Dungeon Master


Dungeon Master Chapter 2


I wonder how many years have passed since then.

The idea of not aging could only be described as frightening, I started to play with magic powers the whole day. I do not have anyone to talk to as well. However, without the fear of dying of age, I did not mind it. It might be just that, the sense of urgency from time slowly whittling one’s lifespan might be necessary for humans.

I made my house using earth magic and warmed my self with fire magic. I also created my own clothes using the grass and trees around me combined with my skill with earth magic. Although it doesn’t look the greatest, it doesn’t matter since no one is looking. It’s fine as long as it protects my body. I have enchanted my house with anti-recognition magic as well. I did it just to be sure, although I think no one would find it because it’s this deep in the forest. I also enchanted the surroundings of the dungeon, and places where there’s nothing as dummies.

The clothes and shoes that I was wearing when I reincarnated are already rotten and gone.

I feel that a very long time had passed.

With the versatility of earth magic, I have created something as hard as steel. I created it with the image of the world’s hardest metal. I created a sword using that metal and even practiced sword arts. I think that I’m quite good at it now. However, I have never killed monsters or animals. Even the monsters that I’ve summoned probably had never defeated a monster. The biggest thing they’d killed are small animals and fish. I learned that snakes and fishes taste very good. They’re an important source of meat. Come and become my flesh.

My level was already 100 a long time ago.

It did not change after that. It’s just, I can feel that the strength and skill of my magic and swordsmanship are increasing day by day. Level probably doesn’t have anything to do with it. I felt happy not being troubled by the system that that god created just for fun. I hate that guy.


Years continued to pass. I feel like a change has happened inside of me. That is,

“Maybe I should go to a city or town now”. For some reason, I started wishing to meet the humans that I feared before. It must be because I have aged quite a lot. I had such thoughts while lying on the Slime Kings that I am living within this world.

Yeah, that’s right! Let’s go to a town! I shall graduate being a shut-in.


First and foremost is gathering information. It’s my past life since I came contact with another person. I thought that I should obtain clothes that won’t make people feel uncomfortable. One must know the uniform courtesy.

I observed the town using the eyes of my summoned animals. Then, I summoned silkworms and spun the thread. I ordered my summoned animals to infiltrate the draper, and studied how to spin the thread. I did not do something like stealing. I will hate it if someone finds out I’m wearing stolen clothes, and I hate stealing as well.

After that, I practiced using my voice. I even stopped talking to myself recently, so I’m stammering a lot.

「Aaa, aaa, rararara, *Cough, Cough*」

I continued to sing, not even training.


The East Castle Fort City, Laurand.

It is the city that Margrave Laurand governs. Blocking the invasion of the demon race, wars between humans, and monster attacks.

It is the keystone to the east of Tairan Kingdom.

“And, I have come!”

Oh no, I messed up! I got too excited and shouted. I got worried about the gate guards seeing me with suspicious eyes, but it looks like they didn’t hear me. The gate guards seem busy doing their job. I lined up to the cue. I’ve already investigated that copper coins are needed to enter. And I’ve obtained some copper coins fallen to the ground. I’m completely prepared.

“Welcome to Laurand. It’s one copper coin to enter.”

The guard said to me.

“Yes, here it is.”

I gave the copper coin and entered the town. It’s my first conversation with a human in this world. I felt very emotional. All the training that I did quickly flash through my mind. It’s really worth all that training. Although I could’ve come even without training.


Well then, I need a source of income to continue living in the city. It’s the rule of the human world. And since this is a fantasy world, I should go to the adventurer’s guild first. I am going to gather materials. I can proudly and confidently say that I have the most knowledge in this world, when it comes to forest grass. This is the so-called art brings bread.

I’m also finished investigating where the adventurer’s guild is. I have no faults.

“Good afternoon〜.”

When I entered the adventurer’s guild, a beautiful girl called out to me from the reception counter. She’s a blonde, kind-looking girl.

“Good afternoon. I am looking for a gathering job.”

“Okay. It’s your first time right? It will be registration first then. Please write your name here.”


The otherworldly language is being automatically translated so there’s no problem with writing. I have always observed that through the eyes of my summoned animals. Though it’s somewhat depressing.

“Well then, Akatsuki-san. Please gather 50 Heal Grass. Do your best!”

A beautiful smile was thrown towards me. I feel my heart thumping. It was as if Niagara Falls has flowed into the desert. It was all worth the risk of danger entering the down. I feel so happy.

