Era of Shamans


Era of Shamans Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Hunter

The Southern Wastelands, a boundless primitive jungle.

Poisonous miasma spiralled around the treetops of the tall, ancient trees. Under the blazing sun, the miasma, which was originally both colorless and odorless, reflected the sun’s light, creating colorful rays of light that merged into a gorgeous rainbow above the jungle.

Drifting by was a floating island with a circumference of several hundred miles. Dozens of white-dragon-like waterfalls roared out from the edges of the island. A hurricane blew by, high up in the air, dispersing the waterfalls into a cloud of mist. Dozens of rainbows danced around in the mist, complementing the colorful miasma circling around the treetops.

Ji Hao stood at the edge of the island, gazing down at the vast jungle in the Southern Wasteland.

The fleeting wind blew across Ji Hao’s determined and delicate face. A pair of deep and mysterious eyes glowed brightly. Whenever Ji Hao focused his gaze on one area, nine dark purple and golden marks, around the pupils of his eyes, would flash, dignified and mysteriously, making them difficult to directly look at.

Two sharp eyebrows struck out from his temple. His nose stood tall and straight and his lips protruded out sharply. He had a soft, yet manly look. At times, the corners of his mouth would form a faint, mocking smile. The enchanting Ji Hao seemed as if he didn’t take anything to heart.

A simple leather skirt wrapped around his waist. Ji Hao’s tall and slim body was like a pine tree inside of a hurricane, firmly planted in the rocks. No matter how fierce the wind and rain was, or how heavy the thunder and lightning, was it would stay resolute like a mountain, unmovable.

A large two-winged crow, with a wingspan of more than thirty feet, stood beside Ji Hao. Its red pupils blazed faintly. From time to time, it would turn its head and look around.

“Crow, we’re just taking a stroll, that’s all. Don’t be so nervous.” Ji Hao slapped one of the crow’s claws and said loudly: “Wait for a bit, I’ll get you a big snake to fill your stomach. And then we’ll go to Black Wind Valley. Let’s see if we can find a few wisps of Windy Dragon Grass for Abba.”

The gigantic crow cawed a few times and intimately nudged Ji Hao’s head with its sharp beak.

He extended his two hands out and stretched. Ji Hao yawned upwards in satisfaction: “Comfortable, too comfortable. I don’t need to accompany those old fellows or look for any grass, tree bark, snake teeth or poison sacks. So comfortable!”

“Hey, is there really someone who isn’t afraid of death? Do these stinky snakes not know that this jungle is under our, the Fire Crow Clan’s control? This is Fire Crow Clan’s territory!” Looking around, Ji Hao suddenly widened his eyes and pointed down at a place in the jungle.

A group of topless, sturdy, two-meter tall men with scars slashed all over their bodies were swaggering around in the jungle. On their shoulders were a variety of hunted prey. Ji Hao carefully looked. There were tigers, leopards and bears. Each of them were dozens of feet tall, carried around by these men like small mountains of meat.

“B*stard, this is the Fire Crow Clan’s hunting grounds. Those wild beasts are the property of our Fire Crow Clan! These guys, even the smallest one can feed a child for a year. Once those beast hides are washed and cleaned, they can be traded for three young women!”

Ji Hao shouted loudly. His two arms extended out and his ten fingers locked together. Suddenly, the waterfall closest to him rumbled. That large waterfall no longer fell straight down in a line. A mysterious energy controlled the waterfall’s flow and tilted the stream thirty degrees towards those men in the jungle.

The Black Water Serpent Clan men were happily walking around in the jungle, when the waterfall fell onto their heads, transformed into a heavy downpour of water droplets. They laughed heartily as they lifted their heads and opened their mouths, drinking the sweet and clear water.

The man at the front had a ten-foot long serpent coiled around his waist, which was swaying its body happily. The sudden bath made it feel incomparably joyful. The Horned Serpent was the Black Water Serpent Clan’s special battle beast. Only elite warriors had the qualifications to have a Horned Serpent as a battle beast to help him kill.

In the torrential rain, the countless water droplets suddenly turned into lines, slowly turning into transparent water ropes which then wrapped around their necks.

“Enemies…….. A sneak attack!” The Black Water Serpent’s Clan leader shouted, full of fear.

