Elf-san with Master


Elf-san with Master Volume 1 Chapter 4

tmp.4 A cat eared comes

I decided.

To tell this thought that I hid in my chest quietly, to master.

I straitened my back and sat down on the sofa and looked at master beside me.

「Master, you see ……」

Taking the opportunity to make a better impact on him, I used a knockout posture of upturned eyes, I cling to master`s chest and with a moist eyes move closer to master`s face.

the effect is outstanding, if I see the state that I am now I might falter desune, I should overcome and press on.

「I have a favor to ask, desu. 」

「A, Aa, what? Say it」

I have to be clever in order to convince master desu, he would not likely disagree, deshou.

I talked to him with my sweetest voice possible, while moistening my eyes.

「I would like … … Please buy a new slave! 」

It`s been three days since the nightmare of GachaGacha, I hold out, I preserved exceedingly.

however, I will be at my limit soon.

How long will it take to be at my limit, when I was hardly able to move from the bed for these three days?

I am in such a state, that I can’t walk strait with my sore loins, desu.

As I moved and arrived at the sofa, it so painful that I was moved to tears.

If it goes on like this, I will greet death on his stomach not so long in future.

It isn’t a joke, a serious situation desu.

I think that the method to solve this is to get him a new woman, to buy a new woman slave desuga, because It is difficult to get him a woman with his character deshou.

On the other hand, the standard in this society of medieval time is to go to a brothel, desu.

but, the sexually transmitted diseases are frightening.

If it was with the developed modern medicine of earth, STD was not that terrifying, but it is not an over-exaggeration here desu.

The method without problems in the future will be to have him purchase a new slave after all, and do it immediately, most quickly.

If master comes to enjoy the new slave, the burden on me will lessen, and it is most wonderful nodesuyo.

So it was proposed resolutely, nodeshita.

「A slave … what for? 」

oh, as far as the behavior should go, i should be in a bad mood …… to be so eager to be in a harem desune.

「If it goes on like this, my body won’t last, I seriously will die desu. 」

However, it is dangerous if my delicate zone breaks nodesu.

I can’t just pull; the mood will worsen easily.

This brutal person doesn’t understand the terror of the stud skill properly nodesuyo.

Everyone recognizes it so casually, but that’s really dangerous one, nodesu.

it’s written and read, and where it’s inexhaustible like a letter, nodesu, If I think it has ended finally, the next was already waited for me, I can’t just be on the losing side and see my Requiem time be stolen, desu.

「Mmm … … I intend to be considerably gentle … … Is it tough?」

「Where is that, desuka! That you’re gentle, please check the meaning of the word accurately with a dictionary!」

It won’t stop until I cry, yell, apologize and lose consciousness every day and each day, this brute man! Also I am at the verge of mental and physical fatigue desu.

If my body will be alright, my mind will go crazy, desu.

The Elves are frail and they need attention nodesu, they are weak with EROFU, nodesuyo, with EROFU (TN: ero stuff)

「Oh, that would be trouble if Sora dies ……

If it`s good with you, I will go to the slave dealer a little later」

「Please, truly please」

With reluctance, He doesn’t seem too enthusiastic about it when I said it, but he consented, it’s relief for now, nodesu.

Oh, good ……

「you are the first slave of Shuya」

Master went to the slave trader around noon, he brought back a cat eared who was a newcomer slave nodesuga, the moment when master got the cat eared home and went out to buy necessary miscellaneous goods, she looked down at me with cold eyes and has begun to take this attitude, nodesu.

Her age is around 15 years, the color of her hair and ear and tail are dark brown, and her eyes are green, with a beautiful and cute looks, and a considerable fighting power on her chest, desu.

with one and half head taller than me desune, and half a head lower than master desuga.

…… i didn`t calculate it like that.

when it was together with master she was rather cowering, she was like an obedient child but it was just acting, this cat eared hid her true self well, nodesu.

Don’t laugh.

Every night, every night, Master who is a pervert brute, toys with my immature body desuga. Although in public he is a rich good looking guy and also a promising adventurer.

His name seems to become well known in the city, she seems to come from the number one slave trader Gamagaeru, too. As I think that I could become a slave for an aristocrat`s daughter, i sigh, what a good dream, desu.

The common people`s level, is something that is far beyond my reaches.

