Feng Yu Jiu Tian


Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 16 Chapter 6.2

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“This kid, you really remind me of how I was back then, blinded by love.” Lady Yao Ye sighed. Her tone
had turned 180 degrees, becoming gentle and charming. She leisurely sat down and beckoned Feng
Ming to move towards her. “Come here.”

Feng Ming was frightened. He was stunned for a while, not daring to get closer, but he eventually
walked over with extreme caution.
Lady Yao Ye’s hand moved, causing Feng Ming to immediately shrink his neck away.

“Let me see your ears. Is it still hurting?” Her white and tender fingers gently rubbed his slightly red

Feng Ming, who felt that he had been wronged, nodded and said, “It’s very painful.”

He had originally wanted to take the opportunity to induce pity. However, after the words, “very
painful,” left his mouth, he couldn’t help but feel grieved. He had always been doted on and spoiled by
Rong Tian, however the feeling Lady Yao Ye gave him was completely different.

Although he had been scolded and beaten, her act of rubbing his ears made his heart feel a profound

It really seemed as if she was his own blood-related mother. It didn’t matter if he was beaten or
scolded by her. Lady Yao Ye had a fiery temper and felt no guilt after cursing someone. She was also
not afraid that Feng Ming would hate her. She remained the same as before, as if treating Feng Ming
like a child was natural. The scene didn’t make it difficult for others to understand the intimate
relationship they shared.

“What are you looking at?” Seeing Feng Ming secretly stealing glances at her, she gently poked him on
the tip of his nose. “You don’t need to waste your time on evil ideas. I will not give you Wen Lan no
matter what. There’s nothing good about giving birth to a son like you. Never once have you sent your
mother something. And when a letter from you finally comes, it was, unexpectedly, only to ask your
mother for a favour.” Listening to her words, Feng Ming realized that he was in the wrong.

Immediately, he said, “In the future, I will frequently send Mother a letter.”

“Don’t bother… too many letters would be troublesome.”

But… you were complaining just now…
Feng Ming scratched his head. Aiya…
she is really hard to please… No wonder the old man abandoned
her back then, ah…. Hmm, it seems my thinking has become quite sinister.

Maybe all married women are hard to please. Wait… that shouldn’t be it. Qiu Lan is also a married
woman. She treats Rong Hu very well. I should find a time to discuss with Rong Hu about how to deal
with married women who are hard to please…

“I have already calmed your father’s anger on the situation regarding the fleet’s destruction.” Lady Yao
Ye suddenly said. Feng Ming didn’t dare to show what he was thinking. He immediately put on a well
behaved and serious expression, as if he was ready to accept an elder’s teachings. “However, regarding
the agreement to obtain a route for the dual luminous sand, your father will definitely hold you

Looking at her son’s simple expression, Lady Yao Ye couldn’t help herself from pinching his tender and
smooth cheeks. Her lips revealed a satisfied smile. “Don’t be afraid. Mother will help you deal with
things. However, Mother also looks forward to seeing how you will handle these matters. After all,
your father has always blamed you for looking too much like me and lacking talent. If you successfully
handle the matter of finding a route, it will also count as you giving me compensation for quarreling
with your father over it.”

“Nn.” Feng Ming strongly nodded and asked in a low voice. “Mother, did you come here just for the
sake of telling me all this?”

He should not have asked that question, because Lady Yao Ye’s expression once again became angry.

“You damn brat. Your old mother came her specially to see whether or not you had drowned in the
Aman River or not.”

Feng Ming finally understood. Lady Yao Ye had received the news that they had been defeated on the
Aman River. Feeling ill at ease, she had personally come to see the situation.
His heart felt warm.

“Mother,” Feng Ming held on to Lady Yao Ye’s hand for a second and softly spoke, “Your son is well. I
had only been subjected to some small wounds, half of them have already healed.”

Lady Yao Ye took her hand back and indifferently said, “Whether you are well or not… what does that
have to do with me?” She took something out of her bosom and stuffed it into Feng Ming’s hand.
“Take it.”

Feng Ming was ecstatic. “Is it Wen Lan?”

She casually knocked him on the forehead. “Do not even dream that I will give Wen Lan to you. She’s
not even your woman. Why are you so worried about pleasing her? This is my specially made firework.
Inside is a piece of embroidered silk that tells you how to contact me. Your father said that Cai Qiang’s
progress with the sword is very fast, so he wants to find a more secluded place to teach him. I will go
together with them.”

Feng Ming smiled and said, “Understood. During an emergency, I will use this to seek Mother’s help.”

Lady Yao Ye’s expression turned bad, and she rewarded him with a contemptuous look. “You good for
nothing… The first thing you think of is to cry for help. You tell me, other than asking for something or
crying for help, when do you ever try to find me? Can you really not come up with some other

Feng Ming foolishly laughed in response.