Elf no Kuni no Kyuutei Madoushi ni Naretanode, Toriaezu Himesama ni Seitekina Itazura wo Shitemimashita


Elf no Kuni no Kyuutei Madoushi ni Naretanode, Toriaezu Himesama ni Seitekina Itazura wo Shitemimashita Chapter 21


Aisha was cleaning her own pussy juice and semen that hung from the tip.

The bitter taste spread throughout her mouth but she didn’t care. She wanted his penis to get hard again and violate her.

Keith was the lowest of the low to drug a woman and rape her however because of Naia-sama I must resign myself to my fate.

It’s hard and my heart is disturbed but it can’t be helped. I am Naia-sama’s knight. It is my duty. Therefore………it’s my mission. I should be raped by Keith until my head goes pure white and I can’t think of anything.

“Nchu! Chupochupo!! Rerorero.”

“It’s good Aisha-sama……..Have you done fellatio before?”

“Ncho…….pechochuru……there isn’t…..bastard!………nchu!”

“Uho! then…..then why….uuku!! are you so good?”

“Hmph! Churuchuru, your rechorecho….penis, juzozozo!! Like I should know!! Jyoopojyoopo!!

Compared to Naia, Aisha has a much better oral technique but she is still a beginner.

Good grief. Why do all elf women act like ladies and hate ero?

Keith grinned while gently rubbing Aisha’s pointed ears.

“Nfuu! Fuaa……..”

Aisha stops her fellatio and draws her body back from the ticklish feeling but starts again after staring at Keith a little.

I don’t understand the obscene women I am now.

Like a baby with a bottle, she continues sucking on Keith’s penis till it hardens in her mouth.

As for Keith he stretches out his hand and begins rubbing her chest.

“Kufuu…….u! Oi! Stop fooling around……na…….fuhaa…….”

Her body which had greeted climax was like smoking embers and when her chest was played with it flared up again.

“Fua, Fuaaaa…….n, chu chuuchuu………”

Aisha was no longer doing fellatio and was kissing the tip of Keith’s penis.

“Aisha-sama……..I’m ready to go…….what do you want to do?”


Aisha separates her hand from Keith’s penis. Keith then proceeds to shake his penis back and forth in front of Aisha who eyes start to follow it.

“Because I’ve already released it once it’s more motivated than before. With this, Aisha-sama’s soaking wet pussy can enjoy being scraped hard for a long time.”

Gooseflesh stood all over Aisha’s body at Keith’s words. Drool began to collect in her mouth and it wasn’t due to the fellatio she had done.

I want you to do it.

I want to do it.

Aisha’s breathing became rough.

“Do you want it? Don’t you want it?”

The penis I had cleaned was erected in front of my eyes.

I know what Keith wants me to say.

I must not say it. Absolutely not.

That’s what I always say.

The me of today……..has gone mad due to the medicine.


“Aisha-sama……….that’s no good. I don’t want to do it with just that.” Keith whispers into Aisha’s ear.

Aisha can’t believe the words she’s just heard.

“Say you want it. Say please.”

“…I can’t do it…..I won’t do it.”

Keith’s face suddenly becomes serious.

“Is that so? I understand…………You can go home today.” Keith says and starts to stand up.


Aisha stopped him in a hurry.

What am I doing?

He said I can go back. I should just return obediently.

Go back………….With my body aching like this.

With my body throbbing from the medicine.

……..That’s right. I must stay here until the medicine’s effect wears off.

I’ll have to do it. This is all the fault of that lowlife.

Aisha gets on all fours on the bed and turns her ass to the waiting Keith.

Reaching under she spreads her red and congested pussy wide open with both hands.

“A……..Aisha’s soaking wet lewd bitch pus………pussy…….thrust your erect cock in!!” Aisha begs with tears in her eyes as cloudy semen flowed out of her vagina due to Keith cumming inside.

Keith didn’t miss that face and smiled faintly.

Stepping up to Aisha, Keith puts his left hand on her waist while opening her vagina with his right hand and puts the tip of his penis in.

“That’s better……….ta!!”

Keith thrusts all the way in, in one go

“Nhiiiii!!” Aisha screamed as Keith begins to move his waist rapidly.

Aisha’s first doggy style. Keith’s penis rubs places that have never been hit before sending a *biribiri* feeling through Aisha.

“Ohyaa!! Kufuuuuuu!! Inside!! Cock feels good!! Insideeeeee!!!!”

