasses that was cover half of her face, made is so that one couldn’t see her current expression.

The pair that was once joking around immediately became listless. They look at Xiao xiao and give her a hollow laugh to admit concession. They stammer, “W-we’re leaving first.”

Xiao xiao stands there in front of the glass mirror, and reaches up to lift her sunglasses. The corner of her eye had a bright red and slender cut, with bruises surrounding it. She expressionlessly takes out her foundation from her bag, opens it and fixes up her make up, concentrating on the area around her eyes.

Upon seeing this, the two women, turn around in anger, only to hear Xiao xiao’s soft voice, “No need to come tomorrow.” Her tone was neither quick nor slow, salty nor weak.

Hearing that, the two halt, turn around, and scowl, “Xiao, Xiao jie, we were wrong. We didn’t do it on purpose, no malice, please, please forgive us.”

Xiao xiao looks at herself through the mirror indifferently. With skilled practice she fixed her make-up, managing to cover up the redness on her face as much as possible. As for the two people behind her, she doesn’t even glance at them.

Seeing her unconcerned, they couldn’t come up with anything, and they didn’t know what her attitude was like. Even though they didn’t like her, but after all she was Huang De Xing’s person. If she really wanted them to go, then it wouldn’t be impossible.

The redness around the corner of her eye was too big. The foundation couldn’t even cover up half of it. On the contrary, the excessive foundation was making the corner of her eye look even worse. She squeezes her powder puff, recalling the scene of Huang De Xing’s bitch grabbing her, while he stood there indifferently. Her rage flares wildly. The more she thought about it the more difficult it was to breathe. She gravely turns her head, glowers at them, and howls, “What are you still stupidly standing there for, get lost!”

The two women both were frightened. The redness around corner of her eye was exposed, and she looked terrifying to them at the moment, made people want to be careful.

“What are you looking at, get lost!”

One of the girls would not back down, and talks back, “You, what seniority do you have to let us go, anyways, what we said was fact, if you’re scared of people talking, then don’t do it. Doing it yet not letting people talk about it, how noble and virtuous.”

“What did you just say?” Xiao xiao steps forward. She glowers at her, it seemed like it could oppress people, incredibly terrifying. Gnashing her teeth, she emphasizes each word, “You. Have. The. Guts. To. Say. It. Again!”

The person swallows her saliva, her body moving back continuously. By her side the other person stands there. Looking at her appearance, also scared people. She wanted to say something to ease the tension, then finally says, “Xiao, Xiao jie----“

Only Xiao xiao, with just a glance, scared her so badly that she swallowed her words down.

*Crashing sound!*

When they were deadlocked outside, An Ran flushes and comes out from the toilet. She turns her head to look at them indifferently, then turns back and goes to wash her hands.

Xiao xiao suddenly walks over to An Ran, glowers at her, and asks, “Why are you here!”

An Ran shoots at a glance at her from the mirror. She turns on the tap, presses on the soap dispenser and starts to wash her hands, at the same time, she says, “Peeing.”

“So you heard everything!” Xiao xiao clenches her two fists by her thighs. She did not expect that she was also in the washroom, her own sorry situation, she couldn’t stand that she’d heard it all!

Not looking at her, An Ran insipidly replies, “I’m not deaf.” Moreover they were howling, it’s impossible for her to pretend that she didn’t hear!

Xiao xiao’s chest move up and down. She looks at her and sneers, “So proud of yourself now aren’t you, you’re secretly laughing, laughing that I’d get this one day right? Looking at what a joke I've become must make you so happy, doesn’t it?”

An Ran turns off the tap, grabs a paper towel to wipe a wet spot. She turns around and calmly looks at her, insipidly says, “You always like to impose your ways of thinking on others. I wasn’t thinking that, but you must be thinking it, and I can't help it, because that way of thinking is your’s. I can’t change it.”

“Heng, what pretty words, don’t think that I don’t know, you’ve been eager to see the day when I make a joke of myself.” Xiao xiao says sharply.

An Ran sneers, “Don’t assume that everyone’s like you. Not everyone is as narrow-minded as you.”

“You---!” Xiao xiao was pissed, her chest heaving.

An Ran doesn’t say any more, passes her and was about to leave.

“You think you’re so good, you’re just fortunate to catch Su Yi Cheng, otherwise, you won’t be anything!” Xiao xiao says resentfully.

An Ran smiles, and nods, not denying her words. She says, “I really am lucky.”

