Feng Mang


Feng Mang Chapter 41

Translator: Polarbearadise and Eclipse9

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

When he realized that if the can was not opened, Han Dong would definitely stay here and not leave, Wang Zhong Ding had no other choice but to force himself to help.

Han Dong wanted to put his hand out and grab the can as soon as he smelled the fragrance.

Wang Zhong Ding grasped Han Dong's wrist, "Wait, I'll go get a spoon."

As a result, Wang Zhong Ding had just loosened his hand, Han Dong the hungry man already put his dog paw in the box again.

"Can't you wait for even a little bit?" Wang Zhong Ding angrily denounced.

How could Han Dong wait? As long as Wang Zhong Ding let go, he would hurriedly take action.

The last time was because Wang Zhong Ding just happened to have a spoon at hand, and directly handed it over to him, this time he had to go into the kitchen to get it. To prevent himself from looking at this disgusting scene, Wang Zhong Ding directly took the can and carried it with him as he walked away, as a result Han Dong would follow behind him like a big dog. Leaping to the left, leaping to the right, his claw would cling onto Wang Zhong Ding's arm and swing it back and forth, almost spilling the contents of the can.

Wang Zhong Ding couldn't find a way to handle him, he could only hold the can in one hand, and lead him inside with the other.

The kitchen door was a little narrow, it was difficult for two men to walk in side by side, Wang Zhong Ding made Han Dong wait at the door, but no matter what Han Dong would not let go. Wang Zhong Ding could only go in first, and then look back, making sure that Han Dong would not bump into the door frame, only then would he call out: "Come in."

Han Dong walked in obediently.

Wang Zhong Ding led Han Dong through the small kitchen door, then put the spoon into the can and handed it over to him.

Han Dong on one hand ate the contents of the can, while on the other slowly walked towards the door.

Finally sent him away……Wang Zhong Ding breathed out a sigh of relief, he lifted his foot and walked over to his office desk.

As a result, when Wang Zhong Ding stopped at his office desk, Han Dong also stopped at the office desk.

Wang Zhong Ding looked at the can in Han Dong's hands, he had actually already eaten it all.

After that, a scene that would make one angry appeared.

Han Dong took out another box from his bag, and handed it to Wang Zhong Ding.

Wang Zhong Ding stared blankly for a moment, he tried to resist the urge to punch someone, and took it once again.

He should be leaving this time right?

Who would have thought that Han Dong once again finished it in two to three mouthfuls, and took out another box to hand it to him.

Wang Zhong Ding's face immediately darkened, your father stayed here to work, not to help you open cans!

But towards a sleepwalking person, what could you do? While sleepwalking you could even be found innocent when committing murder, what could he complain about him eating a can of food?

Wang Zhong Ding opened 10 cans at once, 'eat! I'll let you eat as much as you want!'

This way, Han Dong did not want to leave even more, he sat directly beside Wang Zhong Ding and ate.

Wang Zhong Ding pretended that there was a dog squatting beside him and buried his head in his own work.

However this "dog" was unwilling to remain idle, it still had to groan while eating. Sometimes he was vigorously making indecent eating sounds, sometimes he would produce an especially loud slurping sound, even when he was resting he would still use the spoon to knock against his teeth.

(T/N: 不甘寂寞 (unwilling to remain lonely/idle) – idiom of wanting attention)

Wang Zhong Ding suspected that Han Dong did all these on purpose, but whenever he looked over, he saw that both of Han Dong's eyes were closed, there was no trace of pretending. Wang Zhong Ding had specially investigated information on this aspect, people that sleepwalk basically had both their eyes open or half-closed, why were this good's eyes completely closed and still able to move freely?

If he talked to him, could he answer?

Wang Zhong Ding tried saying, "is it good?"

"If there is pancake, it would be even more savory!" Han Dong happily said.

(T/N: 烙饼 = chinese pancake)

Pancakes……'I see baking you as more suitable!' Wang Zhong Ding's face calmed without replying.

After a while, Han Dong held up the canned meat that was mixed until it became mushed and messy before Wang Zhong Ding's eyes, he successfully made him become nauseated before he quickly pulled it back. Not a moment later he extended it out again, then quickly pulled back again, after doing it repeatedly back and forth several times, he scooped a spoonful of mushy meat that was shaking and shaking out of the can, like he was deliberately making Wang Zhong Ding crave it.

"Do you want to eat?"

No response.

Han Dong showed him a tyrannical ruffian smile, "call me elder brother! I'll let you have a taste."

Wang Zhong Ding was simply too lazy to respond him.

Han Dong was consciously embarrassed, and once again immersed himself in eating out of the can.

After a while, Wang Zhong Ding got up to get water, he suddenly found that there was a piece of soy paste on the tip of Han Dong's nose. As a patient with the obsessive-compulsive disorder, Wang Zhong Ding had just wanted to ask him to wipe it, when Han Dong stuck his tongue out.

Very few people could use their tongue to touch the tip of their nose, not only could Han Dong lick it, it was still more than enough.

(T/N: “…it was still more than enough” mean that his tongue could move even pass the nose)

"How about it? My tongue is very long right?" Han Dong deliberately asked.

Wang Zhong Ding with cold eyes remained strong.

(T/N: 冷眼 (cold eyes) – calm and rational attitude, being indifference)

As a result, Han Dong stuck his tongue out, slowly licking around the corners of his mouth. Turning left in a circle, right in a circle, clockwise, counterclockwise……he also paired it up with a bright rhythmic recitation, "however~you~want~to~be~licked~will~lick~however~you~want~"