“Nnn! Nnn! Nnn!! How is it Asiha-sama!!”

“Oaaah!! More!! Break my pussy more!!! Ahiiiiiiii!!!Unyuuuu!!!”

Keith’s rapid in an out had dragged out most of his old semen leaving just enough to act as a lubricant. Both Keith and Aisha were enraptured by pleasant feelings.

“Aah!! Aaaaaah!!! Amazing! There is great!! Nhaaaaaa!! Cock is good!!”

“How vulgar! Talking about penises……!! Are you still a knight?”

“Fuiiiiii!! Kn, I am a knight!! Knight…..knight, however, I like cocks!! I love!! Looooove cocks!!”

“Hahaha, shall we change your name to pussy knight then?”

Aisha shakes her head at Keith’s words.

“Don’t!! Something like that don’t!!”

Her voice sounds totally like a child

“You’re really selfish. Wouldn’t the current Aisha enjoy it?”

Keith slows his thrusting down.

“Don’t! Don’t stop!!”

Aisha starts moving her own body back and forth. There’s no knight there. No protector of Naia. Just a woman remains.

“Naaaaa!! So good!! Feels so good!!”

Keith noticed Aisha was peeing herself a bit.

“She’s like a dog” Keith mutters to himself happily.

Keith kneels on the bed and covers Aisha’s back with his body. Reaching under he attacks her breasts with his left hand and clitoris with his right.

“Nuaaaaaah!! We’ve come together!! Here is great!! Together is great!! *Zubozubo* together!! Nhaa!!” (TN – not sure on zubozubo but I think it’s an onomatopoeia for jammed together)

Nipple, clitoris and a piston

To make Aisha cum I use her entire body.

A *panpan* sound of meat coming together echoed through the room. The tip of Keith’s penis had gone numb from the stimulation of the soft meat.

“Kuu!! Cum!! Cum!! Aisha-sama!!”

“Fuwa! Fuwaaaa!! Inteeense!! Nnnnnn!!! Na!! Fuhaaa!! Aaaaah!!”

Aisha bends her head back, grits her teeth and grimaces.

Her brain overheats from the stimulation and goes pure white.

If I accept it I can cum. But I want this feeling to continue forever.

In that hesitation


At that moment Keith thrust hard all the way to her depths.

“Nguuu!! C, cu, cum……….iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!”

Aisha came with her back warping and her pussy meat clamping down hard.

Keith pulled out and Aisha collapsed over onto her back. Keith stroked his penis over Aisha’s chest releasing a vast torrent of cum which you wouldn’t think was his second shot all over Aisha chest and face.

“Brown……elf………semen stew………after all its very ero”

Keith laughed as he stroked the last bit onto Aisha’s skin.

Aisha scooped his semen off her chest with her fingers

“It’s so…….semen…….ufufu ahahahaha………smelly semen……hahaha”

Aisha laughed happily as she lay there with her legs spread open and her vagina gaping wide open from Keith violent piercing.


“Aisha-sama…….please wait a moment…….”

While sitting on the edge of the bathtub Keith looked at Aisha who had an embarrassed face.

Aisha was immersed in the hot water while licking Keith’s penis.

After two rounds Keith had prepared a bath and entered with Aisha.

After washing his body and entering the bath Aisha had suddenly kissed him and started touching his tired penis that had cum twice.

After an intense time of excessive debauchery, Keith was surprised at this direct Aisha but he found it not too bad………no actually he loved it.

Meanwhile, Aisha’s tongue is crawling all over his penis.

“Last time…….nrero, was 3 times! berorero……..today as well.”

“No. My strength was different then……today is……….”

“Miserable fellow! Nchu……..rechocho……….”

“Stop! Please stop!! Uha……..” (TN – you reap what you sow Keith)

“What? It hasn’t got big? You can do it.”

Aisha is joyfully rubbing and licking his penis.

“At, at any rate…..You are very uhaah!! Nnku!! Assertive. Very different from last time.”

“Hmph! You made me like this you lowlife. Your sleazy manner of doing things like giving me that medicine.”

“Aah. That. Yeah, I lied.”

I felt like time stopped. The whole room became so silent my ears rang from it even though Aisha continued using her tongue.

“………A lie………what?”

“The medicine. With the exception of magic pathway formation and some external differences, the anatomy of humans and elves is the same. There’s no way to make a medicine that affects only elves.”