“Heng, I’ve seen enough of his kind, I’m afraid that he’s just playing with you, when he gets tired of you, he’ll kick you away.” Xiao xiao remarks scathingly, her eyes were filled with indignant jealousy.

An Ran smiles shallowly. She doesn’t pay attention to her, and directly goes out of the washroom. When she passed the two women, she says to them, “Last week did you guys finish your blueprint?”

“Uh…..” The two were stupefied. What blueprint, they stare at each other, not understanding what An Ran was saying.

An Ran frowns, sending a message through her eyes, she feigns strictness and says, “If you’re not even designing, why are you still gossiping idly? Get back to work!”

The two finally got the message, hurriedly nods, and says, “We’ll go back, we’ll go back right now.” Saying that, then hasten to leave the washroom.

Xiao xiao looks at them resentfully. In the end, she swipes her make-up box and throws it on the round.

When it was almost time to get off work Huang De Xing calls her into the office, then gives her a pile of materials, saying that it was a competition that the company was planning to do soon, a foreign case. After one month they will do the biddings. It was almost time. Because apart from the blueprint, the company still needs to provide a sample room. When the time comes there will be a specialist coming in to do the evaluations.

“I-I’m really in charge of this case?” An Ran was overwhelmed.

Huang De Xing’s brows raises, and asks, “What, not confident?”

“No, I, I’m just surprised.” After all this project was a big deal, it relates to the company’s foreign development in the future.

“I believe in you. You are perceptive in designing. As it should be, of course I should say, if you have any questions, you can come find me. If you’re having trouble making a decision, you can also come find me for advice.” Huang De Xing laughs as he speaks.

An Ran nods. Hugging the pile of materials, she pledges, “I’ll do my best, not to disappoint you!”

“Alright. I’ll wait for your blueprint.”

“Yes.” An Ran nods, then carries the pile of materials out of the office.

The project this time was a large-scale exercise park. It will have every kind of exercise and leisure equipment. It’ll occupy a very large space, and it’ll require a tremendous amount of capital, because a UK company, ‘Jason Consortium’ will be investing in it. It’s an aristocratic financial group, and with regards to this project’s launching, every country’s media will be paying close attention to it. Therefore if ‘Jing Cheng Construction’ could seize this project, then regardless of whether it was a domestic or foreign project, then undoubtedly all would be hugely successful.

When An Ran was eagerly looking at the pile of resources that Huang De Xing had given her, Su Yi Cheng had called. Su Yi Cheng was already downstairs, and didn’t see An Ran so he gave her a call to ask her whether or not she was still busy with work.

Only then does An Ran remember that Su Yi Cheng had said that he will be taking her to a mysterious place today. She quickly tidies up her stuff and puts the materials into her briefcase, then leaves.

When she got downstairs Su Yi Cheng’s car was already at the gate. Upon seeing her come out of the building, he opens the car door and gets out. He watches her, wearing a faint smile on his face.

An Ran runs over to him with small steps, looks at him apologetically, and says, “Did you wait for long? Sorry, I was looking at some data and forgot.”

Su Yi Cheng laughs. He reaches out and fixes her hair that had become messy because she ran. Then he opens the car door, and says, “Get in.”

An Ran nods, smiles at him softly, and gets in the car.

Heavenly gentleman Su closes the door for her, then gets in his side of the car.

She waits until he sat down. An Ran couldn’t contain her curiousness and ask, “So where are we going?” Yesterday he said that he would bring her some place, but he was being all mysterious and wouldn’t tell her.

Su Yi Cheng starts the car, turns to her and laughs, “Let’s eat first.”

The car slowly approaches a unique looking restaurant and parks in front of it. There were all sorts of grand-looking cars parked at the front, looking at it would make people dazzled.

An Ran raises her head. “Yi Ran yuan”, she’d heard of this inn before. It opened two months ago, and she heard that at its grand opening they invited all the celebrities and well known people of the city, to attract countless people, so much that word travelled far and wide, that even people from the far parts of the country would rush over, only to see their idol. And thanks to the promotion of those celebrities, this restaurant’s reputation immediately circulated out. In addition on that day’s grand opening, this ‘Yi Ran yuan’s’ proprietor did not hesitate to spare blood and let people try their food free of charge for a day. Plus with the restaurant’s chef’s remarkable craftsmanship, those who had tried their food praised it to high heavens, and from then on became the restaurant’s loyal customer. Even if this place was not convenient to reach, they still recommended their friends and relatives to try out the newly opened restaurant.

