First Marriage Then Love


First Marriage Then Love Chapter 71

071. The pig who threw away happiness (1) 

The man also saw An Ran, and was equally surprised, but even more, alarmed. This man wasn’t just anyone, but Cheng Xiang, who was supposed to be out on a business trip.

An Ran stares at Cheng Xiang, her brows wrinkle. She was about to ask him why he was here, when at this time a woman comes out from the washroom, elegant hair, delicate features, just her complexion was a bit pale right now, making her look even more delicate.

The woman walks past An Ran, reaching out to hold Cheng Xiang. She gives him a soft smile, and only says, “Let’s go.”

Cheng Xiang looks at her, the corner of his mouth pulls up slightly, and nods. Supporting her while she leaves, he turns back and looks at An Ran, his expression rather complex. An Ran looks on confused.

An Ran stares at him as helps that woman leave, ultimately disappearing from her line of sight. An Ran was out for a good while when her spirit sways back to her. She hurriedly takes out her cell phone from her pocket, doesn’t think too much and directly calls Lin Li.

But just when she heard Lin Li’s voice, An Ran suddenly doesn’t know what to say. She has known Lin Li for over 10 years, the two have gone through thick and thin, they were like sisters. She knows Lin Li’s disposition well, even though she looks carefree and lively, but when it comes to emotions, she is frail. In reality she is not like her outer appearance, staunch and valiant.

“Hey. An Zi, want to have lunch with me?” Lin Li’s voice was cheerful, she can hear that her mood was very good.

An Ran stays silent for a while, and asks, “Is Cheng Xiang home?”

“Nope, don’t you already know, he’s on a business trip. He won’t be back for another 2-3 days.” Ling Li says, “What’s up? Need something from him?”

An Ran’s heart turns cold. Cheng Xiang lied to Lin Li. Then does that mean that the text that Lin Li saw earlier was real? But how can Cheng Xiang be that kind of person!

“Hello? An Zi?” Lin Li hasn’t heard anything for a while, “Are you there?”

An Ran comes back to Earth, and quickly answers, “Y-yeah, I’m here.”

“What’s wrong? Do need something from Cheng Xiang?” Lin Li can hear that An Ran was strange today, but she doesn’t think too much about it.

“It’s nothing. I have a colleague who wanted to get into investments, asked me if I knew anyone who was in that field.” An Ran lies. Maybe it’s better if she tells her about this later, at least until she gets things cleared up. She can’t say for sure that this isn’t a misunderstanding. Anyways, Lin Li is with child right now--it’s not good for her to have such mood swings.

Lin Li believes her, doesn’t think too much of it, and says, “Oh, so it’s like that. Then when Cheng Xiang comes back I’ll tell him to contact you.”

An Ran nods, and replies, “Okay.” The two continue to chat about other things for a bit, but before hanging up she couldn’t help but ask, “Lin Li, has Cheng Xiang called you?”

“Yeah, morning, noon, and evening, right on the dot every time.” Lin Li says, her voice was full of happiness and pride.

“Oh. Is that so.” An Ran answers in a low voice. She raises her head, only to see Cheng Xiang walking over to her down the hallway.

“An Zi, you’re a bit weird today, did something happen?” Lin Li, although simpleminded, wasn’t foolish. She felt that An Ran was weird today, even though she can’t say where she was strange, but she still felt that something was fishy.

An Ran laughs, and unexpectedly lets herself sound natural, only says, “Hehe, you’re thinking too much. I can’t talk anymore, still have some stuff to do here, I’ll call you later.” Saying that, she doesn’t want for Lin Li to reply, and just hangs up.

She raises her head and sees that Cheng Xiang is already standing in front of her, looking at her. His eyes show guilt, apologetic.

The two were silent for a while. An Ran stares at him, her expression somewhat threatening, her tone unprecedentedly ice-cold, “You came back. Planning to explain things to me? Or are you scared that I was going to call Lin Li?”

Cheng Xiang looks at her, inwardly sighs, and just says, “It’s not what you think it is.”

“I wasn’t imagining. It’s exactly what I saw with my own eyes.” An Ran says coldly.

“So you already called Lin Li?” Cheng Xiang asks, his handsome face couldn’t conceal his frantic expression.

“Yes, but I didn’t tell her that I ran into you here.” An Ran says honestly, “I’m not planning on letting Lin Li know until I get things straight. So I was planning to hear your explanation. Why did you lie to Lin Li and say that you were on a business trip?”

Cheng Xiang’s tone clearly relaxes. He raises his head and looks at An Ran, and just says, “Thanks.” He also knows Lin Li’s disposition, what’s more, she’s pregnant.

“I didn’t tell her, and I don’t want you to thank me.” An Ran states, expressionless.

“I know.” Cheng Xiang nods, and says, “The girl just know is my friend, I’ve known her since childhood. But our relationship isn’t what you think it is.”

“Ha, childhood sweethearts, innocent playmates.” An Ran sneers.

“It really isn’t what you think it is!”

“Then why did you lie to Lin Li and say that you were on a business trip? You weaved such a ridiculous lie to deceive her!” An Ran counters.