Keith’s expression throughout is blank.

“Li……lii…………a lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!?”

Keith’s penis was crushed (TN – The end. Thanks for reading folks)

“@sdf##@[email protected]~};{*&@!!!!!!!!!”

Keith emits a voice that doesn’t form a coherent sound as he writhes in agony in the bath

“Li, li, a lie?? What was a lie??? That was a lie??? That?? Eh??Which is a lie???”

My treasure was crushed like a dust cloth. “Fuuuuu………fuuuuuuuu……..” While frantically breathing I try to heal it.

“No…….the medicine………..I didn’t give you any.”

“Don’t liiiiiiiiiiiie!!! Naa? Why are you lying? You didn’t give me any?? Please say you did!!”

“Like I said………..I didn’t give you any.”

Aisha heard a noise as something inside her broke. I remember myself from a little while ago. [Penis] and [pussy] and [zubozubo]. I said all these things in various ways.


I looked happy while being naked and holding a penis.

The shock of knowing something I never needed to know for my whole life.

Just remembering it made me writhe.

“Uwaaaaaaa!!! This bastard!!! Why did you lie!!! Why did you say such a lie!!!”

I press Keith while having tears in my eyes.

“Why?……………….I said it for the good of Aisha-sama.”

“That’s your excuuuuuuuse!!!”


*Supaaan!* A sound was heard from Keith’s cheek as he was slapped.

“Na……..a, I…………..I…….ue, ueeeeeeeeeeeee!! I’m a bitchhhhhh!! Aaaaah, uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!”

Keith rubs his cheek as Aisha begins to bawl her head off.

“No. Women feel good doing such a thing. It’s simply that.”

“Don’t lie! Fueeeeeeee………uwaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

“No, well, Aisha-sama is quite good at it though.”

“I knew it!!! I am lewd after all!!! Fugieeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

Keith stroked Aisha’s head who was bawling like a child. He used the hand he’d been rubbing his cock with though.

“You’re not different. You just like feeling good and being lewd. It’s completely normal.”

“Let go!! Let go let go!! You deceived me!!! Why did you trick me? Kill!! I’ll kill you, you bastard!!! Fuwaaaaaaaaaaan!!”

“If I didn’t do that you wouldn’t have been honest and felt pleasure.”

“Why do I need to feel good!! Just feel good yourself!! I don’t matter!!!”

“You say that but an aggressive Aisha-sama feels really good. It’s pretty.”

“Shut up idiot!! What does it have to do with you!! Why do I need to know my true nature!! I didn’t want to know!!”

“You promised me, didn’t you? You said you would feel good and send me magical power in place of the princess.”

“I made a promise to substitute for Naia-sama and send you magical power but I don’t remember ever saying a word that I would feel good!!”

“Then add to the promise!! I won’t do things to the princess but to Aisha-sama instead!! Instead, Aisha-sama will send me magical power and I’ll make you feel good!!!”

“Can you make such a promise!! What’s special about me!!! I feel like dying from self-hate!!!”

“Fine then!! If you become honest…………….”

“What are doing!!

“I’ll give you the crystal I took of the princess!!”


Aisha’s tears stopped and her mouth fell open as she stared at Keith.

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. I’m serious.”

You’re not lying again?”

“I’m not lying.”



If I feel pleasure honestly.

With that alone, Naia-sama’s future grief will disappear and I can kill him with no worries!

A smile Keith had never seen before came onto Aisha’s face.

“Uwa, a beautiful smile!”

“I understand!! I’ll behave!! Hand it over properly!!”

“Yes. Please become obedient and honest properly!”

“Hmph! I will!!”

Aisha got out of the bathtub with a smile on her face and got dressed.

“Where are you going?”

“I going back to my room! The game is next!!”


“Keep your promise!!”

Aisha returned to her room triumphantly with a face that was almost shining.

“Did she understand?” Keith complained to the door.

Aisha returned to her room while laughing, washed her face, brushed her teeth and went to bed for a few hours sleep.

Her face still had a smirk.

“I’ll become honest! With that alone!!……honest…………?”

Embracing Keith while naked, having his penis in my mouth happily and spreading my own pussy. [I love it!!] and [nhooo!!] and [penis] I have to say things like that.

Things I’ve said

“………………Can I do thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!” Aisha screams and gets up.

She doesn’t seem to have understood it very well at all.