“Let’s go, I heard that the zhe jiang dish here is pretty good.” Su YI Cheng says, leading her by the arm to go into the restaurant.

“You’ve eaten here before?” An Ran asks mindlessly.

Su Yi Cheng chuckles as he shakes his head and says, “Nope, Yi Jiao told me about it.”

“Yi Jiao! She has a restaurant herself, why would she go to other people’s restaurant’s to eat?”

“Haha, didn’t I tell you that this restaurant is also Yi Jiao’s?” Su Yi Cheng laughs.

An Ran stares at him wide eyed, and shakes her head. She did not expect that Yi Jiao was Jiang city’s Queen of Catering. She clearly looked like a child, yet she didn’t expect that she would open one restaurant after another!

The two enter. Not needing a private room, they directly go into the lounge and look for seats.

Su Yi Cheng orders. Apparently it was some coincidence, An Ran surprisingly discovered that there was very little difference between her taste and his. What he liked to eat, she also liked it.

“So you also like to eat these kinds of food!” An Ran happily exclaims.

“Yeah.” Su Yi Cheng responds. The entire time the corner of his mouth was wearing a good-looking smile.

Only coming in does she discovers, the management of this place was indeed a lot like You Ran Restaurant’s. The only thing that differed was the interior decoration and design. It wasn’t like the subdued luxuriousness that people had said. Everything here was dimmer, appearing simple and plain. Living up to the restaurant’s name, calm and quiet, making people feel cozy.

The dishes came out very quickly, even the smell was good, not at all losing to You Ran restaurant.

“You just wanted to bring me to this place to eat?” Placing a few pieces of food into her mouth, An Ran asks.

Su Yi Cheng smiles, passes a piece of meat to her, and says, “Nope. I’ll bring you there after we finish eating.”

“So what place is it?” An Ran asks curiously.

Su Yi Cheng only laughs, and shakes his head lightly.

An Ran pettily scolds him in her mind, lowers her head and continues to eat her food. And it was at this time, that a sweet voice comes out from behind.

“Special Assistant Su, senior sister An Ran!” From the tone she seemed surprised, pleasantly surprised.

Su Yi Cheng raises his head, and just faintly nods his head. He wears a smile on his face, but that smile, was faintly discernable and somewhat estranged, not at all friendly.

Hearing what was said An Ran also turns her head, only to see Tong Xiao Jie’s white outfit, her face wearing a smile looking at them. “Senior sister and Special Assistant Su are also having a meal here!” Tong Xiao Jie smiles as she walks to them, at the same time saying, “The food here really is not too bad, the ambient is also really nice.”

An Ran looks at her unenthusiastically, turns around, not answering to her.

Su Yi Cheng looks at An Ran, raises his head and nods at Tong Xiao Jie, smiling, “Miss Tong is alone? Would you like to join us?”

“No, I came with my husband.” Tong Xiao Jie replies. After saying that she turns to look at An Ran, only to see An Ran eating undisturbed.

“Oh, is that so.” Su YI Cheng nods his head in understanding, not saying much. Then he returns his gaze, looks at An Ran warmly, then adds another piece of meat to An Ran’s bowl. He says, “Here, leaving out the meat again, you’re too thin.”

Tong Xiao Jie watches them, the corner of her mouth seemed as if there was no smile. She says, “Why don’t Special assistant Su and senior sister join us, we have a private room. Yuan Shan Construction’s Director Zhang is also with us. I think they would very happy to see you Special Assistant Su.”

“No need, An Ran and I have plans later on. Perhaps next time.” Su Yi Cheng declines.

Tong Xiao Jie nods, and says somewhat regretfully, “Then I can only wait until next time.”

“Yes. We’ll meet next time.” Su Yi Cheng nods in agreement.

Tong Xiao Jie says to An Ran, “Senior sister, then I’ll go ahead first. You and Special Assistant Su take your time.” Not caring if An Ran would reply or not, after she finished speaking, she turns around and walks over to a private room.

The mood became strange after Tong Xiao Jie’s appearance. An ran eats silently. Su Yi Cheng has a slight frown as he watches her.

Not long after, Su Yi Cheng was about to say something, when he sees Zhang Yuan Shan’s smiling face come up from behind her. Following him was Mo Fei.

