Dungeon Master


Dungeon Master Chapter 1


I became a dungeon master.

The rules inside my head are the following.

  1. Dungeon masters are basically the same with humans, but ageless. But not immortal.
  1. Dungeon masters die with the same conditions as humans.
  1. Dungeon masters would die when their dungeon core is stolen.
  1. Dungeon masters can use various kinds of dungeon powers and authority.
  1. When dungeon powers are used, the dungeon master’s power of existence shall be consumed. Power of existence can be basically gained by killing living things.
  1. Dungeon cores cannot be taken out of the dungeon. In the case where the dungeon core was brought out, the dungeon powers and authority shall be lost. In the case where the core was returned, the dungeon powers and authority shall not return as well. In addition, the dungeon core cannot be surrounded by dungeon walls and make it inaccessible.
  1. By killing dungeon masters, the power of existence within the dungeon core shall be stolen at the same time.
  1. The power of existence from the living things that the dungeon master kills shall be divided between the dungeon master and the dungeon core. The power of existence gained by the summoned monsters shall be divided between the monster that killed, the dungeon master, and the dungeon core.
  1. Power of existence cannot be gained by killing the monsters that the dungeon master itself summoned.
  1. The dungeon powers and authority are summon monster and dungeon transformation.

【Rule of the Power of Existence】

  1. The higher the magic powers・battle powers・mental powers・of the existence, the higher the power of existence.
  1. More power of existence shall be gained by killing existences that have the higher power of existence than itself. Less power of existence shall be gained from lower existences than itself.

【Other Rules】

  1. Magic powers are the powers that create extraordinary phenomenon.
  1. Battle powers are the powers than enhances the physical strength by using one’s body.
  1. Mental powers are intelligence, charisma, and things that dwell as an existential presence.

That’s all.

Magic powers? Are you telling me that magic exists? It’s fantasy at it’s fullest huh. Why the heck can’t you bury the dungeon core inside the walls?

Is this a masochistic play, needing to show your weakness at all times?

Well, I’ve just reincarnated to this world just a while ago. The place I’m in is a slightly wide hall, it’s a cave that’s about 20 square meters wide. There’s no light, but I could see for some reason. It’s probably the dungeon master’s privilege.

There’s the dungeon core placed on the floor right in front of me. It looks like a huge gemstone. It’s shimmering with a dark red light.

“Why’d you carelessly put it here damn it.”

I picked it up and gave it a good look, but there was no reaction so I placed it in the deepest part of the cave. How hard it is, making it the end of this getting stolen. Talking to myself just looks painful but I don’t care.

“Well then.”

This cave is within a deep forest. At the back of the forest are tall mountains.

I went outside and looked around. Right now, it looks like there’s no monsters nor humans.

I summoned a Rock Golem that is made of the same material as the cave walls and blocked the entrance of the cave. I placed grasses that I took from nearby on top of the Rock Golem and camouflaged it.

“Golem, do not move. However, if any soul tries enter inside, fight it with your full strength.”

I ordered it as such. I’ll die if someone finds out after all. Really, I’m praying that no one ever finds out. The dungeon core’s power of existence is strong after all.

It would seem that humans would like to immediately kill dungeon masters. Those damn barbarians.

The power of existence that I have is little. It can’t be helped since I was just born. And after summoning the Rock Golem, I’m completely poor. Also, I think that I can’t hole up in the dungeon. After all, I basically have the same conditions as a human. In short, I need to eat and drink.

I also need to earn power of existence. Thinking carefully, I thought that it’s inefficient to kill living things myself from how the rules are, so I decided to summon monsters. After doing that, I should be unable to summon anything anymore. My power of existence is already insufficient!

The monster I’m going to summon is Slime! It’s a monster that is bouncy and wobbly. I could probably summon 60 of them.

“Slimes, go now and kill insects and grass. However, do not approach animals, humans are out of the question! Do not leave the forest”, I ordered them.

‘It will be the end of me if you guys don’t do your job. Please do your best.’ I thought while watching the Slimes depart.


By the way, I’m a reincarnator from the modern Jappan. The dungeon master rules were already inside my head.

If you ask why, it’s because several hundreds of people were sent to this world to become dungeon masters.

And during that, the rules were taught to us. It’s probably the gods’ whim. They did not even give us time to speak.

“What’s so fun doing something like this……”

I looked around for a stream because I got thirsty while complaining.

I heart the sounds of water running after a while.

“The water looks clear.”

There’s probably no air pollution around here. Although, parasites are scary.



I used the convenient magic that I have, but I can’t really say it’s useful. You can tell just by looking.

‘Well, the water’s flowing so it should be alright.’ I thought, and tried to take a sip.

I didn’t feel bad after waiting for about 30 minutes, so I drank some more. The water tastes delicious.

With that done, I need to search for food now. I’ll die from starvation if I don’t eat.

I could feel that my power of existence increased although it’s just a little. The Slimes are probably doing their best.

“The only thing scary are humans~~”

I looked around for edible grass while singing.








【Poisonous Grass】

‘Oh, since there’s poisonous grass then 【Grass】 should be edible.’ I speculated, and gathered 【Grass】.

I washed them in the stream and ate them. It tastes bad. But I’ll eat them.

“I want to eat delicious food.”

I took back the washed grass back to my cave and slept because I got tired.


When I woke up, I summoned more Slimes. I summoned 5 of them today.

“Go and eat insects and grass. You shall not be found by dangerous humans or animals okay.”

I told them as such and look warmly at the Slimes departing. The wind blows strongly at the day of departure. I hope you guys would live strongly.

