Every World Seems Not Quite Right


Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 34

Digging out a belly to get a fetus


Vincent looked gloomily at the woman as she left. In the end, what was this woman's intention? Did she really not know that Moon Blossom is a poisonous flower?

"Cover up your expression." Shao Qian conversed with Vincent in his conscious, "Watch what she wants to do."

Vincent pressed down on his dissatisfied thoughts reluctantly, but in his heart, he was vigilant. This woman was definitely not simple, he must definitely not let her have the chance to hurt Jesse.

After  a short period of time, that woman came back whilst carrying tea in her hands. When Vincent smelled the heavily scented fragrance, he sneered in his heart. She was really willing to part with this kind of asset. This Bewildering Fragrant Flower, even the Pope only had a little.

"This Bewildering Fragrant Flower was something your father left behind before he died, I have never been willing to drink it." The woman's voice was full of sadness.
"Don't be so sad." Shao Qian took a sip and placed the cup down. As expected, there was something else in the water, this so-called Bewildering Fragrant Flower simply served as a cover-up, that's all.

After Shao Qian put down the cup, he sent a message to Vincent in his conscious, "Wait for a while before pretending to fall onto the ground powerlessly."

Naturally, Vincent listened to Shao Qian. In fact, he had already noticed it far earlier than Shao Qian had. When the woman had carried it over, he had felt a dense and dark odor, at first, he had assumed that it was on this woman's body, he didn't expect that it was actually placed in the water, even using the Bewildering Fragrant Flower to cover up the odor.

When the woman saw Shao Qian, along with Vincent, drinking the tea, she let out a sigh of relief, her eyes looking at Shao Qian even more tenderly.

When Shao Qian drank the tea, he used his soul power to eliminate it from his body. Vincent didn't even need to worry, the moment the dark odor entered his mouth, it was purified.

The two men pretended to sway powerlessly, leaning onto the table. That women gently stroked Shao Qian's head and laughed, "These two days, I had originally intended to charge through the Illusionary Mist Forest. I didn't expect that you would send yourself to my doorstep.


"Mo, Mother?" Shao Qian widened his eyes, and pretended to be shocked as he looked at the woman, "Why?"

"You really are as stupid as your father." The woman said in disdain, "No, I ought to say that you're a tad more stupid than your father. Wild beasts, as expected, can only be wild beasts."


"Why?" Shao Qian's expression changed to anger, "You, You are obviously my mother, right?"


"Hmph, a beast pet that has your own blood, isn't it better to sign a JieDi [1]  contract with?" What the woman did not say was how she had originally wanted Jesse's father to be her beast pet, however, a adult holy-rank magic beast was simply not controllable, and it may even oppose the owner.

So, she settled for the next-best option. Confuse Jesse's father, and combine with him. Furthermore, that magic beasts was really extremely stupid, she had only said a sentence about how she wanted to see the Moon Blossom's appearance, and that idiot had overcome the fear of the Illusionary Mist Forest's Moonlight Blossom, transplanting them into the courtyard.

She had said that she wanted that idiot to accompany her to look at them, and that idiot sat there, his whole body so obviously stiff, but he wasn't willing to let go of her, who was sitting on him. To say the least, wild beasts, from start to end, will only be wild beasts, their way of thinking would always be completely one-track.


That holy-rank beast, because of having contact with the Moonlight Blossoms, became weak. As for her, she had searched using every possible means, to find a treasure that could let her be able to become pregnant. When Jesse was born, she had really wanted to make a contract with him at that moment, but at that time, he was still too small, the magic beast's blood within him hadn't completely awakened yet.


So, she had kept waiting, waiting for a suitable time. Even more, she had thought that there would be a chance to stimulate the magic beast's blood within Jesse.

Only, she didn't expect that when the opportunity came, it didn't develop like how she had expected it to. Jesse's father actually abandoned her to send his child to the Illusionary Mist Forest. Even more, she didn't expect that the holy-rank magic beast, whose strength was declining, didn't see through her illusion, and thinking she had died, had self-destructed and died.

At that time, the self-destruction caused her to suffer from severe injuries, this was also why she didn't live the city all this time, it was also because that she was injured, that she didn't dare charge into the Illusionary Mist Forest to find for this little hybrid.

But, she didn't expect that this hybrid actually came back on his own, this was really like a divine blessing in the darkness, it looks like this little hybrid was destined to be her beast pet.
"Even if a tiger is fierce, it will not eat its own child. [2] Am I not your child?"  Shao Qian's eyes burned furiously, simply wanting to cause the woman's death with a thousand cuts. [3] Originally, he had thought that the death of the holy-rank magic beast was related to her. But, whenever he did so, he would immediately recall that this woman was also dead, and thus ended up with no conclusion. However, it was like this now, he had already confirmed that the death of that holy-rank beast has a direct connection with her. And, she even had the crazy and ridiculous desire to establish a JieDi contract with the original Jesse, making him a beast pet. Simply unforgivable.

