The Other Side of the Last Boss


The Other Side of the Last Boss Chapter 109

The Northtowie Archipelago.
An archipelago farther east than the continent of Britoria.
Although, there are stories of the world being round and that you could reach it by going west as well.

In a world with only one continent, sailing technology wouldn't develop very much.
Therefore, it's life-threatening to go to the Northtowie Archipelago.
The voyage would take several weeks even going smoothly, and there were monsters in the sea.
If the ship is destroyed, death awaits.

Even if you're luckily not attacked by monsters, there are various problems with cruising in the sea.
First off, the sea has the flow of the tide, and it's impossible to proceed straight forward.
360° around is sea, and you stop knowing where you are.
In order to solve this, knowledge of compasses and astronomy is needed.
But of course, that is undeveloped in this world.

So how did they go there?
By magic.
In this world there was a magic called compass, and it was able to check for the right direction.
Also, a magic that lets you know the position of an item called location exists.

Thus, even you recklessly rushed to the ocean, it was possible to return home.
The curiosity to aim for the ocean did exist.
According to information from those who miraculously arrived there, it was established that you'd reach an archipelago if you go to the east of the continent.

In that archipelago⸺named Northtowie⸺without anything to gain, there were only a few people living primitive lives.
Therefore, without bothering to trade with them, nobody got worked up over the fact that new land was found.
It was a savage land that didn't belong to any country.

"And in such an archipelago, you're saying that there are ruins of the Ancient Ulugu Empire?"

Vincent questioned sharply.
On the other hand, Edgar was breathing heavily.
Transferring to a distant place.
On top of that, bringing two people along, he was very exhausted.

"Of course, the first people to come to this archipelago, and the people who came here after looked all over it. However they weren't able to find anything."

While waiting for Edgar to compose himself, he explained to Vincent.

"The one who found something was Neville. Then he came and asked for help from Scottyard."

He needed people to help him with the excavation, but even just sending people to a remote island wasn't easy.
In addition to that, to make sure they could live, they needed to develop the nearest island.
Like that the early operations went well, and currently they were smoothly examining the ruins.

Their transfer destination was the developed village.
By the time George finished explaining, people came in a hurry.
They noticed George III.

As it was, George III was guided by the people of the developed village.

"Is there something about this coast?"
"These are ruins that nobody else found. There's no way they'd be anywhere normal. The ruins are at the bottom of the ocean."
"I see."

Both George III and Vincent received a certain amount of battle training.
Naturally, they were able to use magic that made it possible to breathe underwater.
It was Water Breathing.

When they used the magic and proceeded along the bottom of the sea for a while, they found a hole.
Going through the hole, they found a dead end, and there was a door.
George III held out his hands, and the door opened.

"To think that the ruins of the ancient empire in such a place……there might be others too."

The ruins kept the water away, and inside them there was air.
That was probably due to magic or magic science.

"That's possible, but as expected, searching the ocean's floor around the world isn't possible."

George III swung his head to the side.
The only one that could do a large-scale investigation of this place was Scottyard.
Their national strength was just that different from the other countries.

That's why Neville asked for help from Scottyard.
George III thought so.

"Oya. Great job to have come all the way to a place like this."

When they entered, Neville was there, and called out to them.
As usual his entire body was covered with black clothes, and he didn't show any skin at all.
How should he treat this unknown person from now on?
It might be about the time to come to a decision.
George III thought so.

"I was thinking that it was about time to show this to Vincent."

Without showing his inner thoughts, George III rose his hand and answered.
Like that, everyone headed to the back.

"So, what are you saying is here?"

Vincent grew impatient.

"Are you aware of how many of the Ancient Ulugu Empire's are active and working?"

Neville asked.

"I've heard there was one."

There was only a handful of people who knew about even just that.
It was the Crystal Tower.
Of course, even if they knew about it most people didn't enter it because it was a dangerous facility.

"Yeah. And this would be the second one."
"What? Isn't this dangerous?"

Vincent put himself on guard.
He knew that Crystal Tower had a terrifying defense mechanism.

In front of them, a big door came into sight.
As they approached, it opened automatically.


Vincent was frightened.
Inside there was a tremendous amount of armor species.
The soldiers of the ancient empire.
They were soldiers much stronger than humans.

"Calm down. These aren't moving."
"Is,is that right?"

Vincent hurriedly pretended like nothing was off.

"So, since these don't move they're trash, right?"
"The armor species in Crystal Tower have already been inputted with orders, and indiscriminately attack anyone who enter."

Neville looked at Vincent.
Since he was wearing a mask, Vincent couldn't see his expression.
Thinking he was being mocked, Vincent clicked his tongue.

"That seems to be the case."
"These are in a state where they haven't been input with any orders."

To those words, Vincent held his breath.

"Are we able to order them?"
"We've succeeded with that in a number of experiments."

Vincent opened his eyes and was surprised.

"Yo,you can control the machine soldiers of this facility at will?"
"We're still halfway through the process, but I believe we'll be able to eventually."
"The military strength of the Ancient Ulugu Empire……with this, I can beat them!"

Vincent was ecstatic.
He didn't know what Ashtal was, but he wouldn't be able to match the power of the Ancient Ulugu Empire.
He thought so.

"Don't get ahead of yourself."

George III smiled bitterly.

"There are still many things we have to do, but there's one thing I want you to do for me first."
"What is it?"
"These armor species can be made to listen to what a designated person says, but even if it were temporarily, I can't give this much power to anyone other than Scottyard royalty."

Vincent presumed George III's intentions.

"In other words, the lord of these machines has to be royalty?"

Regardless if it were just a few of them, from now on they'd order several hundred, several thousand armor species.
They couldn't give that to other people.

"In that case I'll stay here, and lead the experiments."
"Would you do that?"
"Yes, I'd be glad to."

It would be painful for Vincent to stay in such a remote place for a while.
However, thinking that he could get revenge on Ashtal and the others, he didn't mind it much.

"The power of the Ancient Ulugu Empire……if it's with this power……"

Vincent's eyes were burning with an ominous light.
Although George III felt a tinge of uneasiness, he returned to the royal capital Graggo by the next day.
As a king, there were things he had to do on a daily basis.