Empress with no Virtue


Empress with no Virtue Chapter 89 part1

That night, Ye Zhen Zhen was taken to a log cabin in the mountains, she was completely oblivious to the specifics of her current location. She was served wild meat for dinner, probably just caught a while ago, not quite appetizing but still can be considered quite nourishing considering their current location.

After dinner, she was forcibly pulled out of her resting by Li You who took her to stroll with him in the starlight, talking about trivial things, trying to spark a conversation.

The lush trees blocked out most of the light.The dark of the night apparent, a cold wind hurled by, accompanied by the rustling of leaves. That night was a little chilly, signifying that autumn has descended upon the lands.

Ye Zhen Zhen suddenly felt a bit of grief... anxious about the future. For so many days she has been trying to think of various ways to kill Ji Li You but she still has not been successful.

Ji Li You suddenly said, "Perhaps you only know that he is not dead, but, did you know for the 20 or so days that you have been missing, he already has a new favorite?---- I thought the affection between the both of you was real, now that does not seems to be the case to me."

Ye Zhen Zhen lazily replied, "This new favorite you are referring to, is it a dog or some other kind of animal?"

"Bai Xiangru."

"Heh! Ji Li You, if you think you can incite a wedge between us with this little trick of yours, know it's useless."

"Within half a month, 3 consecutive promotions. Now she already enjoys the position of the Noble Imperial Consort, do you still not believe me?"

Ye Zhen Zhen eyes flash with an understanding as she narrows them, not sparing another word to add to this conversation. Bai Jiancheng's character was already doubtful. Surely his daughter's the same.

Ji Wujiu knows her character too well. Although they have grown up together, that doesn't exempt her from his doubt towards her. Besides, she too is a suspect in the ongoing turbulent waves of rebellion, someone probably from Li You’s faction. If what Ji Li You says is true then this promotion probably has another reason behind it.

Bai Xiangru is originally not someone from a noble household. Her origin is a humble one. Even if she is favored, with this kind of identity it should still not be possible for her to rise so fast.

"I know what you are thinking...", Ji Li You interrupted her thoughts, "but you probably haven't thought about why, if Bai Xiangru is one of my people, she still has not helped me, rather left me to fend off on my own."

"Because you're ugly?"

"haha." Ji Li You merely laughed, not angry at her. He neither affirmed nor denied.

Yes, the reason cannot be any more clear --- Bai Xiangru is a fickle woman. This time she abandoned Ji Li You for her own benefit.

Still, to completely achieve that she did not only sell out Ji Li You but also her father and everyone under Ji Li You's faction.

Bai Jiancheng as one of the main suspects of rebellion has no chance to surrender since the Emperor holds zero tolerance for treason. It's likely that he will be executed regardless.

The lack of action is probably just Ji Wujiu biding for more time, waiting to strike at an appropriate moment.

As for the reason why she is enjoying the position of Imperial Consort, it's likely because she has been rewarded with it by Ji Wujiu in exchange for her information.

In the absence of the Empress, Empress Dowager along with her can now surely walk sideways, unhindered by anything.

(TL Note: Walk sideways: have complete power, without fear of repercussions.)

But this is not what Ye Zhen Zhen is focused on, what she is most concerned about is... Ji Wujiu surely only rewarded Bai Xiangru with that position because of her information, isn't it?

There's nothing else in between them...

...he won't betray her... right?


Empress Dowager, alongside another woman, dares to try to steal her man, they deserve death!

Besides, to reward Bai Xiangru he could have just casually granted a single small favor. There was no need to confer her with the title of Noble Imperial Concubine!

Seeing the look of resentment displayed on Ye Zhen Zhen's face, Ji Li You knew his slanderous words a moment ago were the cause of this, to further add he said, "Your infatuation to him, he does not deserve that."

"You do not deserve to have a say in my matters.---
       Besides, these words you say, do they even have any meaning?"

Ji Li You smiled and said, "I know you may not believe it but... although my hands are stained with the blood of countless people, I will never hurt you."

Ye Zhen Zhen coldly snorted, "Yeah, don't tell me you were possessed on the day you tried to assault me."

Ji Li You let her snide comment pass through his ears without the slightest of change in his expression and said, "Do you really think you would be able to survive to this day if I had to truly wanted to deal a ruthless hand against you?"

"Do you want me to thank your grace for not killing me?"

Sighing he said, "Do you really not understand or are you just pretending?"

Ye Zhen Zhen rolled her eyes, "You just want to fool me into believing you, let me tell you I won't----- wu!"

Her mouth was suddenly blocked by his lips, before she could even react he had already returned to his original position, gently licking the corner of his lips.

"Do you get it now?", He smiles at her, his eyes resembling the night sky, while they glittered like the distant stars.

Ye Zhen Zhen fiercely wiped her lips, while the contact a moment ago couldn't help but make her subconsciously say, "Disgusting!"

Ji Li You suddenly felt a pang of sorrow but then his expression changed as he thought of something, "I know you hate me now, but that doesn't matter, as long as we stay together, sooner or later you will come to like me. I can afford to wait."

Ye Zhen Zhen looked at him warily, "What do you mean?"

"What I mean is he cannot have both, the Country and the beauty;

I will make Ji Wujiu pick between the country and you, whatever he lets go of, It will be mine. What do you think he will choose?"

"This, you have got it all wrong", Ye Zhen Zhen awkwardly starts making some hand gestures to supplement her explanation, "The country belongs to Ju Wujiu while he belongs to me, get it?
Basically, Ju Wujiu can choose the country while I will choose him, as for you... you can just leave this matter and go find a calm, cool place to live in. I don't care."

"Zhen mei mei, you must be mad at me, right?"

(I will start using pinyin instead of western equivalent as it sounds better. Oh and, mei mei =Younger sister)

If only being mad enough was able to kill, Ye Zhen Zhen secretly thought.

Ji Li You sulked for a moment before quickly returning to his calm semblance. Finally, he said, “ At any rate, I have already made my intentions knows to you. Believe me, no matter what I do tomorrow, you do not have to fear for anyone’s life.”

“What about Ji Wu Jiu then? Did you not say you merely wanted him to choose between the two? So there’s no need for the buried explosives, right? In that case, isn’t it better to dig them out?”, Ye Zhen Zhen’s tone resembled that of a merchant, with a hint of persuasion in it.

“If Ji Wu Jiu can be killed, it’s naturally the better conclusion. How else will you give up on him?”
“So everything you just said was merely nonsense!?”, Ye Zhen Zhen suddenly stood up, angrily she kicked towards his shoulder which was avoided by Ji Li You, resulting in her kicking empty air, hence losing her balance she somehow found herself in his bosom.

Squirming her way out of his hold she saw Ji Li You looking at her with a smile on his face.

Glaring at him, Ye Zhen Zhen turned around and angrily made her way back to the cabin. That night she found herself unable to sleep resulting in many tosses and turns to resolve this, but every time she was about to sleep, somehow an image of Ji Li You appeared in her mind.

At some point she started thinking about the dynamite buried by Ji Li You for which she couldn’t help be feel thankful to God, luckily it wasn’t landmines.