Empress with no Virtue


Empress with no Virtue Chapter 98

Author: Jiu Xiao Qi, Translated by: San Guniang

Chapter 98 – Ending

Ji Wu Jiu wanted to go out of the palace, but this matter was severely negated by Ye Zhen Zhen.

Ye Zhen Zhen knew that his purpose was to go to the south to find Teng Yi to break the gu. She was also eager for him to be able to get rid of that nuisance and pull out the insect soon, but Ji Wu Jiu was in poor health beyond recognition, plus the blow from Empress Dowager. Now he simply resembled a paper lantern, might be blown by the wind at any time. This trip was 2,000 li(1) to the south, the road passing the mountain was dangerous and the river was hazardous. Repeating over and over again on this point, the conclusion was that they could not afford it. Even if in the end he reached Miao village and by any chance met Teng Yi, but once knowing that he was the emperor, not only would he not break the gu, but Teng Yi might even gave him another poisonous insect seed……

Ye Zhen Zhen’s idea was that she, as the wife of the victim, would go to Miao village in Qian Nan and request Teng Yi to come. It was easier for pregnant woman to get sympathy. It could be used as proof too that the person under gu had wife and child and receiving gu was completely disaster. Those were more convincing when facing Teng Yi.

Ji Wu Jiu firmly disagreed. No need to say anything, Ye Zhen Zhen was pregnant and could not tolerate the least bit mishap. She should be surrounded and protected and must not go anywhere.

Both of them came to disagreement on this matter and temporarily no one gave way to the other. After delayed for several days, Ji Wu Jiu's health was getting worse, the frequency of coughing blood increased. Ye Zhen Zhen worries affected her pregnancy. The Taiyi anxiously told her thrice a day that she had to maintain her mind entirely free from worry.

Seeing the other side’s suffering, finally they used the simple rock-paper-scissors method to decide who was going or staying.

Result: Ji Wu Jiu won and personally went to the south to seek treatment.

Ji Wu Jiu was a very thorough person. Before leaving, he issued an imperial edict and also a secret imperial edict. The edicts said in case that he could not return, the child in Ye Zhen Zhen's belly would become the crown prince, succeed the throne and inherited the great treasure, no matter whether the child she gave birth was boy or girl. Before the crown prince officially ascended the throne, Ye Zhen Zhen temporarily acted as regent and supervised the country.

He handed over the whole country to her hands.

Holding that light silk letter, Ye Zhen Zhen only felt the heavy weight.  Her eyes turned red and she said to Ji Wu Jiu, "Tell me, what's the function of these babbling nonsense? Coming back soon is proper!"

Ji Wu Jiu took her into his chest and gently rubbed her hair, "Zhen Zhen…… If I am really dead, you may remarry after the new emperor ascend the throne."

Ye Zhen Zhen pushed him away and seriously said, "Ji Wu Jiu, if you really leave me, I will not remarry. I will live a lifetime suffering in pain, grieving to the extent of wishing to die, it would be better to die than to live."

Only hearing her said this, Ji Wu Jiu had awfully regretted. He caressed her face and said, "I will certainly return, wait for me."

"En," Ye Zhen Zhen nodded. She took the initiative to return to his embrace and put her arms around his waist, "I’ve been thinking of another and I’ve been puzzled all along."


"Bai Xiang Ru said she had given you the gu a long time ago. Why was the time of the gu insects showing effect after more than half a month? I asked Da Xing and he said that normally Peach Blossom gu will react the next day after the gu is descended."

"I also don't understand, maybe it's different for each person?"

"No. Even if your will is firm, it will not conflict with the onset of the gu insects, and at most you will be able to stay awake and restrain your conduct. To be honest, I suspect you have eaten something before and suppressed the effect of the gu insects. You think about it, have you eaten anything special?"

Ji Wu Jiu shook his head, "Nothing."

"I seem to have heard you said that you ate what medicine?"


Ye Zhen Zhen sat up and looked at him carefully, "What medicine did you eat before?"

Ji Wu Jiu glanced his eyes away, "Nothing. You remember incorrectly."

Ye Zhen Zhen thought, "No, you did say. That night when I was diagnosed with pregnancy, you personally said that you have been taking medicine. At that time, I was throwing up and only half conscious so I did not take it seriously. Now may it be assumed that the medicine you took affected the initiation of the gu insects?"

"Absolutely there is not."

Ye Zhen Zhen recalled again and was more certain that Ji Wu Jiu previously said these words. Now seeing him denied it, she angrily said, "Why don't you tell me the truth! Do you know how worried I am about you?"

"……" Ji Wu Jiu looked at her with difficulty.

Ye Zhen Zhen covered her belly, "You infuriated me. My belly hurts."

Ji Wu Jiu quickly held her, "I will say, I will say, don't be angry……"

He confessed that foolish thing he had done. Ye Zhen Zhen did not have the heart to tease him and asked if there were any remaining pills. The answer was that he had thrown it away.

So she quickly ordered Tie Taiyi to make some more.

Tie Taiyi was already helpless with Ji Wu Jiu illness. Now he only hoped the emperor could endure until the little successor was born and handed over the country. When Ye Zhen Zhen asked him to make the pills, he did not think too much and came with it the next day.

Ji Wu Jiu ate one pill under Ye Zhen Zhen gaze. On the same day there was no symptom of disorder emerged and there was no coughing blood.

Ji Wu Jiu : ……

Ye Zhen Zhen : ……

The result was an unexpected delight, and the way he could not tolerate it. However, Ye Zhen Zhen gave him a package full of pills before his departure and forced him to swear to eat one pill everyday. She also repeatedly warned Feng You De to supervise the emperor to take the medicine.

Ji Wu Jiu really wished to cry inside.

Recalling Ye Zhen Zhen's face full of worries, although extremely unwilling, Ji Wu Jiu became softhearted. Together with Feng You De’s ramble, unexpectedly he did not fall to eat this medicine from the capital until he reached the Miao village.

He almost worshiped himself.

~ Translated by: San Guniang ~


  1. Li: Ancient measure of length, approx. 500 m

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