Finding Glowing Beauty in Books


Finding Glowing Beauty in Books Chapter 26 part2

Hi everyone…. Happy Thursday! Another week has flown by…. my short 5 days Summer Vacation to Bangkok and Ayuttaya has ended…. I missed the food and the beautiful place…. 

I wonder what Yan Ru Yu had in for us today together with Lan Ning…. when are they going to realized their feelings for each other, I wonder….. hehehe

Enjoy the read today! Next week Yi Fan and Xiao Bei will be back. They will take over both post for next week while Lan Ning and Yan Ru Yu is going to take a break and hide in their corner to discover their feelings for each other….. 

Chapter 26.2: 

But in the two days when they are staying in the villa, Yan Ru Yu is indeed more positive and active in his writing. If he return back to the city and he stopped writing, then….. that would not be good. Here it is like a dream in a good night.

Lan Ning brought up the corner of her mouth and turned to him with a bright smile: “Well, anyway, March is the recruitment season. Congratulations. You finally can get rid of your new life.”

Yan Ru Yu looked at her in silence for a moment. He suddenly walked up to the shelves and looked: “That is why I said. Modern people rely too high on the technology. You have forgotten, words can also be written in pen and paper.”

As his voice fell, he took a stack of paper from the bookshelf.

And he took out a bottle of new ink. Yan Ru Yu sat down at the window and began writing. Lan Ning walked around him. She is a little excited and was worried: “Really no problem? Those outline information, you still remember them?”

Yan Ru Yu looked at her and said: “Do not confuse me with your information. The things you say are all in my brain.”

This is the first time, the words of Yan Ru Yu to lose her is making her happy: “That’s good! You faster write. I shall not bother you!”

Handwriting speed is not better than typing. But now Lan Ning is feeling good and seeing the glimmer of hope. She also felt that the world is full of love.

She sat on the couch and watched Yan Ru Yu writing in the floor window.

His posture is very correct. Holding the pen posture is also very standard. As a child, the teacher must have pulled him onto the podium as the model of the right posture. Speaking of which, she had never saw him wearing glasses. His vision must be very good.

Engaging in the creation of young artists, there are few that do not wear glasses. Yan Ru Yu who does have the writer’s book temperament, but maybe the character dictates, there is some unique criteria to his character.

Lan Ning is not able to say how she felt during their first encounter. She felt that his character is lonely and underestimate. Looks like someone with no friends. Later as they get along, she see that he is a shameless and cheap to an extend. Such person, no one is able to move them….

Time passes by and with the rustling of the paper, the sun outside the window gradually move westward. The shadow of Yan Ru Yu also slowly elongated.

“I am done writing.”

Yan Ru Yu sounded sounded, breaking the quiet room. Lan Ning froze for a moment. She subconsciously looked at the time, it has been four o’clock.

Yan Ru Yu organized the manuscript and handed it to Lan Ning. Lan Ning walked over to stiffly picked it up.

Feeling extreme joy at the time, probably will be temporary aphasia, Lan Ning mouth opened a few times together before finally roar out: “Oh my Goodness! Oh my Goodness! I cannot believe this! I have received a manuscript!”

This is a manuscript! A manuscript!

Lan Ning happiness danced around : “It is not easy. I really want to tell the world. Teacher Xing Xi had submitted his manuscript!!”

Yan Ru Yu: “………………..”

Did he really put her into misery before?

“Wel…..” He said…. he put the pen away and shook his hand.