Feng Yu Jiu Tian


Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 16 Chapter 6.1

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Thinking about his bitter fate, Feng Ming was once again being waited upon by his maids who were changing him into formal clothing.

He had on a painful expression while he changed. From time to time, he would reveal a pitiful appearance while giving off a depressing aura.

Rong Tian had wanted to accompany him to see Lady Yao Ye, but he was promptly refused.

“You are not allowed to approach me again today!” Feng Ming pointed his finger at Rong Tian’s nose, his eyes filled with grievance as if he had just been bullied.

Rong Tian laughed for a while and pulled him into an embrace. He then pinched his beautiful sulking face. “I wanted to help you rub the pain away, but you refused.” In front of the maids, he said in an audible voice, “Wait until you come back. I’ll lick it for you. I guarantee that you will not feel any more pain.”

Feng Ming completely understood that his dog mouth would not spit out ivory. He blushed in shame and struggled to free himself from the embrace. His hand went towards Rong Tian’s ears as if he wanted to pull them, and he resentfully said, “Don’t think that I will forget about this matter easily. When I come back, I will settle this debt with you.”

[TN: 狗嘴里吐不出象牙 : dog mouth would not spit out ivory – bad people will never say good things]

Snorting, he allowed Rong Hu to lead him away.

He gave off the illusion that he was completely dismissing Rong Tian’s words, but in his mind, he was secretly harbouring dark thoughts. He planned on taking advantage of Rong Tian’s feelings of guilt by finding the opportunity to top him tonight. After all, it was rare for him to have such an opportunity…

Arriving at the side hall’s entrance, he could see the exquisite and graceful figure of Lady Yao Ye.

She was dressed in simple, white silk, similar to the first time Feng Ming had met her. There was no excessive jewelry on her body, and only a wooden hairpin decorated her hair. But on the contrary, the simple ornament managed to increase her elegant appearance.

Feng Ming entered the hall.

“Mother.” He respectfully called out to her. Smoothening his clothes, he obediently stood at one side.

“You are finally here?” Her voice was smooth and pleasant, not at all like that of an aging mother’s.


“Others can leave.”

Showing a complex look, Luo Yun answered with a heavy voice, “Subordinate obeys the Young Lord’s mother’s command.” He sent a meaningful glance towards Rong Hu.

Lady Yao Ye was Feng Ming’s mother and had also saved Rong Hu’s life before, causing him to become a bit dejected. Seeing Feng Ming signal for him to not worry, he eventually left together with Luo Yun.

Finally, within the room remained only Feng Ming and Lady Yao Ye.

Feng Ming breathed out and spoke, “Mother, that Wen Lan…”

“You still have the time to think about Wen Lan?” Lady Yao Ye turned around. 

Her almond-shaped eyes glared at him. Her graceful demeanor immediately flew away to high heaven. “Your face has already been thrown away at the Aman River. You’re fortunate I still allow you to call me Mother.”

Lady Yao Ye was skilled with the sword, to the point where even Master Xiao greatly praised her skill.

Feng Ming did not take any precautions against her. That’s why, while in a daze, his ear had immediately been ceased by enemy hands. He could only cry out “Ya… Ya…” as his ear was painfully twisted. “Wuwuwu… it’s really painful! Mother, please stop ah!”

Was this his retribution? He had just pulled Rong Tian’s ear, and now it was his turn to taste the same pain.

Lady Yao Ye was fully intent on punishing him.

“I ask you… where is the Xiao Family’s fleet?”

“Sunk… it has sunken…”

Lady Yao Ye humphed and said, “You stupid brat. The Xiao Family had acquired wealth through shipping and monopolized the Aman River for many years. How could you have been defeated, and on the Aman River at that? If I had not stopped your father and promised to look after Cai Qiang to appease him, he probably would have already come to get rid of you. Do you not know that your father treasures his face the most?”

With his ears being pulled with such strength, Feng Ming’s face was already filled with tears as he responded, “I know, I know… now I know… so painful… wuuuuu…”

Lady Yao Ye humphed and finally had mercy on him, letting go of his ear.

Feng Ming quickly comforted his pitiful ear while murmuring in pain. He felt that being an orphan was much better. For there to be a mother like her. Every time he met her, if she was not poisoning him, then she was beating him. It was hard to tell how many years his life had been shortened thanks to her.

