Emperor of The Cosmos


Emperor of The Cosmos Chapter 147


Lu Jin attacked Jiang Li swiftly and fiercely without a doubt, he was a brutal man whom seeks for eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

Jiang Li did not move, but suddenly sharp light crossed in his both eyes.


The words came out slowly from his mouth, as if the Buddha is vanquishing with his mantra. Other people might have heard it comfortably, but deep inside Lu Jin's both ears, the mantra was as loud as thunder rumbling, destroying all his thinking and emotions.

His hand stopped 3 inches in front of Jiang Li, unable to move and attack, he looked dull-witted, mind-controlled by Jiang Li.

Jiang Li was able to hypnotize Nie Wanxiong, during the time when both of them were clashing within their souls, he has enlightened the Dao once again, therefore his spiritual power rose sharply. Although his life force was only 3, but using his spiritual power to hypnotize Lu Jin was not a problem.

"Lay down!"

Jiang Li shouted another command.

Lu Jin laid down just as a walking dead, he did not have any ability to resist, his soul has been enslaved completely.

Jiang Li did not even look at Lu Jin, he turned backward and said: "Lu Jin isn't worth it to be rescued, compared to the natives, they are much better than Lu Jin."

"He really is a scum." Ji Qing Wu noticed there was a murderous intention in Jiang Li's eye, she was afraid that he might really kill Lu Jin, so she quickly teleported in front of Jiang Li and said: "Since things had gotten to this, we can only tolerate until his teacher come to pick him up and request for compensation. All those sonic armours were half of the property of two small teams, all of them were loss in vain just to rescue this scum, that is just not acceptable."

"Let the battleship land down and wait for the teachers of Astral University to come." Lei Zheng sighed with a long breath, feeling depressed: "Comparing manners, this time the natives are really better than our Astral University students."

"Don't mind, after all this kind of scum is only a minority." Jiang Li comforted.

The battleship stopped outside of the base, lines of messages were sent out. Few moments later, the sky was filled with many battleships.

Swoop! One of the teacher arrived first, quickly jumped out of the battleship, he looked around anxiously.

"How is Lu Jin?" Obviously, he was Lu Jin's teacher, he ran straight into the internal of Astral Fish Battleship and saw Lu Jin in a mind-controlled state. He frowned his eyebrows as he used his spiritual power and shouted: "Wake up!"

Lu Jin slowly opened his eye, climbed up with a blurry gaze. However, he quickly remembered something, both eyes turned red immediately and stared at Jiang Li: "Did you just hypnotized me?"

Jiang Li did not reply.

Ji Qing Wu walked in front and said: "You must be Lu Jin's teacher, we suffered a big loss for rescuing Lu Jin from the natives this time, I hope you can compensate our loss so our efforts will not go in vain."

Lu Jin's teacher was an old man, he looked like he was over 70 years old, his strength was very strong. Just now when he rushed into the battleship without wearing an armour, his biting cold congenial chi blew by.

He did not look at Ji Qing Wu, instead he stared at Jiang Li with his sharp eyes and said: "Why did you hypnotized Lu Jin? Do you know how serious the consequences were? It could cause isolation within his spiritual power and leave a shadow in his heart, he might not be able to advance further anymore!"

His tone was nothing but interrogation.

Jiang Li was stunned.

He did not expect that this person did not express gratitude for saving his student, but interrogated him instead.

"Please do not forget that we rescued Lu Jin before you speak." Jiang Li coldly replied.

"Shut up! I did not ask you about the rescue, I'm asking what you hypnotized him!" Lu Jin's teacher turned up his volume, his eyes were raging storm, he scolded: "Spiritual power mustn't have any setbacks, are you trying to cripple his spiritual power?"

"He attacked me so I had no choice but to hypnotize him, just to let him be quiet, maybe he was stimulated by a shock that made him goes crazy." Jiang Li tried to endure the anger within his emotion, and explained words by words.

"Jiang Li protected the alien natives, he said that I was a scum, isn't it too much for someone who only killed a few natives?" Lu Jin already stood up, and hid behind his teacher: "I have no choice but to give him a lesson, who knew that he would put a plot on me. I say, he could possibly be one of the native's spy, if not, how did he even rescued me?"

"It's true there is a possibility that he is a spy, he needs to be isolated for further investigation."

Lu Jin's teacher, an old man over 70 years old nodded, and soon he scolded Jiang Li: "You better stand here and don't move, the Ministry of Justice from Astral University will examine you, see if you have any connection between the natives."

"What a joke……." Jiang Li couldn't tolerate any longer, his face sank deep: "We fought our best to rescue this scum, and this scum doesn't even express any gratitude, however he bites the hand that feeds one, attacked us, leaving his dog life alive is the best I can do. Now, you even say that I have connections with the natives? Sure enough, both of you really are teacher and student, both of you share the shameless trait!"

"How dare you to be rude with me? Who is your teacher, didn't he teach you about manners?" The old teacher felt angrily and walked one step in front, he raised his hand to catch Jiang Li: "Since he did not teach you, I shall replace him, you should keep your manners to every teacher."

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