"You can dream." The woman scoffed disdainfully, "Only a demon-magic beast hybrid, and you dare to call yourself my child."

"Demon?" Shao Qian had always thought that the original body was half-human, after all, that half didn't have any dark odor. But now, it looks like that isn't it?

"I had simply dug out another woman's belly, used a secret method to integrate it with a small amount of my blood vessels, before placing it into my own belly and got pregnant, that's all." The woman pointed at Shao Qian's face, "Not only does this face of yours look like that woman, but in the early stages, your blood was also completely the same as hers. I had also used this secret method to conceal it from that idiotic father of yours. He had never noticed that you had demon blood within you."

Shao Qian looked at the woman with eyes that were terrifyingly cold, he had never expected that this woman was actually this sinister. That secret method wasn't introduced in the original story, if not then, such a sinister method, he couldn't have possibly not remembered it.


"Which branch of the demon race are you from?" Vincent who had all along been silent, suddenly inquired. In the Vatican, there were one to two things written down about this secret method. In the demon world, the higher the level of the demon, the harder it was to get pregnant with a heir. It was unknown who created this sinister method, and in the demon world, only a few large and influential family knew to use this method. This woman's position in the demon world definitely wasn't low.


"You know quite a lot." The woman was somewhat surprised that Vincent knew demons had branches, it looks like this person's position wasn't low. After receiving this little hybrid as her beast pet, she would also kill this man. What if there would be people that checked the cause of his death later on? Then, at that time, she would have already returned to the demon world.

"It can't be compared to you." When Vincent had saw those Moonlight Blossoms, he already had the intention to kill this woman. Now that he heard Jesse's past history, he wanted to dismember her body into a thousand pieces. The person that he wanted to protect in the hollow of his hands, how could he let this woman scheme against him like this?

"Good child, the sky is going to be dark soon. Don't resist mummy, wait until mummy establish the contract, then mummy will bring you back to the demon world." The woman bit her finger and pressed it onto Shao Qian's forehead.

Upon seeing the woman's action, Vincent's eyes became the essence of anger in a few moments. If it were not for Jesse's unwillingness to let him mover, how could he let this woman's filthy hand touch his Jesse?

The woman finished drawing the beast pet contract on Shao Qian's forehead. The contract's strength and a little bit of the woman's conscious entered Shao Qian's mind. She didn't even have time to inscribe the formation onto his crystal nucleus, before he rebelled and strangled her. The woman's little bit of conscious that was being strangled was devastated by the raging force, but by all means, he didn't simply stop there. On the contrary, he followed along that strand of conscious to enter the woman's conscious mind.

The instant the woman was strangled in the conscious, the complexion of her face underwent a huge change. But, she didn't make it in time to sever the connection before Shao Qian invaded her conscious mind. That powerful force entered her sea of conscious and proceeded to wreck havoc and destroy, simply not giving her any opportunity to react.


At the side, Vincent who had been pretending that he had fallen into her trap, took out a scepter, the light magic's powerful force sweeping towards the woman. The woman, upon seeing that scepter, her face became deathly pale. She had never thought, that the one by this little hybrid's side, was actually the next Pope? But, why did this person look so different from the radiant Pope that she knew?

The woman wanted to dodge, but how could Shao Qian, who had been standing by the side, allow her to escape? The frightening soul power emerged from his body, restraining the woman in her original place and making it hard for her to move. She could only watch with wide eyes as the light magic collided with her body.

Light magic is the bane of demons. The moment the woman was hit, she resumed her original appearance. If previously, she could be said to have some good looks, then now, she had a demon's devilish charm. But, the eyes that looked at Vincent with bitter resentment, how could anyone ignore it?

Vincent looked at the woman's face and the corners of his lips twitched up, "Grew to look so ugly, it's a miracle that you gave birth to such an adorable child like Jesse."


That woman was angered till she spat out a mouthful of old blood. Her beauty is actually one of the best in the demon world, yet…… yet she was called ugly by this inferior human?

"Talking rubbish with her has no use. Kill her." Shao Qian, towards this woman, didn't have any good feelings. Whether it was how she had harmed a holy-rank magic beast for her own selfish reasons, or killing a woman and digging out her belly, and wanting to make him into a beast pet, all of it made him feel sick.

The woman stared fiercely at Shao Qian, she intended go all out and fight the moment Vincent moved. But, the soul power that Shao Qian had placed in the woman's sea of conscious wasn't there simply for decoration. The moment the woman exploded, he completely strangled  her conscious.

Vincent's light magic passed through the woman's body, immediately setting it on fire.

[1] In the previous chapter, I changed: 'Obviously, he had already revealed the contract……' to 'Obviously, he had already established a JieDi contract……' So sorry! >~<

Note from last chapter – Mm, so what I got from JieDi (揭谛) is that it means ‘Unveiling’, and is also the name of a Buddhist Deity. I’m not too sure.

[2] Will not harm those close to them, eg. loved ones, family, etc.

[3] Old form of capital punishment.

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