As far as nobility goes, i am stuck with an almost lower class one.

「I think that you exerted yourself a lot by such a shabby body. I will receive the affection from today! 」

I need to be silent while she looks at me so that she thinks that she won, she swings her chest in response to her declaration, desu.

This woman is scary, desu.

but I am not upset.

Please have that by all means.

I am good as long as I don’t starve to death desu.

If she is this confidence, it will be alright to leave the night care to her.

Firstly, it is necessary that I set up precautions so that I won’t be thrown away for the time being, but leave the most difficult part for her nodesu.

No, the civilization level of this world is at the early stages from the latter medieval period nodesuyo.

While, this house has an air conditioning and a refrigerator.

Master also has a good income desu.

It isn’t luxurious according to the public, but as I said some time ago i get to eat fine dishes every day.

If i am thrown out into this world now, and returned to being a slave, I can’t live physically and mentally.

Feeding such an insignificant elf with malice smile nodesu ……

Then, I will entrust today’s all-night attendance with her for now.

Master is a pervert brutal person, but he isn’t a bad person, and with [affectionate] pretense which is fatal nodesu.

I will not make her worry.

She may be summoned for quite a long time, but she’d attract men more than my shabby body desu.

Master will request her more than me soon, it will be as planned nodesu.

Because i am a boy at heart, I am reluctant to be the night partner.

Because there is a great difference, between becoming used to it and giving up desu.

So it’s really expected of her effort nodesu, I should kick back and relax!

「Please do your best! Keep it up! 」

「Huh? Oh, yes, I do my best! Even if you didn`t say i would do my best! 」

Eh, huh? was it … my imagination?

「I love both of you, such eye candies」



Master came home early in the evening and bought the miscellaneous goods and clothes for her (Her name is Ruru {TN: or LuLu}).

What a harassment to buy her a housemaid clothes with matching design.

He makes a face like comparing the chest size, Is it a strategy to diminishes me?

But because unfortunately I am a man, my personality will not receive any damage with such methods nodesu.

It won’t affect me even if there was the outrageous cat eared breast shaking on the side nodesu.


While cleaning ourselves with hot water, Ruru stared at my chest with a triumphant look on her face, after she threw some abusive words at me, I knocked on the master`s door with delicate and trembling voice, I half shook off the hand which was going to grab me forcibly, today I declared that it should be just her, my duty is complete by cleaning and making dinner and housework desu.

I worked well.

By the way, I intended to sleep, but there is no bed in my room …… no helping it, i have to sleep on the sofa in the room.

That’s also soft to some degree just in case, desu.

I feel like i can sleep more peacefully just by thinking that there is no wild beast beside me.

sleeping alone … after a long time…, well today is a good day and tomorrow will be peaceful.

Good night!

「funyaaaaaaaa!? nya、nyaaaan!! ta、tashu、tashuketeeee!!」 (TN: save me)

…… Umm, what are you doing, uh, pervert brute fellow?

It should be that child`s first time.

I get up in a hurry and jump into master`s bedroom.

It was Probably around two hours ago …… that Lulu entered the bedroom?

I feel sick from hearing those energetic voices that resound in the bedroom, so i open the bedroom door.

「what is that voice desu! Are you alright? 」

「Whoaa!? is, is that Sora 」

– – there, Ruru was in a condition that i am not able to express, with tears in her eyes, i jumped in to save her.

She stretches out a shaking hand to me slowly.

「ta、tashu、kete」 (TN: save me)

Well … Honestly, you were full of confidence and i wanted you to do your best a while longer, nodesu.

Her figure is like mine in the past desu, a figure that no one has helped at the time nodesu.

As expected it`s heartbreaking to abandon her.

If It goes on like this, she’d be broken certainly at the end.

Ah!  I wanted a strength of the heart which can abandon others desu.

「how should I put it, I didn`t know Sora had such feelings」

I’m not raising such a voice!




[◇MAX COMBO}–◇【7】—-◇【3】—-◇

[◇TOTAL HIT}—-◇【7】—-◇【3】—-◇





[Shuya][Lv24]HP340/340 MP600/600[normal]

[SORA][Lv1]HP4/17 MP30/30[normal]

[Ruru][Lv20]HP14/272 MP22/22[normal]




[MAX HIT]>>12




「You, gave up and were afraid desune, it’s OK now. 」