“Special Assistant Su, special assistant Su. What a coincidence, you guys are also here to eat!” The person hasn’t even neared yet, when Zhang Yuan Shan’s voice calls out.

Su Yi Cheng raises his head to look at him. He puts on a professional smile, moves his chair and stands to walk over to him. In response, An Ran also puts down her chopsticks and gets up. She turns her head, and happened to see Mo Fei, following Zhang Yuan Shan from behind.

Zhang Yuan Shan was naturally happy to see Su Yi Cheng and his wife. Ever since that reception he had always thought of asking Su Yi Cheng for a meal, considering to apologize, but every time he called, he was always turned down by the secretary. He wasn’t even able to meet him face to face. This was good, he didn’t expect that the appointment today with Mo Fei and his wife to discuss the company’s future collaboration, would unexpectedly bump into Su Yi Cheng. Even better, Mo Fei and Tong Xiao Fen are schoolmates with Su Yi Cheng’s wife Gu An Ran. Even if Su Yi Cheng won’t give him face, he would still give Mo Fei face. Really was wonderful!

Zhang Yuan Shan enthusiastically reaches out with two hands to shake Su Yi Cheng’s. He repeatedly exclaims, “Special assistant Su is also here, really, such a coincidence. A few days before I was thinking of asking you for a meal, however you are quite busy, there was no opportunity for me.”

Su Yi Cheng’s appearance does not change as he shakes his hand. The smile on his face was still kind. He nods, and faintly says, “I’m indebted to Director Zhang’s grace. This time we’re quite busy with investigations, indeed a little busy.”

“Then please, why not take this chance encounter, today we happened to encounter here, looks like we are fated to have a meal, why don’t Special Assistant Su join us?” Zhang Yuan Shan requests.

Su Yi Cheng smiles mildly as he says, “Director Zhang is too courteous.” Finishing speaking he turns to face An Ran, only to see her standing there calmly, watching him. The corner of his mouth rises slightly, his mood immediately becomes cheerful.

This Zhang Yuan Shan can also be considered an elite. He came from nothing and became rich overnight, then, going through obstacles in the business world for so many years, it’s obviously fundamental for his expression to weigh up to his words. Upon seeing this, apparently understanding something, he turns around to An Ran and says, “Mrs. Su, I apologize for the matter at the reception. Is it possible for me to borrow this opportunity, let me take the honour of inviting Mrs. Su to a meal. It is also an apology for last time.”

Hearing what was said, An Ran turns around and looks at Su Yi Cheng, only to see that he is still smiling, looking at her, not at all intending to speak. An Ran thought that it was inconvenient for him to decline, so she was thinking of tactfully declining herself. Thinking of this, she turns to look at Zhang Yuan Shan and smiles, “Director Zhang is joking. There is no need to speak of the incident last time. It was just a misunderstanding, Director Zhang does not need to take it to heart.”

“Haha, Mrs. Su is too magnanimous. Even if it was not for last time, today by chance Mo Fei and Xiao Jie are here, the three of you went to same school and are schoolmates. And Xiao Jie and them just came back from abroad. You guys have not met for so many years, today can also be considered a time to reminisce.” Zhang Yuan Shan says. He turns towards Mo Fei, and says, “Right, Mo Fei?”

Mo Fei was distracted, and then comes back to Earth. He stupidly nods, and wears a pained smile, agreeing with him. He fixes on An Ran and says, “Right. It’s been years, and actually we have a lot to talk about. An Ran, come join us, the Osmanthus fish is pretty good. I remember that your favourite dish was the Osmanthus fish soup.

An Ran’s face stiffens, that smile seemed as if it turned cold that moment, freezing her face. She avoids his gaze, not looking at him at all.

Su Yi Cheng naturally sensed An Ran’s difference and change. He reaches out to take her hand, and gives her a loving smile. Then he turns to face Mo Fei, and calmly says, “It’s rare that Director Mo still remembers what An Ran likes to eat. However, habits are a strange thing: some people who were once very fond of one thing, even loving it. But after a long time, their preferences will change, especially you rejecting that dish 6 years ago, could one still remember the taste of that dish?”

Mo Fei turns stiff, clearly stunned. He looks at Su Yi Cheng, and stiffly says, “Perhaps it’s because I haven’t eaten it in 6 years, that I only cherish the memory of that taste.”

Zhang Yuan Shan stands at the side, puzzled. This skillful exchange, is just about the food?

