Dungeons Appeared in Real Life


Dungeons Appeared in Real Life Volume 1 Chapter 1

A Smartphone ringing in the morning.
It's the set alarm clock.
Now, let's start the work today as well.

The morning of a farmer start early.
Wake up early and sprinkle vegetables.
In some cases also weed out.
Because in my place it's done without pesticide, weeds and insects are easy to breed.
For that reason, instead of pesticide, I spread a seasoning that I formulated.
This seasoning is a mixture of vinegar and red peppers.
It can be made quite easily, if you are going to have a garden try using it.
However the compounding ratio it's a secret.
Be careful not to enter in your eyes or mouth because it becomes a hazardous substance.

Watering is easy.
Using a slightly improved hose to let water pass through, watering is completed.
Weeding only need to be done once every two weeks.
Farmers spend a lot of time spreading pesticide and sometimes a mixture.
Well, instead harvest is really difficult.

Well, I keep the chickens because I has nothing to do.
Though, there aren't so many.
There are ten white chickens that are commonly known.
Also, there are two silky fowl (烏骨鶏) that aren't known very much.
There are white and black.
A total of 12 birds.

Silky fowl are fairly expensive than common chickens.
How much expensive is it?
It's easy to known if you google it, but it's about five to ten times.
Well, it's nutritional value it's much more.
Google it too to know.

Because of that, the silky fowl are carefully raised.

After watering, I put out the chickens from the hut.
Though in a fence of the area approximately 10 tatamis.
A feed box is in the center of the fence and they can eat from 360 degrees anywhere.

When I took out the chickens I went inside the cabin, and collect and pack eggs.
I wholesale it to a nearby supermarket.
It's 10 yen for a egg.
Well, it's only 10 eggs so it's 100 yen.
It's not enough for pocket money of a kid.
Well, I do this for hobby so it's okay.

Oh, right, I have the silky fowl eggs separately.
There are only two birds, and only raise in the breeding season.
They lay around 4 to 50 per year, about 10 births occurred during breeding season and have free period for around two months.
Of course, their hut is also separate. Silky fowl are expensive and few, so I cherish them.
Silky fowl eggs are eaten by me and my family.
How is the taste?
It's rich and delicious.

Afterward I feed them again in the evening, when it's over, I returned them to hut and today work is over.
Ah, being a farmer is comfortable.

Pochi is noisy.
Something happened?

Oh, Pochi is our watchdog.
It's a shepherd.
Eh? Does the name not match the species?
Leave it alone.
Because it's helpful as a watchdog.
I trained it properly since it was small.
I wonder why Pochi is barking.
Let's go.

I approached and Pochi stopped barking.

"What's wrong? Something it's there?"

That said, Pochi barks towards a certain direction.
From my position I can't see anything strange.
Mmm, But, there must be something in the place that Pochi is barking, alright, should I let Pochi go?
I untie Pochi.

"Alright, Go"

Listening the order, Pochi has begun to run.
I follow after Pochi.

Pochi headed toward the corner of the field.
It's the place where the weeds grown in the field were pulled out, dried and made into fertilizer.
Pochi was barking at that place.

I thought why it was barking at such a place, a big hole opened there when I approached.
It's big enough to afford even one car.
At first I thought that the hole opened due to subsidence.
But, I quickly came up with another possibility.
That this is a dungeon.

A dungeon appeared three years ago.
It was pretty noisy, and then it calm down.
After that, the dungeon became a big problem with monsters overflowing from it.

In case, this hole is a dungeon, it's serious matter.
What should I do, what should I do?
Should I contact the police?
But, if it's just a hole, I will trouble them.
Well, okay!
First, let's go inside.
So, if it's just a hole, let's close it.
If it's a dungeon, let's call the police then.
It's decided, let's get ready.

First, once I got home and told my family about this, I search something to use as a weapon … Ah, there was a hatchet in the barn, that's fine.
What about Pochi?
Leave it here and keep on guard? Or take it whit me?
If it were a dungeon, there are monsters.
Pochi is stronger than me, right?
It's more likely that I would survive by going with Pochi rather than going alone.
Ok, let's go together.
It will be easier if Pochi is tied?
Let's go with Pochi untied.

Ten minutes later.
Standing in front of the hole with the hatchet that is rust in one hand.

"O-okay, let's go"

I call out to Pochi that was at my feet and go into the hole.
Pochi follows me obediently.

