Ee, Teni Shippai? Seikou?


Ee, Teni Shippai? Seikou? Chapter 1

Arc 1 The whereabout of the solatium

[Aren’t I a useless man…]

There is a possibility that his card payment had been delayed. The fastest is 2 month later. And in the middle of that, he had an unexpected income 100.000 yen. If he use this, he can get through until 2 month later. Then, arround next month his work gradually increased, if he begin economizing maybe after that he can live peacefully. Yes, it’s not exaggeration to say that this 100.000 yen is a thing that connect Yoichi life, it is a very important thing. *Remember that Yoichi need money, in prologue 1.

In spite of that, That night Yoichi slipped out from the hospital. Now after the inspection, because it’s not like that he had been banned to go outside, so it really can’t be called slipping out. But when thinking what is the building in front of him, he begin to feels guilty.


Yes, this is a place for a man and a woman who had been paid to feels good. When Yoichi in his busy period and he had a good income, he often come to place like this. 30.000 yen for 2 hours. This place is middle class brothel. To differentiate it with a shop that had high-class sex service, the unchanged quality of the woman, and the service reputation, maybe it’s a mediocre at best. Honestly, for Yoichi because he didn’t think about the raw sex and the true issue, if the quality of the woman’s service isn’t inferior to the high class one, it’s enough with the middle class. He really inspecting the prostitute, but if the customer before him infected with strange disease, he fears that he will be infected too. It’s okay if from the start of the inspection until sleeping with me she didn’t sleep with any of the customer, but it seems difficult to implement and confirm it.

(Because the other party is pro, and it’s enough enjoyment with condom, I think middle class is okay, un)

Furthermore this prostitution had a [short course] thing, Yoichi feels truly grateful. 1 hours 20.000 yen, it’s become fairly high with the price per hour, but because Yoichi is a slugger with premature ejaculation, even it’s a little cheaper he feels saved. Further more, because it is the day after the new year, there is [himehajime* special service], they give discount 3000 yen. It seems like until in the middle of january, he will prolong this planning. *One shot protagonist, hmm maybe there is development in his sex life

If he use 17.000 yen here, his remaining money is 83.000 yen. Yoichi thinking, can he live with that remaining money. Because there is still 80.000 yen remaining, somehow he can manage it. If it precisely remaining around that much.

He didn’t have reservation before, but because the woman who receive 1 or 2 his favor before is free, he choose her.

Inside the store with faintly old Japanese court music playing as BGM, everywhere had been decorated with new year pine decoration or crane and tortoise.

(If I heard this song until in the inside of the room, I’ll withered)

He enter the room with that thinking, but the BGM can’t be heard at all, Yoichi become relieved.

Yoichi had been welcomed by a woman using furisode* while kneeling and placing 3 finger on each her hand on the floor.

[Happy new year]

[aa, un, happy new year]

The woman slowly wake her body, and smiling to Yoichi. To the kimono that opened a little bit big until her cleavage can be seen, Yoichi feels that his son respond to it.

[Ara, it’s been a while okyaku-san.. isn’t it?]

[Yes, maybe it’s about half years ago?]

[Ahahaha, thank you, it’s not my misunderstanding]

If talked about business, if she remembered until now then she is a good person. This woman name is Rina. Her height is 160 cm, her figure is a little bit plump, but she is not fat. Her breast is D cup (it’s probably not-self exaggeration), her waist is narrow but her belly is not come out. Her butts are big, and her thigh is voluptuous. If there are 10 people, 4 of them will evaluating her as beautiful  for her appearance. And to that beautiful person, their figure that attractive to men, and because she really do their job, she is fairly popular to the costumer, but to think that he can request her without reserving her first, Yoichi give his thanks to the god for his fortune.

(Iyaa, is it that god…) *Cant really tl this (いや、神ってあれか…)

The one that had her mind wandering is an airhead woman wearing japanese clothes.

[Is it good to do it on the bed for today too? ]

[Un, please take care of me]

For Yoichi, if he asked to prefer on the mat or on the bed, basically he will choose the bed. Because he already did the mat-play before. As said before, because Yoichi is a slugger with premature ejaculation, after he ejaculate he needs 1 hour to revive his son. And because of that he prefer to do it on the bed. *What in reality is this, this protagonist is a human, not a demon that can cumming and stay strong.