They had unexpectedly been attacked by a Water Elemental Spirit Attack?

But sneak attacking enemies in the torrential rain was the Black Water Serpent Clan’s specialty. In these mountains and forests, the Black Water Serpent Clan’s archenemy was the Fire Crow Clan, who were experts at using fire to burn their enemies. They had never heard of a Fire Crow Clan Shaman using Water Spirit Magic.

Ji Hao pointed his finger and a magic symbol formed. The several water ropes shook intensely and the men, with their necks bound by them, were sent flying. Their bodies smashed heavily into the trees and they all fainted, one after the other.

Only their leader was able to struggle back up. His two hands ripped apart the water rope around his neck and tore it into countless water drops. A water-jar sized crater had been smashed into the tree behind him by his head, showing just how strong his body was.

“The coward who only dares to sneak attack, come out!” The man pulled out a long spear as he growled angrily.

The horned serpent around his waist unwrapped itself. Nimbly moving about in the torrential rain and opened its mouth to spit out black frigid vapor from time to time.

“Crow! Go!” Ji Hao laughed and hopped onto the gigantic crow’s back. The gigantic crow opened its wings, letting out a sharp caw. The enormous body leaped down from the floating island and charged directly towards the furious man below.

The altitude between the floating island and the ground was at most a few miles high. The gigantic crow reached the forest in the span of three or five breaths.

The Black Water Serpent Clan’s soldier watched in dismay as the gigantic crow closed in. His face distorted into an expression that didn’t look human. He shrieked: “Fire Crow! Fire Crow! The Fire Crow Clan’s Holy Protector!”

The Fire Crow unfurled its enormous claws and swiped downwards. The black steel-like claws gently bumped into the man’s body, exploding him into a dense blood mist that covered the skies and earth. The Horned Serpent turned around in fear to flee, but just as it slithered no more than one hundred feet away, the Fire Crow opened its beak and a lava-like red flame flew out.

The Horned Serpent wailed as the fire burned it into cinders. Several ancient trees had even been set ablaze by the fire like torches.

The Fire Crow gleefully spread out its wings and drifted onto the tip of a tree branch, cawing up at the sky.

Ji Hao patted the Fire Crow’s head and gently leapt down into the woods. Not far away was an enormous tree with vines coiled around it. Ji Hao conveniently selected several hundred year old “Dragon Vines” and weaved them into a rope. He then bound the fainted men and tied all of the hunted animals together.

“Send these hunted animals back first. Crow, let’s go!”

Ji Hao leapt onto the Fire Crow’s back once again. He then whistled and the Fire Crow picked up the captives and the hunted animals. Flapping its enormous wings, it started flying south. With a few flaps, the Fire Crow rushed up high into the sky. Its jet-black plumage emitting a faint, fiery red glow. It then transformed into a streak of flames as it flew far into the distance in the span of a few breaths.

After an hour of swift flying, a massive mountain blocked their path. At the peak of the tall mountains stood several ten thousand feet tall mulberry trees.

Dozens of enormous bird nests could be seen on top of those trees. Hundreds of colossal crows even bigger than the Fire Crow under Ji Hao’s feet were circling around the towering trees. Their thundering crowing sounds shook the sky enough to make it impossible for the dense clouds in the sky to move even a half step closer to the mountain.

They were still a few hundred miles away from the massive mountain when a stream of fire shot towards them. A muscular man nearly three meters tall stood on top of the flames and growled loudly at Ji Hao: “Hao! You sneaked away again? You’re just a little baby, are you not afraid of being snatched away by a big bird?”

Seeing the captive and the hunted animals in the Fire Crow’s claws, the brawny man laughed oddly and then waved his fists: “You really are Elder Brother Ji Xia’s son! Where did you get these stinky snakes from? If we have these captives, we’ll have enough slaves working in the mines!”

He paused, before frowning and continuing: “Let’s go back home first. Elder Brother Ji Xia’s distant cousin has brought back his followers…… This guy isn’t very loveable. His trip here this time won’t be for good intentions!”

Ji Hao’s expression changed. He stepped hard onto the Fire Crow’s head. The Fire Crow sped up and rapidly headed towards the deep valley below the massive mountain.