Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch


Everyone Can Do It! Instant Love Switch Chapter 1 part2

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After removing her shirt and blazer, her whole body from neck to belly was laid exposed for me to see.
There are 2 powerful pieces of meat that is so strong, it might make their own sound effects. Both of them were covered in a pair of eye-catching pink bra.
I observed them without moving my sight for a few seconds before moving on to the other parts.

Her skin on her nape of the neck and chest looks white and transparent like her belly, it blends in harmony with her jet black hair and looked like a piece of art. However, the mounds on her chest were too indecent to be a piece of art.

「Oniisan… hurry… impregnate me ♥ Ah, are you the type to not hurrying? Do you want oniisan’s personal exclusive pussy under my panties to be soaking wet and throbbing in anticipation? Then I’ll endure my sexual urge for you ♥」
「Don’t worry, I have no plans like that. Now, I want you to take your skirt on your own」

Even though her manner of speaking gave me a headache at first, I’m getting better thanks to my rising libido.
Or maybe I’m getting used to the situation. Then let’s go straight to the sex.

「Is this pose good enough? Or do you want my leg to form M-shape?」
「Please do it in a pose you find the most erotic. I want you to think the most erotic way possible from now on. In other words, I’ll rely on you to some extent」
「Jaa♥♥ I will strike my best-perverted hentai pose. I will make oniisan so hard and excited♥
Please rape and impregnate me, okay?」
「I’d like to watch you do it」

She squatted to show some part of her panties so I can see them from where I lied on the bed. She opened her legs about the shoulder width, offering herself in such an embarrassing and vulgar pose while flipping up her skirt with both hands.
A sweet and slightly sour fragrance spread around the room as she slowly exposes her butt.

「Uwaah… you’re so wet!」
「Did you noticed? My panties are already drenched with female juice. Oniisan, hurry up and screw me. My pussy is inviting oniisan and preparing itself to be raped ndesuu ♥ I had fallen in love like a horny bitch since the first time I laid my eyes on you ♪ Aaahn I want to see oniisan’s horny face~~♪♪」

As she said herself, her panties were soaked even more in body fluids. Apparently, showing herself in this situation to me excites her even more, which wet her panties in no time.
The size of the wet spot were in such a terrible state, you can say that she peed herself and anyone would believe it.

「Oniisan, can I have your penis right now? I… I can’t stand it anymore… I can feel my womb aching all the way inside my belly♥
Please… Please rape and fill me with your love love juice right now! 」

The unbelievably beautiful women who I just met for the first time offered her whole self while keep begging me for sex. Her pretty face warped in excitement and her shiny black hair was spread on the white bed sheet as she screamed for my semen.

I had never expected to be in this kind of situation and my heart beat violently. My “thing” inside my pants started to leak some pre-cum.

「 On your back… let’s do it normally. I want to do it while seeing your face」
「Ah hai. Thank you very much. Jaa, fuck me… fuck me like a greedy pig while watching my stupid ahegao face♥♥ Aahn~」

I took off my pants and underwear. Her ecstatic eyes were fixated on my meat rod, which is twitching and pointing towards her body. Ah, I forgot I haven’t taken any shower since last night. I might be a little smelly right now.

「Waaa~ Oniisan’s penis smells so strong♥ Haa, mou… mmhh~
Hurry up, hurry up and put it in… Put the your thick male part iiiin~♥」
「Then I’ll remove some part of your clothes first…」

Looking at her destroyed state made me hesitate.
I couldn’t make myself strip off her pink bra and panties. But, some part of me wanted to do so.

「Jaa, should we cut out the pussy part from my panties? About the bra… how about that?」
「Un, you look amazing」

She slid her bra up and revealed her nipples.
The newly exposed nipple were beautiful cherry colored, both of them looked pretty small and cute, especially compared to her huge and seductive breasts. Even so, they were hardened and protruding, as if trying to steal the spotlight.

Indecent breasts and adorable pink nipple.
She looks so beautiful right now.

「Oniisan, hurry up! take my flooding pussy and rape me thoroughly♥」
「I’ll break your panties, is that fine?」
「Of course♪ As long as oniisan wish it, I’ll do everything for you ♥」
「Ah is that so? Yosh」

Why did my common sense came back? After using the switch, she had already been mine. I can enjoy her thoroughly. Just thinking about it made me tremble in excitement.
I used scissors to cut her underwear apart.

