Feng Mang


Feng Mang Chapter 32

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The next morning before dawn, Ye Chenglin set out to start cleaning up. As he was looking around, he didn't know where to start, finally his eyes fell on Han Dong's body and slapped his a**.

“Get up!”

Han Dong still lay in place, "Why?"

Ye Chenglin said: “Take this bed out with me!”

“You can't choose something else first? To carry such a big bed out in the corridor, how troublesome is it to get it in and out?!"

“There’s nothing else to move, these cabinets, chairs, the thermo flask, you see which one is good and take it away, leave the useless ones behind for the landlord to clean up."

Han Dong had difficulty to understand, "Isn't anything else in this house is better than the bed? Is it difficult to bring them along? Or is it possible that you don't want to carry them on the train?"

“You don't need to mind what I do, just move them out."

After they finished, Ye Chenglin patted the dust off his hand, he looked calmly at Han Dong.

“How long are you going to stay here?”

Han Dong hadn't thought about this question, “I'll stay however long I can stay."

Ye Chenglin's tone suddenly became gentle, “You should settle down soon and get married, don't become old and still mixed in the crowd like that .”

“You think I don't want to?" Han Dong dreamed last night, when he lifted up the bride’s veil, the result was that it turned out to be the black-and-white photograph of Wang Zhong Ding underneath.

Ye Chenglin smiled and didn't say anything more.

In the evening, the brothers gathered together to see Ye Chenglin off.

Because Guizhou was too far away, these people might not be able to come on the day of the wedding, therefore they sent the red envelopes and their blessings in advance, this was considered as Ye Chenglin's wedding reception in Beijing.

Ye Chenglin’s girlfriend also made a special trip from home to make a toast, this was the first time Han Dong saw her, although her appearance was not outstanding but her facial features were excellent, she had the look of a good wife.

“This is Dongzi that I often tell you about!” Ye Chenglin said.

(T/N: Adding zi at the end of a name is also another way to call someone, thanks to AnneNoh for helping me clarify that)

His girlfriend smiled and poured a glass of wine for Han Dong,”Ye Chenglin always said to me: that if he didn't have you as his brother, he didn't know how he would have survived a day in Beijing.

Han Dong gestured to take a sip, "Sorry sister-in-law, today my stomach is not feeling very well, I can't drink."

The people on the side were jeering: "This kid Han Dong, you aren't being very thoughtful, your sister-in-law already drank a big mouthful, you're already over that age, stop hesitating! Talking is useless, today if you don't drink at least three glasses then don't even think about leaving!"

The jeering was becoming more and more loud, Han Dong was somewhat shaken, it was just one glass anyway, he could as well go all out! When he was about to put the glass to his mouth, it was snatched away by Ye Chenglin.

“I'll drink it for him.” Ye Chenglin raised his head and drank it all in one gulp.

He didn't know why, the liquor was poured into Ye Chenglin's throat but the acrid feeling lingered in Han Dong's mouth.

After they were done offering wine to all the guests at the three tables, Ye Chenglin was completely drunk, his girlfriend had already sat back down to eat while he still lingered at every table to joke around. At last, he wobbled to Han Dong's table, sat down and refused to go.

"Xiao Dong……come here……brother has something to tell you……"

Han Dong hugged Ye Chenglin’s shoulder, “Speak, I'm listening."

"The truth is……You’ve been sleeping in my bed for half a month ……"

Han Dong was shocked, “What do you mean?”

“You …… you only know about last night where you pretended to sleepwalk and came into my bed, but you don't know that a few days before you were actually sleepwalking for real, and has always been coming into my bed."

Han Dong's expression and eyes stiffened, he wanted to say something but he didn't know what to say.

Ye Chenglin's drunken smile revealed a whole different kind of emotion, "Do you know why I leave everything behind and only moved the bed? Because I'm afraid that in the future when you sleepwalk and come to the bed, you will be the only one left in the end."

Hearing this, Han Dong’s heart felt like it had been abruptly opened and he realized something.

He suddenly found himself not so natural and calm, on that day it wasn't because of Li Shang that he sat distracted on the ground, as a grown man he was being humiliated publicly, it was just that the passengers at the platform hadn't yet tossed some money at him…

"Dongzi, brother has nothing, only leaving you a rope……” Ye Chenglin said as he choked with sobs, “In the future tie yourself up before you sleep, I'm afraid that when I leave, nobody will take care of you when you sleepwalk again."

Han Dong fought back the tears and mocked, “You’re not afraid that I’ll hang myself?”

"Be good … …” Ye Chenglin was still immersed in grief, “Tie yourself up, otherwise your brother's heart will not be at ease."

Han Dong waved his hand to call his sister-in-law, “Brother Ye drank too much, you help him over there to eat some rice!"

Ye Chenglin still hugged Han Dong and wouldn't let go, afterward two buddies had to support him from behind and drag him by force to the previous table.

After that, Han Dong began to pour himself one glass of wine after another, what was there to consider! Uncomfortable, very f****** uncomfortable! He wanted to drink, besides drinking he couldn't think of any other way to make himself strong enough to overcome this.