Rise of Humanity


Rise of Humanity Volume 1 Chapter 27

A person’s emotional fluctuations were very difficult to observe from his face, but the mind in the sea of consciousness could change and change with the mood. Take Zhong Yue, at this moment his sea of consciousness was billowing up and down, great waves splitting the sky, and there was a kind of faint feeling like an army of golden spears, armored horses, and foot soldiers going to war!

This meant that he was very excited, moved, thirsting for battle, thirsting to fight at the risk of his life, thirsting for victory, thirsting to confirm all of his learning and comprehension. But it was very difficult to tell all of this from the expression on his face.

"Well said!"

Xin Huo praised him: "Now you already look a little like the Fuxi god race! Advancing despite knowing the difficulty, going forward and welcoming adversity, dauntlessly forging ahead, not losing heart when meeting strong enemies, not fearing them, but vanquishing them under your feet, this is the Fuxi god race!"

Zhong Yue strode forward, standing in front of Shui Qinghe. The thunderbolt totem flashed around his body, condensing into a coiling Jiao dragon. He said with a calm voice: "Zhong Mountain’s Zhong Yue, complying with your challenge."

"Comply with my challenge?"

Shui Qinghe was a little dumbfounded. This kind of situation was clearly him sticking out for the River Mud disciples, about to teach a lesson from high and above to this Zhong Mountain clansman who didn’t know the vastness of heaven and earth. How did it become a challenge?

The weak fighting the strong was called a challenge, the strong fighting the weak was called bullying. Now he became the challenger, didn’t that mean that he was the weakling?

"Interesting, it’s the first time someone dares to talk to me this way. You’re overconfident about your body cultivation, very well, I’ll use precisely body cultivation techniques to rout you! Three moves, at most I only need three moves to beat you!"

Shui Qinghe’s face carried a smile, and great waves abruptly grew under his tail, lifting his body fast as ghosts. As soon as the sprays roared, a great wave rode across the sky and brought him in front of Zhong Yue, while he bombarded his fist toward Zhong Yue’s face!

When this fist bombed forth, flood overflowed the sky, and behind Shui Qinghe’s Hebo Body there was shockingly something like a deluge, the river reaching a thousand feet high as it crushed down!

This punch of his gathered the strength of a deluge a thousand feet overflowing the heavens, how terrifying was the the momentum it carried as it went forth?

The Jiao dragon twined around Zhong Yue’s body, growing thicker and thicker as it rolled around the body, becoming clearer and more distinct. The dragon head was malevolent and its body was over a foot thick, the body wide as a water bucket gradually merging inside Zhong Yue’s own body. The pure mind power transformed into a Jiao dragon totem and a thunderbolt totem, then attached itself on the surface of Zhong Yue’s body. It was as if patches of dragon scales grew on his skin!

Within his body muscles swelled. His tendons and muscles throbbed in vibrations "peng peng peng", like the crispy sounds of a taunt bow as it fired its arrow!

Not only that, his blood surged in his veins and his heart transported his qi and blood in a flash. The flowing of his blood was so loud that even the many upper yard disciples watching the battle could hear!

Zhong Yue did not hide nor did he dodge this punch of Shui Qingye’s. With a sudden long dragon cry he also sent a punch of his own toward Shui Qingye!

The expression on the spectators’ face drastically changed. A deluge of a thousand feet, a dragon coiling around the body, the strength of those two people had both reached a level that far left the others in the dust!

At this moment the two of them were like two wild and reckless gods, fighting face to face, muscles colliding, bringing an impact and shock that was difficult to imagine!

Bang! Bang!

The two men attacked at the same time. How strong was Shui Qinghe’s Hebo body? With one fist down he simply crushed the Jiao dragon condensed by Zhong Yue’s mind, and his punch fell on Zhong Yue’s body. The thunderbolt totem patterns on his skin scattered to the four winds. This fist of his shockingly even broke the thunderbolt totem Zhong Yue visualized, and sent it flying!

