Era of Cultivation


Era of Cultivation Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Furious Bird

“What’s this!” Xu Jie was astonished by what he saw. As he looked up into the sky, the dark layers of cloud seemed to stir more intensely as if it were a maelstrom.

He Dan Ya felt guilty because she didn’t pass on her apologies. However she too was attracted by the weird noise as she looked up into the dark sky.

Meanwhile on the arena, everyone who was filled by the joy of surviving the apocalypse, also raised their head trying to find out what exactly was going on.   

The old principle, Yan Xing Hai, was trying to calm the frightened students when he heard that strange noise. His eyes was filled with sorrow as he mumble to himself: “ This can’t be real! Or could it…”

“ww awww…” an intense cry burst out from the sky. As the clouds unwind, a massive creature appeared from it. Simultaneously, two bloody beams were projected onto the land, scanning everything in it’s way.  

“My God, what’s that!?”Although Xu jie was prepared for whatever is coming because he expected it was going to be something abnormal, he was still shocked by what he saw. His heart inevitably started beating more intensely when he got a clearer look at the creature that appeared from the sky.

A massive bird-like creature flew out of the clouds. It’s wings seemed to blot out the entire sky. In fact, the sky darkened when this creature appeared. Furthermore, there was no sign of a single feather on this beast. It seemed that the whole body are constructed solely of bones. Along with the beast, came an incredible thunderstorm.

The bony claws held immense power, they seemed like they could turn a mountain into dust without the slightest effort. What’s even more terrifying is the beast’s eye, the source of two bloody spheres. It was filled with the bloody red, which gave people a sense that the monster craved for blood.  

“Heavens! It’s the Ivory Skeletal Bird! Why would a beast like this appear in a small place like Long Jiang?!” Yan Xing Hai said with trembling voice. Before, he would have still had the desire to fight, but now, he was completely paralyzed by this manifestation of doom.

“ My children, they are still young. They are the future of this world!”Yan Xing Hai turned to look at his students with his heart filled with sorrow and tears.

On the arena, there wasn’t one student who cried. They were all shocked by the Ivory Skeletal Bird and forgot to cry; even forgot to breath. All they could do was watch as the beast slowed its massive wings, floating down from the sky.

Xu Jie followed it’s sight, and a thought suddenly sprang to his mind. He thought to himself, maybe the target of this monster wasn’t the students in the arena, but rather the school building that had already collapsed.

“Maybe there’s something in the ruin that attracted the attention of this beast?” As the thought flashed in Xu Jie’s mind, he recalled the mystery voice that he heard in the morning: “It couldn’t be… could it?”

While he analysed the situation, the loud sound that erupted from the beast landing disrupted his focus.  

“Booooooom!” Just as everyone thought they were dead, a sound exploded in the void sky. The beast stopped in its tracks, as a transparent sphere appeared from where he landed. On this orb, thousands of vague runes cycled around the sphere, creating a sense of invincibility.

“What The…!”

“We are saved!”

“Thank god!”

Everyone was relieved from escaping this near death experience. Now that they broke free, they all cheered, releasing all the horror accumulated in their hearts.

“ROOOOOOOOAR!”The Ivory Skeletal Bird let out a intense howl of rage. Anger flashed in it’s eyes as it’s aura increased drastically. As the beast raised its wings once again, all the lightning surrounding it’s torso moved to the tip of it’s claws. A split second later, the claws became surrounded by an ocean  of lightning.

“What is it doing”

Everyone cried out of fear once more. The Ivory Skeletal Bird clutched the defensive rune and after a short pause, the ocean of thunder spewed onto the defensive rune. With titanic force, the beast teared open the defensive rune as it instantly shattered into pieces.

“How can this be?”


All the hope they once had vanished into the void as they collapsed on to the ground. Once again, they fell into a deep horror and despair.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, a sound of sharp item flying through the air were heard from the south part of Long Jiang. Xu Jie looked to where the sound originated, and saw thousands of light blades appear from nothing, forming a river of light. With vast strength, it launched itself toward the beast that had lost its lightning barrier.

“It’s the cities defensive system!”

“Oh lord, this system is triggered only when the city is in great danger!”

With the appearance of the light blade, hope was once again generated as they all cried out loud. They knew it was the strongest defensive system that the city had to offer.

The huge monster saw the light blade rushing toward it right after it destroyed the defensive rune. Surprisingly, a sense of disdain flashed in it’s bloody eyes. Without rest, its massive wings started flapping rapidly, similar to a hummingbird, as if their wings had flapped a thousand times in under a second. The air pressure created by the wings formed two swords, charging toward the light river.

BOOM! The wind blade smashed against the light blade generating am intense clash that’s beyond the description of words. The blades struck each other like a sword fight but with thousands of blades. After the brief moment of glory, came dead silence. The wind and light blades all vanished.

The beast flapped its wings again and two more wind blade were formed. Once more it shot down from the sky with immense power, but the city’s defensive system remained still. CRASH! the system was hit by the wind blade, and it collapsed into dust along with anything in a 5 kilometer radius

The beast striked again with all its might.

“This is impossible!”

“There’s no way the city defensive system lost!”

At this moment, everyone changed from horror to desperation. Some cried for their parents, others cried for help. The sounds of despair mixed in the little arena.

“ No! I’m still young!”

“I don’t want to die!”

“I haven’t even got a girlfriend!”

[RN: Geoffrey Hilton “Same.” iballisticbunny “Agreed.”]

“I can’t accept this!”

Xu Jie stood in the arena watching the Ivory Skeletal Bird as it destroyed the city. This moment, he was more certain of his belief that the beast was aiming for something in the ruin of school building. He was certain that everyone was going to die from the fury of this beast. He felt his overpowered by his weakness yet again, the feeling only being enhanced under the threat of death. Never had he ever craved power so desperately, a type of power that would could flip the whole situation right on it’s head.

“Power, wealth, love, relationships. Everything would join the void and become nothing if it weren’t supported by power.”

Facing this desperate situation, even Xu Jie himself had fallen in the the abyss of hopelessness. 
“ If we are going to die anyway, better to die like a man!” When fear reaches a certain limit, it starts to lose its effect. Xu jie stepped toward He Dan Ya, protecting her with his body. As he looks up, he sees the world in a whole new light.