Every World Seems Not Quite Right


Every World Seems Not Quite Right Chapter 12


Looking at the silhouette covered by Yin Energy, why does his heart ache?


Shao Qian, who returned back to the XingHai Space, felt puzzled. From the start to end, he couldn't understand why that world's male lead was not quite right, moreover, even the original cannon fodder had changed. Shao Qian couldn't make sense of it for a long time, before he scratched his head and decided to give up on his dilemma. Since he didn't understand, then he wouldn't think about it anymore. He also would not appear in front of the male and female leads immediately, from now onwards, that should be fine. He still doesn't want to believe, that the world changed because of him.

The energy the system had gained in the last world couldn't be considered as little. The data also seemed to be restored by a little bit, compared to before. When he had arrived in the XingHai Space, the system had prompted him if he wanted to restore it. Subconsciously, Shao Qian didn't wish for the system to be able to restore the data, however, if the system didn't restore it, then he wouldn't be able to access much information. So in the end, after he being at a lost for a while, he chose to repair it.

After the system finished repairing itself, Shao Qian randomly caught a small ball of light that was drifting past him and left the XingHai Space. Right now, he didn't want to think too much about whether he wanted to go to another world. And since, he currently had a lot of time that he could squander, spending it in another world wouldn't be too much of a difference.

One could only say that "after scheming thousands of plans, they ended up falling into their own trap" would be a perfect description for the situation Shao Qian was in now. When you thought you were in control, but in the end, realised that there was always someone following behind you, that kind of feeling was frankly distressing. And when you tried to shake off the person on your back, but hadn't had enough strength to do so, you start to feeling depressed.

This time, Shao Qian's luck wasn't too good. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a bloodstained face. That face was missing an eye, whereas the remaining eye was entirely white, the mouth was also opened widely where he could very clearly see the inside of it. Shao Qian got frightened, nearly jumping as he subconsciously used his soul power to punch it.

Too fucking scary!

The object that Shao Qian hit let out a sharp scream, before it disappeared without a trace. Shao Qian wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and then he began to size up his situation. 'He' was currently laying down on a bed, and the thing that he just saw…… was not human?

When he thought up till there, Shao Qian had nothing to say. He really could find places. He had randomly caught a world, and yet he 'luckily' encountered this fraudulent world. This was a supernatural world, a world where ghosts coexisted with humans.

This world's male lead was a Taoist Exorcist, yes, you didn't read it wrong, it was the kind of exorcist that caught ghosts. The female lead was a ignorant hundred-year old ghost, who only remembered revenge, and had all along been wandering and finding her enemy. Only, a hundred years ago, her enemy had already died and couldn't die again, how could she still be able to find them?

However, this ghost didn't believe it. She thought that if she couldn't find her enemy, then she would be able to find her enemy's descendants. And if she was able to find that person's descendants, then she would be able to take her revenge.

This absurd logic. Was her changing into a ghost not clear enough? She was ignorantly thinking of revenge? If you're aware that you could find that person's descendant to take revenge, could you still be called ignorant? Could you still say you were mentally confused? But, I really think that you were in your right mind.

This time round, Shao Qian's body was called Chu Liang. Originally, the unlucky original owner had been scared to death by the female lead, but because he wasn't able to let out the anger simmering in his heart, he turned into a ghost…….

At the moment when Shao Qian had crossed over, he became a ghost, furthermore, he was a ghost that was trapped in this house. Everyday, the things that he could do was only lay on the bed in a daze or doing the system's assigned tasks. 'You should bask in the sun.' 'Today, the moonlight is particularly strong, you should go walk next to the window.' 'Lazy bones, get up and exercise.'……. [1]

At first, Shao Qian considered quitting, what kind of absurd tasks were these? Letting a ghost that had just died, bask in the sun, who do you think you are?! But, with the system compelling him, what choice did he have? So, if it said to bask in the sun, then he could only bask in the sun. The sunlight shone on his body before his body's Yin Energy started to evaporate, letting out a sizzling sound…… Shao Qian assumed that he had already turned into barbecue, the kind where after sprinkling some cummin, it could be eaten.

During the day, he basked in the sun, and at night, he basked in the moonlight to recover…… At first, he felt that the system had a grudge against him, thus why it kept getting him to do it over and over again.