(Mat-play is also feels good, I like it too..)

[What must I do with the kimono?]

She shifting her hand on her collar a little bit, and seeing Yoichi with her eyes that looks inviting him.

[Aa, can we do that?]


[Tーhーaーt thing]

[Ahaha. Man likes that things right]

[A, maybe can you really do it?]

[Aー,if the customer truly want to do it, it’s okay]

[Yosh, let’s do it]

Than Yoichi begin to unfasten the furisode’s obi, he pulls the obi’s end lightly.


While smiling delightedly, Rina’s obi pulled and she begin spinning.

[Mufufu. Isn’t it good. Isn’t it good]

In the early New Year, Yoichi too is in high spirit.

[Aan, all of it has been taken~]

All of the obi had been taken, the kimono opening gently and her body become exposed. Then her cleavage and her groin can be seen.

[Aー no pantsu]

[It’s inelegant to wear underwear inside kimono isn’t it]

Her breast had been hidden by the loosely hanged kimono’s collar, but there is nothing that obstructing the view of her groin, there is bared a beautiful groomed pubic hair, then in the other side can be seen her vagina. And that appearance inviting Yoichi’s lust.

[What would you do? Take it all off?]

While she said that, she hold the kimono collar point, and the kimono begin fluttering. In that time her breast looks dazzling and her nipples can be seen flicking in and out of sight.

(Himehajime, it’s the bestー!!)

Even though it’s excitement is different from the usual situation, Yoichi quickly take off his clothes and become full nude, then he walked to Rina that still wear the opened kimono.

[Just wear the kimono as it is]

He slipped his both hand in her kimono and move it like expanding someone neck. The kimono lightly opened, her both breast become exposed. At one glance, the white breast that looks so soft had pointed part, the nipples had slightly dark colors.

After he enjoying the scenery for several seconds, without changing Yoichi move his hand to her back, and hug her.

(The feeling of hugging is the best isn’t it, this girl)

[iyan~, it hit]

The mutual contact from the skin to skin, to make Yoichi body feels her soft breasts, she come closer and her belly touch Yoichi penis that already hard.

[Aa…. it’s ticklish…]

While enjoying the feels of her soft breast on his chest, with his hand that still hugging her, he begin to feel up her back. While embracing and staring each other, they begin kissing.

[nmu… nchu… rero…]

As expected of pro. Just kissing, and his brain feels melting.

After entwining the tongue for a while, for a moment they release the embrace, and move to the bed.


Yoichi pushed her lightly, Rina laying up while facing upward, the front side of the kimono is opened. A slightly plump and seductive body roughly exposed. The part that hidden by her kimono is only her arms.

(This, this is the first that I see a woman wearing an opened kimono…. but THIS IS EROI!!]

He opened the front side of her kimono, while her breasts and her vagina become exposed, he fall upon Rina who gives him an inviting smile, first is attacking her breasts.

For Yoichi, the performance is including the foreplay. Maybe from the woman side they wished them to quickly insert it and then it’s over, but for Yoichi, he enjoyed the partner’s ecstasy appearance when he did the deed. Even if it’s only an act.

[Nn… Ha….. Oppai… feels good…]

While gently rubbing her breast, he taste her nipple. The colors a bit dark, Yoichi lick arround her small and cute nipple. Then he suck it lightly, he gives a little bit stimulus with his teeth.


Thereupon he gives slightly stronger stimulus, and she bend her body as response. It’s a fortune to be born as a man isn’t it. While continuing giving her nipple some stimulus, he touches her groin with his free hand. Her pussy is getting wet too.

[Aaaaaaaaaaa..!! Nnaa… Aan…… Dameeee…]

Suddenly at her wet pussy, when he moved his hand, guchagucha her pussy made some dirty sound.

After giving her breast some stimulus for a while, he dropped his pace little by little. From her belly button, while he licks her abdomen, he continue it until he arrive at her secret place.