Those thunderbolt totem patterns of Zhong Yue’s weren’t entirely used to condensate the Jiao dragon, they were also used to temper the Surging Thunder Sword qi, using the Surging Thunder Sword’s sharpness to block the might of Shui Qinghe’s fist.

But the strength of Shui Qinghe’s Hebo Body was too strong, and it went through the Surging Thunder Sword qi like rotten wood, directly shattering it, dispersing all the power of the Surging Thunder Sword qi until not half a shred of power was left!

This punch fell on Zhong Yue’s body with a stuffy sound. The strength of the Hebo Body shook his four limbs and hundred bones, shook his mind, sea of consciousness, and soul!

At the same time, Zhong Yue’s punch also bombarded on Shui Qinghe. The power of the Hebo body was immediately displayed with no doubt allowed. What kind of power did Zhong Yue’s punch have? None of the River Mud clan core disciples could bear the might of this punch, but Shui Qinghe’s Hebo Body was filled with scales and only the pattern of the scales was broken. He wasn’t injured in the least.

Thick scales covered his whole body, like the god of the river. It was not only awe-inspiring, the battle strength and the defensive strength reached a level that filled people with reverence!

Unexpectedly, as soon as Zhong Yue’s fist fell, he immediately spread his five fingers open. A huge roar emitted from inside his palm, and another Jiao dragon drilled out of his hand, pounding on Shui Qinghe’s body with a rumble. It suddenly drilled a great hole on the Hebo Body and exposed Shui Qinghe inside!

His Hebo Body wasn’t really the genuine Hebo’s body, but the Hebo Body shaped by his mind power that concealed himself inside.

And this wasn’t really a body cultivation technique either and didn’t enhance the original body’s strength. It only borrowed mind power to manifest Hebo and displayed Hebo’s strength. When the Hebo Body dispersed, Hebo’s strength would also disperse.

While Zhong Yue’s body cultivation constantly strengthened his body’s power, and his strength would still be extremely high even without displaying the Jiao dragon wrapping around the body.

This was the difference between qi cultivators and body cultivators.

But if qi cultivators visualized the kind of close combat technique like the Hebo Body, they could still fight in melee, and fight to the extent that they would be even stronger than body cultivators.

Shui Qinghe’s second punch exploded. Zhong Yue still didn’t hide nor did he dodge. He sent a fist out himself, aiming at the tear on the Hebo Body, toward Shui Qinghe inside!

The two attacks landed. A trace of blood flowed out from the corner of Zhong Yue’s mouth and he staggered back for over a dozen steps before he finally managed to disperse the fearsome strength of the Hebo punch.

Mountain rocks and limestone slabs broke under his feet and rose in a rolling smoke of dust.

Shui Qinghe also groaned. He slid back on the billows supported on his fish tail, the corner of his mouth bleeding.

Zhong Yue had broken through the Hebo Body in two punches and injured him!

His own body didn’t have the toughness and strength of the Hebo Body, so he was still harmed when Zhong Yue hit him. However his physique was stronger than the vast majority of upper yard disciples so he didn’t receive any major damage.

"Zhong Mountain clansman, you’re indeed very strong…"

Shui Qinghe took a long breath in, his face becoming a little serious. He was a thoroughbred of the River Mud clan, and the River Mud clan was one of the ten great clans and tribes. The clan valued him extremely heavily. Shui Qinghe had been put in a tub and simmered in all kind of spirit herbs in his childhood, and the medicinal power had penetrated inside his body, so his physique was amazing.

On top of that, the tribe’s shaman used the blood essence from all kinds of fierce beasts and rare beasts to draw a variety of totem patterns over his body, making his body even stronger!

When he came to the Sword Sect, Shui Qinghe took even more spirit herbs to polish his body. It was simply a body stacked up from spirit herbs!