In the future, this house would become haunted. And because not many people were willing to approach it, and along with it's reputation that kept growing bigger and bigger, it finally alarmed the male lead. He also brought the female lead with him. Afterwards, the female lead had wept and wailed in front of him, saying that this was the descendant of the man that had killed her. In the beginning, his ancestors had harmed people, and now, his descendants were also just as evil.

Her bitter cries really sounded broken-hearted, but why she didn't think about how, originally, it her that had killed this innocent youth? Who harmed him to not be able to reincarnate and also trapped him in the square area of land?

After that? After that, the ghost that had already lacked the strength to truss a chicken, and yet still basked in the sunlight and moonlight daily, was frightened stiff when the male lead took out a talisman. At that time, it was merely a diversion, but he was still angry, couldn't he scold him once or twice? He had already suffered so much (basking in the sun), and in the end, without even a single line from the original script, he would just PASS? [2]

Once again, Shao Qian felt helpless towards this plot. And when he thought of the face he just saw, he could only say to the male lead, you are very good, very strong, towards that ruined face that was missing an eye, you were able to get it hard. As expected, he really was a deity!

But this didn't seem good either? Shao Qian looked at 'himself' lying on the bed, before looking at his translucent body and sighed once again, he really was a ghost…….

This body would be discovered in seven days by the landlord due to the stench and was reported. The body was then sent to the morgue, examined by the forensic, and was declared death by sudden cerebral infection. Bullshit, I, a person with a healthy body and normal working hours suddenly died from a cerebral infection, is your medical clinic a veterinarian that switched jobs halfway?

This time, Shao Qian didn't plan for anyone to set sight on this body, so he immediately used his soul power and turned the body into a pile of ashes. After that, he baked it little by little to form a porcelain doll. Looking at the white, chubby porcelain doll, Shao Qian truly liked it a lot. His craftsmanship is so good, look at this porcelain doll that he made, there isn't a single flaw.

Only, later, when that flawless porcelain doll was taken away by a certain someone, Shao Qian really wanted to turn back time and slap his past self to death. Letting your hand [3] make what porcelain doll!

Shao Qian played with the porcelain doll in his hands as he sat by the window, absorbing the moon's Yin Energy. No matter what, the youth shouldn't be able to immediately turn into a ghost in just a single breath, but today was when the Yin Energy was the densest, the fifthteenth day of the seventh month. [4] The doors of the lower realm would open and thousands of ghosts would come out, the Yin Energy would blot out the sky and cover the earth, that was the reason that let the youth immediately become a ghost.

Right now, Shao Qian was using his soul power along with the Yin Energy together to enhance his body bit by bit. He absolutely doesn't want to be a binded ghost. If he were always here, wouldn't it he just waiting for the male and female lead to come and eliminate him? He would rather absorb Yin Energy as quickly as possible, alleviate his strength and break this restraint on him.

Only, plans frequently changes. Shao Qian was only able to be complacent for two days before he caught. He had assumed that it was a good time as the male and female lead wouldn't come here at the moment, so he did not do too much to cover up the soul power surrounding him. When the door to the lower realm opens, most of the ghosts that wander around would be common ghosts that couldn't bear to leave the human world and didn't need have much ability, and those that wanted to get some energy during the Ghost Festival.

So, when the many ghosts that saw this place where the Yin Energy seemed to be funneling into, they all turned towards the opposite direction, all of them thinking that a high-leveled ghost was practicing there and didn't dare disturb it. However, the fact that these ghost didn't dare disturb, didn't mean that humans didn't dare to disturb either.

Song Dao watched the window on the third floor from afar, and upon seeing the silhouette covered by Yin Energy, his eyes narrowed. As such, his sharp-cut and distinguishable face, because of his pair of narrowed eyes, looked even more swift and fierce.

The Yin Energy was very dense. He was afraid that this kind of Yin Energy could only belong to a hundred year old ghost, and if he didn't get rid of it, the harm it would definitely cause wouldn't be small. Only…… when looking at the silhouette covered by Yin Energy, why does his heart ache? This kind of feeling, as if his heart were in pain, why was this happening?


阴 – Yin/Moon/Female/Negative

阳 – Yang/Sun/Male/Positive

(in Chinese philosophy and religion) two principles, one negative, dark, and feminine (yin) and one positive, bright, and masculine (yang) whose interaction influences the destinies of creatures and things.

[2] Die

[3] Self-Deprecating

[4] The day of the Chinese Ghost Festival.

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