Feng Yu Jiu Tian


Feng Yu Jiu Tian Volume 16 Chapter 1.4

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“Ha ha,” Feng Ming leaned his head back and laughed. Within the banquet hall, bewildered faces could be seen looking at him. After ceasing his laughter, he looked at Hao Yuan Jiang with a serious expression. “Ambassador… let me ask you this. Are nobles superior when compared to commoners?”


“Are royals superior when compared to nobles?”


“The reason why you all oppose the Grace Order is because it breaks the boundaries between the superior and inferior, resulting in commoners and nobles existing on the same level, correct?”

“Correct,” Hao Yuan Jiang confirmed.

“That means you all think that everything in this world needs to have set boundaries with a distinction between the weak and strong in order to be balanced. There should not be the slightest possibility to overcome those boundaries, correct?”


“Then… may I ask this, Ambassador… between you and Tong’s royal Uncle, Qing Zhang, who is superior and who is inferior?”

Feng Ming suddenly dragged Tong’s royal Uncle into the debate earning everyone’s surprise.

Hao Yuan Jiang stared at him with wide eyes.

This was, after all, a banquet held by the Tong Kingdom. His answer had to be perfect or it would immediately affect the diplomatic relations between the two countries. However, he also could not lose face for Xi Lei.

“This…” there was only one way he could answer. “Tong’s royal Uncle, Qing Zhang, and I are both important figures in our own respective kingdoms’ courts. We are also both of noble blood and have matching positions, therefore our statuses can be considered equal.”

“I see, both are equal in status.” Feng Ming looked at him innocently. “Then… between Tong’s King and Xi Lei’s King, who is superior and who is inferior?”

The entire audience was shocked.

To drag the kings of both kingdoms into the debate… the aftermath would become even more unimaginable.

Hearing Feng Ming mention his father, Qing Li was furious. He angrily slapped his hand on the small table in front of him. Shang Yi, who was seated at his side, feared that Qing Zhang’s plan would be foiled. She immediately clutched Qing Li’s hand and laughed seductively in a gentle tone. “Please calm down your Highness. Xi Lei’s ambassador is going to teach him a lesson. There is no need for you to take offense and become angered, alright?”

Her well-endowed chest brushed Qing Li’s arm ambiguously, causing the formerly enraged Qing Li to calm down. He slowly laughed, “My little treasure… only you can bring me joy.”

Zhang Liu and her maids sat at their designated place, not too far away from Qing Li’s. They could clearly see the two shameless individuals publicly whispering and laughing wantonly together. But even if they were angry, there was nothing they could do.

“Both Tong’s king and Xi Lei’s king are monarchs. Of course they are the most superior.”

‘Then... are you saying they are equal?”

“Ah… correct.”

“Then let me ask you, if they are equal, then they should respect each other, right?”

“Of course.” Hao Yuan Jiang coughed and continued. “My Xi Lei’s king has always respect Tong’s king. That is why I was sent here.”

Su Jin Chao was unable to hold himself back any longer and interrupted. “Xiao Family’s young Lord has been talking for a while but has yet to say anything of significance. Instead of letting you continue asking these boring questions, it is better to just state that your opinion in regards to the boundaries between the inferior and superior is simply full of nonsense.” He looked at Feng Ming with a sardonic smile on his face.

By now, other than Feng Ming’s words on “birth and equality,” there was no other statement that could cause as much shock.

Xi Lei’s Duke Ming’s far-sighted wisdom has inspired awe throughout the lands. Everyone present, whether they approved of his views or not, was really looking forward to the explosive drama he would cause with his strong countenance and impressive force. But, listening till now, there has been nothing remarkable. Instead, it was like he was delaying for time. Seeing this, their impression of Feng Ming inevitably began to worsen.

Zi Yan also started to become serious and secretly wrote words on Rong Hu’s palm asking if they should provide assistance or not.

Rong Hu fixed his gaze on the Master of Condemnation, Su Jin Chao, and slowly shook his head.

With his understanding of Duke Ming, usually when it seemed like he was about to lose face, he would come out victorious.

No matter what, despite the pressure of the audience’s eyes on him, Feng Ming at least maintained an excellent degree of elegance and strength.

“Assistant Ambassador really wishes to hear what I have to say?”

Su Jin Chao sneered aggressively. “Of course, do not tell me there is anything here that hinders the young Lord from opening his mouth?”

“Then I will boldly announce my view on this matter.” Feng Ming faced his surroundings and with great momentum in his posture, got ready to speak.

His awe-inspiring posture had gone through many transformations under the tutelage of Rong Hu and his maids. On top of that, being together with Rong Tian for so long has cultivated his natural temperament, exemplifying the beautiful and handsome features inherited from his mother, Lady Yao Ye. His appearance had the elegant demeanour of an excellent noble. From head to toe, he gave off the impression of gracefulness when others looked at him.

The gracefulness he indifferently revealed, even royalty and nobles would find it difficult to show off freely.

Just as expected, having a good posture was really important!