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Eko The First prologue

New first Project!

So Let's Surf!

Mada is series from beginner author "L.jun"

So Let's Surf!

Mada, Opening Story


From the beginning of human life, it never avoid the name of conflicts, and ultimately it will bring a destruction. The biggest dispute, we know the word "WAR!!".

War is the highest level of a dispute, and what its made is spilled an ocean of blood and tears stream from two sources of "Victory" and "Defeat".

No one denies about the pain of the defeat of the war, and no others do not know the sweetness of victory in war.

The war also is an event in which the men showed his "Manliest and Vigour", and to show what he has learned during all his life.

For that reason he came to the battlefield! , to reach his long lives dream!

Although it is not a few, who hate the word war itself!

Especially of course is the losing side of the war, because there was a bit of a party that lost the war in slavery, looting property, and not infrequently massacre or destruction to losers.

Slavery is the main activity carried out by the winner. Most of them are youth under age, elderly, women and often children under 10 years old come into bondage.

Without parents, these children will go directly into the bottom of the social life!

With, sore of painful and hurt, tears of anger and fear, and all negative emotions be awakened inner of these children.

Hate to be born!

Choose die than to live in suffering!

Killing the vicious owner to runaway!

Vegeance on those who have made them slaves!

The beautiful childhood turn to be a nightmare dreams, with time flow that dream became increasingly

Boil over of anger, is the last sources to show that they still have a desire to live and live his life. Because as long as they still have the desire to live, then there may still the way will be open to them.

Hold!, hold!, and hold!

If it is unstoppable!

Then the emotion will overflow and destroy everything in front of them, like a beast who met nemesis.

If not, then other people will just think that he was already dead!, nothing more than a walking corpse.

So they just end up with pity and deep wounds, that they will always taste. And even if they do endure it and have survived the malignant.

Still..... They will just return to be the subject of the war in the absence of inner peace! Cause they still had to serve the country aang going war again.

So... The pity world of slavery will recycle it self

Because of the war will continue to run in line with the lives of those who take upon it!
And maybe it will continue to happen until the end of human life. isnt the end of human life always ends with a "War of the end" ? like "Apocalypse" in books of god

"Maybe Life of peace just part of the human dream that wouldnt be materialize, at least in his life"


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