When I was about to leave the guild merrily, a young man called out to me. He’s a warrior-looking guy. His muscles are blinding.

“Hey you, uncle! Are you serious?! Registering to the adventurer’s guild at your age? Stop it man, we’re not here for games!”

Hmm, it feels like he’s ridiculing me from his facial expression, but I could also say that he’s worried about me through his words. It’s hard to decide which one it is.

My outer appearance of being 32-years-old shouldn’t have changed, so for this young man, well, I’m probably an uncle.

“Ehh, thanks. What kind of job are you going to introduce to me, then?”

I did my best trying to talk to him friendlily.

“Ha?! Hey uncle, don’t tell me you’re unemployed! What the heck are you doing at your age. Just return to your old job!”

My previous job is a shut-in. Although it’s possible to go back to that job, I don’t want to. I’ve already forgotten the job I had before that.

“I’ve never worked, so please introduce me to a job.”

I told that to the young man, but he did not say anything back. He probably cannot introduce me to a job. What a half-ass guy, that even refuting another person.

“Well then, please provide me with my living.”

I told him my request. It’s my maximum concession.

“Bastard, what are you saying! Don’t mess with me!”

The young man was angered. He looks like he doesn’t have much patience.

“Hmm, well then, I’m going to work so, goodbye. If you want to provide me with my living, please call out to me again.”

I calmly said to the young man. The young man did not say anything back. How boring. I was unable to gain unearned income in the human city. Well, whatever. I left the guild. I was able to remember that there are also such people who would fine trouble with you like that. The young man was being scolded by the blonde girl. What a useless guy.


I left the city and returned to the forest. When I arrived at my house, the Slime Kings welcomed me back. I buried my body in the comfortable body of the Slime King and slept because I got tired. The low rebounding feeling feels so comfortable.

Although conversations with another person are fulfilling, I did not have it for a long time, so it’s very tiring. The squirrels have already gathered Heal Grass for me. While chewing the Heal Grass, I thought that it tastes bad. I really want to eat something good.


I returned to the city the next day. I showed my guild license so it was for free. Of course, I’ve already investigated that. There are no slipups. The radiantly shining F-Rank Adventurer License is my connection with the society.

I visited the guild and finished the quest to the beautiful girl. It looks like the young man isn’t here today. It seems like he won’t provide me for my living.

“Thank you very much, Akatsuki-san.”

The beautiful girl told me thanks. What a good smile, even if you say that that’s her job. I should come again. Her smile is really priceless. There is something within that that one cannot buy with money.

I obtained my first pay of work, so I should go to an inn.

I entered the 【Lodging Tree Inn】 that is both an inn and a pub.


A bright and energetic girl called out to me. She’s probably around 14. How lovely. This girl is blonde as well, and she’s well endowed. How outrageous.

“I want to stay. Is there an open room?”

“If you’re only staying, it will be 50 copper coins. It would be 60 copper coins if it’s with dinner.”

“With dinner please.”

I gave the copper coins to the girl. I started to get used to talking to people. It is very enjoying having a conversation.

“Well then, please come to the pub in the evening, we will serve you your meal then.”

“Alright, thanks.”

I was guided to a room on the second floor, so I entered the room. It’s my first time staying outside. I got very excited. I jumped onto the hard bed. It’s hard, but that’s good too.


The dinner was something like soba or buckwheat noodles. It tastes delicious. I was so moved. I have never eaten such a delicious soba. I can’t believe the days I’m eating grass.

It was too delicious, I told the owner who’s making the food I want to learn how to make it, and he allowed me to help. It looks like they lack manpower. I gained the skill of boiling noodles.


I inserted the noodles into the boiling water. It should not be too fast nor too slow. Not too deep nor too shallow. In that instant, I took the noodles out of the water. I swung the noodles down. It’s called draining hot water from the noodles. I swung the noodles down by using my waist to exert force so that it would not be too cold. Next is adding the other ingredients. It should not only be putting them into the bowl. I let the noodles entangle with the soup. It is also necessary that it would not become a ball. However, it’s insufficient just treating it gently. It will be spoiled if the heat from both noodles and soup are gone. It should be just like a flow, without resisting to the noodles, not faltering to the soup, it is partnering with the ingredients while retaining its best condition. Such cooking, is called love.

“Father, it’s lucky that such a good person is helping♪!”


Within the watchful eyes of the girl and the owner, I continued to cook noodles today.