Dungeon Master


Dungeon Master Chapter 4


“Someone got killed by a monster again.”

“Again? It’s the 7th time now.”

“What is Lord Carlos doing? Is the dungeon not found yet?”

“The Lord’s in a campaign right now.”

“But, it looks like the dungeon’s found.”

“Yeah, it looks like Erina Laurand-sama would go clear it.”


I’m inside the city. I can hear people’s conversations. I’m taking a rest from working at the guild today. It’s because I got threatened.

Katrina is walking beside me right now.

I was asked to go out today and help Katrina level up.

“Akatsuki-san, if you don’t help me level up, I’ll tell Father you touched my butt!”

I’m a pitiful informal employee whose living quarters was taken hostage. Food, clothing, and shelter is a man’s lifeline. And to think that she would threaten me using that, what an outrageous girl! Her body is outrageous too.

“Katrina-chan, I got it.”

I surrendered without resistance.


The two of us left the city. The number of monsters outside the city is increasing.

“Recently, I feel like that boys are staring at my chest and butt.”

It looks like Katrina is worried. It’s your destiny, having such a provocative body. Just give up.

“Haha, Katrina-chan’s are huge after all.”

“There’s some guy who would touch them every day too.”

Katrina glared at me. Her chest is huge. And she doesn’t mind it even if she notices my gaze. Rather, the better it is that she notices it.

This is what a man’s gaze is.

A Hound Dog appeared when we were chatting like that. It’s a pup.

“Ah, it appeared. Please save me if it becomes dangerous okay?”

After saying that, Katrina used a normal sword and slashes towards the Hound Dog. It was quite a good attack. She said that the owner taught her. Every time she swings her sword, her breasts shake as well. I doubted that she’s really 14-years-old seeing that luscious body of hers, but I’ve already checked that she’s 14 using 【Identify】. As long as she’s not more skilled in 【Disguise】 than me……

“You’re pretty good.”

Katrina is level 15. She told me that she would hunt monsters with the owner. She also added that it’s a good chance to hunt monsters since a dungeon appeared and there are more monsters.

“Thanks. I’m sorry, it’s always just me hunting. But, Akatsuki-san’s strong, so it’s okay right?”

Oh? But she shouldn’t know my true strength. It would appear level 18 even if I’m identified.

“No, not at all? All I’m doing is gathering after all.”

“Eh〜? But, Father told me you’re strong. That you’re not someone simple, entering the Dragon’s Forest and completing many gathering quests in such a short time.”

“Hahaha, I only know a lot about grasses.”

I’m not boasting, but I have eaten countless grasses. I’d even like to take a Grass Identification Qualification Exam, if something like that exists.

“Father also said that level 18 is too low, that you’re using Disguise for sure.”

Oh, Owner-san, you’re quite sharp.

“Well, almost everyone is using Disguise.”

The stronger that person is, the more they would use disguise. And those weak would also copy them and use disguise. It is only standard to use disguise.

“What level are you really?”

“Haha, I’m really level 18〜”

“Okay, okay.”

One does not teach others their personal information in this would where life and death are very close to each other. That’s why Katrina did not mind it.

“I’ll go hunt more monsters okay〜?”

Katrina said and ran. What a gallant girl. Both the old and the young raise their levels to protect themselves. The more it is for a young girl like Katrina. After all, criminals exist everywhere.

“Be careful〜!”

I chased after Katrina as a guardian, while looking at her well-developed butt.