Other name: No other name

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Mature, Mystery, Romance, Tragedy, Wuxia

Date released: 2018
Views: 629

Author: TLCsDestiny

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Unknown

For one that has lost her memories and then taken into a palace for the sole purpose of ‘duplicating’ the Princess, Dupli began with no idea and to do as she was told. Having to endure scrutiny and harm from other maids and attempted assassinations over her life, Dupli is forced to grow stronger as the time goes by. With no other option to take, as she feared death, she had to run away to survive. There are short glimpses upon how her life may have been, but what she has recently gone through, is it perhaps too much to go back to way things used to be? What of the two men that want to be with her, one from her memories and one that made her smile when she had needed it… Upon discovering who she was in her past, will she be able to put it behind her and start anew, or… What path does she choose to take?

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