Finding Glowing Beauty in Books


Finding Glowing Beauty in Books Chapter 24 part3

Will Yan Ru Yu really work on completing the manuscript so that Lan Ning would not get into trouble? Or is he going to delay it further just to get to spend more time with Lan Ning in the mountainside?

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Chapter 24.3: 

Just like yesterday, Yan Ru Yu has been sitting at the table writing. It seems that when inspiration came, really cannot stop at all.

She gently walked into the kitchen and open the refrigerator to find food. But she is not able to find the pudding that she is looking for. It is now missing.

She glanced again into the fridge and confirmed that she is not able to find the pudding. It is really missing.

Lan Ning’s mood suddenly turned sour. In this house is only her and Yan Ru Yu, two person. And now the pudding is missing. The culprit is definitely Yan Ru Yu.

She went over to the window, now no longer afraid to disturb him writing : “Teacher, did you see the pudding that I put into the fridge? It is the mango flavored pudding”

Yan Ru Yu’s fingertips on the keyboard stopped. He thought for a while and the turned and pointed to the trash: “Are you asking about this?”

Lan Ning followed his line of sight to see. Sure enough, in the trash is the empty pudding box.

Lan Ning: “……………………..”

She is really angry: “Why you ate my pudding? That is my pudding. I bought it! I specifically left it to eat in the afternoon!”

Yan Ru Yu’s tone is very dull and calm: “But it is in my fridge.”

“Is it your things just because it is your fridge? Are you a robber?”

Yan Ru Yu sense that she is really not happy. He pushed himself to think. If it is his pudding that was eaten by someone else, he will certainly be furious. So he took the initiative to relieve the situation: “Next time, if you put anything in my refrigerator, remember to write your name. So that I know. And, girls should not eat too much cold stuff. It is not good.”

Lan Ning: “…………………..”

She decided to start not talking to him from now until tomorrow morning.

Both of them started the cold war. In the evening, Lan Ning even did not eat her dinner. She rather eat bread in her own room. She does not speak to Yan Ru Yu and he did not bother taking the initiative to speak to her too. Both of them decided to proceed with the cold war. The first one to speak to the other one will lose.

“Alas!” Lan Ning sigh on her side while taking the bath. She felt so childish ah, just for a pudding. And decided to be childish by playing cold war. And besides, Yan Ru Yu also owes her manuscript. So in this situation, obviously she will be the one to suffer more ah.

But today it is obviously he is in the wrong. And he did not even apologies, instead blaming her for not writing her name? This time she absolutely will stand firm till the end. Do not want to be the one to start talking!

Thinking about it, her blood is boiling. Then the bathroom lights suddenly “snapped” and about to extinguished. Lan Ning had a shocked and screamed.

She found her bath towels in the dark and casually wiped the water from the body. She casually put on her pajamas and head out.

It is very dark out. Only lights are the moonlight coming in from the window.

Lan Ning have not found her way yet when the door of the room suddenly opened. This is followed by a silhouette coming in.

Lan Ning was frighten and unconsciously step back. But because her feet was still a little wet, she accidentally slip and went backward. The shadow quickly rushed to catch her but did not stand firm. Both of them fell on the bed.

Lan Ning was pressured under the man, clearly felt the weight from him. She subconsciously wanted to screamed. The other party see her intentions and he first opened his mouth: “It is me.”

Yan Ru Yu’s voice sounded next to her ears. As if it is a magical moment, it calmed her uneasy heart.

She looked up and looked at the person. In the dark room, only his eyes were particularly bright. Just like decorated stars.