“I don’t want her to think too much, she’s pregnant right now, and her imagination easily runs wild.” Looking at An Ran, he turns to lean against the wall beside him. He sighs, and says, “She’s my friend, I’ve known her since childhood. Before this she had something come up, and she doesn’t have any friends or relatives by her side. She’s sick now, so that’s why I came back to take care of her. That is a fact. I didn’t lie to you. I didn’t tell Lin Li because I didn't want her to think too much. Sometimes you have to lie, but that doesn’t mean that they are malicious lies.”

“Suit yourself.” It’s not like he can’t afford the money. After all, a lone male and single female, when others look at it, it’s hard not to think too much of it.

“She doesn’t let anyone get close to her.” Cheng Xiang says.

“So you’re special?” An Ran asks.

“I just think of her as a younger sister, and she only thinks of me as her older brother, other than that, there’s nothing else!” Cheng Xiang explains.

An Ran doesn’t speak, and just stares at him for a while. Suddenly the phone in her hand starts to ring. It was Lin Xiao Fen. She picks it up. It turns out she was already at the hospital, but she doesn’t know the room number, so she’s at the inpatient department downstairs right now, and asks her to pick her up.

Ending the call, she looks at Cheng Xiang again, and grimly says, “Lin Li’s my friend, I don’t want to see her hurt even a bit. You are also my friend, we’ve known each other for 10 years. I know how you treat Lin Li, so I’ll believe what you say.”

Cheng Xiang lets out his breath, “Thank you.”

An Ran nods, and says, “However, men and woman are different, perhaps you should try to find another friend to take care of that girl. Me meeting you today also means that others will also run into you. I don’t want word to bounce back into Lin Li’s ears and have her misunderstand. She loves you and depends on you a lot, you know that. Don’t see her as easygoing, she isn’t that strong.”

Cheng Xiang nods, “I know.”

An Ran looks at the time, and doesn’t say any more. She turns around and walks over to the elevator.

When she reached downstairs Lin Xiao Fen was already there. Upon seeing An Ran, she quickly asks, “What on earth is the matter, things were fine how could he end up being hospitalized?”

“It’s stomach ulcer. He drank too much at the dinner party last night.” An Ran answers. She takes the bag of fruit from her mother, then presses the elevator button.

The mother and daughter pair had reached the room but didn’t open the door. They could hear scolding from inside, the tone somewhat stirred up.

Lin Xiao Fen looks at An Ran in confusion, and An Ran also shakes her head. She doesn’t know what’s happening right now, but hearing that voice, it should be Qin Yun.

She pushes the door and goes in, only to see Qin Yun standing in front of the hospital bed, glaring at her son, criticizing that he doesn’t cherish his own health at all, while Su Yi Jiao who was standing at the side, covers her mouth as she laughs, clearly enjoying his misfortune. She turns her head and sees An Ran come in, and raises her voice and joyously calls out, “Sis-in-law.”

“Mom, Yi Jiao, you guys are here.” An Ran smiles and nods at them.

Hearing what was said, the other two people in the room also look at An Ran. Qin Yun sees that An Ran sheepishly puts on a smile. Su Yi Cheng notices Lin Xiao Fen behind An Ran, and calls out, “Mom.” He props himself up and was about to get up.

Upon seeing this, Lin Xiao Fen quickly interrupts, “Aiya, you lie down and rest, don’t get up.”

Qin Yun then notices Lin Xiao Fen behind An Ran. She studies An Ran, then Lin Xiao Fen, and quickly steps forward, and smiles and she says, “This must be daughter-in-law’s mother.”

Lin Xiao Fen also smiles, looks at Qin Yun and also says, “Son-in-law’s mother.”

“An Ran looks like you, no wonder she’s so pretty.” Qin Yun laughs as she speaks.

Lin Xaio Fen laughs, studies Qin Yun. It’s just as An Ran had said, she is easy-going, and doesn’t have an air of arrogance.

“I never would have expected our first meeting to be like this. This, it’s all ‘cause of Ah Cheng.” Qin Yun says. She glares at her son, “Clearly you know that your stomach isn’t well and yet you still drank that much, you’re simply looking for death. You’re this old yet you’re still so troublesome.”

“Our An Ran isn’t that good as well. We’ve pampered her too much and she’s been accustomed to it, doesn’t know how to take care of people at all.” Lin Xiao Fen says, and also glares at An Ran. She just got married and then they ended up in the hospital, it’s a good thing that the Su family are good people, if it were some other household, there would be endless gossip.

“Ey, how can it be An Ran’s fault. Ah Cheng’s stomach has always been problematic. There will always be dinner parties but he still doesn’t restrain himself at all. He’s made himself like this, this is his consequence.” Qin Yun doesn’t defend her own son at all.

These two, even though they just met for the first time, but they weren’t unfamiliar with each other. Sitting together, they still have things to talk about. In fact, it wasn’t even anything--they both had praises. On one hand, Lin Xiao Fen says that Su Yi Cheng is good—he is sincere about everything and understands etiquettes and customs. On the other hand Qin Yun praises about An Ran’s cleverness and obedience.