The hole is a gentle slope and extends downward.
Inside the hole is dark and became hard to see anything.
But, I will not get impatient.
Because I have a headlight.
Why? It's used to look around the field at night.
There are times when wild dogs, stray cats and birds damage the field or the chicken hut, when the fence or the net are broken both hands are occupied repairing, so it's decided to buy a headlight.
Therefore I turn on the headlight.

How far we advanced?
10 minutes? 20 minutes?
I don't know.
I can't measure the time with the tension.
Anyway, let's advance

After a while, the front brightened.

What? It's connected somewhere?

That idea was right.
However, it was connected to the dungeon.
But, at the time I could not have understood such a thing.

If there is light, I should turn of the headlight.

So I turn off the headlight, and proceed forward.
Then I arrive at the place with light.
There has only soil as the course that came so far.
But why it's bright?
If you look closely, the ground is shining vaguely.
Strangely, I grab the soil, but the soil in my hand does not shine.
When I drop the soil, it shines again.
It's a phenomenon which I don't understand.

Because I could not know why it shines even if I thought about such thing, I stopped thinking deeply about that.

For now, let's proceed.

The hole is still going on.
I have not decided yet whether it is a dungeon or just a hole, so I decided to proceed until I decided.
Based on that judgment, if I moved forward, I hit a crossroad.
In that case, I have read it in a manga that people tend to go left psychologically.
Then, let's do that.
Such a thing should have some basis.
Then, it's not good to resist.
I make a mark in the wall for the time being so I know the way out.
When I finish the mark I go to the left road.

After a while on the road, Pochi suddenly began to groan.
Thinking that, looking at the front where Pochi is groaning, something is coming.
It was a rat as big as cat.

So huge.
Is there a rat so huge?

With that thought, the rat suddenly ran toward me.
Although it should have been about 30 m away from me, it arrived at me in just a second.
Moreover, it opened his mouth wide and I knew it was trying to bite me.


I thought so, but I could not move.
Instinctively I closed my eyes, but I never felt pain.
Instead, I heard something crying.
When I opened my eyes, there was the figure of Pochi biting the rat.
On the other hand, the rat was crying and rampaging to escape.
I was watching the situation for a while, but the rat didn't seem to become quiet.
As I thought so, I grasped the hatchet in my hand and took a stand.

"Pochi, just hold it"

I go into motion and swing down the hatchet.
The hatchet hit the rat's back and cut its spine until the mid-body.
As expected, it was a fatal blown, the rat crown a lot and gradually become smaller and it ceased crying.
When the rat stops crying, Pochi leave the rat and poked it with its nose.
Still Pochi rubbed its head against me when confirm that the rat didn't move.

Thanks to Pochi I never was bitten by the rat.
Pochi was perfect, so I have to praise it properly.

I crouched, hugged and caressed Pochi.

Pochi is happy, and swing his tail and licked my face.
And I let Pochi lick me as much as desired without hating it.

"Alright, Pochi, well done! Great"

After a while, I judge it will be already good and stand up.
Pochi too become quiet without dragging for it.

Well, this is a big rat, but if you think normally it is not just a common rat.
However, if it is a monster or not, I do not care.
But, I know that monsters come out in the dungeon, so monster is judge just by appearance.
Compared to that, this guy feels like a big rat.
There may be some who think that if it is just a rat, it is too extraordinary, but brown rats are pretty rough.
If you hand it poorly, you get bitten.
Moreover, since it has various kinds of bacteria, its bite is considerably dangerous.
There are some who have become big as much as kittens.
Therefore I think that the rat like this is possible if I do not think about its size.
Even against the size, there is a possibility that there was a good bait and grew up due to that.
Well-, after all I cannot say anything.
I wonder if it will come out more things to clearly understand.
For that reason, I guess it is necessary to go further.
To be honest, I want to return.
But, if here is a dungeon, I cannot leave.
Then, there is nothing but advance.

So, when I decided that I pulled the hatchet which kept on having stuck in a rat.
The moment I pulled out, blood flew but I didn't care much.
That is because I squeezed live chickens.
You may cut off the neck with the hatchet, and blood flows and sometimes hangs on your body.
Therefore, I cannot keep worrying about it as much I flew the blood.
When I waved the blood which was in the hatchet and spurted, I began to walk being careful not to hit the hatchet on the body.
To find thing to understand that this is a dungeon.