「Here, enjoy oniisan’s personal pussy」
「aah… yosh」

It’s not hard for me to cut it right to the pussy part.

「Waa~ oniisan♪ rape me with all your might ♥」
「Okay, I’ll go」

As soon as I thrust the penis into her pussy from the hole of her pink panties, her pussy tighten intensely. It felt so tight.

「un… kuuh~ oniisan, do you like it? Do you like the v-v-virgin pussy, oniisaa~an? Aaaahhnn……♥ 」
But, it’s a waste if I finish so early, especially after going so much trouble finding a bishoujo and getting her “consent”.  Besides, I haven’t broke her hymen. So the real fight starts now.

「guuuー mmmph~」

Perhaps because she’s a virgin, her pussy is trying to reject the penis by tightening itself, refusing to be entered by the attacking male organ.

「 Take it… Use your lovely penis and take my virginity♥ Thrust it all the way in all pour all your semen inside♥♥」
「Aaah… I’m going!」

I put my strength on my waist and strongly pushed it against her, breaking the girl’s virginity in one go.
I didn’t know if her hymen made a sound when broke, but I could certainly feel it breaking.

The tightening resistance disappears completely and replaced by a comfortable and welcoming tightening instead.

「Fuuuh! Oniisan… pussy… The fated prince had snatched the girl’s… even before her first kiss… the prince’s cock is piercing mー aaaaah~~~♥♥♥」
「Ah, do you want a kiss? Jaa, let’s do it now」
「u-unn. …inside…… please keep your cock inside… Thoroughly ravishing me… raping me… f-fuck meeeeeeeee~~~!!!」

Maybe her voice could be heard all the way to the neighbor’s room. There are no fragment of her refreshing timid personality from when I met her.
A perverted slut. A nympho horny pig. A cum toilet. A sex deprived bitch.
Those words were dirty. Those words were definitely vulgar. But there’s no better words to describe.

「fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuck~~!」
「Oh, this is bad!」

I began enjoying the action too much. The walls were pressing around the helm, gently caressing the soft meat and the entire hard rod by constantly tightening around it.
Furthermore, the deeper part of the vagina was a little bit gritty. Every time the cock moves forward and backwards, it got caught in the grit and creates pleasure.

I don’t know how to describe it.
Her pussy was so good I can’t describe it.

「o-oniisan… does it feel good? My virgin pussy… does oniisan like my ho-ho-horny pussy? Aaaahn~」
「Yeah, it feels… amazing. Ugh! Cumming!」

It was probably about few minutes since I first inserted it, but now I can’t hold myself from cumming.

o-oniisan’s love juice… impregnating me!! Raping me!
Filling me to my womb~~♥♥」

I let it out inside without protection. I’m not even her lover. I only met her today.
But the beautiful woman was manipulated using the switch and happily accepted my semen.
While thanking the switch for giving me such a great experience, I continued to pour the special semen juice into her vagina.

「Aaaah~ it feels… amazing~ Aaaaaaaaaahhhnn~~~!!」
「Nguu! Was that too sudden?」

After the vigorous movement had stopped and the momentum from the ejaculation had ended, her trembling vagina wall tightened a little more before stopping completely.

「Aaah… I’m sorry. Ooooh! o-oniisan’s semen… so many… impregnating me… filling me with baby… cumming! cumming! Cummiiiiiiiiiing!!!♥♥」

Her hands and back squirmed violently while her vaginal wall tightened once more.
That movement felt too god, my penis, which was soft after ejaculation, went hard again inside her pussy.

That was not all, heat gathers around the waist.

「Ugh… cumming again!」
「O-oniisan’s lovelove semen agaaain♥ Cumming!? Cuー!? Oniisan’s semen!! Cummiii~~ng♥♥♥」

While receiving my continuous ejaculation, she yelled in silence, repeating the same words like a broken machine. There seemed to be a tidal wave of body fluid flowing from our crotch, wetting the bed sheet.
Her saliva were flowing from the edge of her half-opened mouth. Meanwhile, only the white of her eyes were shown on her unblinking vacant eyes. I never thought that I would see a real ahegao, something that can only be seen in ero doujin, in real life.


She let out a foolish groan, as if affirming my thoughts on her expression. Yep. This is a real ahegao.

But it felt really good. This is not the first time I had sex, but this is the first time I am truly enjoying sex.
For now, I’ll enjoy rubbing the fainted girl’s chest until she wakes up.

So, a little clarification:
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