Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World


Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World Chapter 2

Former Strongest, It was Said He Had No Talent

–I had a terrible long dream.

It was a man's dream.

Holding a sword, dreaming to be the top, aiming to be an expert in swordsmanship, becoming a Sword Saint before long, and in the end, he was called a Sword God… And then, when he reached the place he aimed, he died in satisfaction.

That was the man's dream.

"…Hmmm." (??)

Looking at a familiar ceiling, he saw nothing but that dream– no, while recalling [The memories of his past life], Soma made a nod. (TLN: The name in raw is ソーマ)

In addition to suddenly recalling that, he was occasionally overwhelmed with uncomfortable feelings from before. He was considering about such a matter.

Being reborn, or possibly a reincarnation.

Well, both had same meaning, but it appeared that was happened to Soma's body.

If that was asked about it, someone would say nonsense, but it couldn't be helped since that was the case.

It was neither a delusion nor a misunderstanding.

Soma was indeed an existence of reincarnate.

"…Well, there is nothing I can do." (Soma)

But, as Soma thought until that far, he abandoned that thought.

The reason was like this.

He didn't care about such a thing.

In the first place, when recalling those words, rather than understanding something that he didn't, it was a kind of feeling of trying to recall something that he wasn't aware of.

It was just about the awareness, but Soma's behavior and thought until now were certainly based on what he was in the previous life.

In other words, nothing changes as he recalling it, and that was why it didn't matter.

And more than anything today was Soma's sixth birthday.

Was that how long he had waited knowing about the things for today?

When he thought about it, it was alright for him no matter how he felt in the previous live.

"Well…" (Soma)

Taking the eyes away from the ceiling, when he looked outside the window, the morning sun had already risen.

The people in the mansion had already get going, and same goes for my mother.

Then, he didn't have to wait any longer.

"…Alright." (Soma)

Raising his upper body in order to kip-up, Soma left the comforter and got off the bed.

Lightly stretching his arms… his mouth naturally loosened when he thought about the future.

"Hmm… well, I have the skills as I expected, and I can do the things I remembered…" (Soma)

As he appraised the skills while waiting for what was going to happen after this, his pace was light, and he left the pointlessly big room.

Viewing from Soma's previous life, this world corresponded to what was called as a different world.

There were several reasons why he could do that… in this regard, it was his skills after all.

A skill could be simply said to be a visualization of talent.

He wasn't sure if that was truly correct, but he was certain that it should be like that… well, in short, knowing the skill of that person, he would instantly understand whether what he could do or what he was good at.

Nevertheless, if this was normal, rather than other people, there was no one knew it other than his own self.

Basically, to judge it, it was necessary for a person with the skills to see it. (Recheck)

Instead of using a specific magic tool, he could know the skills he had own his own, but it wasn't really recommended.

It didn't mean that there were some side effects, but… rather the opposite.

By asking those with skill appraisal, a secondary effect would happen.

It was because the effect of skill appraisal wasn't only affecting the present, but it also affect the future.

To speak clearly, one didn't learn those skills only by now; it was just that they could also see skills that could be learned in the future. (Recheck)

This was one of the reasons why skills were recognized as visualizing talent.

In other words, by receiving a skill appraisal, he could know what he could do now and in the future.

That was how he understood it.

Well, although he said that he understood it that way, in reality, there were many people who negatively perceived it.

It wasn't entirely like that, but it was a common sense in this world, so by knowing more than anything, they knew what they were aiming for.

In most cases, it was welcomed that way since people could go forward without wasting efforts, and choosing the best future for themselves.

As a matter of course, it was considered good to know it as soon as possible.

Well, that would be so.

For example, if one aimed to be a swordsman, if there was no possibility of having necessary swordsmanship skills, it would be a waste of time.

It was never too early to consider what one shouldn't aim if they knew it.

Nevertheless, to actually receive a skill appraisal, it would be as early as 6 years old or older than that.

Of course there was also a reason for this since the future wouldn't be decided yet.

There was actually a research about this. It seemed that there was a proof that the appraisal immediately after being born and around four years old were totally different.

The appraisal was generally decided at about four years old, five years old at the latest, but just to be sure, it was best to do it around six years old.

That was why Soma was to receive skill appraisal on his sixth birthday.

And to receive a skill appraisal was also like having own future to be decided at the same time.

It was rare for skills to be substantial enough to select multiple paths.

There were many who couldn't do anything other than having one or two skills. If one has five, they were excellence, and if they have two figures, they were genius.

It was normal to say not to worry.

Although it was said like that, they were many who worried about getting skill appraisal, but… in regards of Soma, it went without saying that he was looking forward to it.

Since this was a reincarnation, he didn't really think that it was necessary to have abundant talents.

Simply to say that for Soma, he was fine to learn any kind of skills.

To be exact, should he say that it didn't matter what kind of skill he could learn?

That was why, no matter what it was, it could be enjoyed like somebody else problems.

It wasn't about giving up on the future, in fact, it was the reverse.

Whatever skill he could learn, he decided to aim for the future based on what he intended in the beginning.

It was true that one might now know what skills could they learn until they got a skill appraisal, but there were some exceptions.

They called it basic skills.

There are six kinds of martial art skills such as swordsmanship and spearmanship, and there were indispensable magic skills that use mana.

The thing was they were limited to lower grade among the same skills, but even if that was the case, most of them could be learned.

In fact, if they had one martial art skill or magic skill, there were still a lot who couldn't learn it. Even if it didn't include people who had number of skilled which called excellence or genius, it was well understood that to consider it as a requirement to learn was as a matter of course.

Well, there was no point to think whether he might not able to learn it, but Soma was aiming to be a magician.

To say it further, he wanted to use magic.

For that reason, he was fine for whatever he could use.

What Soma looking forward was when the day came, he could finally start moving to learn magic.

It was impossible to imagine that it wouldn't come true.

"…Ha?" (Soma)

A stunning voice resonated in the surroundings.

The one who leaked it was Soma, and same goes to his face.

Dumbfounded, puzzled, and surprised.

While embracing indescribable emotions like all of them were not mixed… Soma again asked his mother in front of him.

"…Now, what did it say, Mother?" (Soma)

He knew that her mother was someone who didn't really make a joke at such time, but he still wanted her to say that it was a joke.

After the mother averted her eyes once, she took a deep breath and looked straight to Soma.


"…Yes, then, let me say it one more time. As a result of the skill appraisal, even if it includes martial art skills and magic skill, you can never learn a skill… you have been discovered to have no talent." (Mother)

And he was informed with a resolute expression.