The smile on Su Yi Cheng’s face does not change, as graceful and mannerly as before. He gently says, “Perhaps it wasn’t cherished from the beginning. After all liking it that much, akin to giving up smoking and drinking, the hardest part is the initial stages. But if after a while, and it being as long as 6 years, wanting to eat after not thinking of it, only proves that she has already successfully given up the taste that she once enjoyed.”

“How do you know that she hasn’t thought about that dish. Perhaps she once thought about it day and night, have never forgotten!” Mo fei’s emotions were stirred up.

“Perhaps it’s like what Director Mo said, indeed she may have strong affections for that dish, and has kept it constantly in mind for a long time. However, ultimately she still hasn’t eaten it, only has one reason, and that is that she was hurt too deeply back then, and that hurt made her fear and dread it.” Su Yi Cheng says.

Hearing what was said, Mo Fei turns to dazedly look at An Ran who was standing at his side. He couldn’t help but ask himself, “Was it like that?”

Zhang Yuan Shan apparently heard some kind of mystery, only the scene was very strange. He can only be obliged to jokingly ask, “Mrs. Su swallowed a mandarin fish bone back then?”

An Ran forces a smile, not knowing how to respond. She subconsciously turns to look at Su Yi Cheng.

Su Yi Cheng still smiles warmly, reaches out and naturally embraces An Ran’s waist. He jests to Zhang Yuan Shan, “Yes, that time she swallowed a huge bone, and henceforth she’s dreaded mandarin fish.”

“Haha, so it’s like that.” Zhang Yuan Shan nods in understanding, “Then Mrs. Su must be scared to touch fish.”

“Well, it’s not exactly like that.” Su Yi Cheng shakes his head. He turns to look at Mo Fei, and dimly says, “There’s nothing that can’t be replaced. If she can’t eat mandarin fish there are still other fish. She only choked on mandarin fish, the shadows of the mandarin fish is real, but other fish are harmless. You can’t stop eating other delicious fish because of that one fish, don’t you think, Director Mo.”

Mo Fei stiffens, unable to come up with even a word. He drops his arms and clenches his fist, his fingernails sinking into his palms, but he doesn’t feel pain.

The atmosphere became weird, Zhang Yuan Shan naturally is able to see the general idea. He quickly smiles and says, “Well then we won’t get mandarin fish. Special Assistant Su and Mrs. Su should come with, tonight I shall drink a few cups with Special Assistant Su.”

Speaking of alcohol, An Ran subconsciously says, “He can’t drink!”

Zhang Yuan Shan was shocked, and asks, “Why?” He had heard that Su Yi Cheng’s capacity for liquor was pretty good, and was about to ask for the highest quality of Mao Tai liquor that he liked.

Only after An Ran had finished speaking did she feel that she was too sudden. She regretted that she spoke too soon. She doesn’t know how an official’s wife should act, but on TV they all just stood there, just wearing a smile on their face. If it really was supposed to be like that, than she really shot her mouth out. A little annoyed, she looks at Su Yi Cheng, only to see him looking at her funny.

They don’t seem to answer, but Su Yi Cheng also does not refute it, so Zhang Yuan Shan jokingly says, “Haha, looks like Special Assistant Su really loves his wife.” The implication was that he was under his wife’s thumb.

An Ran said no so it was a no, only he didn’t think that Su Yi Cheng, a man with an iron fist, would unexpectedly be whipped!

Hearing that, Su Yi Cheng laughs. He only says, “To marry a wife is to marry pain*”

*T/N: The ‘love’ that they used isn’t the usual character, ‘ai’, but ‘teng’, which is commonly known as ‘pain’. The alternate meaning is ‘to love dearly’. Take what you will 😉

Zhang Yuan Shan nods, “Yes yes yes, Special Assistant Su is so right, taking a wife is to marry pain.” Saying that, he also says to An Ran, “Mrs. Su, please let me borrow Special Assistant Su for one night, drinking is only to liven things up, we won’t drink too much.”

An Ran shakes her head, firmly rejects, “Sorry Director Zhang, Yi Cheng’s stomach is not too well these days, the doctor specifically said not to drink or smoke.” She was scared to death a few days before. Normally if she wasn’t here she wouldn’t care, but since she’s here now, and she clearly knows his stomach’s condition, so naturally she won’t let him drink.

“Uh, is Special Assistant Su’s health not good? Is it serious?” Zhang Yuan Shan asks concernedly.

