The Other Side of the Last Boss


The Other Side of the Last Boss Chapter 108

If reading a yuri manga gives you diabetes and makes you want to take insulin injections, then reading this gives you an STD and makes you want to repeatedly ram your head into a wall. Scottyard’s royal family is all screwed up.

Scottyard's capital city, Graggo.

King George II, who was in the royal palace, received a report.

The hero Edgar is with him as well, but he basically never speaks.

He was present to guard him.

"Damn Nicholas. On top of moving at his convenience, there's this mess too?"

George III placed the report on the table.

"But, it's something we're thankful for as a sample."

There was no willpower in the prince's, Vincent's voice.

He's still being influenced by last time.

"That's right. At any rate, we still don't know much."

The sentence that was added onto the great charter, the Magna Carta.

[There are many mysteries in the world. We should be prudent about clarifying them. When looking into the abyss, the abyss looks back at you.]

That was a sentence that the people who didn't know of the circumstances couldn't understand.

However, even George III who knew of the circumstances was still unable to grasp it.

"It seems like Nicholas-dono didn't receive any damage. Neither did his surroundings."

Vincent seemed to find that mysterious.

Last time they received severe retribution.

This time there was an impression that they were considerably easy-going.

"We don't know what'll pull on their strings after all. Although, we were told that we could attack the people themselves at any time though."

"They must be searching for opponents to kill time with. Doing that, and losing war potential is foolish."

Vincent nodded.

"There's one more matter here."

The document that George III showed was the [Hamilton Fortress Reconstruction Plan].

"This is them screwing around. Even though they destroyed it, too rebuild it and such."

"It's fine if you think about it as a substitute for compensation. We originally intended to get some kind of compensation."

However, that plan ended due to some unexpected interference.

At the Anti-Demon Conference, he was blamed by none other than King Alastar, the old king of a weak small nation.

Then, the conference's situation was decided.

When he remembered that time, George III's stomach boiled with rage.

As revenge he stopped sending them funds, but that didn't show much effect.

There are many citizens in Istham who think that leading a simple life is good.

To those people, Scottyard's techniques didn't work.

He thought that he'd eventually show them, but it didn't seem like an opportunity for that would come for a while.

"There might be traps too."

"There's no point to setting traps."

George III flatly denied Vincent's opinion.

Currently, there's no merit for them to do that.

With their power, they wouldn't need any plans to do something about Scottyard.

Thus, even if he was asked what they stand for, George III couldn't even imagine it.

"Then will you permit them?"

"There isn't any reason for me to refuse them if they're going to make it for free."

"That's true, but……"

Right then, the door suddenly opened vigorously.

Even in the wide Scottyard, there was only one person who could open the king's office without even knocking.

Without even having to look at the door, the two of them grimaced.

"George. What does this mean!?"

It was George III's older sister, Elizabeth.

She should still be in her 40s, but she looked 10 years older.

Her body was fat just like her son's, and she had a strong smell of perfume.

She was married to an influential noble in Scottyard, Duke Gream.

Of course, the head of the Gream family is no longer in this world.

Probably, Elizabeth sucked the life out of him.

George III thought so.

"Pl,please calm down, my aunt."

Vincent soothed Elizabeth.

"Can I calm down with this!? You're fine, Vincent, because your competitor messed up."

Vincent smiled bitterly.

To tell the truth, Nicholas hadn't messed up as badly as she spoke of.

Tentatively, he did increase the Angas Faith's followers after all.

If anything, this would become a funny story about how on top of wagering his feelings on the other party, he was easily turned down.

Of course, Scottyard knew was but a handful of this story.

If it was made widely known, the person in front of their eyes would be annoying.

That's why, Vincent and the others weren't trying to propagate it.

"So, what's your business, my aunt?"

On the surface, George III had a calm attitude.

"I wonder if you can give me an explanation about this time? Something obviously not possible within the realms of common sense happened right?"

That would be about what Ashtal did.

George III roughly sensed that was her objective.

When he gave that explanation, Elizabeth's face dyed red.

"You were hiding such important information away from me!?"

"Their demand was to not needlessly spread information about them. I just didn't answer you since you never asked."

George III spoke curtly.

He thought he wanted her to hurry up and go home.

"I thought that you were doing a large scale investigation on the aforementioned ruins."


George III was surprised to hear something he didn't expect.

"It's impossible for you to use that many people and I not hear about it. I hear that you've been secretly meeting some suspicious person in black clothes."

"My aunt, what are you speaking of?"

"Ara ara, I wonder if you haven't told Vincent yet?"

Elizabeth smiled, but Vincent was only able to feel repulsed.

"The ancient super civilization, the Ancient Ulugu Empire. They probably got their hands on the power of that age. With the Ulugu Empire's power, blowing away Hamilton Fortress would be no trouble."

They failed in an experiment to use that power, and one fortress was disappeared.

Elizabeth thought so.

However, if it was the work of an unknown person, then that's a different case.

In any case, it'd be fine to destroy those people with the power of the Ulugu Empire.

"With that power, we can annihilate those people right? I want you to hurry up and do it."

"My aunt, I apologize but the excavation work is still only partway done."

"Is that true? You lie to me calmly after all."

"A few lies are needed in order to become king."

George III told that honestly.

It turned into him listening to her scoldings for a while.

Whether she was satisfied with that, Elizabeth went home in a good mood.

"Whew. What was that about?"

When Elizabeth had left, George stroked his heart."

"It was about the matter of the ancient ruins."

Vincent spoke with a strong tone.

As expected, he couldn't help but become curious after hearing that explanation.

"Indeed, my aunt can't read the mood."

George III scratched his head.

It might be a little early to tell him about this matter, but in a certain sense it was a good opportunity.

George III spoke about the plan that he was advancing secretly in the background.

"You know that guy I introduced to you the other day?'

"The one called Neville?"

The strange man who covered his whole body in a black cloak.

No, it seemed like he wasn't a human in the first place.

"That man came into contact with this country some years ago, and said he found some ruins of the ancient empire."

"What kinds of ruins are they?"

"It's be faster if you just saw them."

George III looked to Edgar.

Edgar silently grabbed George III and Vincents' hands.

"More to the east of here, in the Northtowie Archipelago. That's our destination."

The Northtowie Archipelago. An archipelago far away from the continent of Britoria.

The 3 of them transferred to that archipelago.