An Ran laughs and watches the two. Just as she turns her head she met Su Yi Cheng’s eyes. They both smile at each other.

They hadn’t really sat down for a long time. Once they got to know that it is just an old illness and Su Yi Cheng just has to rest for two days and that it isn’t a serious problem, the people in the room get up to leave.

An Ran accompanies them out, and Su Yi Jiao volunteers to drive them home. Lin Xiao Fen tells An Ran to stay behind and take care of Su Yi Cheng, and also repeatedly reminds An Ran that even after he discharges she needs to make mild-flavoured food, for his stomach to get better.

She sends off the two mothers, and when she returned to the hospital room Su Yi Cheng was lying down. Seeing her come in, he beckons her, telling her to come over.

“What’s wrong?” Even though An Ran was suspicious, she still comes over to his side.

Su Yi Cheng shifts over, and pats on the empty side of his bed, and says, “Come sleep here.” He can see that she is beaten, yesterday and today really had been tiring on her.

An Ran turns red, and shakes her head, “I-I’m not tired.”

“Come.” Su Yi Cheng insists.

“I’m really not tired.” An Ran mutters, but she still listens to him and steps forward, but only stands by his bedside, not sitting down.

Su Yi Cheng reaches out and pulls on her. One pull and she falls down onto the bed.

“Ah!” An Ran cries. She wanted to throw off his arm but then remembers, they are in a hospital, this is a hospital room, and he is a patient. What would they call her if she sleeps on the bed, when the nurses come and change his IV or deliver his medicine and sees her, then she doesn’t want see people!

Su Yi Cheng was fast, and circles his arm around her waist. He says into her ears, “Don’t move, you’ll pull the needle off.” His tone was gentle, it carried a touch of grief and awkwardness.

Hearing that, An Ran doesn’t dare to move. She really was scared that she would pull out the needle in his hand, but being held like this is an issue. She looks at the door, the nurses can come in any time, seeing this, she’ll be teased to death!

“You, can you let go. I’m really not tired. Do you want to eat apples, I’ll go cut one up?” An Ran says unresigned.

Hearing that, Su Yi Cheng not only does not let go, he tightens his hold on her even more. She only hears him speak into her ears, “Lie down with me for a bit. If I don’t hold you, I won’t sleep well.” His voice was light and soft, his tone seemed like it was trying hard to cover up the grief and awkwardness.

This time An Ran was truly speechless. Without a word she keeps him company and lies down, turning to look at his handsome face. His long, delicate lashes were thick and pretty.

Su Yi Cheng looks at her dazed out appearance. He thought that because of his few words and insistence that she gave up, moved him. He rose and gave her a kiss on the forehead. He sees that her slightly-closed eyes trembled a bit, and the corner of her mouth rose into a pretty smile. However, even so he didn’t miss the dark circles underneath her eyes. He puts his arm under her neck, so that she can use his arm as a pillow, then softly says, “Sleep.” After saying that, he also closes his own eyes.

An Ran had closed her eyes and lied down for a bit, until she heard his familiar, faint, levelled breathing. She opens her eyes, and sees his serene sleeping form. The corner of her mouth unconsciously rose. She carefully props herself up, and cautiously lifts up the blanket with one hand, then, as much as possible, with light movements she prepared to get off the bed, but the next second her waist was held down, her entire body, with some strength, was brought down to a warm embrace.

An Ran suddenly turns around to look at him, only to see that Su Yi Cheng still had his eyes closed, even his expression was still the same as before. An Ran couldn’t help but wonder if he had woken up just now?

She childishly reaches out and waves her hand back and forth before his eyes. He had no reaction, even his eyelashes did not waver.

She lies down on the bed for another 5 minutes, certain that Su Yi Cheng was really asleep now. Maybe just then it was an inadvertent action that he does when he sleeps. So once again An Ran cautiously lifts his arm up, lifts the blanket, and softly and quietly moves off the bed, but before she could take the next step, her body once again was pulled into a warm embrace, but this time it was tighter. The two bodies were inseparably close. Her soft body closely against his tough chest, rough against soft, it was a fantastic feeling.

“You-you’re up?” Looking at Su Yi Cheng, An Ran asks uncertainly.

Hearing that, Su Yi Cheng slowly opens his eyes, looks at An Ran, then closes it again. He insipidly replies, “Sleep with me for a bit.”

This time An Ran was completely dispirited. She stares at him for a while, finally abandoning her plans of leaving. Then not long after, tiredness came upon her. Because last night she was afraid that he would wake up in the middle of the night dying of thirst, she didn’t sleep. She just leaned on the bed with her eyes closed for a bit. Right now she truly was tired, and her eyelids were getting heavier and heavier. Then, slowly, slowly, she closed her eyes. Not long after, her breathing slows down, faintly.

After An Ran entered the land of dreams, Su Yi Cheng, beside her, slowly opens his eyes. He looks at her calm, sleeping face, and the corner of his mouth slightly rose. He then adjusts her position to a snug one, and only then does he close his eyes again. Falling into her breathing pace, he slowly falls asleep.