“Hehe, An Ran’s too tense, it’s just an old illness, nothing imposing.” Su Yi Cheng’s tone was relaxed. At the corner of his eye he shoots a glance a Mo Fei, smiling yet not smiling.

Mo Fei does not speak, only watches him. He looks at An Ran. His fist clenches tighter.

“Well then we won’t drink today, let’s just sit and eat. Let’s not talk any more, the food here is really good.” Zhang Yuan Shan says again. Today, no matter what he will get Su Yi Cheng, otherwise the next time that he requests him for a meal, it would be difficult. He turns to look at An Ran and says, “Xiao Jie had not spoken to Mrs. Su, Mrs. Su, with Mo Fei and Xiao Jie, have studied at the same school for so many years, come join us to chat.”

An Ran looks at Su Yi Cheng awkwardly. She doesn’t want to stay behind, and especially does not want to be with Mo Fei and Tong Xiao Jie. She does not want any relation with that couple.

Su Yi Cheng naturally knows her thoughts, and faintly nods at her. He then looks at Zhang Yuan Shan and says, “Director Zhang is too polite, however tonight is really out of the question. I still have plans with An Ran, it seems that you can only wait til next time for that meal.”

“Uh, this----“ Zhang Yuan Shan was about to say something, yet was interrupted by Su Yi Cheng.

“How about this, Director Zhang the meal tonight will be on me, next time, next time when there’s time, we will call on Chairman Xiao and all chat together.” Su Yi Cheng smiles.

Seeing that he said so, Zhang Yuan Shan also does not push any further. “That being the case that Special Assistant Su and Mrs. Su still has plans tonight, then we will also not force it. After all it is important business. However this bill, Special Assistant Su is too polite. If it is footing the bill then I should be one to do it. Then I will count on Special Assistant Su.”

“Haha, Director Zhang please don’t fight me. Today you can consider me as the host. This restaurant belongs to my sister, so, there is no need for Director Zhang to be so polite.” Su Yi Cheng says so.

“Uh.” Zhang Yuan Shan was surprised, not expecting yet another layer. It would not be good for him to persist in refusing this, so he can only force a smile and say, “That being the case, then I will have to thank Special Assistant Su, for spending money.”

Su Yi Cheng smiles warmly, “My own sister, naturally have to show consideration.”

Zhang Yuan Shan smiles and nods, but doesn’t have the slightest intention of leaving.

Su Yi Cheng glances at him, then turns to softly ask An Ran, “Are you full?”

An Ran nods, “Full.” In fact she was pretty much almost done, only she didn’t expect to run into Tong Xiao Jie, even more she didn’t expect that she would call on Zhang Yuan Shan and Mo Fei to come out.

Hearing what was said, Su Yi Cheng turns to the side and addresses to Zhang Yuan Shan and Mo Fei, “Then, Director Zhang, please continue. I still have matters with An Ran, so I will leave first.”

“Sure, sure. You are busy, busy.” Zhang Yuan Shan quickly smiles, and answers. Mo Fei, at the side, only fixes on An Ran. He looked like he was enduring something.

Su Yi Cheng smiles weakly and nods, taking An Ran’s bag. Then he leads An Ran by the hand and leads her to the front desk.

Seeing that they are going to pay the bill, Zhang Yuan Shan then turns around, preparing to return to his room. At the same time, he says to Mo Fei, “Let’s go.”

Mo Fei stares at the restaurant door. He naturally heard what Su Yi Cheng had just said, but he was not willing, not willing, just not willing yet he is also powerless. He had thought that Su Yi Cheng was just a simple office worker. Even if his personality was good and remarkable he was just a substitution, able to give An Ran a quiet life, but not the best life. That was what he assumed just by seeing the car that he had driven before.

He even thought, that even though he and An Ran were together right now, but after half a year, even if it was just half a year, when it was time he was determined to disregard everything and make her return to his side. However, he didn’t expect that Su Yi Cheng’s identity was the Special Assistant of the Mayor of Jiang City, and even more did not expect that he had the strong backing of the Su family behind him! That kind of status, thusly he couldn’t grasp it.

Seeing him motionless, Zhang Yuan Shan calls out again, “Mo Fei?”

Mo Fei then come back to Earth. He nods at him, and only says, “I need to go to the washroom.” Saying that he directly goes over to the washroom. The present him, only needs to be good, cool-headed, otherwise, he doesn’t know how he could face Tong Xiao Jie!