He insert his finger in her vaginal opening, while licking her clitoris. Then suddenly her clistoris begin swelling, he peel her foreskin gently with his tongue.

[Aannnn!! Damee…… Nn…. Nnuu….!!]

While stimulating her clistoris with his tongue, Rina’s back begin trembling.

[Nnaaaaa…..!! Iku,ikuu….. Icchauu….!!!]

*Or you prefer

(nnnaaa….!!! Cum, cumming…. I’m cumming….!!!) Please commend bellow
While moving his finger inside her pussy, he stimulate her clitoris and then Rina reach her climax.

Maa, how much she was acting, he just want to believe that not all of it just her acting.

[Haa….. Haa….. just insert it…. already….]

It has been 15 minutes from the start of their play. It’s a suitable time isn’t it. If this is an AV development then after this is the time for fellatio, but if there is a chance that he ejaculate from that, then it become wasteful. Even his partner, Rina knows about that problem too.

He gives the condom to Rina, so Rina applied the condom to him. Suddenly at the pointed tip there is a precum. The thing that had been applied with the condom, will be inserted in Rina pussy. To be separated by a layer of a condom, of course he still feels Rina’s body temperature.

[Jya, let’s do it..]

[Un… do it…]

Then like pushing one through the fold of meat that wet and sticky with her juice, Yoichi cock invades Rina pussy.


Slowly he sinks his body, before long his cock buried until its root. Even it’s separated by one layer of condom, he can savor the tender and warm feeling of the fold meat. Because Yoichi didn’t have any experience in raw sex, he didn’t know a pleasant feeling more than this. He didn’t say that he doesn’t have any interest in raw insertion, but this pleasant feeling is enough, there is no luxury to ask more isn’t it.

[Okyaku-san… could you move?] *It’s customer, since she call him that, I’m not changing it

[Un… It’s okay]

Even he had premature ejaculation, it doesn’t mean that he will be finished with 3 and half stroke. It’s due to his physical condition, but if his condition is good he can last 5 minutes. But, he is the type that won’t distract himself from other people’s affair. If he had girlfriend of course he will mind it, but this is brothel so the partner is pro. He likes to do foreplay, but after he insert it, while he concentrate the feels of the pussy, he will use his own pace, when he want to cum then he will cum.

[Aa… Aa… Aa… Aa…. good…. moreee….]

He strongly hugs Rina. To respond it, Yoichi lowered his posture, then he glued his body to her breasts or stomach. While he feels the upper half of Rina’s body feels warm and tender, her back is moving arround. When his cock and her pussy doing it, nichanicha, they produce that dirty sound. Then he arrive at his 3 minutes limit.

[Mou…. cumming….]

[Iiyoo… whenever… comee…..  nnuuuu….]

As he reach his limit, he quicken his moving. Then, to do its proportion, the stroke become big, and his cock and her pussy make guchuguchu sound and it’s become rough.

[Aa… Aa… Aa… Aa…!!!]

She match Yoichi movement, and Rina’s back moving too. The last trust, he pulls his penis glans until the vaginal opening, then trust it vigorously until her womb.


Bikunbikun, his cock pulsing, while he release his cum in the condom.

[Aa… it’s still gushing… nnuu…..]

Until his ejaculation calm down, his cock still inside her, Yoichi strongly hugs Rina. After his strong ejaculation calm down for a while, he pull out his cock.


Nyupon the instant he pull out his cock, she is panting. he knell down while arranging he breath, then Rina sitting up straight, pulling out his condom.

[Ufufufuufu, you let it out a lot]

Rina take a pinch at the condom full of cum, she see it delightfully.

The time limit is 30 minutes left. Even there is still time, regretfully he can’t revive his son. Then what did he do in his remaining time, he hugs her while remaining naked and sleeping. Rina still hasn’t worn her kimono so she in almost naked situation, so in their embrace, their skin touch each other without something obstructing them. He sleeps with the lingering feeling from touching directly someone skin, for Yoichi this is a supreme bliss time for him.

[I will wake you up when the times up,nee]

Yoichi twine arround Rina body such as her legs or her arms, then he fell a sleep while burying his face oh her breast.

Author note :

I’m sorry that the first H scene is in the brothel…

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