I thought of summoning edible plant monsters, but gave up thinking of the risk that I would get found out.

The thing scary are humans after all. I should avoid standing out right now.

Yesterday, I just looked around at the ground. But if you mention forest, it should be fruits. There should also be berries at the shrubs. I should gather those.













‘I see, I see. Identify-kun, you are useless huh.’

I thought so, but Identify-kun didn’t speak about poison so I did my best on gathering. Unexpectedly, I was surprised that I became good at climbing trees.

Rather, it looks like my muscle strength has increased. As expected from a fantasy world.

There was no problem eating the fruits and berries. But it doesn’t taste good.

While strengthening the desire to eat delicious food,

I jumped into the stream and washed my body. After drying my clothes, I ate grass, and the day ended.


A few days since I started my fantasy lifestyle.

Pasturing Slimes. After finishing my food gathering, I started to practice magic.

It would seem that magic can be used if you wish to do so.

Magic is the extraordinary phenomenon that is made by using the magic element within one’s body and in the air, and the powers used for them is called magic powers.

When I used Identify to myself, the result was 【Dungeon Master】. This is very bad. They would be hunting me. It’s like a sucker just begging to be parted away from his money.

That’s why, I used the classic “Disguise” magic on myself.

I did my best trying to use “Disguise” and was somewhat successful in doing so. It’s amazing. It also shows 【Human】 now. It’s probably alright with this.

I also used Fire Magic. How strange it is, flames appearing from my palm. When I made it as big as I could, I collapsed from dizziness.

How dangerous. This should be the so-called magic power depletion. Magic is dangerous

Well, I convinced myself that it’s like running 400 meters using full strength.

Thanks to the Slimes’ hard work, I felt that the power of existence inside me have heightened.

And at a certain day, I leveled up.

【Akatsuki has leveled up】

The voice narration echoed inside my head. It’s god’s voice.

“What kind of system is this? Are you telling me it’s a game?”

I could feel my magic powers and physical strength increasing while complaining.

I found out I became level 2 using Identify. However, when I summoned lots of Slimes, it went down to level 1.

【Akatsuki has leveled down】

“What? Levels go down? Narration, you’re annoying too. Can’t I off this voice narration.”


The 70th day of my fantasy lifestyle.

I gave the Slimes permission to enter the mountain.

I became level 3 thanks to the power of existence that was regularly gained. However, my level would go down when I summon Slimes,

so it did not increase more than this. I’m already level 3 for 30 days.

I gathered food and water from the stream as usual and continued to train my magic.

But suddenly, a monkey appeared from the forest. It’s my first forest encounter.


【Wild Monkey】

It looks like it’s a wild monkey. It’s about 1 meter tall. It used intimidate on me.

I ran away. The wild monkey did not pursue. This Identify is useless. I won’t believe it anymore.

Fuu〜, how dangerous. It might be super-duper strong after all. I don’t even want to eat monkeys as well.

There are also snakes and other critters inside the forest, but I don’t approach them from my side, so they also won’t approach from their side.

They’re wild monsters that would avoid danger.


My level hasn’t increased from level 3. This time, I summoned Rats. Just normal rats. However, they’re treated as monsters.

“You rats. Go now and eat insects and grass. However, you must not approach humans or animals okay? Go now and leave the forest. Go and search for a town.”

No matter how large this forest is, the power of existence that could be gained here would reach its limits someday, so to gather even more power of existence, I made the rats depart from this forest. They would find out that there’s a dungeon master if I sent out Slimes, so I used Rats. It’s because I found animals in this world as well.

And for me, I spent my days training with magic and training my body.


Dungeon masters can borrow the sight of the monsters they have summoned. Of course, power of existence would be consumed. No matter what era it is, what is needed is money(power of existence).

After borrowing the eyes of the Slimes and Rats, the forest was as deep as it could go, and grasslands have spread outside the forest. It’s the great nature. There is no such thing as environmental destruction in this world.

  1. Thanks to the Rats traveling far away, I found out that there’s a town although far away. It looks like there are humans too. Their appearance doesn’t seem different from how I look, so I might be able to mix within them. But, humans are a chunk of malice. I thought that I should go when I became stronger.

I did my best in my training of my body and magic today. Being diligent in the first place, I can just follow the routine when it’s decided. This world is different. I feel like I can do anything as long as I have magic powers. I can now use fire and water so I did not have any troubles entering a bath.


When I met the Slimes that I summoned at the beginning, they became bigger.

It looks like summoned monsters would grow as well. Hmm, how fantastic this is. They might be able to hunt small critters right now.

Yosh, I should allow them to hunt small critters now. They should be able to gather more power of existence.

And, I summoned lots of squirrels and small birds. I would also ask these guys to gather food like fruits and leaves. With this, I should be able to train without moving away from here. I attained unearned income in this fantasy world. Do your best guys.


I wonder how many years have passed since I came to this world? I have already stopped counting.

Humans would enter the forest from time to time, but thoroughly avoided contact. It was simple by using the eyes of the animals that I summoned.

The Rock Golem has not moved for many years and grass have started to grow on top of it, so it does not look like a dungeon entrance at all.

I made my dwellings nearby using Earth Magic. It’s a good world where you can create earth and manipulate it.

I haven’t gone back to my dungeon for quite a while now.

I’ve also summoned cats and dogs, and there are some who are being kept as a pet in the nearest town.

I thoroughly enforced the rule,

“Do not injure humans”.

No matter what era it is, the scary thing are humans.