But now, he was still hurt!

Zhong Yue’s strength exceed his expectations, and the Jiao dragon totem was also cultivated to an extremely high realm. However, there was absolutely no way to hurt him with only the Jiao dragon totem and the Secrets of the Surging Thunder Sword. What hurt him was Zhong Yue’s terrifying explosiveness!

An explosiveness that could bore through the Hebo Body!

And the intensity of Zhong Yue’s body also exceeded his expectations. How powerful was the Hebo Body’s strength? However, he landed two strikes squarely on Zhong Yue and only injured his inner organs. The injuries weren’t so serious either.

Only the Sword Sect’s Qi Refining warriors were able to cultivate the body to such a degree, or some rare beasts or demons!

Zhong Yue wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, saying faintly: "Elder brother Shui can go all out."

"You’ve already used two moves, now’s the third move!"

Shui Qinghe breathed in a long mouthful of air, his expression solemn. His fish tail lightly swayed, and water flooded from empty air on his four sides, growing taller and taller, lifting him up like a small lake.

The lake hung in the air, while Shui Qinghe stood on this lake floating in the sky, his momentum growing stronger, ready to dive down and raid Zhong Yue!

He was impressively using his strongest means that he’d prepared for the contest at the end of the year, so he could defeat Zhong Yue in one move, make him eat dust and wipe the floor!

Zhong Yue’s face also became grave and he waited with vigilance, but suddenly Shui Qinghe’s glimpse fell on some people. He snorted coldly and scattered the Hebo Body, took back his mind power, then turned around and went away, saying coldly: "The matter of today is temporarily on hold. Zhong Mountain clan, we’ll continue this fight when the year end’s contest comes!"

Zhong Yue blinked slightly and followed the direction of his gaze. He saw the silhouette of some people coming down the mountain, toward the upper yard.

The momentum of those people was extremely powerful, not inferior in any way to Shui Qinghe’s. They were probably outer disciples cultivating in the inner sect. He didn’t know from which clans they came from, but judging from Shui Qinghe’s reaction, those people were obviously also from the ten great clans, and their strength was extremely powerful.

Shui Qinghe didn’t want to let those people see his own trump card, or else he’d lose the initiative at the year-end’s contest, so he took the initiative to retreat.

"A really strong guy…"

Zhong Yue’s palm was shivering. Blood spilled out again from the corner of his mouth and his inner organs ached faintly. He thought: "Out of the ten great clans, each clan has a specialty, and the totem left by their ancestors are innately stronger than the other clans. The strength of this Shui Qinghe is indeed very profound, he’s already this amazing without even using any qi refining technique. I’m inferior to him."

He didn’t realize that he had cultivated genuinely for only a little over a month, while Shui Qinghe was already soaking in spirit herbs since he was a child, then directly taken in by a Qi Refining warrior after he entered the Sword Sect, then spent five or six years before he could have today’s achievements!

"There are quite a few characters like Shui Qinghe in the upper yard. They’re all elites of the big clans! This kind of characters will all act when the contest at the end of the year comes, a hundred flowers blooming as they compete, struggling for the opportunity to enter the Spirit Space Hall. At that time, those people probably won’t hold anything back, they will use their strongest skills!"

Zhong Yue strode towards Ting Lanyue, He Chengchuan, and the rest, thinking: "Two months, there’s still two months!"

"Two months later, the genuine elites of those big clans will clash. I don’t know who will crush the others and stand above the crowd?"

There was a heroic surge within his chest, and he said quietly: "To crush the other heroes and stand above, who else is there but me?"

"Zhong Mountain clan’s Zhong Yue, here are your two soul weapons!"

Old sir Pu saw Zhong Yue coming and called for him. He took out two soul weapons and put them in front of Zhong Yue, smiling as he said: "I took twenty days to refine those two soul weapons, this old decrepit man’s fatigue isn’t light either. What do you think of those two soul weapons?"