Feng Ming rubbed his ears and pathetically asked, “Is Father really angry?”

An He, this egg with rotten luck, was really born on the wrong date. Both of his parents were terrible. With that temper, if Master Xiao said he wanted to kill someone, he would go directly kill them. No wonder everyone was afraid of him.

People were most afraid of those who were paranoid and madmen. 

Unfortunately, his father was the epitome of both types.

With a cold face, Lady Yao Ye said, “I don’t care if he is angry or not. You are my son. If he dares to harm a single strand of your hair, I will fight him with my life.” Finishing her words, she unexpectedly measured up Feng Ming’s expression.

Feng Ming, who was pathetically rubbing the ear that had been pulled until it turned red, was suddenly stunned. He could not help but feel a bit touched.

A mother is still a mother. Even if he was beaten and reproached, it was out of love…

“Aiya!” Feng Ming once again screamed. “Mother, why are you pulling my ear again?”

A moment ago, he had been indulging in a warm atmosphere, but not even a second later, things had changed. His other ear was now being pulled by Lady Yao Ye.

She was obviously somewhat irritated and wearing a poor expression, asked, “Just now, why did it take you such a long time to come out?”

“I had to change my clothes… Mother ah! Please let me go first… it really hurts!”

“Humph… changing clothes.” Lady Yao Ye loosened her hands and aggressively poked her finger at Feng Ming’s forehead until he gave her a pained and bitter expression. She then rebuked him, “Looking at the colour of your eyes and your brows, I can tell that, earlier in the room, you did not manage to complete those deeds, right? What? Has Rong Tian reunited with you? Or do you have another person to provoke your fire?”

This was not the first time Feng Ming had experienced his mother’s directness, but he still choked hearing her words. Stammering, he responded, “How… how could that be?”

“You still dare to lie to me?”

With Lady Yao Ye’s eyes glaring at him, Feng Ming immediately clamped his ears with both hands and took two steps back. He awkwardly whispered, “Rong Tian’s return… hmm, really… is it really that obvious?” Just from looking at his eyes and eyebrows, others could actually tell that he had just been doing… those types of things?

“Of course.”

“How embarrassing…” He really had lost his face big-time. So it turns out his eyebrows and eyes could give away his private affairs. Then, in the future, every time he goes out, everyone would know.

Lady Yao Ye humphed disdainfully at him. “Do you think there are that many experts like your mother out there? The ability to see through colours, I’m afraid that even your father is not as proficient as me.”

Feng Ming sighed in relief. Then, encountering such a person would be rare…

“Then Wen Lan…”

“What do you want the Wen Lan for? Are you thinking of giving it away to Bei Qi Kingdom’s Princess Zhang Liu?”

Looking at Lady Yao Ye’s gloomy face, Feng Ming could not help but answer with vigilance, “Yes.”

“Useless fool!” Lady Yao Ye sighed and said, “Even though that Princess Zhang Liu is pretty, she is already married. What is the use of pleasing her? It’s not as good as you being spoiled by that brat, Rong Tian. Ah… that’s right. That small pill I gave you, have you made him eat it yet?”

Feng Ming’s eyes innocently opened wide. 

Make Rong Tian eat Lady Yao Ye’s pill? How was it different than directly killing him?


Lady Yao Ye saw his foolish expression and looked at him with despise.

“That… I forgot…”

Bang! Her beautiful palm suddenly slapped the top of the wooden desk. The sound was loud and terrifying.

Looking at Lady Yao Ye’s face, Feng Ming knew that today was not going to be a good day. Crying “waaa,” he covered his head and fled towards the door. He was prepared to escape at any time. Desperately waving his hand, he tried to appease her, “Mother… don’t be angry. Listen to me first. It’s not that I don’t trust your medicine, it’s just… it’s just…”

“Just because your feel sorry for Rong Tian.”

“Hmmm…” Feng Ming scratched his head. After some time, he spread out his hands and shrugged his shoulders. “It can be said like that.”

Lady Yao Ye looked at his body up and down, causing him to feel scared. “Pfft…” Suddenly, the sound of laughter appeared and her cold face brightened like a spring flower. It was truly a surprising scene.