Eirun Last Code


Eirun Last Code Prologue

-What was that?

The girl tracked the object with her blue pupils.

The [Heavy Scarlet Fighter] that sped across the skies.

The weapon, which descended gracefully from the heavens, could more-or-less be described as an overly-flashy one.

With a form like the letter A, it did not give off the peculiar feeling regarding its modules, unlike normal weapons. There were two cannons on its underside. Sunlight glinted off its crimson, metallic armor.

This was almost as if it was cut straight from a Sci-Fi anime. Nothing like this had ever been seen in reality, up till now... The girl felt wonder from such a thought.

-Why is that thing there?

Here was the battlefield's moving ground zero of the phantom.

Beyond the capabilities of the human race. Beyond the intelligence of even humans.

Only the girl could have been pressed on lower and lower into the rotting depths of reality... It was unbearable for anyone who descended. It was probably impossible for anyone to render help in that hell. Even then, a boy who materialized from out of nowhere had arrived.


-Why aren't you running?

It was most assuredly a monster. It was close to thirty metres from head to toe. Regrettably, it would take a handful of humans just to capture it.

With cheeks that looked like they were stuffed with humans that appeared like apples, it appeared to be skillfully chewing and swallowing its kinsmen.

Neither bullets, mines nor missiles were able to halt the monster.

The girl confronting it had been pulled down from the very top of the food chain, and was partly a victim of foul play by the beast.

But, before that, why didn't that pilot escape?


-You, who exactly are you?

The monster that looked up at the blank sky- It's body was about as large as a building. It was around the length of half a train carriage, and its large arms numbered eight in total. It had two ugly faces that were based off that of humans.

The girl stared at her adversary, [Human's Last Weapon], the Fighter that was hovering in the skies, holding her adversary back.

Such a scene appeared immensely heroic and fantastic. And the girl who had the view closer than anyone to this scene could only see one beam of light in the hopelessness and darkness.

“You...want to help me, right?”

That thin voice belonged to the girl. And the boy's reply was in a gentle, alluring tone.

“Yes. I want to help you as much as I can. So stop crying already.”

It was later that the girl learnt of the situation.

For this boy especially, by tearing apart the darkness that surrounded the girl, he could be called the true hero.